Russell Wilson: There are a lot of ways we can get better


The history of the NFL is filled with teams that have followed up Super Bowl titles with disappointing seasons, often because their championship run was filled with everything breaking the right way while several members of the team are performing at the highest level they’re capable of performing.

Quarterback Russell Wilson does not think the Seahawks roster was guilty of the latter last season. Wilson said that he believes the Seahawks are further along at this point in the offseason than they were this time last year and that there’s still room for improvement.

“There’s a lot more ways we can be better,” Wilson said, via “And there’s a lot more ways that I can get better. That’s the great part about it. I continue to try to stay focused on what I can control and continue to grow in every way possible.”

It’s impossible to predict what might happen in terms of injuries, but it’s not crazy to think that the Seahawks could show noticeable growth from last season. Their roster has just four players on the north side of 30, none of whom are being counted on for expansive roles, and some of the younger players will take steps forward in the coming months. They’ll also be hoping for a full season with Percy Harvin available as a target for Wilson, who probably hasn’t reached his ceiling just two years into his NFL career.

Given the strength of the NFC West, any of that growth may not be reflected in their regular season record but it would keep the Seahawks at or near the top of the heap in the NFL in 2014.

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  1. There is a guy that gets it. Loved him at Wisconsin. Even after winning Super Bowl he is thinking about the team unlike look at me me me Peterson playing on a losing team continually talking about himself never mentioning the team.

  2. There is a guy who gets it. I loved him at Wisconsin. Even after winning Super Bowl he talks about the team and improving and then you have me, me, me, Peterson playing on a losing team and all he talks about is himself. No wonder players can wait to bail from there.

  3. Great attitude, won a Super Bowl and still sees where they can improve.

    Elsewhere, Matt Stafford doesn’t see a need for it.

  4. Most teams that have dismal seasons following a super bowl run have dismal seasons because they built a short run team that could win a Superbowl, only to be decimated by the cap in the off season.

    Seattle does not have that problem yet. They were able to keep their most talented core players which, is what is going to get them to the Superbowl again.

    The 12’s are pumped and ready for a dynasty you know something that that the (v)iqueens will never see.


  5. Seattle definitely has a solid, well built team. If they played in any division other than the NFC West, they’d have a great chance to repeat. But, the way that division plays out, you could just as easily see them missing the playoffs.

  6. As a Seahawk fan I can’t think of any QB in the NFL I would rather have under center than Russell Wilson. He is as competitive as they come and he is without question the leader on offense. Can’t say the whole team because Earl Thomas holds down the defense.

    Justin Britt looks to be winning the RT spot. James Carpenter is 15 lbs lighter and looking like a stud at LG which already will be a major upgrade over last year offensive line struggles. Percy Harvin showed what he could do in the Super Bowl. Christine Michael is going to be a change of pace for Beast Mode. The only thing that makes repeating a challenge is the NFC West being the toughest division in all of sports.

  7. Anyone that is not a Seahawks fan knows Russell Wilson has been game manager at best. With that being said kudos to him for admitting he needs to get better. He has an excellent work ethic and if his game improves he will be in the “Elite” category very soon.

  8. There are a lot of ways to get worse too. before we crown Russell as the greatest ever, reflect only one team has repeated in this century. It seems that every years some rookie or second year player is hailed as the greatest. If kaepernick had thrown an incomplete pass rather than the most unlikely interception since the immaculate reception, SF probably would have played in the SB.

  9. I’ve said all season long that the Seahawks will be better in ’14 than last year. They were without their top two receivers almost the entire season including the playoffs in Rice and Harvin and had a long stretch of the season where their offensive line was so injured that they were probably the worst line in the league for four or five weeks and not much better outside of that until they finally got healthy during the playoffs.

    Although I’ll miss Red Bryant and Chris Clemons, they weren’t every down players and it’s not like they are not going to be replaced with competent guys. Seattle’s been stock-piling young D-linemen in anticipation of such losses. Come preseason games they will have their pick of the litter, and no doubt the guys who don’t make it will get chances to compete for roster spots on other teams. That’s how deep they are on the line.

