Report: Jimmy Haslam wants Johnny Manziel to tone it down

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It’s not just fans and members of the media who are focusing on the off-field activities of Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel. Browns owner Jimmy Haslam is also taking notice — and he doesn’t like what he sees.

That’s the word from Chris Mortensen of ESPN, who reported on the air today that Haslam wants Manziel to tone it down. Haslam was apparently bothered by the video that surfaced of Manziel holding a large stack of cash up to his ear, pretending it was a phone, and saying, “”I can’t hear you. There’s too much money in my f–king hand.”

It did not sit well with the owner Jimmy Haslam, who did instruct his staff to at least have a talk with Johnny about being more savvy as he deals with social media,” Mortensen said, via “We know you’re young. We know you’re single. Joe Montana himself said that Bill Walsh pulled him aside, and that was before the age of social media. Johnny Manziel has been told to tone it down, and to watch what goes up on social media.”

But while Haslam may have passed that message along, Manziel apparently didn’t get it: Manziel has already declared that he won’t change his ways.

And while Haslam may have a point that Manziel would be better off toning things down off the field, one wonders: What did Haslam expect? Haslam excitedly said after the Browns drafted Manziel that everyone in Cleveland — even homeless people — was excited about Johnny Football. The Johnny Football persona isn’t just about what Manziel did on the field at Texas A&M, any more than the Broadway Joe persona was all about what Joe Namath did on the football field. When Haslam’s Browns drafted Johnny Manziel, they knew they were getting Johnny Football as part of the bargain.

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  1. I didn’t get all the “Manziel is a d-bag” talk until someone told me to Google “Manziel money phone.”

  2. Manziel doesn’t give a Pilot Flying J what Haslam thinks.

  3. If this guy doesn’t perform in his first couple of seasons he will be out of the league for good due to the non stop attention from the media. Teams will not stand for it. Right tebow?

  4. Clockwise or counter, there’s only 2 directions this dial can go, so obey or defy. Haslam can’t keep his hand on that dial 24/7 now, he made his choice and now it’s time to face the music. I hope the song that is playing is one that he likes.

  5. This is the first time I know of that a spoiled silver spooner like Manziel has gone on to make his own pile of cash. Money doesn’t really change you. It only magnifies who you really are.
    But Johnny is probably the only guy in a long time who is truly playing football because he is good at it and he loves it. He don’t have to play football for money. If these people continue to be a drag on Johnny and bring him down, he can just quit. Remember, He doesn’t NEED the NFL’s money.

  6. Adam Schechter just reported to top Mort that Johnny Manziel wants Jimmy Haslem to tone it down.

  7. I wonder how long it will be until one of the Browns ofensive linemen tells the 300 lb Bengal accross from him “Hey, just letting you know. It’s a naked bootleg right”

  8. Nothing scares the status quo more than social media. They can’t present these players to us like we are watching a 1950’s sitcom anymore. Social media destroys public relations departments ability to spin stories when we have access to the direct source like them.

  9. Really Jimmy??? You’re all surprised. With the swagger of Johnny?? Maybe you should have thought differently about drafting this “all about me first” player

  10. The Browns coaching staff has advised Manziel if he’s going to flash some cash – make sure it’s 3rd string quarterback cash.

  11. I just saw the “money phone” picture. Johnny wears white sunglasses. I’m guaranteeing him as a bust and am so happy the Vikings drafted Teddy “Marlo Stanfield” Bridgewater.

    In all seriousness the white sunglasses is all I need to see. This guy is a clown with a massive ego.

  12. Is it bad that this kid hasn’t even been to his first training camp yet, and I’m sick and tired of him already?

  13. The quote about JF being young and single and all is not attributed to Haslem. It is Mortenson’s quote, his narration on the topic. Everyone wants to tell him what to do and criticize him harshly for being 20. The money stuff on video was dumb but youngin’s do weird and dumb things, I tells ya. I’m waiting until the season is underway before judging Johnny F.

