Report: Randy Moss helping coach son’s high school team


A high school football team in Charlotte reportedly has an associate head coach with quite the résumé to his credit.

According to Jonathan Jones of the Charlotte Observer, longtime star NFL wide receiver Randy Moss is on the coaching staff of Victory Christian Center School in North Carolina.

Moss’ son, Thaddeus Moss, is a member of Victory Christian’s team, the Observer reported. According to the newspaper, Randy Moss was coaching Victory Christian’s club at Cam Newton’s Thursday 7-on-7 tournament.

A sure Hall of Famer, the 37-year-old Moss played 14 NFL seasons, so he has no shortage of knowledge to share. Now-Saints tight end Benjamin Watson, a teammate of Moss in New England, once marveled about the wideout’s understanding of the game. And now, he’s got some lucky pupils to teach, it appears.

38 responses to “Report: Randy Moss helping coach son’s high school team

  1. Cordarrelle Patterson & Randy Moss will go down as the best wide Recievers of all time when it’s all said and done


  2. I wish a sure Hall of Famer in Charlotte would come coach at my alma mater, Garinger High. I’d settle for a heady taxi squad member honestly. Go Wildcats!

  3. Funny how Randy quit on the Raiders due to poor coaching, etc. then went to the Pats and had a record breaking year? Fellas, what up wit dat?

  4. This guy is the last person on earth that should be coaching kids.

    I can hear it now, “Play when you want to play!”

  5. Hopefully Randy teaches them the mooning TD celebration and the true meaning of “Straight cash homie” haha. But this is cool to see, does anybody know if his kid is a WR? That’s a hell of a legacy to live up to

  6. It’s very difficult to see Randy Moss as a role model. But then again, Brett Farve, known as a wild child, is coaching a high school team.

    Life is strange sometimes.

  7. Man I wish Mossy was still running wild for TD’s all over the Cheeseheads, that was serious fun!
    Patterson’s turn to do it now!

  8. He’s going to have a tough time telling his players to go hard on every down with a straight face.

  9. Best receiver of all time. Better than Rice. Here’s why:

    What do that last two teams to set the single season scoring record (98 Vikings 07? Patriots) have in common. . . Randy Moss.

    Defenses didn’t just game plan for him, the drafted based on his dominance. He single handedly caused the Packers to draft 3 db’s in the year following his rookie season

    6 foot 4 inches tall with 4.2 speed and good hands

    Just imagine what he would have done playing with Brady as his qb for a career. Rice had Montana and Young, and then Gannon at Oakland. Moss had Randall Cunningham for one year, Daunte Culppepper, then Brady.

    Megatron may eventually catch him but not yet.

    Sure he could be an A hole off the field at times but judging the guy on his game play, there’s no question he was the best.

  10. please don’t insult guys they were real pro’s like Jerry Rice. Jerry Rice went hard at it every practice, and then after practice he stayed and practiced some more.

    Randy Moss wouldn’t even go hard for an entire game….When does “anybody” who is great at “something” ever quit . or should I quote” have a down year” …Great people don’t quit, and don’t have down years, and are never lazy

  11. babygaga19 says: Jun 26, 2014 11:38 PM

    Funny how Randy quit on the Raiders due to poor coaching, etc. then went to the Pats and had a record breaking year? Fellas, what up wit dat?
    Quitters quit. That’s what up wit dat. And that’s what you will do as soon as your team starts to suck again.

  12. Such a loss for my highschool team. Thad is a great player, my team as well as the coaches will miss him. Good luck!#striveforgreatness

  13. To me, there is more to a person than sports skills. To be admired you need to be admirable, and he was not. He was a self-centered malcontent ever since he was the tallest and fastest kid in 3rd grade.

    And I am glad he never got a ring.

  14. Randy was a great player and MN should never should have traded him. Yes he had some issues but most were overblown by the media. As far as mooning the GB fans, that was just payback because when visiting teams come to lameblow fans line up and moon their bus. Favre finally got it in his first game vs the Packers.

  15. Off Topic

    Just watched A Football Life of Marcus Allen on NFLN. God, that guy was a freak. Really interesting how Al tried to destroy him. Only Davis, only Oakland.

  16. They better be winning some games, or he’ll walk off the sidelines before the end of the games, stop showing up for practices, and talk smack about the team in the local papers.

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