Can Russell Wilson carry an offense? He says he’s already shown he can


A segment on NFL Network recently address whether Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson can carry an offense.  Wilson thinks he already has proven that he can.

I think we’ve done that before,” Wilson told the Wisconsin State Journal.  “I think I did it the first two years.”

While Wilson may not have big passing numbers, he has shown that he can keep an offense together through any amount of adversity, regardless of the magnitude of the circumstances.

“I think that confidence you have playing in big games, never scared, never fearful, just go out there and play the game,” Wilson said.

He’s also not scared about the fact that he was sacked 44 times last year, the third highest total in the league.

“I think we’re doing just fine,” Wilson said. “We just won a Super Bowl, so I’m excited about the next opportunity.”

The challenge for 2014 becomes avoiding complacency and finding the will to retreat to 0-0 and to climb the mountain again.  Wilson seems to have no trouble finding the motivation to do it.

“I want to be the best, [so] I have to keep working at it and working at it,” Wilson said.

We won’t bet against him on that, or on anything.

97 responses to “Can Russell Wilson carry an offense? He says he’s already shown he can

  1. Obviously. Look at his numbers. Defense has nothing to do with offensive production. He won games on his own playing behind an injury plagued offensive line and was throwing to two UDFA wide receivers and Tate. Wilson would be a good QB on any team. All I got to say is, just watch him explode next year with all the play makers he will have.

  2. I don’t know why people don’t look at Wilson as the best young QB in the game. Luck threw 7 INT’s in the playoffs last year. RG3 had a good 1st year. Wilson has had 2 years of great stats and passing yards like Stafford don’t amount to much when you turn the ball over like he does. Wilson is the real deal and the best young QB in the league. He plays well beyond his peers.

    I am a Jags fan that just had to deal with 3 years of Gabbert and listened to a bunch of “he has all the tools” from a bunch of my fellow (foolish) Jags fans. We are now hoping Bortles becomes what Wilson is – a leader and all around great QB.

    The overall stats don’t lie – Wilson is the best young QB in the NFL.

  3. Russell has shown that he can handle the stress of having an unfaithful wife as well as being a Top 10 QB on the road to winning a Super Bowl, any challenge you throw at the guy he has overcome. What’s next? Dude is solid.

  4. Russell. You will forever be hated on and discounted by fans because of your good defense. Fan bases like the Eagles will look for any excuse they can to blame shift for their failures.

    Just ask Eli.

  5. I don’t know where people have this notion that you HAVE to put up 300+ yards, etc to be good quarterback that can win games.

    If you watch the Carolina game, Texans game, 49ers playoff game, Cardinals game, and Rams games from last year, he carried his team to those wins. Without Wilson, the Seahawks don’t win those games.

    And if you look at Joe Montana for example, he didn’t put up huge career numbers on a stacked team and he’s known as one of the best quarterbacks to ever play. It’s a team sport and it’s about winning Super Bowls. Doesn’t matter about who carries a team, though you can’t deny the quarterback is a part of the success.

  6. Wilson should of win MVP in Super Bowl. The man made ZERO errors and kept the pressure on by moving the ball and throwing to the pedestrians. Marshawn had a TD, but the thing Denver did was commit to stopping the run. Check the stats!
    Go Hawks!

  7. Looking forward to see what he can do with a decent O-Line and some seriously fast WR’s. Harvin, Richardson, Kearse, Luke Willson all can fly and will keep the DB’s honest which will open up more lanes for Beastmode, which will draw the DB’s and sfeties up which will open up routes for the WR, which will keep the DB’s and safties back which will open lanes for Beastmode…………

  8. Yes, that defense won them the game. But Wilson & company still had to keep the ball moving, scoring on just about every drive in the first half in order to build that lead.

    Will he ever be like Peyton Manning, and dominate the field? I don’t think so. But he doesn’t have to be. Play within the system, score points when you need to, and don’t give it back unnecessarily (as in turnovers).

    Tony Romo carries his offense. Look how that’s working out for him. Drew Brees carries his, and he has as many Super Bowl wins as Russell Wilson.

