Warren Moon thinks Manziel should tone it down


Another day, another Hall of Famer suggesting that Johnny Manziel make better decisions about what he does off the field.

(Or is it another hour?)

Hall of Fame quarterback Warren Moon recently echoed the views of several all-time greats who have concerns about the Cleveland rookie’s propensity to work hard and player harder.

“My biggest problem with him and it’s something he has to get used to and temper down a little bit, all guys are gonna go out and have a good time,” Moon told Alex Marvez and Pat Kirwan of SiriusXM NFL Radio.  “Quarterbacks, all different positions.  But you don’t want to make it as public.  You want to keep it more of a low profile when you are out having a good time.  He tends to make it more of a high profile thing when he’s out, so that just opens up all this speculation and criticism by everybody out here. . . . It gives everybody a chance to have an opinion upon him.  And a lot of that he brings upon himself by exposing everything that he does.”

Moon explained that he went to Las Vegas while he was playing, and that he’s sure plenty of other NFL players went to Vegas on Memorial Day weekend this year.  But it was Manziel who made the biggest deal of his trip — and of other stuff he has done away from work.

“So he needs to be more low key about the things he does, and as long as he’s putting in the work off the field and on the field to become the best quarterback he can be, I have no problem with what he’s doing, except for the fact that he needs to keep more of a low profile,” Moon said.

The good news is that Manziel apparently has kept a low profile in the week or so since the offseason program ended.  He’s got another month or so until it’s time to show up for training camp.  If he can keep a low profile until then, it could be that Manziel is learning what he needs to do, and to not do, as an NFL player.

The media, which hasn’t had much access to Manziel since he was drafted, will get a chance to ask him what he has learned on Friday in conjunction with the Rookie Symposium.  So we’ll see whether he’s repentant or defiant, and maybe by the end of the weekend we’ll see more pictures of Manziel riding large inflatable animals.

70 responses to “Warren Moon thinks Manziel should tone it down

  1. I agree with Moon. Players of his generation of course didn’t have cell phones or social media, but its common sense that you don’t want to broadcast your indiscretions to the whole world.

    Additionally, I have nothing against people going out and having a good time, but just like sweets, it should be an occasional treat rather than a staple of your diet. Too much booze and too many late nights will age you prematurely. I wouldn’t be surprised if Manziel looks like Keith Richards by this time next year.

  2. I’m getting sick of hearing what other people think Johnny should do. Let Johnny be Johnny and see how it plays out. He should be able to be himself. The Browns knew what hey were getting when they drafted him. If they didn’t like it they wouldn’t have drafted him.
    -Not A Browns fan.

  3. The deal is he already marketed and sold himself. So he needs to sit down open his ears, shut his face and get to work. Anything less will just be immaturity in him. He could be another Payton manning, Ryan Leaf or probably more likely somewhere in the middle.

  4. Ok he’s not the only rookie it’s seems like this is just piling on. But where are the HoFers asking why Clowney still isn’t ready to go??? Don’t worry I’ll wait….

  5. I’m a seahawks fan so i hear warren moon talk every now and then.
    Hes just your typical old guy who thinks the youngins are out of control and need to get off his lawn

  6. Every time I read something about Manziel, I cannot get the “Money money money money money”(Ted DeBiasi “Million Dollar Man” theme song out of my head.

  7. Can we get less people whining about Manziel’s off the field habits and more telling Clowney to stop making excuses and start working?

  8. Couldn’t care less what Moon thinks or says. Manziel keeping things “public” is actually a good thing, and here’s why:
    Remember when Roethlisberger and his posse rode into obscure Milledgeville, Ga., and proceeded to have “fun” behind the closed doors of college bar? There were no tweets, no playful photos, no public announcement of a birthday celebration. All there was amid the privacy was a sexual misconduct allegation.
    Roethlisberger might’ve been better off had he had made his visit to Milledgeville more public, complete with tweets, photos and ESPN updates.

  9. I love how this story about Manziel needing to stay out of the media spotlight was the very next story after the REPORT that Randy Moss is an assistant coach at his son’s HS. There’s nothing these guys can do. They just have to roll with being in the news all the time.

  10. Two things:
    –Moon had nowhere near the public attention Johnny Football has.
    –There weren’t cell phones or the internet back in 1972.

    “Look– get a pic of Warren Moon on his horse and buggy!”

  11. I hope he is defiant and refuses to speak to the media. but then the media and you guys will write about how uncooperative he is. he can’t win. don’t talk to give you more to write about and you slam him. he talks to you and you slam him for being a media circus. the one thing you ignore and refuse to point out is when he came back from vegas he did everything he was suppose to do in the mini camp. so how did his weekend affect his play? how is what he does between now and training camp affect his play as long as he does what he is suppose to do there?

