Sammy Watkins on chemistry with E.J. Manuel: It’s a work in progress


The Bills made a big move up the draft board to get wide receiver Sammy Watkins in the first round last month, which shows a strong belief from the front office in what Watkins is able to do on a football field.

Now they just need to get quarterback E.J. Manuel to believe in him as well. During an appearance on NFL Network, Watkins said that he and the quarterback spent spring practices feeling one another out and that he knows they need to continue building their chemistry at training camp before their connection will take off for the Bills offense.

“It’s not fully there. I mean, we’ve been connecting at minicamp, and OTAs,” Watkins said. “But at the same time, I could be wide open, and if he don’t feel it, or if I run it a different type of way, he won’t throw the ball. So it really just got to come with him believing in me. I believe in him. He can throw just about any ball. So it just comes down to … we just need a lot of reps.”

With Robert Woods also getting his first extended practice time with Manuel, the Bills will be doing as much chemistry homework as any summer schooler in the next few months. If they can put it all together, there should be a more impressive passing game in Buffalo in 2014 and, perhaps, a record to match.

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  1. 1. He just got there. To imagine that “chemistry must be instantaneous is silly.
    2. Duh, Manuel isn’t very good right now.
    3. They are running a bad offense with inadequate coaches.


  2. What a great pick for the Bills! Watkins will make everyone forget about Stevie Johnson. Manuel and Johnson are going to be a great combination.

    I wanted my Giants to draft Watkins but they picked a soccer player Beckham who dreams of playing in the World Cup instead of the Super Bowl.

  3. Everything will be fine, can’t wait to see Manuel, Watkins and Woods. I still think Manuel has potential. Could be worse. We could be the Jags and draft Blaine Gabbert II in this years draft with the 3rd pick. What a waste of a draft pick.

  4. Yikes. As a Bills fan, I’m going to really try not to look too much into this one. But, it definitely doesn’t help that EJ Manuel is probably more of a”work in progress” than Sammy Watkins…

  5. “But at the same time, I could be wide open, and if he don’t feel it, or if I run it a different type of way, he won’t throw the ball.
    That’s not chemistry. That’s EJ being bad at making reads and taking what the offense is giving him.

    That is critical to success at the NFL Level.

    I really hope EJ proves me wrong, but I have 0 confidence in him.

  6. It’s funny — I really hated Watkins while he was at Clemson because he torched my Noles everytime we played him, but now I’m a fan because he is a weapon for E.J.

    Bills are slowly getting all the pieces together. This team will be fun to watch down the road.

  7. Watkins is already throwing Manuel under the bus before Training Camp!

    This has to be some sort of world record.

  8. It must be Pre-Season again with all this Bills optimism. However, in this case it should be. The WR Corp on this Team will be good, the QB not so much, but in time could be a respectable offense. I know, I am a Dolphins Homer, but we need all of the AFC East to be competitive again. The Patriots are a 9-7 Team in any other Division.

  9. love all the hate for EJ. IMO he is going to be a very good QB this year.

    did anyone hear Ross Tucker talk about the kid. he loves him and especially loves his attitude.

    there is no doubt about his talent and athleticism and his work ethic is off the charts.

    he played a few games last year due to injury, if he stays healthy and there is no reason to think he wont because he never got hurt in collage he is going to have a great year.

    all the work he puts in the film room and on the field will pay off and all you haters will look like the lost fools you are.

    he has weapons galore,watch out fools!

  10. the only one who could build chemistry in a couple weeks is Bill Nye. cmon people, training camp hasnt even started yet. give EJ a break. He will be fine. People forget we have a SICK RB tandem, and that will take a ton of pressure off the passing game….

  11. He’s been a Buffalo Bill for two and a half months. Chemistry isn’t supposed to be there.
    Now if it’s not there by the end of the preseason, then we’ve got a problem.

  12. There is no chemistry in football.
    Football is physics. Mass, Speed, Force, and Acceleration.

    EJ throw ball, Sammy catch ball.
    EJ heave long ball, Sammy run like hell and catch ball.

  13. Due to injuries EJ was very limited in practice and playing time during his rookie year. In recent OTA’s Nathaniel Hacket finally installed the complete playbook. There is no holding back with this offense now.

    For anyone saying all EJ does is check down, look at the Jets @ Bills game from last November. EJ threw a deep strike, connecting with Marquise Goodwin in stride perfectly.

    It’s a well known fact players improve the most in the NFL from year one to year two. This not only bodes well for EJ, Goodwin, Kiko Alonso and Nikel Robey, but will make this team a true contender in 2015 when Sammy Watkins and this rookie class get a year under their belts and make that second year jump.

    Onward and upward!

    GO BILLS!!!

  14. Sammy was overheard mumbling at practice the other day…

    Man, Tajh Boyd wasn’t very good, but he’s a heck of a lot better than this guy…. what’s his name again? E.g. Manwell…

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