Joe Montana offers some Bill Walsh advice to Johnny Manziel

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Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana isn’t wringing his hands about the way Johnny Manziel spends his time away from football because Montana has been there before.

Montana said on NFL Network that when he was a young quarterback, he liked to go out and have a good time as well. But Montana had a coach, Bill Walsh, who kept him on track.

“I think the biggest thing is, ‘Hey you’ve made it to where you want to be. Everybody wants to have fun up there. But unfortunately, you’re in a fish bowl even more so than he was in college,'” Montana said, via “I always go back to an old saying Bill Walsh told me after we won our first Super Bowl. I was going everywhere, trying to do everything. He called me in and said, ‘I just want to tell you one thing. I understand what you’re doing. We may never get back to another Super Bowl. But just remember this, the less people see you, the more they want to see you.’ So basically he was saying it’s okay to do some things, but try to cut it back, but don’t forget about football because that got you where you are and that’s what’s going to keep you there. You got to make sure you spend the time on football as much as getting out and about.”

Good advice, from a good source. Manziel should take it.

76 responses to “Joe Montana offers some Bill Walsh advice to Johnny Manziel

  1. When’s the last time a less accomplished player got this much attention and advice from HOFers? Crazy.

  2. Manziel is a kid, lets not forget that. He is going to screw up at some point and I’m sure he’ll be crucified for it by the media. He will have to learn to deal with the pressure and that only comes with time and experience.

  3. This kid has to be getting tired of everyone giving him advise through the media. Leave the dude alone. Most of you have done worse things than him. I know I have.

  4. When the greatest speaks, you listen. That being said, dont waste your time Joe, little Johnny is going to be a bust anyways. #Goniners #Nobodyhasitbetter

  5. Someone call Manziel on his cash money phone. The difference is Montana wasn’t a D-Bag like Manziel.

  6. I wish partying was the worst thing my first-round draft pick had to worry about. He’s already injured and playing the same games he did at South Carolina, making more excuses than sacks. At least there’s no doubt Manziel gives it his all when he’s there.

    Yeah, not looking forward to this season with JaMarcus Clowney instead of the six or so capable QBs we could’ve had in the draft.

  7. Those sage words only apply to players who’ve actually done something in the NFL. really, there’s no shortage of early 20’s kids out and about partying in the world, and right now Manziel is not much ahead of them in reality. Success in college means nothing in the NFL for most
    Make some plays, commit yourself to your craft and show some promise to the good fans of Cleveland and then then Walsh’s words will have some application to you.

    don’t forget, the maxim works in reverse too

  8. Johnny don’t need no stinkin’ Bill Walsh advice! Who does Montana think he is? This is a new day. Johnny does what Johnny wants to do. He’s just a kid. What he does on his free time, is his business. He doesn’t bring his partying to work, unless he does … (check his locker)

    Of course Joe is right. “The less they see of you, the more they wanna see …” Great advice that will fall on deaf (and drunk) ears.

  9. I wish everyone would please shut the f**% up about what advice Johnny Manziel should take.

    Has he broken any law? Have his coaches complained about his behavior? The answer to both questions is no.

    NFL players kill people, beat women, drive drunk, and use illegal drugs, yet I see more people complaining about the behavior of a kid who likes to have fun.

  10. Bill Walsh and Al Davis are forever dear to my heart for destroying (temporarily at least) the East Coast bias, and making the eastern press write about west coast teams and their greatness.

    Walsh was so far ahead of most defensive coordinators in the 1980s, they simply had zero chance. The man was a genius. The only guys to ever find real success against him was Billicheck with the NY Giants and Buddy Ryan with the 46.

    Walsh would have loved Johnny Football. In fact, he saw the evolution of the QB position as early as 1986 when he signed the mobile, gun-slinging backup QB Steve Young then Jeff Garcia in subsequent years.

    Me personally, I can’t get enough of Manziel. He’s the most exciting player I’ve seen in decades and I watch a lot of football. Too much to be honest

  11. Good advice about over exposure and back in the 80s, Joe didn’t even have to worry about instagram.

    If Johnny Football performs on the field, his teammates, coaches, and fans will have his back but if he doesn’t, then all the off field stuff will be considered distractions.

