Teammates admit Johnny Manziel questions a “distraction”


Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel isn’t the only one tired of the questions about Johnny Manziel.

His teammates are already sick of them too.

Yes, because it’s a distraction,” rookie running back Terrance West said, via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “We’re here to play football and it’s all about all of his off-the-field stuff, so it’s a distraction.”

West admitted he’d love for the attention to stop, but didn’t begrudge Manziel enjoying himself.

“He’s enjoying life,” West said. “He’s not doing anything negative. He’s not getting arrested or getting DUIs or anything like that. I don’t think it’s a big deal. Everyone’s supposed to enjoy life and have fun.”

To his credit, Manziel gets it (not that he’s going to change his behavior to modify it).

“My teammates are getting tired of being asked about me because a low man on the totem pole,” Manziel said. “I’m just like any other rookie out here that they haven’t been asked about a thousand times. More than anything, I think they’re tired of that. They’re tired of the hype, which I am as well. So I’m sitting there seeing these things and I’m tired of it as well.

“I want to wake up one week and not have my name going though something and I’m working on getting better at that, but if I want to go home and spend time with my friends or go out on my weekends, I absolutely have the right to do that. We’re going to get a little bit of a break here and I’m going to still continue to work out and do the things I need to do and hopefully not let that come between me and my teammates.”

At this point, they all have his back. And if he wins the starting job and leads the Browns to win, it will be charming and colorful.

But if the attention doesn’t come with results, players will grow more and more weary of the “distraction.”

67 responses to “Teammates admit Johnny Manziel questions a “distraction”

  1. We already knew this, Johnny is not a distraction but the constant media attention is.

  2. If this was someone like newton or kaepernick acting like this they would get destroyed. No matter how you look at it manziel needs to act more sensibly

  3. Johnny Manziel is selfish. The media is the media. If Brady or Manning were being so careless they would be just as reported on. The guy is all about himself with no sense to the effect it has on others. That’s selfish.

    You can have fun without drawing this type of attention.
    You also need to make sacrifices of personal gratification for the sake of your team. The fact that he does not get that tells you he is not prepared to do what it takes to succeed.

    Even what Evans said in his defense speaks to his probable failure come game time. You can’t just show up at camp and expect to succeed based on physical ability. This ain’t College.

    Guy seems to be doing the minimum while drinking from the cup of success…problem is, he has not yet even begun, much less succeeded!

  4. Johnny is getting hammered and Teddy didn’t even go home after the draft. He went straight to the facility to work. The maturity level and contrast between these two is amazing. It will pay off for the Vikings. I feel bad for the Browns.

  5. YES: Johnny Football has every right to act the way he wants.

    NO: He won’t have the right to complain if/when he makes mistakes on the field and his teammates throw him under the bus.

  6. The media hype will go away once he starts playing and everyone finally realizes that he was a good college qb but a lousy nfl one.

  7. Note: the QUESTIONS are a distraction. Because the press keeps asking the questions over and over and over and over and…….. Just like all the “advice” he’s getting. What he’s really getting is the response to the QUESTION when the reporter inevitably asks Joe Montana or Britney Spears or my dog about it. Note to Press: PLEASE FREAKIN’ STOP.

  8. you and the media are the real distractions not manziel. he has not done anything worth talking about on or off the field yet you keep badgering him and his teammates with questions about his every move. if I were him I would only talk when it is mandatory and not say another word but then you spend hours talking about he is not talking. how ridiculous is that?

  9. No one would care what Mnziel did if the media didn’t go bananas over everything he did. Face it he does their job for them, most of these reporters want to be the next Brian Windhorst from ESPN, starting off at Akron Beacon right when Lebron arrived in Cleveland and ride the coat tails to the 4 letter network, and any story about Manziel gets more attention than any other player so were gonna see everything he does under the microscope.

  10. It’s going to be very interesting to see how the QBs from this draft pan out. My money is on the hard working, strong family background, intelligent kid from Louisville.

  11. This will get messy… The team will take sides, and, well, long story short, Andrew Hawkins will be the only one left alive by Septemeber.

  12. @pfu2 -You are not a professional athlete in the spotlight. You partying is not on TMZ causing a major distraction for your team. How you don’t see the problem is the same problem Johnny has. Dude is doomed to fail without realizing his actions affect everything.

  13. It’s all good. This time last year Johnny was getting booted from the Manning QB camp for being a drunk.

    Now, at least he’s in the league. Johnny’s just being Johnny. How many believe he told teams in his pre-draft interviews that he’s not gonna change? Personally, I don’t want him to, but you know he lied to the interviewers.

    Peering through the ear-hole of his helmet, staggering away from his team into the defensive huddle, with Billy Joel’s “don’t go changing, playing in his head”.

    What distraction?

  14. Leave the kid alone – Bringing the Browns back to the national stage! Can’t wait to party down Carnegie and E. 9th some day celebrating a Super Bowl with him at the helm, and then throw it back in the media’s face.

