Johnny Manziel says he won’t be changing


The Browns have managed to keep a muzzle, for the most part, on quarterback Johnny Manziel.  On Friday, however, the media on Friday had a crack at Manziel during the Rookie Symposium.

And it gave Manziel a chance to take a crack at those who have been cracking on him.

I’m not going to change for anybody,” Manziel said Friday, via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer.  “I’m going to enjoy my time off.”

That’s a strong statement, especially since “anybody” includes his head coach and any veteran teammate who may advise him to tone it down.  For now, coach Mike Pettine doesn’t seem to have an issue with the “work hard, play harder” approach.  It’s unclear whether his teammates have an issue with it, and whether Manziel will care if they do.

His teammates definitely have a concern about Manziel mania.  The quarterback said his teammates are “tired of the hype” and sick of the questions about Manziel’s off-field behavior.

Of course, the hype will die down and the questions about Manziel’s antics will evaporate like a puddle of sprayed champagne if he quits doing things like, you know, spraying champagne.  He either doesn’t realize the connection, or he doesn’t care.

He definitely doesn’t care to talk about the things he already has done.  Per Cabot, Manziel refused to talk about the notorious “money phone” routine, explaining that “I’m not going to address something that’s in the past.”

We’ve been down this Rafiki rabbit hole before with Bill Polian and his “past is prologue” nonsense after the Colts lost Super Bowl XLIV.  Under that standard, no one would ever talked about anything that has already occurred, because “that’s in the past.”

For Manziel, the concern should be the future.  While the Browns and his teammates may not care about things that happen off the field, if Manziel sprays champagne on someone who doesn’t want to have champagne sprayed on him and the guy shoves Manziel in response and Manziel, with judgment impaired by the former contents of the champagne bottle and possibly other bottles of other beverages, swings the bottle and cold cocks the dude in the head, the NFL and/or the appropriate authorities definitely will care.

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  1. I dislike Manziel as much as the next guy, but if he farts, it’s a news story. The media is all over this kid like bandwagoners on the Seahawks fanbase.

  2. According to this article, his team mates aren’t concerned about his behavior, they are just tired of the media hype and the media focusing on his behavior. In other words, they are tired of you guys not focusing on football….I can understand where they are coming from.

  3. You have to feel bad for Cleveland fans. They have to defend this guy, knowing they would prefer a qb that was in the playbook, or out giving back to society. Not one that plays with money phones and blow up Swans. Manziel is a bust in waiting and the media knows it. They are going to make this fall an epic one. While Cleveland will be looking for a franchise qb another 3 years.

  4. And he’s already proved he doesn’t care what his teammates say. He clearly brushed off the well respected Haden’s recent advice.

  5. “I’m not going to change for anybody” ~ Rookie Johnny Manziel

    “Can’t nobody tell me nothing.” ~ Rookie Vince Young

  6. I was thinking about this possible reaction from him when I was reading Warren Moon’s mandates for him. Did anybody ever stop to ask that maybe he is more apt to turn it up rather than tone it down? He is his own man and able to make his own decisions, and fitting a stereotype of how you think a leader should act is not necessarily the way that every leader should behave. Jim Carrey is a leader of comedy, but does he stand up on stage and just casually recite jokes. No he gets all super crazy passionate and animated because that’s the style that works for him. Manziel is living his life the way that he wants to live it, and he’s not going to change his stripes just to accommodate what other people would do if they were in his position.

    We can debate all day long what choices he can make that would lead to a more successful career, but the bottom line is that these choices belong to Johnny Manziel and not to anybody else. Maybe his way is better for him in his opinion even if not in yours.

  7. “For Manziel, the concern should be the future.”

