Which suspension would cause the biggest impact?


As the 2014 regular season approaches, several players are facing suspensions.  So if/when (in some cases when) the suspension is imposed, there will be a strategic impact for the teams involved.

Which one will have the biggest impact?  Here’s your chance to vote for today’s Pro Football Talk poll.

Do it now, or at the latest by 6:15 p.m. ET or thereabouts.  And tune in to NBCSN at 5:30 p.m. ET to watch the show and, eventually, to see the results.

39 responses to “Which suspension would cause the biggest impact?

  1. This is a little rediculous. We have no idea how long most (any?) of these suspensions will be. I voted Josh Gordon because I believe he will be out for the year and I think Aldon Smith is only going to miss 2 games. Equal length, Aldon Smith would be the biggest impact.

  2. Hardy was a huge force in that D last year and that D kept them in a lot of games.

    But without Gordon you might as well run pop Warner plays in Cleveland this year.

  3. Let’s see: Ray Rice was pretty invisible last year and in Gary Kubiak’s offense in both Denver and Houston they turned no name backs into big time backs, so I won’t go with that one.

    Aldon Smith missed a big chunk of last season and the 49ers were still a badly underthrown pass away from going to the Super Bowl.

    Dareus plays on a D-line that also includes Kyle Williams, Mario Williams and Jerry Hughes (10 sacks last year) so they’ll still get pressure on the QB.

    Greg Hardy would be a big loss for the Panthers D, they still have Charles Johnson but he’ll face a lot of double teams (constantly?) without Hardy that’s a big loss.

    Josh Gordon did huge things for the Browns O last year, without him their best receivers are Andrew Hawkins, Myles Austin and Nate Burleson.

    So with all of that in mind I think the answer has to be the Browns will miss Josh Morgan the most.

  4. Rice was bad last year.

    Smith wasn’t missed by that D last year.

    Dareus is a good not great player.

    Gordon had a great impact but this is Johnny Footballs’ year to “figure it out.”

    Hardy is not well-known but a beast on the D-line. His team can’t replace his production.

  5. Ray rice will be back to health next year, and when he’s healthy and going, he’s top 5-10 and no one can stop the ravens.

  6. I doubt Aldon Smith will get any jail time and I don’t see Goodell hitting him with a suspension for “felonies” that are only felonies for players affected by statewide assault weapons bans . . . which isn’t many . . . Calif., NY and Mass. I believe . . . maybe a couple of others and maybe a couple of city ordinances. BTW his guns would have been legal in Calif had he modified them with safety features. Anyway, you get the idea. It’s not nearly as big a deal as it’s being made out to be by some.

    He’ll get popped by Goodell for the misdemeanor DUI charges and likely get some credit for the team/self imposed five game break for rehab last year. Three games max I think.

  7. What most don’t look at is the depth chart and how strong the supporting players are, as well as, the team’s strength overall. There’s a big difference between the role of Gordon, Hardy or Darius vs. Aldon Smith since the 9ers are full of talent and they don’t rely on one or two players to carry the team. None of these players are going to be missed as much as Daryl Washington in Arizona but that’s not to say Arizona won’t survive or even excel because of the challenge!

  8. Write in vote for Daryl Washington.

    On his own it might not be that big, but with Dansby now in Cleveland, AZ will be missing 2/3rds of its inner triangle that helped them lead the league in rush defense last year. That’s not going to be easy to duplicate.

  9. Gordon. Kubiak has taken no-name RBs and made them serviceable and I’m sure that one of the backs the Ravens have can master the skill of not running into O-Linemens’ butts and the Bills, 49ers, and Panthers have multiple quality pass rushers. The Browns have no quality pass catchers outside of Jordan Cameron who is going to be double-covered. A lot.

  10. I didn’t pick Gordon because it doesn’t matter…….the Browns will be bad regardless of whether he plays. Why? Because they are the Browns. Cleveland is an old Indian word for “Land of Many Sorrows”. At least, that is what my Great Grandfather, an old Indian, told me.

  11. If all the suspensions were equal length, then I would still vote for Gordon. He puts up points on the board. And I think he would put up more points than Aldon Smith would prevent. So, Smith is the clear number 2.

