Jaguars rally behind Henne

The guys of PFT discuss Jaguars coach Gus Bradley saying that his team is rallying behind Chad Henne, but where does that leave third overall pick Blake Bortles?

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  1. “…where does that leave third overall pick Blake Bortles?”
    The week one starter now that the team has given the expected courtesy to Chad Henne. Just like Cleveland’s coach gave his team the courtesy of saying that saying they’re keeping their job so long as they prove themselves by saying Manziel will have to earn his way up the depth chart despite the fact that the reason a team drafts a QB in the first is to start.

    I imagine before too long reports will come out Minnesota that Bridgewater has been impressive at learning the system and/or making all the throws and/or he and his receivers are bonding quickly and are already on the same page and/or his teammates are impressed with his poise.

    The worst part now till week one is how predictable it can be.

  2. I disagree with Mike Florio’s categorical contention that any problem is a bad problem.

    If I win $5,000,000 playing the lottery, I need to inconvenience myself by going to the time, trouble and expense of retaining a qualified tax attorney, but that’s a problem I’ll be happy to embrace.

    Any problem is not a bad problem if one looks at the totality of the circumstances.

    Everything is relative.

    In this instance, the Jags are much better off comparatively if *both* Henne and Bortles are either really good or perceptively good. And they’re relatively worse off, if either one stinks.

    Think about the Arizona Cardinals with Warner and Leinart a half decade or so ago. Warner’s very strong play got the Cards a whisker (pun intended given Kurt’s ubiquitous stubble growth) from a Lombardi Trophy. So close.

    Had Warner been awful, he’d have “solved a problem” by having not contributed to a QB controversy with the then-perceived value of Leinart.

    Believe me — despite what loose ends may need to be resolved, the Jags want GOOD over bad. All day long. This is too easy — no need to over-think it.

  3. I belive the jags will let chad play til they think blake is ready. They dont want to make the mistake of paying him to soon thats what happen to gabbert with the other staff nobody thinks they are going to win many game so lets see what happens.

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