Prime Numbers looks at the best to wear No. 75

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Thursday’s Prime Number series heads back to the 70s, with a number made very famous by several all-time greats.

PFT Planet, it’s time to cast a ballot (or two) for the best to ever wear 75.  The choices appear below.

The results will appear tonight on NBCSN at 5:30 p.m. ET.  Along with a lot of other stuff we have to get to because the show is only 30 minutes long.

48 responses to “Prime Numbers looks at the best to wear No. 75

  1. I voted for Mean Joe Greene but that is some elite company.

    Number 75 for defensive linemen, 32 for running backs and 12 for quarterbacks are all crowded with all-time superstars.

  2. Deacon Jones. Full stop. The man was one of the singly most dominant players in NFL history, and, if I were building the proverbial all-time team, he’s easily the first DE I take.

  3. Here goes, Howie Long, this guy is not only a champion, all pro, HOF, and down right character, he has two sons of three working in the league. You have to see the bloodline for what it is! Pure talent! Not a Raider, but Howie is the guy! Love mean Joe as well. Howie is the pick

  4. I voted for Forest Gregg who Vince Lombardi once called, “The finest player I ever coached.”

    I can understand Mean Joe Greene and Deacon Jones ahead of him as they were far more household names however how in the world is Jonathan Ogden higher then Forest Gregg?

  5. You should break it up into two time periods. Many of us haven’t seen Deacon Jones play, I’ve never heard of Forrest Gregg, and its not fair to Vince Wilfork that Jonathan Ogden gets mentioned. Waah boo.

  6. Too many including Mean Joe Greene and Deacon Jones, but for my era it’s Howie Long without a doubt. Remember the NFL Films special “Crunch Course”? It was almost a Howie Long highlight film. Of course, the game played in that film barely resembles what we watch on Sundays now.

  7. That’s a tough slate.

    Deacon has to be 1st but after that it’s a toss-up.

    I’m still waiting for someone to review every game tape of Deacon’s career and calculate just how many sacks he had. He was a force of nature.

  8. I don’t think most of the readers here know just how great Deacon Jones was.

    He was surrounded with much less talent than Mean Joe and somehow managed to be just as, if not more dominant.

    Kudos to Mean Joe, but Deacon’s the man.

  9. Most of your “prime number” lists have included current players. I understand this list is excellent, but to exclude Vince Wilfork from this list when you put stiffs like Cameron Jordan on the list for his number makes this whole process a farce.

  10. Some real greats on this list but I have to go with Forrest Gregg. He could do it all and he did it for a long time.

    In his book Run to Daylight, Vince Lombardi said “Forrest Gregg is the finest player I ever coached!”

  11. Ogden… the man was absolutely huge and athletic, it often seemed like he covered an entire side of the o line… the entire list is great, another difficult choice.

  12. The great Vince Lomabardi says he is the finest player he ever coached as well as making the all 75 anniversary team by the NFL and Forrest Greg is last? That’s why this poll is totally worthless with no history given and a majority of voters who don’t remember a game before 2000.

  13. The Steelers had almost their whole team voted in as Hall of Famers. That’s why Terry Bradshaw is one of the most overrated QBs of all time. He’s like a Heisman winning QB. His TEAM won it, not the QB.

  14. This poll should be limited to the past 25-30 years. So many people on this site never saw Mean Joe or Deacon play, not to mention Forest Gregg.

  15. It’s obviously Joe Greene. Any other answer is absurd! He made grown men cry! If you don’t say him its because you hate the steelers and our super jealous of our NFL leading 6 shiny lombardi’s! And you know it haters!

  16. IMO greatest 75s:
    1Deacon Jones: Only Reggie White and Bruce Smith were better
    2 Greene: Almost a toss up with Jones. Best DT ever. Best Steeler ever hands down.
    3 Ogden:only Jim Parker and Munoz were better OTs
    4 Gregg: Fourth best OT ever behind the above mentioned OTs
    5 Long

  17. Tough round! I went with Greene and Jones. Although the others were all awesome players as well.

  18. What creates quandries like this, of course, is the fact that until the 1980s virtually every D-Lineman in the league wore a number between 60 and 79. As did practically every O-Lineman with the exception of some centers. The practice of NFL D-Linemen wearing 90s numbers is relatively new.

    If Deacon, Mean Joe or Howie had worn 95 instead of 75, it wouldn’t even be a discussion. Any of them would win hands-down.

  19. Extremely tough call. You can make a legitimate case for most of them. But in a career which included pretty much an entire team of HOFers, Lombardi said Gregg was the greatest player he ever coached. Good enough for me.

  20. If the old timers knew how to use that interweb thing, Gregg and Deac would be some form of 1-2. Mean Joe is probably the “worst” of those 5 possibles.

  21. Offensive linemen sharpened the snaps on their helmets to counter a Deacon Jones headslap. Howie Long could take a guard off his feet with one arm. Mean Joe Green was called “Mean Joe”. Every player on that list deserves to be there. Picking one over another is pointless.

  22. This is the best list created yet. It is hard to list who was number 1-my guess they all are. Deacon Jones was unbelieveable yet Forrest Gregg held his own against him to protect Bart Starr’s blind side. Joe Greene is the greatest Steeler of them all. The list goes on with memorable feats from all of them. One thing about Deacon-he played the game as a professional. Several times he had clear shots in games against Johnny Unitas and Starr after the ball was released and did not slam them to the ground. Players adnired him.

  23. Manny Fernandez, #75, Miami Dolphins. Should also have been Super Bowl MVP culminating “the perfect season.”

    Other than Manny, have to go with Mean Joe Greene.

  24. I voted for Mean Joe, but feel like him and Deacon should share the award. Arguably the greatest DT and DE to ever play.

  25. I’m glad to see the race is tighter for this number between 2 legends. Though I leaned more towards Greene, Deacon isn’t to be overlooked either.

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