Brandon Lloyd calls taking last year off “a relief”


Brandon Lloyd spent the 2013 season out of football. He didn’t mind that at all.

Actually, it was kind of a relief,” Lloyd told the Post Independent in El Jebel, Colorado, where he hosts his annual football camp. “I mean, 10 years straight. I was really enjoying the anonymity. But at the same time, this is still the career path that I love. I love playing football.”

Lloyd has now signed with the 49ers, and he expects to be back to form this season, although he admits he still needs some time to shake the rust off.

“I was flattered that I was off a full year from football and that there was a team that still expressed an interest in bringing me back,” he said. “I feel I’m ready to compete, though. I still have a little ways to go as far as conditioning, but I’m very committed to this.”

At his best, Lloyd is one of the NFL’s best receivers: He led the league in receiving yards in 2010, and his highlight reel of diving catches is as impressive as anyone’s in football. But there have also been questions about Lloyd’s dedication to the game, and for a player who’s about to turn 33, it’s hard to return to full speed after a year off. If Lloyd can do it, he’ll be a huge addition to the 49ers’ offense.

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  1. Being unemployed, without a contract, not knowing if you’re career is over is a “relief”?!?

    With a statement like that, no wonder this @$$hat wasn’t under contract…

  2. Undoubtedly the best catcher of a football when on his knees. Unfortunately, that means he is incapable of getting yards after the catch.

  3. TB 12 practically begged this guy to come back, and he said no. Then he’s back in the league a year later. Obvi some personal differences there…

  4. Maybe he was just burned out when he played for the Pats and will bounce back after a sabbatical.

    He was unspectacular and disappointingly inconsistent as a Patriot but he would occasionally show flashes of an acrobatic body control that could make him an interesting receiver with more consistent hands and effort.

  5. Lloyd has always been particularly adept at running a 6 yard pattern on third and 8. Maybe his “relief” was finally figuring out that the rap career he has long desired ain’t happening.

  6. Relying on this guy was one of Belichick’s worst personnel moves”

    16 games, 74 catches, 911 yards. plus 12 more catches for 100+ yards and 1 TD in 2 playoff games. if only all of belichick’s “worst” personnel moves were this bad.

  7. Guy hates contact. I’ve never seen a receiver get into the fetal position better than him.

  8. Love Lloyd, my favorite football player but c’mon he took two years off with the Redskins, half a year off with the Bears, and one with the Broncos.

    Lloyd always did his best with qb’s that weren’t that talented … at least made his most spectacular catches with them. Should mean he’ll be a highlight real this year again.

  9. Lloyds talent has never been the issue. Its his head that’s been the problem. I remember his last year playing in New England he would go off on people in locker room for no reason…When reporters in Boston ignore you , that speaks volumes….

  10. Guy hates contact. I’ve never seen a receiver get into the fetal position better than him.

    You must have missed the last two years of Deion Branch.

    I don’t like to knock him, he was a good player but let’s say YAC wasn’t a strong suit.

  11. Lloyed has great hands and can make circus catches but he is slight and get’s pushed around. He can’t get even 1 yard after contact most of the time. He has no chance against almost any corner at the line so he has a hard time getting open.

  12. He is the Lynn Swann of our generation. Trying to turn every average catch into a highlight reel one.

  13. Won’t matter how good he is. Seahawks are better and the gap has widened this offseason. Better put up some good numbers against the Packers and Cowboys if you want good stats.

  14. I don’t see how Lloyd makes this team as they are loaded at WR. Crabtree, Boldin, Johnson, Patton, Ellington. Cant wait to watch these guys explode against Seattle.

  15. Disparaging this guy’s talent is dumb. He’s been productive in the league. He had over 900 yrds for the Pats a couple of yrs ago, although it was the quietest 900 yrds I’ve ever seen, and almost 1500 yrds a couple of yrs before that. He’s still not worth it, both in the locker room and in his desire to play FB. There’s a reason this is the 7th stop on his NFL tour.

  16. Why would he hold a football camp in El Jebel, Colorado of all places? That’s literally the middle of nowhere. I live in Colorado, and I had to Google it.

  17. When it comes to bad BB personnel moves, especially at the WR position, Lloyd doesn’t even come close to the pantheon of Chads ~ Jackson and Johnson/Ochocinco and Joey bleebing Galloway.

  18. Besides the Bears, who else can honestly say they have a better receiving corp in the game than Boldin, Crabtree, Lloyd, Davis and Patton.

    ….not to mention how stacked we are at RB’s.

  19. Jay Niner…you left out Stevie Johnson and “Duke” Ellington. Chances are Lloyd won’t even make the team. If he does that says something.

  20. It’s not easy catching the ball from Tom Brady. He is a perfectionist and does not tolerate any errors.
    Once Tom discards a WR, his career is generally over. Good players like Chad Ochocinco know exactly how Lloyd felt.

  21. When the Niners cut him loose the first time, he was the best athlete on the team. It was never his talent or ability. It was his head. There’s a reason someone as talented as LLoyd has bounced around the league the way he has. I doubt he’ll make the final cut. But if he does, it will be because of what he can do in the Red Zone……. making circus catches of 90 MPH fastballs.

  22. This clown is fool’s gold. Every year he looks great in training camp, especially when the pads are off.

    Put him on the field and he’s a gutless wonder who dives to the ground and/or short-arms/doesn’t even try to catch way too many passes.

    That’s why his career receiving-per-attempt rate is under 50%.

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