Welker calls Playbookgate “just playing mind games”


The infamous incident in which Patriots quarterback Tom Brady said New England had a Jets defensive playbook took place at Wes Welker’s wedding. Welker recalls the incident as more about Brady trying to get inside an opponent’s head than inside an opponent’s playbook.

Welker said on 98.5 The Sports Hub that when everyone was together at his wedding, Brady and Welker’s old Texas Tech teammate Mike Smith were engaged in some playful banter. Smith, who is now the co-defensive coordinator at Texas Tech, was an assistant on the Jets at the time, and that’s why Brady told Smith the Patriots had the Jets’ playbook. Welker said he’s not aware of the Patriots doing anything underhanded to acquire a Jets playbook.

Not that I know of,” Welker said. “Every little bit helps, but at the same time I don’t know. It might [help]. Not that I know of. My best friend from college was on the staff there with the Jets, Mike Smith, and we would always make stuff up with each other. Tom got to know Mike as well. Mike would say, ‘Oh so-and-so is gonna cover you in the game — actually no we’re just gonna double team you.’ And I would make stuff up too. Every once in a while you throw something true in there just to throw him off. It was just playing mind games a little bit.”

The media coverage of what became known as Playbookgate seemed to ruffle the feathers of all three NFL head coaches involved, Mike Pettine, Rex Ryan and Bill Belichick. But as Welker describes it, it was more a matter of some good-natured kidding around than anything serious.

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  1. So we’re really going to believe that Brady would tell an assistant Jets coach he has their playbook?

    I’ve got some water front property to sell you…

  2. I still think it’s because Pettine is late to the HC game relative to his peers and he was trying to put on an act to show off his power so that he could have a turn in acting like a big-shot as these other guys have already been able to experience. Just a little insecurity issue that’s all.

  3. I wouldn’t put anything past the Patriots. They are a classless cheap shot artist team and organization. Tom Brady and Belicheck are as arrogant and smug as they come. I have no respect for either of them.

  4. I like to hear that. It’s a glimpse in to how professional athletes are away from the game. You figure they become friends but then have to compete against each other. It also sounds more likely as an explanation than Nick Saban spying for the hoodie master.

  5. Pats haven’t won since Vinatieri, but returned to the Superbowl twice and neither loss was because of our pro bowl kicker.
    Jets since Apollo 8, since before the man landed on the moon. Likely most Jets fans are too young to remember. Imagine the seven year old Rex Ryan watching the Jets the last time they were in a superbowl.

  6. And a 2-year old can get a hold of the Jets playbook. It’s out there on the Internet for anyone to see if you do a Google search. People are just so jealous of the Patriots because they’ve been the NFL’s dynasty for so long.

  7. Just because you know the alphabet doesn’t mean you can spell. In other words, the strategy involved with when you call plays is more important than knowing what plays a team runs, something that can be ascertained through regular coaches’ all 22 film that all teams use.

    Supposedly Smith did know ahead of time that WW was going to do that “foot” presser too and he told RR it was on tap.

    I have to wonder, with WW’s feelings on BB if his “not that I know of” wasn’t a bit of a tweak.

  8. Every team was videotaping. People need to get a clue. Spygate was the most overblown non-scandal in the history of sports and the Patriots were unfairly punished. But the hatred of their success continues.

  9. The reason for all the Brouhaha is that this Jets playbook also reveals the location of the the Holy Grail.

  10. A Jets’ fan writing above has “no respect” for Tom Brady and Belicheck, while calling them “arrogant and smug”. I guess a fanatic can hold views that distort reality but it strikes me as a miserable way to live one’s life and certainly not a way to gain the respect of one’s peers.

  11. Oh Ok. I suppose the SNOWJOB was just a big ol’ snow ball fight too!

    Why are the Pats always involved with these things? (this is one of the questions that answer themselves)

  12. That Pats got in trouble for where they where they were taping it. All teams can put a camera in the press box and tape their opponents side lines. Next time you watch a football game, and they show a defensive coordinator looking down on a field, making calls to a HC, you don’t think that there is a camera there as well? If you don’t think that your team does it your nuts! All teams do it, the Patriots just got busted.

  13. I love the patriot haters out there! Their teams must really suck! The patriots gut busted for where they were video taping! All teams do it!

  14. Success breeds contempt. You can tell by looking at all the comments on successful teams. This is a complete nonstory. Every play book changes, every week based on your opponent. otherwise a team could just watch the first few games you played, write down the plays ran, and have your playbook, and beat you every time. Pats haven’t won a super bowl since their last win? that’s correct. But since the last time in 2005, here’s the list of teams that have won a super bowl. Giants, Steelers, Packers, Colts, Saints, Ravens, Seahawks. 7 teams out of 32. So if your team isn’t of the 7, you have no leverage to talk about a team that has made it back to the bowl twice since then.