  14. Tell me, who would you respect more…a man who constantly conforms to the ideals of others…or a man who refuses to act like anyone other than his true self? I’ll choose the latter each and every time…

    The problem doesn’t lie with Johnny Manziell, he’s just a young guy having some fun in life. The distractions themselves are perpetuated by the media, and they incessantly want to ask each and every person whose name ISNT Johnny Manziell about his off-field antics. Call me crazy, but if you have a question concerning Johnny Manziell…WHY NOT ASK JOHNNY MANZIELL???

    If I were his teammate, hearing questions each and every day about “Johnny off-the-field,” I would answer each and every question: “Ask Johnny instead…goodbye.”

  15. I’m not a Browns fan or a Manziel fan. It seems that the reporters are going to create a distraction if the kid doesn’t do it himself. Dogpile, like a bunch of children

  16. And….. for probably the FIRST time in this kid’s life,
    the person telling him to cool it… is the one signing
    his check!

    He’s not used to being told what to do.. and have consequences. THAT is the difference this time.
    Sleep tight Johnny…

  17. Not a leader by example or known to inspire by his words. Carries a sense of entitlement and prima-donna arrogance seeking out the bright lights of Hollywood. Is known to party too much and is drawn to all the trappings of the game.
    ^^^That is from his “NFL.COM” Scouting report^^^

    Teammates don’t dislike him, but there’s some resentment, more so in the offseason when he isn’t coming to workouts and they are busting their butt.
    ^^^From Patriots Scouting report^^^^^

    Cleveland fans are in for a sad ride if all those said in scouting reports come full circle

  18. “Jimmy Haslam wants Johnny Manziel to tone it down”-what did Jimmy Haslam expect when he drafted Johnny Manziel?! I’m anxious to see what happens when Johnny Manziel throws his first incomplete pass and his first interception, this ain’t college………..

  19. captainwisdom8888 says: Jun 27, 2014 7:07 PM

    Tell me, who would you respect more…a man who constantly conforms to the ideals of others…or a man who refuses to act like anyone other than his true self? I’ll choose the latter each and every time…

    Just got to shake your head at the reasonning of some peolple.

  20. Does anyone think there’s a connection between the PR director resigning yesterday and Haslam speaking on this today?

    When you pull a thread of a cheaply made garment, it starts to unravel …

    For the sake of entertainment, I hope Johnny doesn’t change. Blame the media if you choose. His biggest hurdle will come from inside his own locker room, but he won’t listen.

    This kid looks 40 and acts 5. WITNESS 2.0

  21. drgreenstreak says:
    Jun 27, 2014 7:07 PM
    Haslam should be toning it down from a prison cell.

    6 1
    Report comment


    Prison? I thought he was already in prison…

    He’s in Cleveland right?

  22. What I find amusing is that before the draft, he was contrite. I need to grow up, I know I have made mistakes, football is my life and I want to be a leader…

    Now that the contract is signed, it’s back to being Johnny. What a hypocrite.

  23. Manzeil is a problem and a bust waiting for a place to happen.
    There’s no way on Earth that skinny “money dance” clown could be worth all the headaches.
    So glad he’s in Cleveland. Not in Oakland.

  24. fourdegrees says: Jun 27, 2014 7:48 PM

    What I find amusing is that before the draft, he was contrite. I need to grow up, I know I have made mistakes, football is my life and I want to be a leader…

    Now that the contract is signed, it’s back to being Johnny. What a hypocrite.

    Hypocrite? Meh. More like liar. Conman.

  25. People who are all over Haslam need to ease up. He took advantage of immigrant truck drivers, who were taking advantage of our society to take work from Americans and send their profits south to wherever they came from.
    I’d call him a patriot.

  26. He is a showboater always has been, and now in the NFL needs to behave like an adult, and not an idiot. I am sure his team mates will have something to say, because he won’t make it if he
    continues on like this. The owner of the organization is entitled to say what ever he wants, he signs the checks.