  12. This clown hasn’t even played a down in the NFL, and people are already telling him to slow down.

    Manziel won’t last 3 years in the NFL.

  13. Manziel is a high profile, media magnet in 2014. A time in which everyone has a camera and the ability to post their videos and pics on social media within seconds of taking them. I question the logic used by people who say Montana never did this or even Brady never did that. I’ll bet my last dime if the great QB’s of the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and early 2000’s had their time in the age of cell phone cameras and Twitter, they’d be cast in a much different light today.

  14. I disagree. Let Manziel ruin his career partying by being more like Joe N. than Joe M.- it just gives the next kid in line who really wants the position a better shot. If he doesn’t want to put what it takes into the position, then let him ruin his chance. He’s a grown man.

  15. So many past players want to be the special mentor that steps in and saves Manziel from ruining his life and career. But Manziel knows all this stuff, any fool would. The real problem is he doesn’t seem to care. The only way for him to learn the lesson is when something happens, due to his own stupidity. This range from hurting himself or someone else (hopefully not), or he gets out on the field and turns demonstrates he can’t play in the NFL.

  16. I agree with a lot of commentors who say Manzeil is just a kid, so let him do the same stupid stuff we did at his age (many of us did much worse).

    But on the flip side, none of us were multimillionaires at 21 years old. Some of his 21 year old classmates may be serving in the military, making big boy decisions with actual real-world repercussions, and they don’t get the “they’re only kids” line to bail them out of danger.

    You can enjoy yourself and your fame without taking it too far. You were awesome in college, but guys like Cam Newton were even better, and they actually matured once they hit the NFL. Take it easy and enjoy the ride, because it will be over soon and if you dont prepare yourself you’ll be broke and battered and Las Vegas won’t be as fun if you’re washed-up.

  17. Screw ‘ em all Johnny… YOU are Johnny Football… They are all just jealous!


    You, as a Brown, need to continue the time honored tradition of….

  18. Montana’s advice is even more relevant today because he did it in an era where players had much more free reign to do wild & crazy things out of the public spotlight, and when such things were reported, very rarely were they portrayed in a negative light. Today, every single quote is hyper-analyzed for offense, and every single night out indicates a lack of character & dedication.

    Back in the day, and this goes way back even before Montana to the early days of football, many fans wanted their football heroes to have a rough edge to them, guys who drank hard, played hard, and loved women…guys who knew how to have a good time and of course, play well too. Today, we get the same hackneyed cliches & testaments to Jesus uttered at every press conference. I’ll take a player like Joe, thanks.

  19. Everyone has an opinion. Johnny Football is living the life. Let him have it. Montana and the rest of the self-obsessed should butt out, as his life is really none of their business. If Manziel wants their advice, he can seek it out. The whiners are treating him as if he’s a Justin Bieber train wreck. He has to take care of himself. Hangovers are part of the 21+ right of passage for many. He’s about to start a career. Enjoy this time now. It’s over with beginning next month.

  20. All of the above comments (including this one) are presented by “Useless opinions from people who pay to watch NFL games.”

    Unlike those who are PAID to PLAY, coach and scout in the NFL.

  21. Manziels a kid? Wow. How about calling an adult an adult. Already making excuses for the kid. That’s why he gets the flack he does. People make excuses, he goes out and does something stupid and you rinse and repeat. He’s an adult.

  22. I’m a Browns fan and I’m done with the Manziel stories until there’s actually something actually football related to talk about. I’m done, finished. Knock it off.

  23. Johnny Football LOL!!! Johnny Football? Great college QB hasn’t played one down in the NFL and he’s already overrated. Johnny will finish year 1 on the IR if he plays gauranteed. Oh well but seriously if he try’s to run in the NFL that high 4.5 4.6 speed won’t look as play station like at this level. Just say’n.

