Mike Goodson misses court hearing, will be arrested if he misses another


The Jets parted ways with running back Mike Goodson recently, but his work in New Jersey isn’t done quite yet.

Goodson still has the weapons and drug possession case that led to a four-game suspension last season working through the legal system and there was a court date on the matter scheduled for Thursday. Goodson was not present for the hearing, however, as he wasn’t able to arrive from Texas in time to be in attendance.

The Newark Star-Ledger reports that Goodson’s attorney blamed “financial issues” for his client’s inability to be in court and Judge Mary Gibbons Whipple set a date of July 24 for the next hearing. She also ruled that another failure to appear will have ramifications.

“If he’s not here for the next court date, he’s going to be arrested,” Whipple said.

Goodson’s attorney said he was under the impression that his client would be at the hearing and opted not to comment on why Goodson would be experiencing financial difficulties severe enough to keep him from making the trip given his earnings as a professional football player. He also said he wasn’t sure if Goodson planned to continue that career and the odds are long that he’ll have a lot of suitors before or after wrapping up his legal business.