  27. If I am the owner of **ANY** team that drafted Johnny, I feel the exact same way. No one is saying don’t have a good time, enjoy your money! But why are you (or do you “have to”) flash in the face of so many on (what was) weekly basis? Are you trying to get robbed? kidnapped? killed???? Are you really, seriously so much a Diva (hey kids, look up this word for its true definition, k?) or YOUNG & naïve you don’t think drawing so much attention to yourself is a BAD thing, even “in the world of today????”

    Hey, 20-somethings–> before you try to respond, answer me this: “Why is it a sports figure is the only type of new-money millionaire that thinks this type of attention grabbing is OK?!??” (Yea, Child of Einstein, why is it, Ivy Leaguer new money mkaers don’t do this…in finance? Real Estate? Even & especially, those who use old money to make their new money, do NOT draw attention to themselves??)
    Now get this– I LOVE the Browns! Die-hard fan…but there is just no-way this ends well unless Manziel gets the message. Frankly, he just looks like a massive FOOOOL right now, an idiot, from Texas that is no better or worse than an idiot from the ‘hood, or SoCal or your hometown, that thinks “showing his money” makes him worth that money. Quite frankly, he ain’t done schit. I am beginning to wonder if he is going to be an even BIGGER flame-out than Ryan Leaf.

    Uh, oh yea…GO BROWNS!

  28. Johnny has to have his fun now like Leinart did dating Paris Hilton his first offseason in the NFL. After the world see’s a hyped up Brady Quinn the show will be over. Must of been nice having a receiver like that guarded by cb’s like that in college.

  29. nomoreseasontix says: Jun 27, 2014 8:00 PM

    People who are all over Haslam need to ease up. He took advantage of immigrant truck drivers, who were taking advantage of our society to take work from Americans and send their profits south to wherever they came from.
    I’d call him a patriot.

    You are basing this on what? Trucking is one of the most regulated jobs in the US. Very few undocumented people occupy these jobs.

  30. I think it was Jerry Jones who said he wanted no part of that circus. Jerry must be getting smarter in his old age.

  31. Compare lets say Andrew’s Luck out off the field behavior with the behavior of Manziel circus… I dont believe that this kid will live to his potential if he doesnt put an end to his childish behavior…

  32. This guy is a d-bag for one reason and one reason only. Cleveland is a blue collar steel mill town and has been hit hard by the downturn in the economy. Hard working Americans pay this scumbags salary with their hard work and this guy is talking about all this money he has. This guy got drilled by the two best defenses he played last year(Alabama gave up 44 to Oklahoma in the bowl game) and when he has to play the teams that will keep this guy in the pocket and force him to be a passer. He ran a 4.69, Derek Carr ran a 4.68 there are D-lineman that run that fast. He is going to get drilled just like Mike Vick and I hope the defensive player stands up over him and gives him the money sign.

  33. The comparisons of J Football to Joe Namath were inevitable. That is a very slippery slope because when Namath came out there was no questioning his football abilities. Right now Manziel is closer to Tebow in his ability to fascinate the general public while leaving many unsure about how good of an NFL QB he will be. I think we are all waiting for that first big shot delivered by a linebacker who runs faster than most college cornerbacks to bring Mr. Football just a little bit closer to planet Earth. Nothing humbles a rookie QB like writhing on the turf in pain on national television for the first time.

  34. He will be on the injured list by week 8 if he gets the starting nod by week 1 ,, Ravens,, Steelers,, Bengals,, defenses will all but guarantee that !!

  35. Maybe he can use some of that money to buy a brain and then try wiping off some of the ‘ white trashness’ smeared all over him.

  36. Hey pigskin28….
    If you think it’s only undocumented workers who send money south…
    You’ve never lived in California….
    They ALL do it.
    It hurts the economy. If you put them all out of work, we’d do much better, if we didn’t have to give them free money in entitlements…

  37. Your the boss, put a stop to it. He works for you, not the other way around. Get his attention by hitting his pocketbook.

