Seahawks sell out their training camp in 45 minutes


Here’s how you can tell life is good for an NFL team — they even sell out for practice.

According to Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times, the Seahawks sold out all 12 practices which are open to the public during training camp.

The Super Bowl champions sold 30,000 tickets for the sessions in 45 minutes, at $7 per shot (which they call a “transportation fee,” since fans have to park offsite).

That’s a cool $210,000. Maybe enough for a “small token of appreciation” the next time one of their stars wants a raise.

58 responses to “Seahawks sell out their training camp in 45 minutes

  1. The Fact is it sold out in One second cause me and a buddy clicked on it both at 10 am and all dates were pending. IN ONE SECOND…. Thus we watched them all click over to sold out while trying to pend our request. So we didn’t get tickets but hey man its all good. The 12’s are the real deal,,,GO HAWKS!!!!! No mercy we all know we can better , 12’s included. More noise,more focus, more beat downs!!

  2. They bring in private buses to ferry the fans from a shopping center parking lot to the facility. Not enough parking there to accommodate fans. The seven bucks just covers the cost of the ride.

    Of course there is all sorts of stuff to spend money on when you are there. Helmets, balls, and what not that players can sign for you.

    The Seahawks training camp is really pretty cool. Lake Washington is just beyond the fields. On a sunny August day it’s just like being at the park. The fan area is on a large berm with very good viewing distance to two of the three fields. When they play on the far field it could be better. It sells out every year because it is a great fan experience.

  3. Or they could be classy and let fans in free…but it is Pete Carroll were talking about here…

  4. Actually, hansenbrothers (nice movie ref, by the way), there’s not much in the way of parking at the team facility, so fans have to park at a shopping mall a few miles away. The team rents out a small fleet of buses to carry fans to and from the practice facility.

    I know, why let reality get in the way of a Pete Carroll slam…but, as NBC used to say on Saturday mornings, “The more you know…”.

  5. I do think it is cute that the Seattle Fans really, actually think they have something to do with the (very) recent success. The 12th man is a nice marketing bumper, that’s it. My advice: since most of you are new Fans, enjoy it while you can. It does not last, just look at NFL history if you believe their was one before 2012.

  6. They could easily double or triple attendance at practice, if they chose to.

    I’m a Panthers fan who watched every practice for the Seahawks last year, via live stream or tape. It is worth watching how they do it, no matter who you cheer for.

    I recommend it.

  7. NY GIANTS just “1st come, 1st serve, no charge.
    They have a lot to park and as far as I know, there is no charge, YET!
    Hey, $7.00 isn’t bad, and I would gladly pay that, so good for them.

  8. All this talk of bandwagoners….so, none of you knew Seattle retired the 12th man jersey in the 1980s? And you dare to speak of fans who don’t know their history?

    I can understand why Niner fans might be confused, being that so many of them were missing in action between 1995 and 2011.

  9. Not sure what it has to do with Pete Carroll. Its like folkcrusader says, the money pays for the buses. I went last year and it was a pretty fun day. Had a chance to get Pete Carroll’s, Russell Wilson’s, Richard Sherman’s, and Russell Okung’s autograghs on my daughters little pink Seahawks hat.

    As for those unaware (niners816) the Seeahawks fan base was established in 1976. There 30,000 people on the waiting list for season tickets in the kingdome throughout the 1980s. Admittedly there were down years in the 90s when that carpet bagger from northern California bought the team, ran them into the ground and then tried to move them to LA. But since the new stadium opened in 2002, they have been sold out for every home game since. Just because no one in the entire nation outside of northwest was paying attention doesn’t mean we weren’t here. Its great to be a Seahawks fan right now but we have been through a lot getting here. I still pinch myself to think that our Hawks are actually Superbowl champs. Amazing.

  10. A Miami Heat type of bandwagon here.

    Where were all of you the last 40 years? And in particular, when you were in the AFC West playing in front of your own empty seats?

    This too will pass and you’ll be back to the no tradition franchise you are.

    Arrowhead is and always will be the best home field advantage in the NFL.

  11. One other thing may be if they charge for the bus ride, it mitigates lawsuit risk in some way. Not sure. Either way, I don’t have a problem with capitalism.

  12. Wow let the Bandwagon era begin! Can’t say the fan base was this hype before y’all started winning! Smdh Now we all know where the Miami Heat fans went! Hahaha

  13. slick, some of us have been around long enough to remember Derrick Thomas’ record-setting seven sack game. It was a great feat by a tremendous player.