    Let’s not assume that every QB needs to be the “field general.” Some guys just get the job done, plain and simple.

  9. Wilson can’t carry a team. Without Lynch, they might not make the playoffs let alone win the SB. He’s a supporting part. The D even has more contribution than him.

  10. Russell Wilson receives way too much hype, he’s the most overrated player in the league and he knows it, that’s why he’s always glossing himself…

  11. Go back and watch the Falcons playoff game. The Seahawks defense wasn’t very good in that game and Wilson was carrying his team to that win throwing for 385 yards, 2 touchdowns, and 60 yards rushing and a rushing touchdown. His only interception was on a hail mary.

    He can be asked to carry his team if need be but he doesn’t need to because of Marshawn Lynch. He’s a part of the Seahawks success. Those saying he’s replaceable are clueless.

    You really think they win 10-13 games with Tarvaris Jackson as the starter? Been there, done that in 2011 and they only won 7 games.

  12. Given the media already has Manziel with 4 Superbowl rings and running for President of the United States against Tim Tebow in 2028, yeah. Yeah, I think the guy who came off the bench, beat out two other guys his rooking, and helped win a Superbowl in his second year…..duh….for real….can carry the offense.

  13. Welcome to year two. You will be looking back at last year as your best for a long time. Goodbye to playoffs!

  14. When he has to constantly throw the ball 35-40 times per game come talk to me. I think he is a good young QB, but the offense doesn’t go through him. There’s a stat that indicates he average 6 passes in the 4th quarter. That tells you that you have a solid running game and a stout defense.

    And for the person who brought up Eli. Stop it. He’s awful. A two time QB should not have a season with 27 interceptions and 25. He’s not good. Not hard to win a SB when your defense holds a team to 14 points.

  15. Not a Hawks fan, but this young qb has proven to be cool, calm, and collected. He was on the team that smacked megahead in the mouth, and totally embarrassed him, NOT the other way around. Wilson participated in the wins and losses of his team all season, didn’t just collect personal stats awards. What’s pitiful is that this team still hasn’t received what it should for their win, unfortunately it’s still all about manning. Unless my guys are in it, I hope they win it all again.

  16. seahawksteven777 says:
    Jun 28, 2014 10:01 PM

    “And if you look at Joe Montana for example, he didn’t put up huge career numbers on a stacked team and he’s known as one of the best quarterbacks to ever play. It’s a team sport and it’s about winning Super Bowls. Doesn’t matter about who carries a team, though you can’t deny the quarterback is a part of the success.”

    First associating Russell Wilson with Joe Montana is blasphemy, I understand your argument, but Joe Montana is 13th in passing yards and 11th in TDs. For that era of football,the Niner offense was considered pass happy,but defenses of that time had many more liberties when it came to handling offensive players. Eliminate the QBs who arrived after him into a time of an offense friendly NFL or just lingered on for 20 years and he’d be #5 all time.

  17. Can he carry an offense? Tied the record for the most TDs in the history of the NFL for a rookie. Holds the record for the best passer rating for the first 2 years in the history of the NFL. Think of that for a moment. IN THE HISTORY OF THE NFL–better than Baugh, Graham, Unitas, Starr, Manning, Marino, Montana, Brady, Favre, Brees, Rodgers. And if you say, “Well some of them didn’t start their first couple of years,” that’s exactly the point. They didn’t. He wasn’t supposed to start either but he fought his way to the head of the table and he would not be denied.
    Won the first of what will probably be several Super Bowl titles in his second year. Yeah, I think he can carry an offense.

  18. Are the Seahawks trying to send a message to Lynch that he’s not as valuable as he thinks he is?

  19. He really led his team to victory with 100 yrds passing and 50% comp against the saints, oh and led his team to a win against the niners by putting up absolutely no offense in the second half and of course if the niners had a competent qb who doesn’t throw 2 ints with chances to take the lead, I’m sure that was all Wilson, and what about his 1s td pass in the sb….when they were up 28-0 already no thanks to Wilson, had the ball on Denver’s side of the field the whole first half and managed 15 pts.

