Graham ruling expected next week


It’s been more than a week since an arbitrator considered arguments and evidence in the franchise-tag grievance between Jimmy Graham and the Saints.  To date, no ruling has been issued.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, a ruling is expected next week.  (Which probably means it’ll come this afternoon.)

That won’t be the end of it.  The losing party party inevitably will appeal the outcome to a three-person panel under the labor deal.  And a decision may or may not be issued before the July 15 deadline for working out a long-term deal.

Which means that there’s a decent chance the decision won’t be official before the team and the player have to decide whether to work out a long-term contract or let it ride on a one-year deal with franchise tender to be determined by the appeals panel.

The stakes are considerable.  In addition to a $5.3 million gap in 2014 pay, the likelihood of the Saints using the tag again in 2015 will drop considerably if Graham wins.  By rule, his one-year pay for 2015 would bump to $14.76 million for a second tag.

11 responses to “Graham ruling expected next week

  1. Just can’t think of Jimmy Graham without remembering that story Bruce Irvin told about the Divisional Playoff…

    “I’m Jimmy!”


  2. The loser isn’t going to be winning anything via the appeal. Verdict issued, appeal started, but losing party will probably concede a bit in negotiations and work out a deal by the deadline.

  3. is this the same jimmy who disappeared in the playoffs vs the hawks? jimmy looked worse than mediocre, he was terrible. how can some1 demand money when he disappeares when it matters the most. no1 cares about season stats, its what you do in the playoffs. trade jimmy to the jaguars, that should humble him.

  4. They (the Saints) have already settled this on their end. They offered him the highest contract in league history for the position he plays – Tight End.

  5. Graham’s receiving stats, except for touchdowns, ranks him anywhere from about 15th to 32nd among wide receivers. Overall his rank is ahout 15th or 16th among the league’s wide receivers in yardage, receptions, touchdowns and yards per catch. So, why should the Saints have to pay him according to the highest paid wide receivers? It does not make any sense.

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