Julio Jones: Falcons have best receiver duo in football

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Bears wide receiver Alshon Jeffery recently shared his belief that he and Brandon Marshall make up the top receiving duo in the NFL, an argument that their 2,716 yards and 19 touchdowns in 2013 supports quite nicely.

At this time last year, though, Falcons wideouts Julio Jones and Roddy White were coming off a year that saw them combine for 2,549 yards and 17 touchdowns on the way to a berth in the NFC Championship Game. Both Jones and White struggled with injuries last season, limiting their productivity and the Falcons’ chances of winning but that hasn’t shaken the duo’s confidence in their abilities.

White says that they are “going to be there to play in the party” in 2014 and Jones says they have designs on claiming the unofficial title of the league’s best 1-2 punch at wide receiver.

“When you step on the field, you should feel that you’re the best, you and whoever your partner is,” Jones said, via ESPN.com. “I feel like me and Roddy, we’re the best when we step on the field. We take it as a challenge every year: We want to go out and show everybody we’re the best one-two in the league.”

Such matters make for fun arguments and we’re sure that there are wideouts on other teams that also have their eyes on that prize. Whether Jones and White wind up with that kind of acclaim or not, a return to their 2012 productivity will make for much happier times in Atlanta this time around.

90 responses to “Julio Jones: Falcons have best receiver duo in football

  1. Imagine what Andy Dalton would have done with a #2 wr like (a healthy) Julio Jones.

    Oh well… another season of Marvin Jones, Mohammed Sanu, and Jermaine Gresham.


  2. who cares, julio? last time i checked there’s 11 guys for your team on the field. not 2.

  3. Best in football? The Falcons duo would rate behind three others in the NFC North alone:
    * Marshall/Jeffereys
    * Megatron/Golden Tate
    * Jordy Nelson/Randall Cobb

  4. He’s right!!!! If they stay healthy, they’ll prove it!! Jefferies had one year…not enough to make a statement like that.

  5. Jones and White are able to remain in the debate if you are talking strictly receiving production, but if you include their blocking, they fade well behind Jeffries and Marshall.

    I’ll be interested in seeing what Evans and Jackson look like in Tampa this year, too.

  6. Julio Jones is a top 5 receiver but Roddy White is in decline. Don’t fool yourselves or you’ll find yourselves with Julio and a bunch of scrubs in another year.

  7. The comment had more legs in 2012…. Now it’s a bit of a stretch. Nice confidence though

  8. Stay healthy and maybe you can be in the conversation. For now, it’s the pair in Chitown.

  9. Maybe last season but interestingly enough this season a few teams have several duos just as good if not better than Atlanta’s. Your not the best because you say so you become the best with your actions on the field when you do so.

  10. When healthy, it’s hard to argue they aren’t.

    Alshon & Brandon are pretty formidable though.

    Manning makes Demaryius & Welker pretty good too.

  11. How many Super Bowls have they won together to be boasting this claim? Oh yea that’s right 0! And only 1 playoff win and 1 NFC Championship game appearance. Yea ok.

  12. Julio and Roddy will both never be the same. The falcons are bout to find out how much Tony Gonzalez really meant to them now that he’s gone. Brandon Marshal and Alshon Jefferey are clearly the best duo in the NFL. It isn’t even close at this point.

  13. I think that ship has sailed. It is probably Chicago until Brandon Marshall gets too old then it will be Philadelphia with Maclin and Matthews.

  14. I agree with this statement, considering that Julio Jones is the type of athlete that is rare; even for an NFL WR. He was the best receiver in the league last year before injuring his foot. And Roddy White is consistently a receiver who tops 1,000 yards. This 1 – 2 combo will be, at the worst, the number two combo in the league this year, barring injuries.

  15. At least number 5 behind:

    1. Calvin Johnson and whoever the hell Lions lineup in the other side. \

    2. A.J. Green and Marvin Jones

    3. Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jefferey

    4. Michael Crabtree and Anquan Boldin

  16. After a 3-13 season, the Redskins don’t deserve credit for much of anything, but Pierre Garcon has had four drops over the last two years , led the league in catches. and clearly solidified himself as the one of the top 12-15 receivers in football. And you can like DeSean Jackson, you can hate DeSean Jackson, but he’s still DeSean Jackson. Whether Griffin has recovered enough to capitalize on these two is a different issue altogether, but they’re clearly either no. 1 or 2 as far as tandems go. Whether the Redskins or the Bears have the best 1-2 receiver punch is very much up in the air (I’d go with Chicago), they are both better than the Falcons.

  17. actually the Raiders do – Rod Streater and Andre Holmes, throw in James Jones, Denarius Moore, Brice Butler, Greg Jenkins, Greg Little and you’re looking at 7,000 yards and 84 TDs.. easily.. record books will be shattered this year

  18. Best duo this year will be Pierre Garcon and Desean Jackson. On seperate teams last year they combined for 2,668 yards and 14 TD’s. Those numbers can only improve with a steady, health QB precense and a high powered offense installed by Jay Gruden.


    Julio is the only player on that team that can even claim to be at the top/near the top of their respective position. Nice try though!

  20. Best WR duos in NFL currently (when healthy):

    1) Marshall, Jeffery (CHI)
    2) Jones, White (ATL)
    3) Nelson, Cobb (GRB)
    4) Thomas, Welker (DEN)
    5) Crabtree, Boldin (SFO)

    *list created by Packers fan, DET is not on list due to Calvin not yet playing with Golden Tate

  21. Atl and Chi – both didn’t even make the payoffs so who cares if they have 2 good WRs?

    I want 5 good WRs on my team plus a TE or two along with a QB wo doesn’t screw the pooch when the pressure is on.