  12. Browns will go 4-12 with Gordon 2-14 without him. Not really a big difference. Regardless they still blow.

    All listed are great players but Greg Hardy could have the biggest impact

  13. Marshawn Lunch says:
    Jun 27, 2014 8:46 PM
    If all the suspensions were equal length, then I would still vote for Gordon. He puts up points on the board. And I think he would put up more points than Aldon Smith would prevent. So, Smith is the clear number 2.


    Smith isn’t even a clear number 2. That could arguably be Greg Hardy, who was huge for the Panthers D – which won a ton of games for them.

  14. I don’t think Hardy will be suspended. This case is a clear he said she said…Last time I checked Greg made the 1st 911 call, the accusers didn’t show up for a court date, the judge removed the protective order and to top it off her lawyer withdrew from the case.

  15. If the Browns weren’t going through yet another regime change, along with completely different coaching game plans, I would say, “Josh Gordon.”

    But, with the Shanahan run-first, zone blocking offense, I just don’t see Gordon putting up the same kind of numbers this year. I believe that’s part of the reason Ray Farmer didn’t panic at the draft.

    Look at the Redskins the last couple of years. That is the Shanahan style of football. I believe the Browns will have a mobile QB, 2 very good RB’s, and a slew of adequate WR’s to keep defenses honest. Even the TE will do more blocking this yr.

  16. Anyone else starting to question the ESPN “report” from “sources” that Gordon failed a drug test?

  17. Write in vote for Daryl Washington.

    The only guy that is going to be missing for the whole year that actually plays on a good team.

  18. Gordon DID NOT Fail a Drug Test. Gordon was summonsed to take his test while in Europe. To get back in time for it, he books a flight & then gets delayed at the Airport, misses the 24 hour deadline, thus Failed by not taking it on time. However, he did take the test less than 8 hours later & passed his test. This is why there has yet to be a suspension given. Drew Rosenhaus is working tirelessly to keep Gordon from even being suspended at all.

    Secondly, the Browns are not as thin at receiver as many believe, considering the offense they will be running. UDFA Chandler Jones from San Jose State is a GREAT add. This kid will be Steve Smith 2.0. Andrew Hawkins from Cincy was also added, in addition to Miles Austin & Burleson. If either are healthy, it lessens the blow drastically. On top of that, the Browns also signed Ball State WR Willie Snead. Snead is a Hines Ward style receiver who blocks, catches everything, wins match ups, & moves the chains. Just Jones/Hawkins/Snead will be fine for Shanny O, along with Tate, West, & Crowell anchoring the run game.

    Please, AFCN….. Sleep on the Browns, you will regret it with the D coming back better & stronger, a much better OL & Scheme, & a much better offensive scheme with the talent there to properly execute that scheme.

    Browns no less than 9-7.

    Biggest Blow on that list: Greg Hardy
    All others have depth to still have effectiveness from the position.

  19. Josh Gordon will be a massive miss for the Browns this season if/when he is suspended.
    Gordon is a number 1 receiver and will be missed, but I can still see Johnny football moving the chains without him.

  20. Gordons suspension could be the biggest blessing to the browns this season. Can you imagine if Gordon and Manziel were allowed to be around each other, you would have a whole circus instead of just a side show.

  21. The longer Ray Rice is suspended, the better off the Ravens are going to be. Rice is awful, the worst starting RB in football by far. Oh, and he’s a complete piece of trash and beats women. The Ravens should just cut him.

  22. Without question it’s Josh Gordon. The Browns need him in the worst way in order compete. The 49ers are a well oiled machine. 5-0 without Aldon last season. But, he is the best pass rusher in the NFL so so that hurts regardless. I truly believe The 49ers are going to go undefeated and win. The Super Bowl.

  23. If suspended, it would be Hardy. Mario Addison is proving to be a very capable pass rusher, but he’s nowhere near The Kracken.

    Of course, as pancaketaco stated, Hardy is going to easily win his case, so he shouldn’t be suspended. His case is like the one Jon Beason faced a few years back while he was still with the Panthers – in both cases, a citizen of questionable morals and judgment saw a chance to score big money off a football player to avoid ever having to work. The guy who tried to fight Beason failed, and the Professional Celebrity Girlfriend will fail also.

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