Troy Polamalu taking Shamarko Thomas under his wing


Troy Polamalu is back for a 12th season in the Steelers secondary, but both he and the team know he isn’t going to be able to play forever.

The team addressed that by drafting Shamarko Thomas in the fourth round of the 2013 season and Polamalu is addressing it by helping Thomas prepare for the 2014 season. Cornerback Ike Taylor says that the two safeties will be working out in California before training camp and Taylor let Thomas know that it wasn’t an invitation to be taken lightly.

“I was telling Shamarko before he went out there, ‘Shamarko, that’s something huge because the dude don’t ever do that. As far as learning tendencies and the defense, just the way of life, or just learning how to be a good person, you’re walking with Jesus on earth right there,'” Taylor said, via

Thomas played a bit in the first half of the season as a third safety, but gave way to veteran Will Allen after an ankle injury and saw no defensive snaps over the final seven weeks. Allen was running with the first team this spring during OTAs while Polamalu was working out on his own, but Thomas could work his way back into the lineup if Polamalu’s lessons rub off on him.

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  1. Jesus on Earth? Listen Ike, we all like Troy but comparing him to Christ might be a little much.

  2. One of the disappointing things about Joe Montana and Brett Favre — is that they did not take players like Steve Young and Aaron Rodgers “under their wing(s)”. The reason is Montana and Favre put themselves and their own interests (job security, legacy) — above the interests of their teammates, their coaches, their employers and their fans.

    Sure, it may have been practical or the smart thing for Montana and Favre to do — but because of the selfishness element — it’s kind of disappointing.

    To see Troy have the self-confidence, assurance in himself, grace, compassion for a fellow teammate and self-sacrifice here is truly impressive and should be lauded profusely. At least I think so.

  3. Anyone with two eyes knows the steelers d will be garbage this year. The dline is the worst in the division, and polamalu and shadier literally had to flip positions because polamalu is so washed up, meaning the steelers secondary will be burned this year. Sorry steelers fans, bens 20 points of offense won’t win you anything this year.


  4. For those questioning when Ike says Troy is “Jesus on earth” you should look into Mt. Athos and what it is. Troy frequents there in the off season. If you are a spiritual person, you should be the first to know to never judge and rather just love and be thankful. It is truly a blessing to have a player like Troy in our age. Find me a more humble athlete.

  5. Just wait until next year when this is Ike’s full time job.

    Ah well, the poor hyperbole aside, it’s good to hear. There’s few better role models Thomas could pick then Troy and hopefully he takes advantage of it while he can. Although Polamalu made the pro bowl last year he won’t be around forever. When he finally does leave the game I don’t think he’s the kind of person who will even look back.

  6. Troy Polamalu: The Steelers most significant draft pick since Joe Greene. Eight Pro Bowls in 11 seasons. He’s made more acrobatic catches than Lynn Swann. If Polamalu has the ability to pass along his greatest to others, that certainly would make him “Jesus on Earth.”

  7. Yeah. Comparing Polamalu to a fictional character from a book of fairy tales is amusing.

  8. The Steeler’s secondary covers the pass about as well as Aaron Hernandez covers up murders.

    C’mon you know that’s funny.

    But in all honesty Troy has been the best SS I’ve seen since Ronnie Lott and I for one will miss seeing him play.

    That being said I think the Steelers D will be much improved this season and Ravens fans who don’t see it haven’t been paying attention.

    The AFC N will be tough this season!

  9. I’d note a couple of things: 1) Yes, Troy’s coverage skills have declined, but he remains a good box safety and one of the surest tacklers in the NFL. Plus he is a consumate professional and his character is above reproach. I’m not the least bit surprised he is working with Thomas. 2) Thomas wasn’t drafted to replace Troy. He was drafted to play the free safety position — Clark’s position. He didn’t show much last year, in limited action, and while calling him a bust is ridiculously premature you have to think the Steelers have some questions, which led to signing Mitchell as a FA. I don’t expect Thomas to start this year but he has to contribute to a far greater degreeif the Steelers secondary is going to show improvement.

  10. The Steeler’s secondary covers the pass about as well as Aaron Hernandez covers up murders.

    Only a Raven fan would joke about murders…..Ray Lewis legacy keeps rearing its head.

  11. @rav3nsownste3lers

    only an idiot would say such a thing
    do you realize what month were in?
    all teams are superbowl champs right now
    as I look back I see your team was going backwards last year and the steelers were going
    forward at the end of last year

  12. Only a Raven fan would joke about murders…..Ray Lewis legacy keeps rearing its head.

    A lot safer than a drink in a bar where you bump into a Patriots tight end and get killed. But hey that is in genteel Mass right ….. Give me country music you can have your murders and bombers all to yourself Mr Murph.

  13. Hes a beast that will blast some 1….far from a bust…and to learn from 1 of the greatest the game has ever seen is only gone to make him smarter with his decision making. ..look for this kid to shake the game up in the near future

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