    But, for ALL of us… the past DOES affect the future…

    Cause and effect. Stuff happens and then things ARE changed because of it…

    All of us deal with things due to what happened in the past, in our own lives and as a nation…

    Heck, the Great Depression affected how many folks lived their lives AFTER it was over and it continued affecting them for decades…

    And of course, things that happen in our OWN lives affect us in the future…

    To care about the future means learning from one’s past…

  8. If the other players are sick of the hype and sick of the questions about his off field activities it will only be a matter of time before the call him out on it. Veteran players are not going to want the constant distractions and they will eventually talk to Johnny Fratboy about it.

  9. Johnny Manziel is that spoiled rich kid that feels entitled to everything. Never had a real playbook and will be the next of the Browns QB Busts. One day he will get his and I personally hope it great and takes that selfish smile off his face. And lets face it if he couldn’t play football and did not have rich parents he would end up in jail with the way he carries himself.

  10. Nice scenario you thought up… Was that really necessary, my god. Lets not deal in what if’s please.

    I love me some Johnny but man I am glad the Vikes took Bridgewater instead.

  11. He’ll change after getting smacked around by the rest of the AFC north. Dude’s in for a huge wake-up call.

  12. Let’s see…

    No arrests.
    No failed drug tests.
    No domestic violence.
    No multiple baby mamas.

    Let’s just pile on this guy instead of letting his play determine his future.

  13. Wonder when he looks back in 10 yrs, when he’s doing color on A&M FB games or whatever, if he ends up saying he blew it cause he just didn’t get it.

  14. Wow…..if he was a running back or receiver with that kind of attitude, he may have gone undrafted.

  15. Johnny football is going to see a lot of turf. ( with his head buried in it) what a team to go to ! Even coaches around the league didn’t want to go there. No protection, no play makers.. Linemen will be dying to blast him. Going to be a short season.

  16. I just want to know that’s not a Bronco’s or Met’s cap he’s wearing.
    Johnny needs to know the logo’s mean something now.

  17. Way to go Johnny! It ain’t against the law to party and have fun. People who are complaining are jealous plain and simple. Just because you get drafted in the first round doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Some people just don’t have the courage to be themselves. They cave and live their lives the way other people think they should. When you do that you’re not living your life you’re living someone else s. If i were you every time someone complained i’d turn the volume up a little and party some more! Ha Ha! Geaux Saints!

  18. I said it before, and i’ll say it again; You can bet everything he is doing and saying now, is 100% opposite of what he told teams at the combine that he would be doing and saying. guaranteed the Browns are probably thinking, boy did we screw up.

  19. Quit dealing with hypotheticals. He hasn’t hurt anyone. He’s a little rich kid enjoying his life. If he fails, it’s a story. If he succeeds, he’s a king.

  20. so Johnny Football doesn’t care what his teammates think, well that means he has no respect for his teammates which he better learn to get real soon because that offensive line is the only thong between the opponents defense and his arse being plowed into the reef. I’m so glad Dallas passed on this clown

  21. hey PFF maybe you should stop following him around trying to find the littlest thing that he does so you can talk about it. Its the medias fault that his teammates have to answer questions not his. Do you honestly think he is the only young professional athlete that goes out and enjoys himself? If you do, your ignorant. He is just the only one that is under a microscope.

    He may be a bust, he may not. But, my god, leave the kid alone

  22. He’s an idiot with a lot of talent,,, but an idiot all the same. Its just a matter of time before he burns out and ends up what happened to his career. Enjoy selling real estate in a few years dummy.

  23. His are the types of comments defensive coordinators and position coaches post on the bulletin board; he won’t have to worry about “changing” – The hits he’s got comming, will change him! If he gets into the opening game, Ike Taylor is an awesome blitzer from that right corner spot, and remains a devistating hitter. If Johnny is getting significant minutes by week 11, Cushing will be 100% percent when the Brown’s play at Texan’s – Cushing gets hold of him, that’ll change him….

  24. So now the city of Cleveland has a QB who seems to value a good party over learning the position and a small forward in Wiggins who must be blind based on his taste in clothing.