    The best part of that game, though, was Kreig escaping sack #8 and firing the game-winning TD pass with seconds to go.

    I guess not having a Super Bowl since Len Dawson has made some Chief fans bitter of the success of others.

  14. All of the allegations that Hawks fans are fair weather or newbies is amusing. How do people know that? Because people outside of our region are just now aware of our team? My husband and I have been fans since September of 1976, when the team first started. There were rough years, but we were always fans –always. And we are no louder now than we were then. Anyone who thinks the noise is something new, never saw (or heard) a game in the Kingdome. The players and coaches have changed, but we haven’t.

    And what’s wrong with being a newcomer to the party anyway? People say that like it’s a curse, or like their teams don’t have fans who jump on the bandwagon when their team is hot. I know that it’s hard for some to imagine, but that happens with EVERY team. I think there’s some serious jealousy going on here. Don’t hate, try to emulate!

  15. Remember Bill the Beerman getting the wave going in the sold out Kingdome? (It was invented up the road at Husky Stadium by the way) Then the double wave. And then as if that wasn’t enough the double reverse wave. It was at the Kingdome when the NFL finally realized they couldn’t stop the noise by stopping play and treatening to penalize the home team. The more the ref tried to stop the noise the louder the stadium got. Great fun, this not new folks. Ask John Elway or Jim Plunket about trying to call plays in the old Kingdome.

    Then to get the whole thing going again in the new stadium for a whole new generation of fans is amazing. It didn’t just start last season guys. Maybe you can ask Eli Manning and Tony Romo about some games in the 2003 and 2004 seasons. Or the Panthers in the 2005 NFC Championiship game.

  16. wow I’ve been going to the patriots training camp for free every year. Its great they have all these obstacle courses for kids to run through and they have a couple guys stay after and sign autographs #nobodyhasitbetter

  17. The Bills do this every summer, and have been doing so for years.

    But they don’t charge money to get in and rip off their fans to watch practice.

  18. They didn’t build a practice field for fans, they built it for a football team. Its on a beatiful piece of land betweent the lake and the freeway. In stead of building a huge parking lot, they built 3 outdoor fields and a huge building with an indoor field attached. Its all very cool. As has been stated before, you pay to ride the buses from the mall.

    When they practiced in Cheney it was free and open to everyone. That was great fun, expecially if you like sitting out there in 100 degrees watching football practice. Lots of people did, it was cool too. Just kind of far away.

  19. Packers = free admission for watching the practice, free autographs from the players, free parking. Fan-friendly franchise.

  20. From 1976 to 2014, a span of 38 years, the Seahawks sold out all home games and the Emerald City has been donned in blue and green. Most of those 38 years, the Seahawks won between 7 and 9 games, a perpetual history of mediocrity. But the 12th Man showed up every week, and brought hell to opposing teams. There is no louder or more loyal fanbase in the entire NFL. That is fact.

    Haters don’t understand the tradition here because they don’t have that in their own town. I know. I’ve visited almost every stadium in the NFL, and outside of Buffalo, Cleveland and Kansas City, no other town really supports its team through thick and thin the way Seattle does.

    Thank you Paul Allen, and Pete Carroll, and John Schneider, and Russell Wilson (greatest QB in the history of mankind) for finally bringing the Emerald City the Lombardi it deserves. The champagne still flows, and love abounds in the Emerald City.

    You haters are too small and too petty to ever understand or be part of something like this, and for that, I feel sorry for you. Maybe come to Seattle some time, grab a microbrew at one of the awesome local food joints in our stadium, and scream your throat bloody with the 12th Man. You will fall in love and become addicted like the rest of us. You know what they say, if you can’t beat em, join em.


  21. FYI: Every time a team, in any sport wins a championship their fan base increases. Fact. I know some places don’t understand that cause Clinton was President the last time they won…. But it’s true in every sport. As for Sea hawks fans being “new”??? We sold out one of the worst stadiums (the Kingdome) in the NFL and we’re known as one of the loudest stadiums in all of sports when we were 2-14 and Cortez Kennedy was the ONLY thing to root for.

    You wanna hate Whiners fans. Hate. The reality is, we did what you choked on the year before. But instead of choking away the Lombardi to Joe FLIPPING Flacco and a 56 year old Ray Lewis, we dismembered the greatest offense in NFL history. Hate on. Reality sucks.

