Cowboys players read mean tweets about them


The Dallas Cowboys have seen all the nasty tweets about them. And they’re good sports.

In a video on the team’s website, several players read aloud tweets in which they’re mentioned, often in rude, insulting and profane fashion. The funniest came from backup quarterback Brandon Weeden, who read a tweet asking what many fans have asked: Why on earth did Cowboys owner and General Manager Jerry Jones sign Weeden after the disaster that was his two-year tenure in Cleveland?

“Why the f— would Jerry Jones waste money on Brandon Weeden? Jerry Jones has lost his f—ing mind,” Weeden reads in the video.

Some of the players said they can see where the fans are coming from.

“Jason Witten — slow as hell, LOL. But it works,” Witten reads, before thinking for a moment and saying, “True.”

The Cowboys are laughing off the negative tweets they’re getting, although no NFL team would ever release a video of players reading the worst things said about them on Twitter, because some of the discourse on Twitter is absolutely appalling. While the Cowboys seem to accept getting bashed on Twitter as part of the job, fans should remember that if you wouldn’t say something to someone’s face, you probably shouldn’t tweet it about him. That goes not only for fans tweeting about professional football players, but for everyone.

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  1. This team is a joke. The head coach (who is supposedly an offensive guru) doesn’t call the offensive plays. But that’s ok, the offensive coordinator calls the plays. Oh no, you would be wrong, the offensive coordinator for the Dallas Cowboys doesn’t call the plays. What??? Well at least our owner wants to win and hires the best GM money can buy. Nope, Jerrah is in charge of all personnel matters.

    Thus, the 1 playoff win in the last 18 yrs.

  2. “I want the Dallas Cowboys to be pallbearers at my funeral so they can let me down one last time.”

    “well just give us your number.” – Tony Romo

    LOL! Pay the man, Shirley.

  3. If I was a Cowboys fan, that would really annoy me. Players and coaches are getting negative tweets because they have let their fans down. They keep failing, over and over. 18 years of mediocrity.

    At some point, they need to stop cracking jokes and actually get serious about winning.

    Seriously, if I was a Cowboys fan, I’d call up the ticket office and let them know that video is why I wasn’t renewing my season tickets. Enough already. You can joke after you win something. Until then, maybe you should take your suckiness seriously and do something about it.

  4. Brandon Carr doesn’t see to have much of a sense of humor. Also he is bad at covering people.

  5. I don’t joke too much about the Cowboys, because they have a history of winning, although they’ve been a mediocre team in recent years. No, I save my jokes for LAUGHABLE teams. When I think of “laughable”, the first team that comes to mind is, of course, the Minnesota Vikings!

  6. So what do the Cowboys do to try and get better? They set up plans to scrimmage against one of the worst teams in the past 10 years…my Raiders. Really Dallas? Really Oakland? They deserve the tweets.

  7. Well the video does chip in with an effort to make a statement about something that has probably gone on for too long. And we all know that when it is realized that one is in such a situation that the right thing to do is make it right, or try to find appropriate ways to speak out on the matter to try and send a message that others will hopefully get things right if the ball is in their possession. That ball is destined to be converted into a goal, so whoever is holding it should be focusing on trying to do just that.

  8. Hey juliusanony, what’s the name of your team? Let me guess ahhh Cleveland no Titans or maybe the Dolphins. People can’t hate the boys cause their so bad. Cause clearly there are worst teams. Maybe its because no matter how bad they get,they are still the most watched team in the league. Good are bad. I love it, their the most hated and the most loved sports team in the world. LOL

  9. crystalcoastraider says: Jun 27, 2014 4:43 PM

    So what do the Cowboys do to try and get better? They set up plans to scrimmage against one of the worst teams in the past 10 years…my Raiders. Really Dallas? Really Oakland? They deserve the tweets.


    Of course it wouldn’t have anything to do with which teams are having TC close to Oxnard, now would it.

    Last year they worked with the Chargers, who turned out to be less than ideal scrimmage partners.

    And, of course, who you work with in TC makes ALL the difference now doesn’t it?

  10. Oh the Cowboys! Got to love it! They have to laugh at the tweets because they are all partially true and why spend time actually focusing on football when you can play on Twitter? No wonder they are mediocre.

    Dallas, Keep reading those tweets, in fact do it EVERY week during the season!


    A NFC East fan

  11. The Cowboys will never get better until Jones sells the team. So since that wont be for another 20 years or so, Cowboy fans do the math, and see how much longer your team will suck.

  12. 88xfactor – I’m a Seahawks fan. Which means I was at the game that Romo choked for y’all, messing up the kick hold and giving us the game. Then that nasty playoff beatdown the next year. Our stadium hasn’t been a good place for the Cowboys.

    Which is why if I was a Cowboys fan, I’d be raising hell. The Seahawks were beating you back when our window was closing and Romo was actually pretty decent. Time has not been good to y’all.

  13. They are entertainers and play a character every Sunday on the field so this stuff comes with the territory. Do you actually think they are trying to win and take pride in their performances? Really?

    Jerry told us they put on a good show and fill up their huge stadium. It’s all that matters.

    “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances”
    -William Shakespeare

  14. “The Cowboys are the most hated and most loved team in the world”

    Did the Yankees and Man U stop existing? Those are just the ones where there isn’t even a debate

  15. I can proudly say I have never even visited the Twitter website because I get more than enough entertainment and anger from reading the comments on this site.

    I swear, you give the avg person a platform like that and they will hang themselves everytime.

  16. If Jerry Jones would subject himself to reading the tweets they write in about the GM, now that would be interesting. Alas, he has neither the balls or the reading ability.

  17. Half of those were written by the Cowboys PR staff.

    Please. If that wasn’t so staged Tony Romo alone could have had a video by himself.

  18. Why in the world would anyone care what people on Twitter say about them??????

    Wife: “Honey, are you ok, you were tossing and turning all night long”

    Husband: “Sorry about that, some guy on Twitter said something bad about me and it made me really upset”

  19. Juliusanonymous besides the last two years when’s the last time the Seattle Seahawks won anything? Yes I’m sure you have been a fan from the beginning just like all the people were fans of the mariners WHEN they were winning 116 games….. Where are all those fans now? They are gone just like YOU will be once they start losing again!!!!

  20. Jerry Jones has fired every coach the Cowboys ever had except for Bill Parcells.

    Jones bought the team and immediately had Tom Landry thrown out of the building and the Cowboys have never been the same.

    Since the day Tom Landry was thrown out there no longer were any Cowboys fans, they became suckers to be exploited.

    Few businesses can disrespect their customers the way the Cowboys disrespect their customers/suckers and be viable long term.

    So what if they lose a generation or two of fans.

  21. I hope they are taking it as motivation. That is supposedly what the Ravens are doing when the media questions them about all the problems last year on the O-Line and failing to make the playoffs. They are taking the criticism as much as it stings, and using that to motivate themselves to be better.

    Brandon Carr is either a very good actor, or he was pretty ticked off. Hopefully he takes it and puts it in perspective and uses it to motivate himself to be better.

  22. pftpoet, **weren’t** moderated. Poets should know that 🙂 (Smiley face to show I’m not being mean, just informative.)

  23. I guess people can’t even be amused a little bit. The Cowboys know they haven’t had any real success in decades. They were just trying to have some fun at their own expense. Some of you should lighten up.

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