    The one loss that will hurt is Golden Tate, though mostly in the punt return game. That is the one spot on the field where I’m anticipating a step back. Tate was money on punts. However while he was probably one of my favorite players on the team, he disappeared at the end of games and in the clutch it was other guys like Baldwin and Kearse stepping up and finding ways to get open.

    I’m predicting a 12-4 possibly 11-5 season given the tough schedule. I’m not sure if that will be enough for HFA in the playoffs but I believe that heading into the post-season they will be the favorites in the NFC.

  10. If Russell Wilson is indeed a game manager, I’ll take his game managing skills over any other QB out there.

  11. There’s no debate that the Seahawks have the best roster in the NFL. Read any website that ranks rosters. There’s no debate that they have great leadership from pete, Russell, earl, Sherm and Kam. There’s no debate they have the stuff to get it done. See their ring for proof. All u niner fans and for some reason that little troll in Minnesota are scared and u should be. You can talk all u want but unless you’re as dumb as your comments you know the truth. I know that after you type up your hawk hating comment and push submit the truth sets in that it’s gonna be a long year of watching the Seahawks dominate. What a terrible existence for you. You blow off steam on a message board while the real world watches the truth. No fan base has it better than us!!

  12. Depends on what one means when they call a QB a game manager.

    If it means he doesn’t throw many passes… Wilson was 22nd in the league for QB’s in passed attempted last season…

    If it means not throwing for many yards in a game… Wilson was 29th in the league for QB’s in yards per game last season…

    When a TEAM has a great defense, a solid running game and a YOUNG QB, they don’t ASK or PUT the game on the young QB’s shoulders ENTIRELY.

    WHY with that defense and solid running game would you want anything else than a QB that takes care of the ball, doesn’t turn it over etc…?

    So what if he’s a game manager.

  13. Russell wilson is def a top 5 QB, only behind the big 4 (Brady, Brees, Manning, Rodgers). Best 2 year to start to any QB career ever, AND a ridiculous TD-INT rate mixed in with being dominant in the clutch…what else do you want?

  14. Ladies and gentlemen, cast your eyes on the new FACE of the NFL. A modest, humble, hardworking leader carrying the banner for his team.

    A coach’s dream, who through great parenting and self awareness, has set lofty goals and is now doing the work to accomplish those goals. He’s a model citizen and a champion, who deserved the MVP in the pro bowl and arguably, the Super Bowl. (take another look at some of those passes he through in that game) Surgical!

    I’m biased because he’s been my guy, since he won the QB competition at NC State, his redshirt year. He’s better than most think, holding the all-time NCAA QBR record of 192 and the consecutive passes without an INT record at 379.

    When he left STATE he was on pace to shatter all of their passing records by mid season. He’s still working and what you see is not a fluke. As the QB with the best 2 year start EVER, don’t bet again Russell Wilson.

  15. I will never forget Russell after we lost to Atlanta in the last 30 seconds running off the field telling his teammates to keep their heads held high because the loss was going to come in handy for them in the coming years of championship football and now after winning his first all he can talk about and prepare for is his 2nd,3rd, and possibly 4th title. Still find it so funny to think that luck, griffin, tannehill and whoever were picked over 3!!! Kaep couldn’t tie his shoelaces on or off the field!!!


  16. San Francisco/Santa Clara fansbase; Established: 2010. Zero rings

    Seattle Seahawks present Super Bowl champions.

    The players have the rings to prove it… unlike the Niners.

  17. Russell Wilson, game manager…yeah, I remember when he managed the team on a 99 yard drive, while down 14 points on the road in the fourth quarter against the Texans to score a TD with 3 of his starting linemen out. Or when he managed to turn around a 21-0 deficit into a 27-24 win. And how he managed to sucker Alldumb Smith into jumping offsides so he got a free shot at the end zone on a critical fourth and seven in the NFCCG.

