Akili Smith thinks Johnny Manziel’s going down familiar road

Everybody has an opinion on how Johnny Manziel should handle himself.

But now that Hall of Famers have chimed in, it’s probably only fair to go to the other end of the spectrum.

Former Bengals draft bust Akili Smith said he’s afraid Manziel’s nightlife reminds him too much of his own.

Yeah, it’s written all over the wall with some of the things he’s doing in the offseason going to Vegas and all that stuff,” Smith told Paul Dehner of the Cincinnati Enquirer. “He needs to put all that type of stuff to the side right now and focus on his career. That stuff is going to be there and if he doesn’t do that he is going to have a tough, tough time.”

Smith, the third overall pick in the 1999 Draft, remembers the advice of offensive coordinator Ken Anderson: “You have to live the lifestyle. You have to live the lifestyle.”

Smith’s now trying to help others keep from making the same mistakes he did, and said he worried that too much pressure was being placed on Manziel. And he knows, because he was once in a similar situation, and now exists as a cautionary tale.

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  1. been saying it all along Manziel = BUST but not because of “going to Vegas” or any of that….just don’t think he’s that good. Running around playing sandlot style just doesn’t work in the NFL

  2. has Ryan Leaf & JaMarcus Russell chimed in yet? What about Christian Ponder? What is his advice for the young Johnny Football? I’m curious to know what Matt Leinart, Quincy Carter & Kyle Boller thinks? Any other busts I forgot to mention?

  3. I think it great that the good people who run Hardee’s let Akili take a personal call during his shift so he could answer the question.

  4. Yes Bears fan, there are plenty of others you failed to mention.

    Todd Marinovich and Dan McGwire, both selected BEFORE Brett Favre in that 1991 Draft.

    Also, look up Bears former FIRST round QB that same era, Cade McClown.

    How about Andre Ware, another former NFC North (Central) bust of a 1st round pick.

    Did anyone mention Blaine Gabbert?

    Can’t beat JaMarcus Russell though as the biggest bust of em all, especially considering who they passed on to take him. And all he had was big size, and an arm that was strong when he had time to wind up. That was an obvious and easy horrible pick.

    They passed on Megatron and Adrian Peterson for him. Amazing.

  5. The difference between Manziel and Smith is that Smith was a complete stiff.

    “Running around playing sandlot style just doesn’t work in the NFL”

    Yeah, I mean, look at Colin Kaepernick and that QB who just won the Super Bowl if you need proof of that.

  6. Wait, wait, wait. which mcdonalds did you find akili at?
    Now there is a Pro bowl team for you…”Mcdonalds All Pro (for a year or two) resturant”. Akili on register, jamarcus russell on grill, Klingler on deep fryer, Leaf in drive thru, and tebow as your creepy bathroom cleaner and dining room attendant.

  7. “Haters gonna hate. Don’t listen to them, and follow your impulses, Johnny!”

    -Ryan Leaf

  8. Doesn’t matter how Johnny boy wants to spin it. Defend it. Make excuses for it. Alcohol (and everything that goes with it) shortens careers and life. Its a proven fact. That’s what everyone is trying to tell him.

  9. Smart people learn from their mistakes.

    REALLY smart people learn from other people’s mistakes.

    Not saying JM having fun is wrong, just that maybe he should be thinking that he needs to make sure he has this NFL QB thing figured out before he takes it easy.

  10. Holy cow, leave the freaking kid alone. His first training camp hasn’t even started. All these holier than thous commenting, including people who write articles, have probably done much worse things than spraying champagne on people and taking stupid pictures.

  11. Akili Smith couldn’t read a defense, that’s why he was a bust. It had nothing to do with partying. He could have been a Mormon and it still wouldn’t have changed the fact that he sucked.

  12. Why is it in every Manziel article some Vikings loser has to tell about that kid they drafted with the 32nd pick? You can tell the fans of organization that have never won anything or haven’t been relevant in a long time because they don’t know how to act when they draft a quarterback in the first round. Nobody gives a sequined Bridgewater glove about anyone on your team except Adrian Peterson.