  38. Maybe he should make him an intern in the Pilot/Flying J accounting department.

  39. The b he ig will be all on himquestion is at what point during one of his all night alcohol spraying shindig ‘ s does some individual who can’t stand arrogant rich kids beat the hell out of him (or far worse)?

    All of you trying to rationalize this kids behavior as just “having a good time” are in serious need of a sharp lesson (just like Johnny Football). He’s putting himself on a pedestal just to get knocked off. Celebrities under the microscope need to behave differently than most of us, I mean, look what happened to Sean Taylor. The difference is this kid is just asking for some sort of trouble.

    Prediction: One year from this very day – this guy will either be arrested or involved in an altercation where several people are arrested. I don’t know if it will happen due to his arrogance or someone’s else’s? But it will be his fault for not making smart, rational decisions with regard for his lifestyle. Simply stated. The guys just asking for trouble.

  40. I think, for one, the MAJOR difference between Joe ‘Willie’ Nameth and John Football is, Nameth didn’t LITERALLY manufacture his own weekly publicity the way Manziel has via use of social networking. Well, hey looky there! It is a new day and age, go figure!! BUT THAT ISN’T THE ISSUE so many Browns fans, Nfl fans are having with him at all. Nope. It is ALL GOOD he enjoys his new money, fine by me for sure! The issue or question we grapple with is: Why in the Hell does he HAVE TO post it ??? That is the disconnect,…that is where anyone older than 29, says “is he nuts?!?” Is he trying to look-a-fool? Get into trouble by letting Trouble know in real-time where he is partying?? He is headed into the Chapter called “How NOT to act or use social media” of the Nfl rookie handbook. ………in fact, at the current pace he is burning up, the chapter will be called: “Johnny Football: Why this Chapter should have been more than only 2-pages.”

  41. Browns=Little Rascals babysitting. Draft Johnny because of what he brings, but then tell Johnny not to bring that after he is drafted. Blake who? Exactly.

  42. If Johnny Football ends up being a good quarterback, nobody is going to care about his money phone…

    If Johnny Football sucks as an NFL quarterback, nobody is going to care about his money phone…

    Just win, baby!

  43. I don’t want you to tone it down Johnny.

    Everyone knew what they were getting. I personally didn’t want him on my favorite team because of stuff like this.

    To me, Haslam has no right to tell him to tone it down because he knew this is Johnny Football. This is the type of stuff he did in college. An issue is an issue no matter where the guy is drafted and to me the NFL team who picked him had to know to expect this.

    You can’t pick Johnny Football to sale tickets and be the buzz you need and then ask him to change. Keep being you Johnny.

  44. Oh by the way I am nearer to geezer-hood than I am away from it, so I have to be careful what I criticize a young man in his 20s about. It can work against you at a certain age. Besides, I have to ambulate with a cane these days. No, the “back in my day” presentation is not a good look for me at all.

  45. nomoreseasontix says: Jun 27, 2014 8:43 PM

    Hey pigskin28….
    If you think it’s only undocumented workers who send money south…
    You’ve never lived in California….
    They ALL do it.
    It hurts the economy. If you put them all out of work, we’d do much better, if we didn’t have to give them free money in entitlements…

    So you are saying that people should not be allowed to work if it means they are going to use their “hard earned money” to take care of their families?” them entitlements? Are you Serious? What gives you the right to tell people where to spend their money? Can I tell you where to spendyours? What next? Are you gonna ban Americans from travelling overseas? What money are you contributing to these entitlements?

  46. “He’s just a kid.”

    No, he’s a man. Or should be, if he’d quit this crap. And no, you’re not a man if you have had everything handed to you your entire life and insist on ignoring your responsibilities to your team and yourself. Johnny’s entire existence to this point has been about avoiding all responsibility.

    There are countless “college kids” his age who are manning up, working third shift to pay for college out of their own pockets, and even raising children. My guess is that 95% of the readers here at PFT were more responsible human beings at his age.

    I’ll reserve my respect for the players who have worked their butts off and earned it. Johnny can keep driving this sad, pathetic road he’s on, but I wish someone could get through the alcoholic cloud fogging his mind. His is a story with only unhappy endings unless he grows up.