  25. He may be a bit arrogant but he’ll sell tickets and improve TV ratings so he’s doing his job.

  26. There’s no arguing the fact he’s a spoiled kid who loves the spotlight but this article took him to the point of beating someone up with an empty champagne bottle….maybe if the media stopped making everything the guy did into “Breaking News” then maybe it might not be as big a deal as it’s made out to be?

  27. I’m loving the comments on here calling him a “spoiled brat” and claiming he has “no respect.” Comments from trolls who have never even met the kid…. Ya know what Manziel shoulda said? He should of said that he cares what everyone thinks and that he will tone it down. That way whenever hes photographed doing ANYTHING BUT reading his playbook, the media will have a story to print for the boring off-season. The trolls can come out and comment on a person they don’t know, much less ever even met. RELAX, and let his play do the talking, good or bad.

  28. No one really should be surprised at the statement. The Browns certainly should have known the guy they were drafting. He let that be known.

    I say give the kid a chance. Most of it is just trying to have some fun.

    Already got him in jail for swinging a bottle at someone and nothing like that has happened. SMH

  29. Does anybody know for sure what Manziel does for prep? If it’s any better or worse than Bridgewater or Bortles’ prep? Seriously, anybody?

    I don’t understand how people can love to talk about things they really have no clue about. Only his coaches and teammates know, none of us. If he looks like he’s on an island when REAL football starts, then let the opinions roll. Right now a lot of y’all sound like nails on a chalkboard. Hating nails on a chalkboard. Get it together people

    Panthers fan

  30. Johnny Football will now focus on becoming a great NFL QB and lead the Browns back to relevance. He knows precisely what he is doing.

  31. Fans have been brainwashed into thinking all players need to be bland, boring, no-personality, no-fun ever types that bury their heads in playbooks and video every second of every day they’re not on the field.

    I don’t know why everyone wants him to fail so bad. Say what you will but the kid is a refreshing change from the Eli Manning type “just trying to get better every play” garbage.

    I hope he’s a beast and changes the league. It’s been dull for what seems like FOREVER!

  32. Johnny will be a bust. He will be the next Tim Couch. He need to study the playbook like current nfl great quarterback like Brady, Peyton, Brees and Rodgers does. That’s why at the end of his playing career those quarterback will each have a super bowl trophy while Johnny will never will have made it to the play-offs

  33. The NFL is one thing and one thing only…..a business……and when/if Manziel becomes bad for business, you can bet the house that his coach and the GM are going to let him know, in no uncertain terms, that “yes” you are going to change or you’re going to be gone…….that’s a reputation that NO player wants

  34. why should he talk about the stuff that everybody refuses to stop talking about? good for him and as long as he does not get arrested what is the problem? the guy can’t win, he does not want to talk about it’s part of the circus. if he talks it keeps the circus you love to complain about going. how is he supposed to be working on getting better now when teams do not have ota’s or mini camps? what game tape is he supposed to be studying when he has not played in one? did living football 24/7 stop peyton from throwing all those interceptions his rookie year?

  35. From a guy who personally didn’t want Johnny on my team, I’ll defend him on this. I knew going into the draft, whichever team drafted him, needed to except Johnny Manziel. They needed to accept who is off the field, as well as who he is on the field. If you try to change his play style to be more “suited to the NFL”, you are taking away what makes Johnny Johnny. People don’t just change. The only way they change is if they truly want to. Even then, it takes time and hard work. Johnny doesn’t want to change, and that’s fine. Don’t draft him then if that’s not what you wanted.

  36. I’ve got a feeling this experiment isn’t going to end well for the Browns. I hope this kid can prove everybody wrong. If he can become a winner, then nobody is going care about his partying ways. If he’s the bust that people are already proclaiming he is, then he’s in for a huge fall. But hey, at least he’s not Weeden.

  37. Manziel looks for the next party…. while Bridgewater looks for new ways to improve his game.

    Character counts.

    Manziel says he won’t be changing, despite guys like Emmitt Smith and Joe Montana – and his coach- telling him otherwise if he’s going to succeed in the NFL.

    That translates into Bust. Big Time.