  13. alshonbrandontandem
    June 28, 2014, 9:25 AM EDT
    has Ryan Leaf & JaMarcus Russell chimed in yet? What about Christian Ponder? What is his advice for the young Johnny Football? I’m curious to know what Matt Leinart, Quincy Carter & Kyle Boller thinks? Any other busts I forgot to mention?
    Quincy carter doesn’t fit. Went 10-6 and made the playoffs. Slow your roll

  14. Ken Anderson giving lifestyle advice to Bengals QBs? I don’t remember him being “Kenny Football”.

  15. Stay tuned for the thoughts of the great Jim Druckenmiller. THEN we’ll really know where this is all headed.

  16. The best part is that Mike Brown turned down Ditka’s offer of 9 draft picks for the number 3 over all to take Ricky Rastafan. Akili Smith’s agent put everyone to sleep with a guy who had one good year of college ball.
    Glad it happened, it would have kept Dick LeBeau in Cincy as the head coach and the rest, as they say, is history…

  17. has Ryan Leaf & JaMarcus Russell chimed in yet? What about Christian Ponder? What is his advice for the young Johnny Football? I’m curious to know what Matt Leinart, Quincy Carter & Kyle Boller thinks? Any other busts I forgot to mention
    As a Hawk fan I’m a bit miffed you didn’t throw in Dan McGuire or the second coming of Joe Montana, Rick Mirer.


  18. The media is runing this thing in the ground-typical- asking anyone who will talk about Manziel and his “lifestyle”. You think these guys just wake up and say “I think I’ll givce my opinion on Johny Football today”?

  19. Manziel can do this. This is how rich kids act. He was probably holding stacks of cash to is ear pretending it was a phone in preschool. Oil money, baby. This isn’t new to him, it’s probably already a part of his routine as we went through college. He’ll be find. It’s the people that have nothing and then get dropped millions in your lap that you can watch them decline. This dudes probably been like this his whole life.

  20. One thing to bust because your college skills don’t translate into the pros another to have the skills but wash out due to your off field behavior and the high life being more important than the your job which as a rookie QB should be immersing yourself in the playbook in order to come into camp ready to force the team to make you the number one QB ( like Russell Wilson did his first year.)

  21. So what I’m getting from half of these comment-ors is that Manziel shouldn’t listen to advice from a guy that crashed and burned about how not to crash and burn BECAUSE he crashed and burned?

  22. Art Schlichter advice to Johnny Football would be better sought because Schlichter actually was a talented QB like Manziel.

  23. “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”. —George Santayana

    Rip on Akili, Warren Moon, or Montana all you want, but they actually played the game (unlike all of us armchair QBs) and know the warning signs when they see it. There’s a reason why the NFL asks problem players like Pacman Jones to speak at rookie symposiums. You Manziel fanboys ripping on Akili Smith have no clue.

  24. Hey Johnny….if you want to follow any examples, follow the examples set by Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers. If you turn out anywhere close to as good as those guys, you’ll do just fine.

  25. To the Guy who mentioned Quincy Carter his down fall was Drugs we had a couple good seasons in Dallas Led them to a 10-6 record and lost in the playoffs had he left the drugs alone I think he could of had a good career he put up good numbers also!!!

  26. I think he is, by far, the best QB in his class. Having said that, this dude may need to learn things the hard way before he hits his full potential.

  27. We’re finally hearing from an expert on failure.

    Thank you Akili, and Johnny still won’t listen.

  28. Look Akili. Just because you were drafted WAY TOO HIGH and FAILED to be a successful NFL QB doesn’t mean everyone else is going to follow in your footsteps!!!

  29. Should Manziel tone down the hype for his own good? Yes.

    But it’s not hype if he can back it up. I’ll give him a chance to prove it.

  30. JMs team mates won’t come out & say it IMO but I bet they’re hoping Johnny gets his bell rung pretty good as long as he don’t get injured or concussed. Knock some sense into him. Even if he is a bust his parents are down right filthy stinking rich

  31. As a longtime Cincinnati Bengals fan, I actually would like the cleveland browns to do well. I miss the years when the “Battle of Ohio” carried real implications. My Bengals are back in the mix, and since I’m an Ohioan, I like the in state rivalries. As far as Akili Smith’s comments, I would hope that JM will consider, “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”

  32. In 1999 Smith missed time before the season due to contract disputes. That may have caused him to not know the play book so well and get off to a slow start.

    I don’t see any comparisons to be made between this guy and Johnny Football.

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