South Carolina establishes scholarship in Marcus Lattimore’s name


Running back Marcus Lattimore’s career at South Carolina came to a crushing end when he suffered a severe knee injury during the 2012 season, but his legacy at the school will last a long time.

The school announced that they have received a gift from David Glenn of Greenville, South Carolina and his family to establish a scholarship in Lattimore’s name. The scholarship will be given to a walk-on member of the football team who, according to the school, will share Lattimore’s “highest character and integrity while exhibiting exemplary leadership skills.”

“Marcus has been an inspiration to many, including our family,” David Glenn said in a release from the school. “It is our pleasure to give this gift to the athletics’ program in his honor.”

Lattimore, who missed all of his rookie season with the 49ers while his knee recovered, ran for 2,677 yards and scored 41 touchdowns for the Gamecocks in parts of three seasons. The 41 touchdowns are the most in school history, as are his 38 rushing touchdowns.

7 responses to “South Carolina establishes scholarship in Marcus Lattimore’s name

  1. He broke his Leg? He didn’t Die from it? I think this is a nice gesture, but you can’t find a deceased Cop, Teacher, Student etc. to name this after?

  2. What a noble gesture. Hopefully, they will give him lifetime healthcare and a career position, should his NFL dream not workout, due to his injuries at USC.

    Is that asking too much?

  3. Why don’t you stop trying to bicker about what other people do with their money. Like you said, it’s a nice gesture. So leave it at that. It’s a gift that will help future football players – walk-ons. For some reason it seems fitting that a football scholarship is named after a football player who has character and is a good role model.

  4. I thought about it and you’re right. It is his money and he should do whatever he wants with it. I stand corrected. Criticisms like mine can only deter folks from doing kind acts.

  5. As a Clemson alum, I still have no problem rooting for guys like Lattimore even though he played for our rival. He’s a high character guy. As a matter if fact, my son is attending a QB camp in Spartanburg SC (hometown) & Marcus is here now visiting with the kids. With all the low character guys in the NFL, we need more players like Lattimore for the kids to look up to.

  6. I like the idea, but the kid had two ACL tears. His chances of ever realizing the NFL success he might have had without the injuries, is seriously reduced.

    I think treatment at the great USC Hospital, is not unreasonable for him. His injury is precisely why the players need advocates on their behalf. If he re-injuries a knee, what future does he have?

    He tore his legs up for USC, they owe him.

    That “other people’s money” spoken about, is public funds from taxpayers, at least the part not generated by players like Lattimore. (USC is a public school)

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