    PS…. CTIGGS, feel free to call us the “Seattle Football Team” like Florio does the Washington team. We enjoy saying the “Santa Clara Football team”!!! 😉

  22. People going to TC for free are getting what they pay for when the regular season rolls around.

  23. It’s $7 dollars! And that is for the bus ride. What is there to complain about? Unless your cry baby whiner fan, looking for every chance to pick at the team you are afraid of, this is a great deal! I would pay $100 to watch Re-Pete in action. How many open practices are the Niners having for their fans this year?

  24. Thanks to Robert Kraft for keeping the Patriots Training Camp free and open to everyone.

    All of us poor slubs who can’t afford game tickets get to watch the team practice, check out the rookies, and get a feel for which players will beat out others for roster spots. It’s so cool.

  25. They should be posting it live on-line and saving the videos. The Seahawks have been doing that for a while now.

  26. Will fans ever waken up and see the greed the NFL has become, pay to watch practice.

  27. You guys are hilarious for hating the World Champion Seahawks. Bandwagon fans? Really? The Kingdome was sold out in the 80’s when the Hawks were horrible.

    And the tickets are purchased to pay for the shuttle that takes everyone into the practice facility. There isn’t a dime made with the $7 ticket.


  28. Green Bay fans – you have to remember that the Packers are publicly owned. Which is a true model for the megalithic sports franchise. Given that, how could they not be “the most fan friendly” franchise? Fans ARE the owners!

    We are lucky to have a benevolent, publicly aware and concerned owner who prioritizes winning over money. He’s assembled an exceptional staff, who in turn have assembled a championship team and brought home a Lombardi!

    We have loyal and proud fans who have supported and cheered their team on since the days of Zorn, Largent, Sam McCullum, Beeson, Dave Brown, Rufus Porter, Fredd Young, Curt Warner, Dr Dan Doornick, Chuck Knox, Mike McCormick, Springs, Cortez, Jacob Green, Joe Nash, Sherman Smith, John L. The list is long and distinguished well before the year 2000.

    To hate and say Hawks fans didn’t support the team before the past few years is asinine as well as ignorant. This has been a proud Seahawks town since 1976 and will be until there is no NFL.

  29. BTW……Thank you to the Seahawks organization for allowing us fans to be a part of your practices for the small price of a $7 bus ride. I will be there with 5 of my friends to watch history in the making.

  30. “Thanks to Robert Kraft for keeping the Patriots Training Camp free and open to everyone.”

    Feel free to go watch them then. Why are you worried about the Seahawks fans? We’re pretty prosperous up here in the Great Northwest. Most of us can afford the $7 and apparently lots of us are willing to spend it since all the practices sold out in 45 minutes. Its a matter of logistics not greed. There’s just not enough room at the VMAC for all of us who would show up if it was unlimited access.

  31. Yep, they had a lot of games blacked out in the 90s. Bad ownership can take the hope and will out of just about any fan base. Sold out in the 70s and 80s and now sold out every game since 2003.

    A lot those you like to call band wagon are the young people like my kids who were too young to remember the good teams from the 80s and all they had seen in their life time where the pathetic teams in 90s. But now they’re all full on board the band wagon with their parents and grand parents we’re all enjoying the ride.

  32. mikeydoeslikey’s statement about sellouts is irrelevant and incorrect. Perhaps you should use something other than Google to fact-check.

    “Sellouts” are counted as all tickets being sold by the front office a few days before the game. In the 90’s, when Ken Behring was trying to sink the Seahawks so he could move them to LA, the Kingdome was still selling out – regardless of pre-game ticket sales. The Seahawks would discount ticket sales at the gates, and you could get tickets for like 25% of face value. But you could never get them an hour before the game because scalpers would buy them all up and sell them at half of face value.

    How do I know? Cuz I was one of the people showing up 10 minutes before game time trying to buy tickets at will call. When that didn’t work, I’d buy the half-priced tickets from the scalpers.

    I’ve been to every home game since 1978, when I was about 8 years old. Every game. I’ve skipped weddings, funerals, and just about every kind of important meeting you can think of to keep that streak going. And not once, since 1978, have I seen less than 80-90% of the seats full. Not even in Husky Stadium.

    But yeah, please do tell me how it is. I’m sure someone who’s never attended a Seahawks game and never been to Seattle, and knows nothing about the 12th Man tradition, can probably tell me a lot more about it than myself, someone who has proudly been a member of the 12th Man since before you were born.