  38. If soccer were really on the rise everybody would be enamored with the World cup and not pay any attention to an off season of real football, but it isn’t.

  39. Some players are talked about because the game is too easy for them. Johnny Football is the smartest QB in the draft. Its not his fault that he can study a playbook for two hours and know more than Bridgewater, Bortles, or Carr know in 16 hours.

  40. Did I miss something does Manzeil have a past history of violent behavior that would lead to the final paragraph of him smashing a bottle against someone’s head?

  41. One of the reasons I didn’t want him was the partying. In college his teammates were fed up with the hype and the attitude of being too good for offseason workout program and he pulled a “pulling a halo out of the pocket” routine on the Browns . You didn’t hear anything during the draft and he swore he’d be good and as soon as he got drafted away goes the halo and out comes the party animal.

    I wanted Bridgewater because he was better at progressions and I just knew that this guy was going to party his way out of the league. He isn’t going to listen to anybody because he is 21 and doesn’t have to listen to anyone because he knows everything.

    I don’t know whether to be concerned yet because it hasn’t been proven that he hasn’t been studying. If he looks horrid in training camp and the first preseason game we will all know that he hasn’t been spending enough time in his playbook. I’m an not totally worried, yet, but my Spidey senses are tingling.

  42. Watch out Cleveland. You are about to be inundated with national media who will ascend on your training camp and write every little morsel they can about Johnny. They all want a story and some may even make things up. Gasp! Bronco fans have been through this with Tebow. Fans pitted against fans, etc. Good luck.

  43. You enjoy your time off, Johnny. Meanwhile, Teddy Bridgewater is enjoying his time off by studying his playbook and breaking down film.

    Bridgewater is playing Madden.

  44. He will be a bust, just like Tim Couch. Poor Brown fans, will never know the joys of having an all time great quarterback like Tom “Terrific” Brady

  45. Sooooo he is ok accepting the glory of being a quasi celebrity but he is unwilling to accept negative comments? Grow some ball, mr I need to trademark “Johnny Football”. Can’t have it both ways

  46. I love how he tweets to Wiggins “welcome to the city brother!” when Wiggins is going to be in Cleveland a LOT longer than Manziel…

  47. The issue isn’t whether he should be judged primarily on his play, regardless of the other stuff. Just about everyone would agree.

    The issue is whether the other stuff is likely to get in the way of his play. I suspect he will find out that the pro defenses are a little more difficult to solve than the SEC, Sam Houston State, Rice and UTEP. There’s a reason it takes most people serious prep to play effectively at this level.

  48. Doesn’t Manning have a NORAD style media room for studying on his own time? You can’t be the best because you’re gifted. You have to be gifted and work harder than everyone else.

  49. thestrategyexpert says:
    Jun 27, 2014 11:25 AM
    I was thinking about this possible reaction from him when I was reading Warren Moon’s mandates for him. Did anybody ever stop to ask that maybe he is more apt to turn it up rather than tone it down? He is his own man and able to make his own decisions, and fitting a stereotype of how you think a leader should act is not necessarily the way that every leader should behave. Jim Carrey is a leader of comedy, but does he stand up on stage and just casually recite jokes. No he gets all super crazy passionate and animated because that’s the style that works for him. Manziel is living his life the way that he wants to live it, and he’s not going to change his stripes just to accommodate what other people would do if they were in his position.

    This is a great example guy. Jim Carrey is one of the funniest movie actors alive, yet many directors don’t want to work with him because he’s such a diva.

    I actually like Manziel, I’d like to see him succeed. But saying things like this don’t help his cause. He could give the media some lip service and say he’s heard his teammates, then go out and do what he wants. This comes off like a teenager who doesn’t want to hear advice from anybody.

  50. Hopefully the Browns coaches won’t play him until he truly is ready, if he ever is. If he’s not playing, it will hurt his pocketbook eventually with Nike breathing down his neck. If that doesn’t motivate him, then he probably will be a bust.