  47. Even though I’m rooting for this guy, it’s not like they didn’t have fair warning, and Haslem is the last person who needs to say anything since he seemingly pushed the front office into the pick.

  48. Yo Jimmy I wanted you to take Sammy Watkins Jeremy Hill and Mettenberger, Mc Carron or Murray but you didn’t.

    If you couldn’t handle the Circus why did you draft him. You knew exactly what you were getting yourself into.

  49. Wait, I thought some Homeless guy drafted Johnny Football. Who is this Haslem guy think he is? I really really feel bad Browns fans that your organization is so poorly run.

  50. It was truly hilarious watching this showboating egomaniac sitting there waiting all night for some sorry team to draft him and when they FINALLY did he prances onto the stage like he was the number one pick and does his offensive “money sign” yet again. LOL at this pretentious fool! I hope somebody breaks his fingers in the first practice so we never have to suffer through seeing him showing off that juvenile finger-rubbing gesture ever again. What a punk! I know he can’t help he’s UGLY, but he can help how he BEHAVES. Just TRY to be a decent role model at least once… “Johnny!” What a jerk!

  51. Get the heck off this guy! It’s a non-issue. Who cares? He’s not doing anything illegal, just enjoying life. I’m a Jags fan and a little bummed we didn’t take him. Johnny Football was, is, and will be fine. Watch. Stop parroting media and watch him shine.

  52. I’ll bet Cleveland wishes he had been using the money phone when he called them from the draft room to ask them to draft him.

  53. Wow I wonder how many DUI, Domestic Violence’s, Drug possessions or disorderly behavior charges he has gotten holding all that money….none? Oh, ya life

  54. So much for the Browns. Another QB bites the dust (that was fast, but no surprise).

  55. He’ll really be digging life when he can’t actually get any team on the phone in a couple of years…

    “….can I leave another message for Mr. Haslam?,…Please tell him that Johnny Football called again…”

  56. Jimmy H: “he is who we thought he was…and we let him off the hook! Playoffs? You kiddin me? I just hope we win a game…”

  57. Looks like about $1K in $1 bills, must be heading to a strip club with his boys. It’s not like he has a large stack of hundreds in his hand.

  58. Holding an athlete to a moral or conduct standard that would be reserved for a priest, civil servant or grandma is nonsense. If you’re idolizing someone playing a game or using their character as a standard for society,you may have problems greater than you know. He doesn’t save lives,give spiritual guidance,protect the community,uphold the law or defend the nation,he plays football. He entertains. I’m pretty sure I’ve never cracked open an American or world history book and read a chapter on Joe Montana and his exploits on and off the field. Hoping for a guy to fail or get injured because there’s a picture of him drinking (I’ll wager those of you who have Facebook have those as well),or a video of him with a stack of money being a clown is garbage. He hasn’t harmed anyone or committed any society crippling crime.

  59. Jimmy is going to trial to try to keep his (|) out of jail. We really don’t need him to chime in when talking about morals.
    Manziel is just MILKING social media to keep his name and face out there and have some fun. I don’t blame him.
    People think it’s like he’s throwing up in toilets every night because he’s hammered.
    They hype that Emmit Smith, Joe Montana, and Warren Moon got in their day is NOTHING compared to what this guy is getting.
    They have never been there.
    They don’t get it.
    People actually “follow” this guy through social media. He get’s it. People are being too hard on this guy.
    Jimmy Haslam has MUCH bigger problems then worrying about Johnny Football.
    He’s going to jail.