  33. More lame tropes about the Seattle fanbase “established in 2011” and “bandwagon.”

    The only thing you can do in the face of such deliberate ignorance is speak truth. Truth: then-Seahawks GM Mike McCormick retired the #12 in honor of the team’s passionate fans in 1984, thirty years ago. Thirty years!

    Now, when you are either bitter because your team has no Lombardi (looking at you, Vikings) or you have to open an ’80s time capsule to revel in Glory Days (looking at you, Niners), then I guess the only crutch you got is fact-free nonsense like “established in 2011” and “bandwagon.”

    But for those of us who were actually around when the Seahawks franchise was founded in 1976 (and those of who actually know the history of the League), the facts about the historic devotion of the Seattle fanbase are all we need.

  34. juliusanonymous moot points and ramblings cannot refute facts. Didn’t know Seahawks played less than 100 home games since 1976?

    Per the Seattle Times, “And the Seahawks are on a streak of 87 straight home sellouts, playing in front of a capacity crowd for all but one game since 2003.”

  35. 12hawksfan:


    WE all we got, WE all we need! People laugh at us for thinking we’re bigger than the team. We ARE bigger than the team. #12 has been here since the get-go, we were here before Largent and we’ll be here after Wilson. The NFL tried to make a “noise rule” and told us to quiet down, we screamed so long and so hard it made a mockery of the flags and the NFL dropped the rule. We beat the NFL. They tried to steal our team and move it to LA, #12 stood up and stopped them. We beat their billionaire owners. We stood proud in Detroit and stood victorious in NYC. We beat the referees so hard we left no doubt. We’ll be LOUD and PROUD until God Almighty pulls the plug on this great universe no matter what the Seahawks look like on that field.

    We all we got, we all we need!!! Stand up my brothers!! Let’s get this house rocking!!

    SEA!!! HAWKS!!!
    SEA!!! HAWKS!!!
    SEA!!! HAWKS!!!
    SEA!!! HAWKS!!!


  36. I’m sure glad I’m part of a literate fan base that can at least comprehend what they read. For you haters out there; what part of the $7 fee covers the bus ride from the offsite parking do you not understand? And yes, Seattle has had open practices for as long as your team has. When Holmgren was there he did training camp in Cheney for the eastern Washington & northern Idaho fans. Just because you all became fans of your team by jumping on their bandwagon don’t accuse us of doing the same thing in Seattle. We’ve been there from the beginning. At least those of us who are old enough. All that hate is gonna make you die young. Lmao

  37. Santa Clara fans talking about bandwagons are funny.

    Your team felt compelled to send you instructions on when to cheer and when to be quiet during games!

    Think about it.

    That not only makes you bandwagon Santa Clara fans, you must be bandwagon FOOTBALL fans to not even get the basic concept of being a fan.


  38. I tried to sign up a couple of weeks ago but the tickets were gone. It doesn’t cost anything, just $7 bucks to ride the shuttle back and forth to the parking lot.

  39. Let me reiterate, other fan bases did laugh at the 12s for thinking they were that important to the Seahawks. They mention us in just about every speech they give and we are on their SB rings twice, once in 12 stones and again in 12 feathers. And I guess there were a large # of 12s at the SB. Fans are always important to the their teams.

  40. There is a MUCH bigger bandwagon of Seahawks haters than there are Seahawks fans. I mean seriously, it’s like, oh your team sucks and didn’t win the Super Bowl? That’s ok! Make yourself feel better by hoping this bandwagon to make fun of the Super Bowl champions! A team that undoubtedly has it better than you, you jealous jabronis. This is just a simple article stating that the Hawks sold out tickets to their practices and 75% of the comments are Hawks bashing. Get a life, people. Just because your team does literally nothing worth mentioning or commenting on, doesn’t mean you have to troll this team’s feed. By the way, the 12th man jersey was retired in 1984. Meaning the Hawks fan base has been this loud and impactful for 30 years now. You guys all just became fans of the NFL so recently, there’s no way you’d know that.

  41. Season ticket holder since 1992 here.

    Got my tickets when Ken Behring was about 4 years into his attempt to destroy the fan base. Still had to sit on a waiting list. Yes, there were some empty seats in the Kingdome during the Behring years, some fans lost hope that we’d keep the team. We held on. Now we’ve got a great owner and a great stadium.

    Quick observation:
    -People say Seahawk fans need to let go of the refs handing Superbowl 40 to the Steelers.
    -People say there were no Seahawk fans until Superbowl 48.
    Can’t be both.

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