  15. I’m already tired of all the hype and I don’t even work/play with him. Time for Johnny to retreat into a new life of athletic dedication and win attention through production!

  16. I teach at a university and I party on weekends and no one complains because I perform well at my job. As long as Johnny can play football and perform well, and he is not doing drugs, or getting DWIs or doing anything illegal, it is no one’s business what he does on weekends. stop the media drama

  17. **Disclaimer** I am a Cleveland Browns Season Ticket holder. My views might be a little skewed.

    I have no problem with what Johnny is doing at this point. At this point it has not had any effect on his football playing abilities. IF the lifestyle stays the same and he does poorly on the field come the Regular Season my opinion may change.

    Hell, he could end up being really good on the football field while at the same time living like Led Zeppelin circa 1972. If the Game is good the other does not matter.

    That said I would love for him to have some fun with it. Why not go to a strip club and set it up so that upon leaving you are able to don a Gorilla suit, have Sharon Stone on your arm and drive off in a Timothy Leary style chauffeured school bus with 5 of “little people” and Elvis impersonator. Or how about paying a bunch of women to dress up in Steelers/ Bengals/Colts/Cardinals gear and spend the night bar hopping with them in Austin.

    If the Media want a show, give them a show!! The options are endless.

  18. No big deal.
    Let’s fact it, folks, Manziel is the most interesting thing to happen to Cleveland Browns football since………..well………….ever.
    Enjoy the publicity, Cleveland. No one has cared, for years.
    At the very least, this guy will put butts in the seats and keep the Browns in the limelight, regardless of his success on the field.

  19. Dear Cleveland Browns,

    You knew Manziel had the media circus around him before you drafted him, and you still drafted him.

    Your fault that you were willing to bring in the distractions.

  20. The direct beneficiaries of Johnny being Johnny, Teddy and Blake, its really that simple!! Johnny football may say he’s not going to change, but when the city of Cleveland comes down on him for being a bust and every defensive lineman/linebacker in the league is looking to drive him into the pavement becomes reality, your not going to see Johnny ripping up Vegas, your going to see him crawl home to mommy and daddy!

  21. Wow lots of things to talk about in this article.

    1.) Media is lazy becuz they keep asking the same questions over and over and over.

    2.). Terrence West maybe this is why you went to Towson you whiner. U think this is a distraction, you arent even in training camp yet buddy. If this is a distraction, then frankly you were a wasted draft pick thats weak minded. Wait until LBs and Dlinemean light u up. Again stellar pick Farmer you putz. You think this is tough Terrence wait til you start 0-3 and media starts asking you what your problem is and why you are so unproductive.

    3.) reference above nice draft pick Browns. Drafting a guy that cant handle questions about Johnny. If you knew your weak minded players couldnt handle the Johnny Circus, what in the heck did you draft him for?

    This is exactly why the Browns blow every year. They make horrible draft picks, they are weak minded and soft, and cant evaluate talent.

    Finally to Johnny, he can do whatever he wants in his free time as long as he doesnt break any laws. If people dont like it, they are the ones with the problem not you. They are just jealous they dont get the attention that you do. Glad you are telling people to shove it.

  22. The second he slices through that overrated Pittsburgh defense and lights up the scoreboard, those same teammates will carry him off the field

  23. Manziel an idiot. He asks for all the attention and then when he gets it, he is sick of it. I feel for the Browns fans when this pick goes bust.

  24. I didn’t get all the “Manziel is a d-bag” talk until I Googled “Maniel money phone.”

  25. Doesn’t seem like Johnny is doing anything wrong. All the stories are about the press coverage and not his actions. I know the press feels like they need a new Tebow, but they’re just out fishing and wearing it out. Give him some time PRESS. Maybe he will screw up. You sure are hopping he will.

  26. It will be interesting to see how ‘high profile’ Manziel is after a few 4-12 or 5-10 seasons. Losing has a way of humbling you and let’s be truthful, the used car salesman who is running the show in the ‘mistake by the lake’ is bringing in a lot of not ready for prime time players, but not the studs he’ll need to push aside the Ravens, Steelers and…uh…the Bungles.
    Enjoy the bright lights, Johnny my boy. Fame is fleeting.

  27. He of course bears some responsibility in this with the way he conducts himself but lets be real here..when the media decides they will obsess over something..they do so like a rabid animal. It’s not really his fault if the media decides to ask his teammates where and how big his last bowel movement was and what it smelt like. The media people are like vultures and despite the fact most people don’t care nearly as much as they do, they will obsess over something until you, me, and everyone else are ready to blow a gasket. It’s why I absolutely despise the every way imaginable. They don’t just report the news, they want to make the news and it’s a shame that everyone has to suffer for their incredibly shallow, pathetic, and despicable attempts for ratings and attention.