  60. Mature, college educated, and classy 21 yr-olds:

    *go out to clubs to drink, party, dance, and socialize
    * get tattoos that have personal meaning and reflect something about their individuality
    * embrace the opportunity to excel in their first career out of college, especially when it’s been their dream job since childhood, and try not to piss off their new bosses on the first day
    * do not tweet everything they say, do, and think for constant attention from strangers
    * hang around with friends who won’t embarrass them publicly

    Immature and insecure wanna-be ‘hood-rat 21-year-olds:

    * spray champagne all over strangers in clubs and flash money signs in front of every camera they can find
    * get tattoos of their favorite musician’s corporate logo, because worshiping the famous and their brand is their personal message
    * say what they must to get the job, and then act the opposite once the they’ve been hired and paid
    * constantly crave attention from strangers by tweeting their every move, because even if they act arrogant about their past achievements they’re actually very insecure
    * befriend as many famous people as they can in order to self-validate and become more famous by association

  61. I’m Not a browns or a Manziel fan. But honestly , everyone is such hypocrites, just get off the kid. If I were him, and I was seeing how the media jumped all over every move I made , I would do stuff like this too. And these quotes aren’t from haslem, they are from Mort , made to look like haslem said them. leave the kid alone, let him play. this kind of thing makes me like him. Go ahead with the thumbs down. Jealousy is human, and that’s why people hate him. We all wish we were this kid.

  62. Of course Haslam should of known, he’s a spoiled rich kid who got special treatment throughout his life, including at college.

    That said, Johnny said all the right things, and is now showcasing that this was all a lie. Luckily he hasn’t stepped far over the line, but he already has put himself behind where he could of been by focusing fully on football. 3000 other veterans and hopefuls, most of which are taking it seriously are getting the jump on him.

    Whatever Haslam got fooled on, or thought it was worth the risk, Johnny Football is ultimately to blame because he is the one who is acting unprofessionally and taking his situation for granted after telling people he’d behave the opposite.

    While Haslam, and the front office, are professionally to blame ultimately for picking him if he doesn’t work out, the guy who truly controls his fate, is Johnny himself.

    He’s the one who now has publicly ignored an expressed instruction from his employer, the owner, which I have never seen a rookie do to an owner before ever.

    He still hasn’t achieved anything in the NFL, and technically he’s not even made the team yet. As a high draft pick, he’ll get an out, but this season might be the last time he gets a pass.

    Haslam and the front office isn’t to blame for Johnny’s actions, Johnny is. It’s an illegitimate out to blame the front office, it’s all on Johnny. If Johnny continues to break his word, it will create a climate that is hard to win, and he will not have the respect of his teammates, nor ownership, and other his other potential future employers will take note.

    Burn a bridge with Haslam and the Browns, and he’ll be burning his bridges with most, if not all the rest of the NFL teams.

    While on the surface again he hasn’t done anything majorly wrong, he broke NFL protocol, and crossed general business and professional lines, and that is pretty major.

    In life it’s not just what you do, but also how you do it. Well Johnny hasn’t done anything, but in the run up to possibly doing something, he’s already doing it all wrong.

    He should take note, and he should take his job seriously. Not just while at the facility, but 24/7. That is his job, he’s an NFL QB, and it’s correct after his childish actions to question if he’s up for the job. Going through the motions won’t work in the NFL. You embrace it fully, or you won’t be in the NFL for long. Someone else will want it more. Talent is dime a dozen, it’s one’s head that makes the difference.

    This may be the offseason to us, the fans, but right now it isn’t the offseason for NFL players, and hasn’t been since rookie camp, strike that, since they handed him the playbook after he was drafted.

    Sadly he is a spoiled little rich kid who doesn’t get it. We’ve all seen it before. Someone give him Matt Leinart’s number, who was another spoiled rich kid who didn’t take things seriously. From everything we’ve seen, Johnny Football is Leinart’s moron attitude x10, and he needs it.

  63. He held $ to his ear?? Now he’s acting like an idiot. He hasn’t done a thing and he’s full of himself no matter howgood he can be. I honestly think he’s Tim Tebow with out the religion and classiness. He won’t succeed. No in Cleveland. Plus when you are classy like Montana, Brady, Warner, & The Manning’s, respect is what they get. People like Manziel, he’s acting like an idiot with money. Weird thing is these actions usually don’t come from white players unless they think they’re African Americans or wannabe gangbangers attitude.. Lol..many do and begin to speak like simpletons. Just look at A. Hernandez.