    The early word is, the depth at defensive line may be STRONGER than it was last year. Seattle lost no starters on the D-line….if you look at their scheme, they had seven D-linemen play between 480 and 600 snaps. Depth is such that the Jaguars should be able to add a talented body or two after the final cuts are made.

    And WR…Harvin and Rice hurt all last year, back this year along with new additions Paul Richardson and Kevin Norwood. Whispers from camp at Richardson’s speed, combined with that of Harvin, is “Legion of Zoom”.

    We’ll see what we will see come September.

    What’s next.

  18. He’s right. The Seahawk offense had way too many 3 and outs last season. If they can improve on that it will only help the defense.

    I, for one, think the defense will not be number one in every category again in 2014, so the offense will need to step up more.

  19. I’ll take Wilson’s game managing skills any day over Kaepernick’s game managing to lose skills.

  20. Wilson is a class act. The very best know there is always room to get better. The team is in extraordinary shape–on offense (Wilson, BeastMode, Michael, a very deep receiving corps), on defense (an inexhaustible defensive line rotation, exceptional safeties and CBs, LBs who are about to explode), and special teams.

    And as for Wilson being a game manager? He holds the record for TDs by a rookie QB, has the best 2-year start for QB passer rating ever, and by the way he has beaten everyone of those so-called Big 4–Manning when it most counted, Brees in the playoffs, Brady, and Rodgers. Every one of them. Some game manager, huh?

  21. If being a “game manager” means controlling the clock and chewing up 12 minutes of the first quarter in the Superbowl, then scoring 27 points against a Superbowl opponent, then yeah – Russell Wilson is a game manager.

    Of course, the people saying that already realize that Russell Wilson is the best to ever play the game and they are seething with jealousy. It kills them to think their team passed on him at least twice.

  22. .
    The Seahawks may repeat, but it will be more difficult. Every
    coordinator in the league has spent considerable time dissecting the Seattle schemes during the off season and will be better prepared to counter them.

  23. Any “game managing” QB that can rush for 3 TD’s like Russell did against Buffalo and match THE Manning’s TD record for first year QB’s is fine in my book.

  24. Russell Wilson is a good QB and will definitely get better BUT the only reason a ‘game manager’ wins a Super Bowl is because of a suffocating, dominant defense (see Trent Dilfer)..

  25. Anyone who thinks that the Seahawks only won the Superbowl due to defense, or succeeded last season due to defense, just proved that they don’t know a single darn thing about football.

  26. Maybe you should check Trent Dilfer’s stats like comp pct, yds per completion, TD’s, etc. before you compare him to Russell Wilson. Hint: It’s not even close.

    Pete Carroll’s Seahawks were 7-9 in the 2 seasons prior to Russell Wison’s arrival, then 12-4 and 13-3 in his first 2 seasons in the NFL. Coincidence? I think not.

  27. Claiming that the Seahawks fanbase was “created in 2011” (or tired tropes like “bandwagon,” etc.) are so lame.

    Is that that best you got?

    Anyone with even an elementary knowledge of the history of this League knows then-Seahawks GM Mike McCormick retired the #12 for the team’s fans in 1984, thirty years ago. Thirty years!

    But I guess if you have to open an ’80s time capsule to enjoy your glory days, fact-free nonsense like “created in 2011” and “bandwagon” is the best you got.

  28. Toward the end of the 2012 season the Hawks dropped 42 points on the Niners and 50+ points on two other teams. Then to start the 2013 season injuries hit the WR corps and the O Line. Now they are healthy again. The O Line has better depth and the WR group adds Percy Harvin, Rice, Richardson and several others. They have no significant injuries coming out of OTA’s. This team is loaded. The offense should explode if they stay healthy, which they currently are.

  29. I think the reason there are so many accusation of Seattle fans being “bandwagoners” is because it seems many 49er fans were unaware Seattle was in the same division prior to 2011.