  12. I’m sorry Warren, did you have a thing called the internet to report everything you did? I bet you did a lot of things that none of us know about. I’m sick of the old timers telling the new rookies how to live. You guys were just as bad or ever worse!

  13. I’m sick of this overhyped never-played-an-NFL-down Manziel guy already. My policy is as soon as he mentioned during a news broadcast I change the freeking channel.

  14. How many hall of famers giving him advice is it going to take before Manziel (and fanboys) realizes that he needs to focus more on jis job instead of partying?

  15. Yeah,but none of these guys played and partied during a time of smartphones, massive internet use, social media and non-stop global sports coverage. The dude was on a plane in coach playing his phone and that still got plastered everywhere. He isn’t doing any more than anyone before him. Warren Moon, DUI, Warren Moon,scammed out of $200k,Warren Moon,accused of wife-beating. Really? Advice? HOF seems to make people holy suddenly. Everything wrong they’ve done is justified because of it. You and Emmitt Smith suck.

  16. Warren remember you were not purfect off the field lets just see what the young man is going to do on the field before we label him

  17. Like it or not, the kid brought this all on himself with all his crazy antics at college. And anyone who is stupid enough to adopt that ‘show me the money’ pose has some serious perspective issues.

  18. I think the kid should have fun. Do what he wants, party when he wants. Just be himself and enjoy his life. After all his claim to fame will be as an example to other kids “DON’T BE A JOHNNY MANZIEL” This kid is no more an NFL QB. than i am.

  19. Warren Moon should critique his past teams QB situation instead piling on with the rest of the nation. Whether you hate this guy or love him, everyone wants to see him play in the NFL….and everyone would love to see this guy haunt Steelers fans for the next 10 yrs.


  20. The rest of us think Warren Moon should never speak again. Btw Warren it was ok for Cam/Cecil Newton to talk non stop? Hypocrit

  21. Who cares what Warrens opinion is. Let Manziel prove his worth on the field before you offer an opinion.

  22. So…what has he find wrong so far? He signed some autographs that may or may not have been paid for, he went to Las Vegas to celebrate being drafted (Aaron Rodgers was photographed there years ago), and he did his goofy “show me the money” crap to applause from the fans present.

    I’m really not seeing what he’s done. Did I miss something? Did he rape a girl? Punch his fiancé? Get suspended for multiple drug violations? Kill somebody with his car? Get arrested at all? Hell…has he even gotten a speeding ticket?

    It seems to me that the only thing he’s guilty if is having a stupid nickname and being lived too much by the media. Hall of Famers need to mind their own damn business.

  23. Why tone it down?
    I’m eagerly waiting for the mushroom cloud over Cleveland this fall.

  24. The media is totally different today, then when Moon played. Everything is blown out of proportion in today’s news. Manzel is not hurting anyone. Moon needs to mind his own business.

  25. One of the biggest mistakes Vince Young ever made was blowing off Warren Moon’s offers to mentor him. He probably knew Moon would direct him to put in more hours in the film room, lead by example, and wouldn’t let him play the victim. Meanwhile, Cam Newton embraced Moon as his mentor and look at what’s happened.

  26. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 what gives Moonn the right to comment on Manziel? Why doesn’t he mind his own business, etc.?

    Let’s take the focus off Johnny’s behavior and put it on Moon, who defended Cam Newton against unfair attacks. Montana and Moon gave sage advice.

    ” You want to keep it more of a low profile when you are out having a good time. He tends to make it more of a high profile thing when he’s out, so that just opens up all this speculation and criticism by everybody out here. . . ”

    They won’t be the last to comment on a guy’s behavior, that seems more important than his play.

  27. he is right…he brings the attention to himself, thats why its annoying. Sure you are allowed to have fun, enjoy yourself, but you dont have to be a douche about it.

  28. I hate manziel as much as the next guy, but it seems like the media, is what is driving this engine. These old timers are getting duped in to asking these questions, so that you guys can run a story. Maybe the browns should let johnny bust talk.

  29. If Manziel farts in the pool at his Vegas hotel, it would make news. This guy has done nothing that other players haven’t done. The media just finds him more interesting than the other players.

  30. Call me crazy but I’m seeing a lot more articles about people telling Manziel to “tone it down” than I am seeing about Manziel doing anything. He went to Las Vegas, so what. As far as I can tell he is not doing anything wrong and he looks to me to be staying out of trouble. Let the kid live his life the way he wants to and mind your own business.

  31. What these old guys don’t reallize is that times are different now. No one was carrying around a camera and camcorder around 24/7 like today. Basically everyone has a phone that can take better quality images/videos in the palm of their hand while simultaneously posting it onto the internet (which also wasn’t really a big deal when they played). Good luck keeping a low profile these days.