  64. Manziel will be the best QB from this draft. Bridgewater will be a massive failure and is a huge miss again by the Vikings. Bortles and Carr will be good players for Jacksonville and Oakland. Manziel could drink himself into a coma and still be better than that stiff Bilgewater and his fragile psyche.

  65. Let’s see how he waves the money sign when he faces the AFC North defenses.One thing a rookie can’t do is rub it in,and Johnny has made it clear he’s all about Johnny.He may do well, but the more I read about his off field activities the more skeptical I am he’ll make it.

  66. Haslem told Mort “Candidly, I also have money phones stacked up around my house… from all these dolts buying our backup QB’s jersey”

  67. At this point, my only questions are which NFL defender will put this clown out of the league, and how much he’ll be paid under the table for doing it.

  68. And this is why I made a habit to not come here anymore. You say Manziel apparently didn’t get the message from Haslam, as if you know he heard from him, AND THEN went and did the “won’t change” interview.

  69. Article title is normal internal stuff. And indeed it is ONLY the media and ‘haters’ that gather for this stuff. Other afc north team fans getting to trash talk how he’s gonna fail for the most part, or Viking fans touting Bridgewater (please!). We’ll see Hoyer get through Pitt on opening day mostly with the improved running game. By the end of the season JF will have connected with Gordon a few times filling in for minor injuries but Hoyer will still be the #1. This whole soap opera is a media construct till things actually happen.

  70. It’s definitely on Manziel to act with class since being an NFL player is not a luxury but a term of employment, and he should heed his bosses’ wishes.

    Still though, hire a talented diva, and you still end up with a diva. Buyer beware market — If the Browns didn’t want this to be an issue, they should have drafted someone else.

  71. To all those who are blaming the media for this circus. It is the media’s job to find the drama and get it out there for the world to see, it is the players job to understand how his actions will affect his team mates. A lot of kids his age party and say dumb things but those kids don’t have the huge responsibilities that manziel has.

  72. Understand that in no way do I intend any disrespect for Browns’ Owner Jim Halsam – I mean, he’s the boss, it’s HIS team. But, considering the fact that the U.S. Justice Department is conducting a serious investigation of the man….I’m sure everyone is aware of this story.

    It just seems a little hypocritical that Haslam would come down on Manziel’s behavior. Johnny is 21, now, how old is Haslam? Well, I agree, the “money phone” stunt was over the top; I feel sure Manziel understands that now. Toning down the “social media” issues would be wise for Manziel.

    I believe Manziel will “adjust”…but, the Browns don’t really want to hold Manziel back – try to change WHO he is. They need to “unleash” him. He will be an incredible offensive weapon for the Browns’ team! Yes, Manziel has a bit of “swagger”, but, he’s extremely confident in his athletic abilities. FINALLY, a WINNING QB has arrived in Cleveland…and it’s about time!

    When Johnny Manziel starts lighting up the scoreboard, I’m thinking all you Manziel doubters and haters are going to be changing your tune!

  73. What was that supposed quote from Manziel about his draft where he texted “Jimmy come get me”…

    His ego will dictate that he will be a thorn in their side until he is put in his place on the field. There are some linemen out there just licking their chops….

  74. Im so disapointed there are zero news about Derek Carr. I cant believe the QB my team drafted high is passing on all the parting and showing his money stuff.

    How can he prefer taking care of his wife and child, working out, preparing as a professionnal quaterback while keeping a low profile? Who has ever been successfull this way?….

  75. Yes Jimmy, Johnny needs to tone it down but Johnny “will not change for anybody” Guys that means you too…

  76. The owner has every right in the world to tell his employee to tone it down. The other players are getting tired of answering the questions about Johnny Fratboy and if they want to win they need to concentrate on football not what Fratboy is doing. Manziel reminds me of guys we all have known who can’t seem to put college behind them when they get out in the real world.

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