    Just a theory…

  30. If you look through the history of the NFL, QB’s on great teams didn’t HAVE to put up big numbers.
    When a team has the lead, a good defense, and a good running game they don’t throw as much.

    Some examples are Bart Starr of the Packers, Terry Bradshaw of the Steelers, Trent Dilfer of the Ravens, Ben Roethlisberger of the Steelers, etc.

    Wilson is still very young and the most improvement in young QB’s occur early in their careers.

    Frankly, I’m looking forward to the opening game of the season with the Packers. You don’t win championships by winning easy games, you win championships by winning against great teams.

  31. Sorry, it isn’t self-love. It is recognition that the Seahawks are the current best team in the league.
    Try to tone back the jealousy.

  32. “The Seahawks may repeat, but it will be more difficult. Every
    coordinator in the league has spent considerable time dissecting the Seattle schemes during the off season and will be better prepared to counter them.”

    Funny, the Seahawks have been running the same plays for the last two seasons.

    I guess it isn’t as easy to defend against the Seahawks as you believe.

    1. Seattle is as strong as it was last season if not stronger.
    2. Seattle has an easier schedule than last season. (please afc west… )
    3. Keep on hating, it just makes the team want the win more.

  33. Best QB in the HISTORY OF THE NFL through 2 years.

    Check the stats.

    Better than Manning, Brady, Brees, Bradshaw, Montana, etc.



    Sometimes the truth hurts.

  34. I think this is true. If the o-line stays healthy and the young players improve/gell better, then maybe Russell won’t have to run for his life so much. Last year, he was one of the most pressured QBs in the NFL, and Lynch’s ypa dropped significantly, so I think getting better line play, in addition to having true speed at WR with Richardson and Harvin will really improve the offense. The defense will be great again, although it is unlikely to have that good of a turnover differential next year. Looks like the same thing in 2014 to me- an NFC Championship down to the wire against the 49ers, followed by the winner of that game pounding whoever wins the AFC (Steelers could be sleepers this year).

  35. And the cliche’s just keep coming,..unrelenting rhetoric, wallowing in unsubstantiated prognostication…

    “Russell Wilson is a game manager” (I’m talking about you moronic Trent Dilferists out there),…Yep,..and damn good at it too. You say it like it’s an insult. It’s a part of being a great QB and an effective strategy in game situations…If your team doesn’t have a QB that can manage a game,..get another one.

    “He’s only successful because he has a strong defense” (The words of fans that had their team whooped by the Hawks D),…It does help, it’s true, however, the fact that the Hawks have a great defense doesn’t make Russell Wilson a crappy QB though…His record breaking numbers in his first two years have nothing to do with the defense and speak for themselves,…He was one of the top 5 most pressured QB’s in the league last year. He has already won a Super Bowl and he has scary potential. Enough said.

    “Seattle’s offense is mediocre”,…Well,..let’s look at that for a moment. How can you have the most productive QB in his first 2 yrs in history, a running back in Marshawn Lynch, who runs harder than anyone in the game and gains more yds than any other back in the league after contact,..a fleet of receivers that are sure-handed and among the fastest in the league with one of the most dangerous threats in football in Percy Harvin….A balanced attack that keeps the field spread full of opportunities for the deep threat. Go ahead and call the Seahawks offense mediocre,..they love it!

    Expect the offense to become one of the top performers in the league,..Expect the defense to be just as dominant as they have been for the last few years.

    Sorry haters. Another season of unrelenting 12th Man. We’re obnoxious, we’re fiercely loyal,..and we aren’t going away anytime soon.

    Go Hawks!!!

  36. “Wow with that kind of attitude he could make it as a pro baseball player, just sayin’!”
    What kind of “attitude???” Any fool can play baseball. He chose to play a man’s game. Baseball….lol. The world doesn’t care about baseball. The WHOLE world watches the NFl!

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