  24. I get a kick how some people continually bring up his age and the fact that they party just the same so give the guy a break.
    Guys, you are not professional football players or athletes. Don’t compare your situation to his because it’s night and day. your jobs end at 5:00 and what you do after that is your business. Not for him.
    His time off the field should be spent doing anything and everything possible to make sure he knows the playbook inside and out and studying film. I had read that he never watched film at A&M…If that’s true, he really needs to be spending all of his time preparing for what’s coming his way.
    He’s not a “normal” 23 year old. He’s a millionaire athlete with a ton of responsibility. Either he takes it seriously or he’ll flame out pretty quick

  25. Manziel is the s hit thus far he has had a former U.S. president watch him practice he’s cool with perhaps the world’s number one athlete Lebron. He has rap stars(Drake) mentioning his name in songs, and NFL MVPs Rodgers and Brady as supporters. Plus he’s getting advice from HOFs Smith and Montana.

  26. Love him or hate him. Superstar or bust? No recent player has a divided fan base like Johnny and he hasn’t played one down in the NFL. Give the kid a chance.

  27. Everybody’s giving Manziel advice- which he doesn’t heed.

    Nobody’s giving Bridgewater advice- which he doesn’t need.

    Bridgewater knows what he needs to do to be successful, and is doing it.

    Johnny remains clueless.

  28. Just say’n it wasn’t Johnny football alone who created all of this media hype (he didn’t create the name “Johnny Football”). No, it probably wasn’t a good idea to post his vacation in Vegas on a social media site but he also didn’t post pictures on himself on the plane in the middle seat. It’s unfortunate that the younger generation is caught up in the technology era where what seems to be a good idea at the time can quickly turn into misfortune later.

  29. Keep in mind Montana never had to deal with the internet (and its by-products Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, etc), nor every third person with a broadcast ready (and comprable in quality to what they used when he was a player) video camera capable of instintaneously transmitting to anywhere in the world.

  30. Montana totally misinterpreted the great advice. It was about not overexposing yourself so that the public doesn’t get tired of you. It had nothing to do with focusing on football. But I still love JOE!

  31. Brett Favre got pretty much the same advice from Ron Wolf after he was traded to Green Bay by the Falcons.

  32. Be warned Browns fans, I can relate. … As a Titans fan, I was thrilled when we drafted the most exciting player in 2006. The future Rookie of the Year. The future face of Madden NFL. … The future biggest bust in Oilers/Titans history.

  33. The difference here is that Montana needed this advice *after winning a Super Bowl,* while Manziel is already out celebrating as if he has won one.

    It suggests a basic difference in character.

  34. I saw a quote from Bill Walsh this morning that I think needs to be taped to Manziel’s locker. “Before you are a champion you need to act like a champion in all that you do”. I think it is time for Manziel to stop acting like Biff the frat boy. Because right or wrong he is the face of an NFL franchise who’s play will have a direct impact on the veterans on the team. I think guys like Montana recognize this because they know the responsibility he has to the team and his team mates to be professional and be a champion.

  35. good advice because all the team activities he missed by going to vegas is really going tohurt him come training camp…. wait they were off that weekend and nobody was in Cleveland for him to practice with study film with or ask questions? ok but all the time he is missing now instead of being at the complex with all the other players and coaches will really hurt this summer when camp starts right? wait you mean once again there is nobody there for him to workout with or study film and ask questions. why are we talking about his personal life now? I would think if he shows up hungover and can’t practice because of it or misses meetings because of his party ways then you would have something to complain about but until he does how about we stop the advice and preaching?

  36. Big Ben has also won two Super Bowls, and I understand that he likes to go out and party, ride his motorcycle without a helmet, enjoy the ladies 🙂

    Lesson being — yes, what’s most important is that you perform when it counts, on the field of play.

    If his partying gets in the way of preparation it’s a problem. If his partying does not get in the way of preparation, then you have to take it in context.

    That said, Joe Montana and Bill Walsh are serious icons so you have to at least listen a little to what they have to say…

  37. Man, Joe Montana was so tough, smart, clutch, had great anticipation, accurate, could read defenses, was slightly undersized, but still could chuck the ball, even though he didn’t throw the prettiest spiral, and even though he wasn’t run first, he could get out and move if he needed to.