  28. Here is the irony of this story…. Some of you will not be surprised by this bold statement, but the player Terrance West making the comments is going to be the real Rookie story on this Team not Manziel!. If the Browns give him a decent workload I bet he has a chance at Rookie of the Year honors. I am not a Browns fan, but this guy has great quickness, decent speed, tremendous power for his size, but most of all he has the “gift” of RB decision awareness- proper cuts, control hesitations and anticipation. You can’t teach this. He has it and was an all-time NCAA rushing leader with almost 5000 yds in 3 seasons with 84 TDs and get this only fumbled 6 times on 838 touches. If he played FBS everyone would know more about him.

  29. Dear Cleveland Browns,

    You knew Manziel had the media circus around him before you drafted him, and you still drafted him.

    Your fault that you were willing to bring in the distractions.

    You just dont get it. It’s not the Circus. It’s what Mr. Manziel continues to do to feed the circus.

    You think if they had no pictures to feed into they would have a case?

  30. YOU THINK! WOW, this is a surprise only to the TMZ sports media we have today to not think this is a problem. You treat a guy who hasn’t done a damn thing on the football as if he was the second coming of Jesus Christ, and you think the veterans who’ve proven themselves over and over again wouldn’t have a problem with it? This is why I say the entire circus surrounding Manziel, as it was with Tebow, doesn’t have a damned thing to do with football. It’s all about ratings and headlines for the media who could give a damn if they destroy team unit cohesion and threatens success of the team because they breed dissention on the team.

  31. He’s part of the “Look-at-me,” generation.
    Crude, ignorant, and materialistic to a vulgar extent.
    The guy has fame and money.
    Good for him, he can finally get the ladies, because Tom Brady good looks, he does not have.

  32. Johnny is making his teammates into stars and they don’t understand it. The only reason reporters are talking to these guys at all is because of Manziel. So if these guys were smart, they would roll with it. Maybe come up with some witty anecdotes about partying with Manziel and how smart and funny he is. Eventually they’ll learn how to weave themselves into Johnny’s life, and then it will become more about THEM than him. This branding thing ain’t easy. You’re welcome.

  33. I am not a Browns fan nor manziel fan. But it seems the reporters are making questions about him a distraction.

  34. mackcarrington says: Jun 27, 2014 6:54 PM

    Johnny is making his teammates into stars and they don’t understand it. The only reason reporters are talking to these guys at all is because of Manziel. So if these guys were smart, they would roll with it. Maybe come up with some witty anecdotes about partying with Manziel and how smart and funny he is. Eventually they’ll learn how to weave themselves into Johnny’s life, and then it will become more about THEM than him. This branding thing ain’t easy. You’re welcome.


  35. Manziel is a little rich kid and spoiled brat. He reminds me of a young, whiny John McEnroe.
    I can’t wait until some burly defensive lineman or linebacker smacks the heck out of him. And I hope it happens repeatedly to knock some of the arrogance out of him.
    I thought I was sick of hearing about Tim Tebow, but hearing about this punk is even worse.

  36. Distraction? Really??

    The clown hasn’t played a single down in the NFL… All the media wants to know is which inflatable animal he cuddled up to last night.
    Really? You guys don’t think he’s a bust waiting to happen?
    The skinny little “money dance” clown won’t last half a season. IF he ever gets the chance to start.
    Todd Marinovich part 2…..

  37. “I want to wake up one week and not have my name going though something and I’m working on getting better at that….”

    Working on getting better at that, huh, Johnny, like your “money phone” video and all those juvenile, idiotic, offensive finger-rubbing money sign gestures? What an obnoxious little self-centered punk….

  38. The NFL needs characters. Guys who don’t follow that ridiculous cookie cutter idea of how an athlete should act bring in views and reads. Who really wants to hear Russell Wilson or Drew Brees talk about how his golf game went? No one. Give a video or blog about Richard Sherman and his opinion of Michael Crabtree and the people will tune in. People like to be polarized for or against something and Manziel for some unexplainable reason does that and thus he and the media make their living from it.

  39. In a few months he can look forward to answering questions as to why he sucks as an NFL QB.

  40. Stop giving him all this publicity, that’s all he’s looking for. It’s got really boring reading about him all the time, who cares except Browns fans. No one else does.

  41. Any criticism directed at this kid is born out of outright jealousy. Reporters in the media are the problem. They need to stop bugging him and his teammates. Get a life.

  42. Johnny Football = Circus

    I don’t understand the fascination by the media, but I’m sure glad my team didn’t draft him as it will be a distraction to have him on your team. Now he can shut everyone up if steps in and performs, but if he doesn’t have success early I can see this getting very ugly, very quickly!

    I feel for Cleveland fans and I hope both our squads ended up with quality starting QB’s in this years draft, this is what makes the NFL better than all sports is the anticipation and not know how all these things will turn out! Is it training camp time yet?

  43. They haven’t seen “distraction” yet. Wait till his overinflated ego prompts him to argue with the coaches on the sidelines like he did during his tenure at aTm…

    Should have been a list of dos and don’ts attached to all those stacks he got when he signed that contract….

  44. oh, here it is fans. Johnny’s coming on the field for his very first play in the NFL. wait a second. coach is calling the offensive line off the field and replacing them with pylons. good luck Johnny.

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