ProFootballTalk: Manziel says ‘I’m not going to change for anybody’

Browns’ QB Johnny Manziel spoke to reporters regarding his off the field activities. Manziel defended his right to enjoy his life during his free time. The PFT crew discusses.

3 responses to “ProFootballTalk: Manziel says ‘I’m not going to change for anybody’

  1. Everyone has such a misguided opinion about this kid. He’s already got celebrity and star power, and there’s nothing that can be done about that. In our paparazzi/TMZ fueled world of “reality” tv and news, of COURSE random schmucks are going to take note of every little thing someone like Manziel does. He’s not purposely going out and acting a fool so he gets his wild antics brazenly displayed on twitter for the world to see. That’s not his goal. So all these people telling him to tone it done, from hall of famers to walk of shamers, are misdirecting their ire and projecting things on this kid that he has limited control over. The REAL issue here is why every former player’s opinion is worth a damn, and why people feel the need to glorify his exploits all over social media. Let the kid have a life! Why do we care if he rides an inflatable swan or talks into a stack of money? Why is it news? Why does it prompt reporters to grill his teammates for their opinion? Is there really nothing better to talk about? This should show how twisted and backwards our journalists and news outlets are, not how a kid blowing off some steam in a safe and legal manner should or should not conduct himself according to literally anyone who might formulate an opinion on the matter.

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