    He is still worth the risk at #22 this past draft and it’s way to early to judge anything. Maybe he’s too hollywood, but if he delivers the goods, it doesn’t matter. If he is a bust, try again next year. The team is unlikely to be in the playoffs anyway regardless and they will have Buffalo’s 1st pick next season, too.

  51. I can’t wait to see the downfall of this arrogant entitled rich kid. It’s going to be hard to enjoy his time off when he is laid up with injury after injury. Get ready for a reality check punk.

  52. I really can’t wait for this guy to fall on his face. There’s nothing worse than a guy that’s been given everything in his life and acts like a little spoiled brat with every chance he gets.

    I will honestly be shocked if he’s successful in the NFL. I think he’s got the talent but with his poor attitude and lack of size, I can’t see him having a long career.

  53. “I’m not going to address something that’s in the past.”

    So you are only going to address things that are in the future?

  54. The simple truth is that if he doesn’t live up to his hype as a player, nobody will care what he does off the field except his coach and team management, who will not have a sense of humor about it.

  55. Too many young people always think they know so much about life. He got to the NFL because of his talent. Talent alone will only keep you in the league for so long.

  56. Let the dude be his own dude. Look what being a nice good wholesome young man did for Teebow. Not much. At the end of the day, it’s all about, can you play!

  57. Brown’s fan here…

    Here is one of the most likely scenarios to happen…

    Manziel will continue to “not change for anybody” and when he does finally hit the field every defense is going to be out to take his head off. Eventually someone will succeed. He will either be injured so badly he will never recover to a point where he can become the qb some thought he would be OR he decides a starting qb job in the NFL is just too much work and is content to be a back up.

    Either way he will continue to do what he does off the field because the simple fact is he has been able to do what he wants his whole life because he is child millionaire who has grown into an adult millionaire who thinks the rules don’t apply to him.

    We can discuss whether the rules do or don’t apply to him but that won’t change how he feels about it. I believe him when he says he won’t change how he is for anyone because he has never had to.

    Now switch the story to someone who had to scrimp and save to go through college and the kind of money they will get playing in the NFL is more than they ever would have made… that guy will do whatever his coaches say or the veterans say because he understands what it is like to not always have that money.

    All that to say that Manziel is a rich kid who gets whatever he wants so why should he change?

  58. Is it just me, or does this kind of sound like that leaked Patriots scouting report that questioned his approach to the game?

    Don’t know the kid and haven’t met him. But if the press isn’t spinning his words to make him look bad, this has to be a bit troubling…..

  59. bandwagon envy….

    >>niners816 says: Jun 27, 2014 11:19 AM

    I dislike Manziel as much as the next guy, but if he farts, it’s a news story. The media is all over this kid like bandwagoners on the Seahawks fanbase.<<

  60. Good for him. He’s not breaking any laws. Its the off season. what he does ON the field is all that will matter and that’s the way it should be. Not a fan but good for him. He earns my respect by not being a fake about it,

    Would love to be able to judge what some of you guys do in your off time. I mean surely you don’t drink, spend money and enjoy yourselves, right?

  61. If he plays well and they win, this will all be nothing. If they lose and he plays poorly he will be viewed as another running quarterback who can’t make the right decisions. I am a Steeler fan and I like the guy. I hope they lose though.

  62. What is the one thing constant about football we can say? I’ll tell you:

    This is a game of men.

    The quarterback has to not only be the hardest working man on the field, but garner the respect of 52 other men and be their leader.

    As fans, that’s what we watch for, and this kid contradicts all of it, because….he acts like a kid.

    So please, drop the stupid persona

  63. Man, everybody keeps treating this guy like he’s a former felon running an illegal dog fighting ring. I know, I know. “Thumbs Down” Vick jersey owners.

  64. This guy really thinks that he’s above it all, and doesn’t think he that has anything to learn, regarding his behavior. There is a train wreck a’comin.

  65. Hey Johnny you may not care or want to talk about the past. However, court appearances are all about what happened in the past.