  15. Sounds like Tom’s just frustrated he can’t cheat the ways he used to. Stealing playbooks require reading, video tapes are just like watching cartoons.

  16. Tom Brady is the best troll ever. He makes a joke to Mike Smith, who tells Pettine and it affects 3 organizations, Jets, Bills and now Browns. Awesome!!!

  17. Ya, its not like New England is prone to cheating so just how believable is the story?

    Let’s just stick with the facts, New England admitted to Spygate tactics over a number of years, a time period when they won 3 Superbowls. Since they got caught, NE has never won another Superbowl.

    Coincidence? You make up your own mind.

  18. You know, you know, my Jets woulda won 5 Super Bowls except that Belichick CHEATED so much! He did! Ask the internet!

    And like raider316 says, Oakland (or LA or wherever they live now) woulda won too, except for that unfair snowplow trick they pulled on the Raiders. Why would they do something sneaky like that? It’s not like anyone thinks that the Raiders ever did anything outside the rules.

    Now Brady and the playbook are the only reason the Jets won’t win this year…or next, probably.

    Oh, I could go on and on, but the World Champion Red Sox are on TV.

  19. Having the Jets Defensive PlayBook should’ve helped Brady avoid throwing that pick 6 to Antonio Allen the last time they played that the Jets won.

  20. whatjusthappened. I made my mind up a long time ago and but for a couple of plays the Patriots would have (5) rings. ( just ask Stephen A.) It can’t be healthy for people to keep obsessing over this but it’s you’re thing, do what you wanna do. I can’t tell you who to sock it to.

  21. Spygate won’t be confirmed until Brady retires. When he retires without getting another ring, it’ll be confirmed that his SB wins were the result of cheating.

  22. Love how all the Patsie fans are out justifying the cheating (again) and acting like the sorry blind sheep they have always been. Your team will FOREVER BE CONSIDERED CHEATERS and your SB victories will ALWAYS BE ILLEGITIMATE. Your team is a low class cheating organization and even the Jets have more integrity and character than you do.

  23. Brady’s going to be a first ballot HOFer and you all know it. I hope he walks up to the podium carrying a Jets playbook, there’s probably a centerfold of Rex’s wife’s feet in it.

  24. Actually if the Pats had Vinatieri in 2007, they have went for the FG rather than go fot it on 4th and 13. Having lost by 3, the Pats could have used a FG.

    But I think it’s more accurate to say the Pats haven’t won a SB since turning over their aging defense. They could never recover all the pieces. Even in 2007, the defense was aptly described by the Colts as “slow” (even though the Pats were able to stage a come from behind 24-20 win in Indy that year in the battle of two unbeatens at 8-0 and 7-0). Rodney Harrison lost a step. Tedy Bruschi post-stroke. Ty Law was gone. Willie McGinest was gone. And they had not acquired that depth talent off the waiver wire to fill important holes like they used to: guys like Roman Pfifer, Terrell Buckley, and Tyrone Poole. Roosevelt Colvin was good but he breaks his hip every time he has to play the Eagles.

  25. CHEATERS and your SB victories will ALWAYS BE ILLEGITIMATE

    You do know that the taping rule didn’t start until a couple of years after their super bowls, right?

  26. Boston area/ New England sports fans obsess over the Pats after their other teams have tanked in 2014. They can’t change history so they try like heck to change the perception of Spygate.

  27. diehardpatriotsfan says:
    Jun 27, 2014 11:12 AM
    That Pats got in trouble for where they where they were taping it. All teams can put a camera in the press box and tape their opponents side lines. Next time you watch a football game, and they show a defensive coordinator looking down on a field, making calls to a HC, you don’t think that there is a camera there as well? If you don’t think that your team does it your nuts! All teams do it, the Patriots just got busted.


    I am a Patriots fan. But you gotta know the rules. Another place where cameras are NOT allowed is the coaches booth. So, no. I don’t think there’s a camera in there.

  28. Nah, we don’t obsess. We just love to wind up all the haters and watch them make fools of themselves.

    God, I miss WW. His “great feet” presser was the highlight of that season, and every season since. The Pats give us great play on the field, and great stories off the field. There’s no team in the league that offers its fans so much enjoyment. You’d have to go back to the Steel Curtain days of Terry and Jo Jo, or the time when the Boys were America’s Team to even come close.

  29. NE didn’t kick Raven butt in the last game. It was NE getting THEIR butt kicked by PEYTON and CO>

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