    Wait a minute, that sounds a lot like Teddy Bridgewater.

  38. Paul Brown said of Bill Walsh that he wasn’t tough or smart enough to make it as a head coach in the NFL. Wrong on both counts. Walsh and Montana had a singular quality that is hard to specifically define, buy like porn… you recognize it when you see it. Each simply refused to lose. I don’t care how far behind or how badly they were being out-played, until the game was actually over, you never had the feeling they were out of it.

    Manziel would be hella wise to listen to them.

  39. other then post pics on his instragram with champagne bottles and girls with bikinis…I’m still waiting for conclusive evidence that Manziel’s drinking or partying is out of control…. He’s probably getting a kick out of all the attention and laughing at the media behind closed doors lol

  40. Since Manziel doesn’t know or care who either Walsh or Montana is, why would he listen? He only knows three people – I, me, myself.

  41. As much as I loved Joe Montana as a kid this is one time he seriously needs to keep his opinion to himself.

    How about instead of giving advice to a kid in Manziel who has done things right and who has done nothing out of the ordinary for a 21 year old you sit your OWN son down who’s had multiple run ins with the law and apparently loves to drink and drive and straighten him out.

    Maybe if Nate Montana was more like Manziel he’d be able to play for an NFL team.

    BTW where was all this advice when Aaron Hernandez was playing real life Grand Theft Auto up and down the eastern seaboard? I guess killing a bunch of people on off days is ok but inflatable swans is going too far?

  42. This is Tebowmania all over again. A player who hasn’t done a damned thing, and yet the media is wasting the time of HOF’ers like Montanta and other more established QB’s in the league like Brady and Rodgers to comment on this guy. I challenge anyone out there to dare tell me this has something to do with football. This is all about the media chasing headlines and ratings, by writing any stupid, nonsense article about this guy they can get his hands on. Just once I’d like Montana or someone of his status to answer the Manziel question this way; Wait until he actually does something on the football field worth talking about and then come ask me about him. THIS IS ALL ABOUT THE CIRCUS, NOT ABOUT FOOTBALL!

  43. it’s so entertaining reading post after post with advice on how to be a man, or scorn for the “mistakes” he’s making. you’re all old men, who haven’t done half of what this kid has in your lives. you’ve all made worse mistakes, and didn’t have 1/100 of the preasure on you that he does. shut up and go back to berating your 10 year old sons as you try to relive your childhood sports pipe dreams vicariously through them.

  44. Please,please,let’s let this kid be a kid,and have some fun without scrutiny,then we can judge him on football(pro)…when it starts,do you remember a couple boys named Stabler& NamathBoth have Super Bowl rings,and we’re not known as choirboys…too much social media !How many days to kickoff?

  45. Hey Joe leave Johnny alone! Get your own house in order!

    Montana was one of eight Notre Dame football players (and 11 total athletes) arrested for alleged underage drinking on July 16, 2010.[9] While living in the state of Montana in 2011, Nate was arrested in Missoula on June 3 on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol.[10]

  46. some people are getting on Joe’s case, he was asked about this situation and he just answered the question he was asked..Joe is right, but JF needs to prove 1st if he’s good, he hasn’t played a down yet..Joe was just saying what his situation was compared to JF. That’s all…so JM isn’t meddling, just answering question…I agree with most people’s opinion, let JF prove himself, if he does great, then good for him

  47. Jonny Football would be wise to listen not to Joe Montana but to legendary Coach Bill Walsh. Walsh had his share of trouble makers including Terrell Owens. T.O. was not trouble off the field like JF, but trouble on the field. Montana can’t really comment as it sounds like he raised some hell in his younger days.

    Walsh’s quote ‘the less people see you, the more they want to see you’ is right on. Fans get sick of shenanigans like JF’s partying and Placico Burress shooting himself in a nightclub.

    Yes, JF would be wise to listen. Methinks he won’t.

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