  66. We don’t know how hard he is studying. We don’t know if it will affect his game.

    But man, while partying is great, it isn’t what you live for, and if it is, that’s just sad. Unfortunately he doesn’t understand that, and alot of problems can come his way because of it.

    While he’s out sewing his oats, close to 3000 other players are trying to make the team.

    No matter what, every second he’s out partying and getting hangovers (reduced functionality, especially brainwise), is a second he could of been studying and mentally preparing to lead a team.

    That’s what the greats understand. It doesn’t matter if you’ve done what you think is enough, the best always do more. Johnny? He’s out partying.

    It will affect him. Maybe he turns out to be a pro bowl a couple of times, maybe even leads them to a playoff spot, but maybe the partying is the difference that keeps from being NFL MVP, or NFL champion.

    This guy IS as a fact, giving all those other 3000 veterans and hopefuls an advantage over him. The only questions are, how much of an advantage, and what he loses because of it. No way around it. When Johnny or anyone parties like him, they will never be 100 percent of what they could be. NEVER.

  67. Hey Johnny you may not care or want to talk about the past. However, court appearances are all about what happened in the past.

    He’s not a Patriot.

  68. Johnny Football had his hopes on being a Cowboy but don’t know what happened between him and Jerry Jones this was the talk before the draft. This young man was looking to be a Dallas Cowboys so when he didn’t make the draft pick with the Cowboys he was heartbroken. Cleveland Browns was not the team for him, Dallas Cowboys was his dream team yes Jerry Jones wanted him but came out with a sad story it would have been a problem between Tony Romo. This is why Johnny Football not with the Dallas Cowboys.

  69. I can’t wait to see the downfall of this arrogant entitled rich kid. It’s going to be hard to enjoy his time off when he is laid up with injury after injury. Get ready for a reality check punk.
    I am ashamed to say this is also how I felt about the young man, UNTIL I SAW HIM PLAY!!!!!!!

    Now I’m as big a Johnny Football fan there is. And to all the trolls out there who are predicting doom for him; do you know who else liked to party:
    1) Kenny Stabler, Super Bowl champion
    2) Joe Namath, Super Bowl champion, Hall of Fame
    3) Lawrence Taylor, double Super Bowl champion, Hall of Fame

    I hope he tears up this league, and I really, really, really hope he makes Jerry Jones regret not taking him. With Jones’ Texas-sized ego and Manzi’s Texas-sized personality it would’ve been perfect. And I’m not even a Cowboys fan!

  70. He can’t change. The only thing he knows is how to be a jerk. You are what you are.

  71. Mike, gotta start by saying I always appreciate your articles the most. I also like catching you on Paul Allen’s show. I know your stance on the champaign bottle with all the liabilities that come with it but I gotta say maybe your being a little harsh on him. 1- People partying at said bar will relish the fact they were partying with Johnny Football. 2- John probably(hopefully) has people close to him preventing situations. 3- Maybe this is getting blown out of proportion (we all know it is) and this guy is smart enough to protect his golden goose and have fun doing it. Just an opinion. Love your work!

  72. Here are the last five SB winning QB’s. Brees, Rodgers, Eli, Flacco, and Wilson. All these guys are known for taking football very seriously and not partying. Manziel doesn’t have that mindset.

  73. The kids family is not just rich, they are WEALTHY. If football works out, great. If not, the party rolls on. He has ZERO WORRIES in life. Nobody is gonna tell the man how to live his life. Period. Cleveland knew this long before drafting him. At best he works out, at worst, at least people are paying attention to the Browns.

  74. I don’t know this kid and think his attitude sucks, but that champagne bottle story was the stupidest thing I have read in a long time.
    I do hope the Browns make a comeback, with or without him.

  75. Who cares about Johnny M????

    If he is lucky he will get a chance in the CFL after the Browns make a quick review.

    Party boy not even close to what a QB leader like Wilson is all about.

    Chow Johnny

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