  22. I love all the Lions fans butthurt over their lack of attention towards their “Superstar” receiver that is stuck on their garbage team.

    It is a fact that last season Jeffery and Marshall were the best, this is an offense that went from the bottom of the barrel to the 2nd best in the league in one single season with Trestman and Emery.

    Bottom line, it doesn’t matter how many yards and TDs these WR combos put up or who is the best. What matters is who wins…..see the Seattle Seahawks in case you missed it.

  23. Megatron’s left hand and Megatron’s right hand are the best receiving duo in the league. Plus, we actually get to lineup Tate on the other side. Then, Ebron. We’ve got the best WR foursome.

    NFC North rules with duo’s.

  24. Roddy White 2014 – 85 rec, 1080 yds, 8 tds
    Julio Jones 2014 – 110 rec, 1850 yds, 12 tds

    Bookmark it fools.

  25. Ha Ha funny Ha Ha! Falcons will be lucky to finish 6 and 10 this year. No defense, no running game and a mediocre QB. Geaux Saints!

  26. Well based off last season you do not have the best tandem in the NFL, Redskins your duo has not taken a snap together same with Lions but Lion fans can say Megatron and any other random receiver will be on the list. Numbers favor Chicago and Denver,

  27. They won’t even be the best in the division I’ll put money that Evans and Jackson in to have a better year.

  28. why or why are people anointing tate as a top WR? yeah, i get it he is going to play opposite megatron but, that doesn’t make him better per say, it makes him less focused on by the D but, we’re still talking about golden tate here, not a legit#1 or even top tier #2. in any case, defenses will put their #1 corner on him man to man and double calvin plus a safety over the top for a triple on deeper routes. even if tate was good, he isn’t good enough to beat a #1 corner good or even a solid corner good. would you honestly think tate is a match up problem on sherman, revis, peterson or second tier guys like tillman?

  29. “Imagine what Andy Dalton would have done with a #2 wr like (a healthy) Julio Jones.”

    This is just a wild guess, but I’m thinking he would have went one and done in the playoffs.

  30. I like B Marsh and Alson better but its pretty close. Too bad Seattle just proved that you can win a SB with solid running, good defense and scrubs for WR just like Baltimore did the year before.

  31. I’d like to put a combo up for my Ravens but, they have so many options that they won’t have a clear number two.

    Torrey Smith should get another 1,000 yards, but after that the ball will be split between Steve Smith, Jacoby Jones, Dennis Pitta, Owen Daniels, Marlon Brown, Ray Rice (when he plays), and Kyle Juszczyk.

    That last guy is a sleeper. People think he is a FB, but he was a stellar pass catching TE in college. His size prevents him from being a TE in the NFL.

    I just don’t think there will be another receiver with 1,000 yards on this team, but a lot of guys with 500-800.

  32. I’m no Bears fan, but they have the best WR duo. With Roddy White seemingly in decline, the Falcons duo may not even be the 2nd best. The #2 spot may go to the Packers’ combo of Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb.

  33. They don’t pay me enough, so here are your new and old tandems from 2013 (rec/yd/td) (*team change, ^2012 stats used for injured player)
    ATL: 143 1900 13^
    CHI: 190 1720 19
    DEN: 165 2200 24
    DET: 148 1390 17*
    GB: 165 2150 16^
    SF: 170 2180 11^*
    WAS: 195 2680 15*

    So what can we learn from this? Absolutely nothing. Half the tandems are new, or marred by injury. Throw in factors like struggling QB’s; offensive scheme; new coaches; Peyton Manning; soft defenses; Tony Gonzalez, etc. etc.
    All these stats tell us is that A. gauging the best tandem is impossible. B. I’m probably going to be fired soon C. Don’t sleep on Washington. And D. Is September here yet?

  34. I’m a Browns fan and suffering through yet another regime change and “who knows” with Josh Gordon.

    Last year I would’ve taken the Bears, Packers or maybe even the Bengals. This year, I’d keep my eye on the Lions, Vikings, and Redskins.

    The biggest changes to Minnesota and Washington are the changes in coaching. Both teams will air it out a lot more this year. It will be interesting to see how Tate works out opposite of Johnson.

  35. It’s all moot, Julio, when you of you is usually injured. For the record I’ve been an Atl fan for almost 40 years (gawd i’m old).

  36. Stay on the field, clowns. And as long as you have that noodle arm happy feet QB, who cares how much you flap those jaws 40 + years of winning nothing isn’t going to change in your careers in Atlanta.

  37. If he said anything less, he would be ostracized by theFalcons crew……nothing to see here folks…keep it moving!

  38. Meanwhile, none of you even thought to mention Fitzgerald and Floyd in your comments. The cardinals have quietly put together some nice offensive pieces in the offseason with the addition of Ted Ginn, rookie John Brown who is really turning heads, a rookie TE in Troy Nicklas who looks great on paper so we will see, oh ya and an upgraded O Line with Jared “the Incredible Hulk” Veldheer and 2013 first round pick Jonathan Cooper returning from injury. Oh ya also TE John Carlson too. Carson Palmer has a better grasp of the system now which was evident in the final 8 games of the season last year, and a ton of weapons to keep defenses on their toes. At the end of the 2014 season, Fitzgerald and Floyd will definitely be in this conversation

  39. Marshall and Jeffery had the best numbers last year. I hope they can do it again, but remember things change from year to year, so we don’t know who will be the best duo this upcoming season. Go Bears!

  40. Garcon + DJacks
    Marshall + Ashley
    Megatron + Taint
    Welker + BMarsh

    I would take any of these over Old man Roddy and Julio Hones

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