  32. Good luck with that. The kid has no class. Does he have NFL talent? Maybe, maybe not. But one thing is for sure, I don’t ever remember hearing about or seeing pictures of guys like Manning, Brady, Rodgers, Brees, etc out getting trashed and making an ass of themselves just for attention….

  33. This is getting to be ridiculous.

    Media folks, when you’re interviewing a former NFL star, especially a QB, please refrain from asking anything about Johnny Manziel.

    NFL Fans Everywhere (Probably even in Cleveland at this point)

  34. All that matters is if he can play in the nfl.

    It doesn’t matter what he does with his time off. It doesn’t matter what old players think of him.

    We wont know if he can play until the actual games start.

  35. It doesn’t matter what he does on or off the field, he’s still going to be a league washout quicker than JaMarcus Russell. Bank on it. He may have been a college football great, but he will not succeed in the NFL.

  36. At the end of the day this KID isn’t doing anything different than what athletes have always done. People are so tuned in to what athletes are doing these days and are quick to judge because of twitter, the internet, smart phones and pictures galore.

    I can guarantee you – as has been confirmed by so many former athletes and coaches – that the type of behavior that Johnny Football exhibits is no different than Brett Favre, Joe Montana, Joe Namath etc. They just didn’t have to deal with an invasive media and pictures at every corner documenting their antics.

  37. “Tone it down old timer, you don’t need to stay in the spotlight”

    Heads up people, Warren Moon tutored Russell Wilson, and look how that worked out.

    Not a bad idea to have hall of people that are in the hall of fame share advice with young guys that they want to see succeed

  38. The issue these old vets dont get is that its not Johnny making it public. Its the public making it public through social media. Which didnt exist when Emmit, Warren etc were on the field. If it did im sure we would have gotten some amazing pics from the Cowboys with Irvin and Co.

  39. Warren Moon should just stick to yelling at the neighborhood kids on of his lawn.

    Johnny needs to tone it down. Teddy must grow bigger hands. Soory, Warren. Neither one are gonna happen anytime soon…

  40. Montana, Moon, Namath, Quinn, … I’m sure there are more to come, mostly saying the same thing.

    Other position players, coaches and teammates will begin to speak out because that’s what reporters ask about. It’s crazy to think that soon, someone will say something that starts a firestorm. My guess is, it will come from the Browns locker room or maybe one of it’s all time greats.

    Everyone agrees that Johnny should chill, the problem is that he’s gonna do it his way. We’re all on Manziel watch for the next event which will be photographed if not videoed. I’d bet the next episode comes on the holiday weekend, if not before.

  41. If you think these Hall of Famer’s are tired of drunken clown reports every weekend, think of how his coaches teammates and owners feel, heck even the Browns fans are divided.

    It’s no wonder why the Browns PR director just resigned.

    I get what Johnny Manziel is trying to do and if my dad was worth $50 million I might not give a crap either. Unfortunately for the Browns, until he earns his spot on the field he’ll continue to be a distraction off of it.

  42. This kid’s penchant for attracting attention is beyond belief. He hasn’t done a thing yet, but still gets more attention than Kate Upton. Can’t understand why all these HOFers want to chime in. I’ll be surprised if he does anything of note in the NFL. At least on a positive note.

  43. Let’s see, Warren thinks the media are racist for making a mountain out of a molehill in re: Cam Newton’s behavior on the field…

    Warren, as a member of the media, criticizes Manziel off the field behavior, for doing stuff he admits lots and lots of other NFL guys do…

    Okey doke.

  44. Ultimately, the football players that matter the most in this debate are his team mates on the Browns team currently. On the first day of camp the OL should walk up to him and say “ok time to stop acting like a drunk frat boy all the time you aren’t in college anymore. Everyone on this team is depending on your performance because it affects our livelihood as well. We hope you got that out of your system because starting now you grow up and become a professional.”

  45. Leave the kid alone. He doesn’t owe anyone any explanations or apologies. Let him do his thing – until the season starts. A lot of sanctimonious old sages are trying to get their irrelevant names back in the news by invoking his name. Leave him alone for a minute.
    By the way – I’m a died-in- the-wool Steeler fan so I have no love for the Browns – but let the kid go for a minute; please!

  46. Since Warren Moon has made no secret of the fact that he thinks that White QBs get too much attention and are overrated, it is completely inappropriate for him to comment publicly about Manziel.

  47. Scouts bashed Teddy Bridgewater’s ability to be the “face” of an NFL franchise prior to the 2014 NFL draft.

    His hard work and humble demeanor throughout OTA’s won over teammates, coaches, fans and media alike and has shown his ability to lead by example was severely underrated.

    A day may come when the Cleveland Browns regret the decision to not turn in the card with Bridgewaters name on it and begs the question to be answered “Did the Browns GM fall for a Johnny football booty call?”

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