Thursday’s Prime Numbers will look at the best to wear No. 84

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We’ve covered plenty of Prime Numbers over the last few weeks, but we’ve got plenty more to do.  A doozy comes on Thursday — No. 84.

Pick the best three of the eight guys listed below.  And then tune in on Thursday at 5:30 p.m. ET for NBCSN’s Pro Football Talk to find out who made the list.

You’ll find our plenty of other stuff, but only 30 minutes of it.  The show is shorter than usual on Thursday.

But you can watch whatever is on after our show ends.  OK, you should watch whatever is on after our show ends.

(Does that mean I get my check now?  Or will it be cash?)

43 responses to “Thursday’s Prime Numbers will look at the best to wear No. 84

  1. Even though I voted for Shannon Sharpe it’s nice to see that most fans know that Randy Moss was an act i.e. faking laziness to lull defenders to sleep.

  2. Doesn’t matter who you vote for. Tuesday you said Sapp won the #99 vote, but the “crawler” on your show Wednesday said that Jason Taylor won.

  3. Roddy White? Seriously?!? Roddy White?

    Can’t vote for Mr. Horse – very few were as overrated as Mr. Horse – “no sir, I don’t like it”…

    Surprised a Redskin was listed; and I, thought PFT was politically correct and on a mission…

    The Randy Moss kid wasn’t a good blocker (sorry, couldn’t resist), but, he did take plays off, alot of them…

  4. Randy Moss no doubt. Strange how he was cursed with a black cloud overhead throughout his remarkable career though. Would have probably had 3 rings if anyone other then the Vikings had drafted him.

  5. Herman Moore was awesome back in the day. I was a lions fan back then ONLY because of Barry… but Herman was fun to watch too. He was one of the first big receivers and a stud.

    Good to see he at least made the poll. Even though he should finish 4th.

  6. Yep Randy was GREAT he helped so many teams win a Superbowl …….But then again the majority of his career was in Minnesota that certainly hurt his quest for a ring.

    Maybe he can go all Juwanna Mann join the Lynx and win a championship there

  7. Obviously, Randy Moss-then I would think Shannon Sharpe since he had a lot of receptions plus 3 rings and is in the HOF. Just a word about Sterling Sharpe. A great player who unfortunately suffered some serious injuries. When healthy nobody could cover him man to man.

  8. Carroll Dale wore No. 84 with championship distinction for three straight NFL titles with Vince Lombardi’s Packers in the mid 1960s. How can you leave him off this list?

  9. Randy Moss and it isn’t even close. He revolutionized the wide receiver position. Defensive Coordinators had to change schemes and game plans when they went against him. Teams drafted bigger DB’S to go against him. Maybe the most explosive and naturally talented receiver to ever play in the NFL.

  10. Moss, probably the most gifted WR in NFL history. Too bad he is the only ever to admit that he was a parttime player, who once left the sidelines during a game.

    Great when he wanted to be … a sick mind most of the time.

  11. Randy Moss didn’t wear 84 his entire career… That aside, there’s an enormous gap between him & everyone else on the list… Even the Sharpe bros.

  12. 1 Moss
    2 Moore: Not that much of a gap behind Moss. Better hands(concentration). Better blocker, monster in the red zone. Got overshadowed by Sanders, never played with an elite QB like Carter(Moore was a better guy deep) or Rice. Should have been a first ballot hall of famer. Packers did not have an answer to this guy. Was frustrating to watch him dominate.
    3 Shannon Sharpe: Next to TD was probably the best player on the Broncos 2 NFL title teams. Best pure receiving threat as a TE in league history.
    4 Sterling
    5 White
    6 Novacek
    7 Jones
    8 Clark

  13. Randy Moss should have been #1 on pure talent alone. But unfortunately he wasted a lot of that talent with laziness and taking plays off. But that probably had to do with playing for a loser franchise like the Vikings during the prime of his career.

  14. Moss is the most talented receiver in NFL history. Period. Remember how he tore-up the league in his rookie year, as he said he would? He terrorized so many teams, like the Cowboys and Packers. The Packers were so traumatized by Moss that they used their first 3 picks in the 1999 NFL draft to draft DBs to try to cover Moss.

  15. I am stunned that to this day, Jay Novacek does not get much credit, or recognition. The Dallas Cowboys built that entire team around him.

    3 SB rings, 5 straight pro bowls, 2 straight All Pro, 11 ypc avg. And he could block all day long.

    It is simply baffling to me, that no one really talks much about him.

  16. Unfortunately its the overrated Moss.

    Run fast in a straight line..catch the ball, yay.

  17. I seriously think you guys are missing the point of these polls. It’s not who was the greatest player. It what player is synonymous with the number. Nobody is saying that Sterling Sharpe wasn’t greater than Randy Moss. But when you close your eyes and you think of the number 84, what highlights are flashing through your mind. I’d be hard pressed to find somebody who doesn’t see purple and gold flashing through their mind immediately.

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