    Of course he had a shot to play hero and win against the Colts in their house got the ball and threw a pick to end the game, funny how the media didn’t spend much time talking about that play. His best passing game was against the jags at home.

    Bottom line, if his defense didn’t bail him out against the saints and niners in the playoffs we would be asking if they need to replace him. He is nothing but a glorified game manager, but his defense wont always be there to bail him out.

  20. tictoccpthook year two ? This is year 3 my friend , conversely Kaep got a year and half to sit and has a qb guru as his coach and he’s been nothing more than average in Almaty every category except rushing . You don’t get stats as a qb by being the best athlete wins and percentages and tds matter a ton . That said I like Kaep to have a big year this is his true chance to lead the team and show their investment was worth it.

    Sort of the problem with qb play they will be given big pay days even if they havnt proven the ability to win the big ones . If I was a niner faithful id be nervous for Kaep
    And the investment in him in part bc of his lack of production and development . They paid him bc someone definitely would have and are hanging their hats on his supreme talent but this year will tell is if he’s going to ever be elite or just be another Vick whose a dangerous player but mediocre player

  21. Russell Wilson has an elite running game. He throws into soft secondaries. He’s not facing the same defensive looks that pass happy qbs like Peyton and Luck see. Take out Lynch and Wilson will be an average qb. He’s not terrible though. Christian Ponder has the penultimate run game and still sucks!

  22. Anyone who thinks Wilson can’t put a team on his back and win, just needs to watch the Bears game from 2012. There is no better example in football over the last 5 years, of one player refusing to let his team lose. And he did it not once, but twice as he lead comebacks in regulation and OT.

  23. ”Anyone who thinks Wilson can’t put a team on his back and win, just needs to watch the Bears game from 2012. There is no better example in football over the last 5 years, of one player refusing to let his team lose. And he did it not once, but twice as he lead comebacks in regulation and OT.”

    Of course you could watch the colts game where Wilson had an opportunity to win the game and threw a pick, and there is the saints playoff game where he threw 100 yards and 50% completion, oh, and the niners playoff game where he put up no offense in the second half and the defense bailed him out of his second bad performance of the same playoff run. Fact is he has more games against quality teams where he played bad and the defense was the reason they won.

  24. Seattle

    #1 in Defense
    #4 in Rushing Offense
    #26 in Passing offense

    Thata carry the team Wilson… Loser

  25. Did Montana carry the 49erd? Did Bradshaw carry the Steelers? Did Staubach carry the “Boys? Did Brady carry the Pats?

    You might say yes to Brady, but when you dig deep, he had a great cast on both offense and defense, plus arguably the best coach.

    Wilson has nothing to prove to gawkers. If the others got credit, he deserves it too. The man has lost one home game, tied and could easily broken the rookie TD pass record, has had the best start in NFL history and that’s a long time.

    The young man’s trajectory is unparalleled. He didn’t just land in a great spot, helped make it great. College football’s all time passer rating @192, NCAA record holder of consecutive passes without an int, was on pace to shatter all NCSU passing records before being forced to transfer, took over and led UW to the Rose Bowl as their captain.

    He has earned as much respect as any QB in the NFL and he’s only just begun.

  26. My bad.

    6 second half possessions with 2 TDs, 2 FGs and one kneel down to end the game.

  27. Wilson may not have big passing numbers, but Manning DID…and look what that got Denver. Same thing happened with Manning back in 2005, and that team didn’t even get past their first playoff game against the (sixth-seeded) Steelers. Then there was 19-0 Brady in 2007.

    NFL history is littered with quarterbacks who had big, or even ungodly passing numbers, and no ring. Drew Brees is the only QB to pass for 5K+ yards four different seasons, none of which resulted in a ring.

    Manning, Stafford, Brady and Marino are the only other QBs in the 5K Club…none won rings those seasons.

    Nobody really cares about your passing numbers if you don’t win it all.

  28. After you watch Russell carry the Hawks against Chicago in 2012, put on the Atlanta playoff game and watch Russell bring the Hawks back from a huge deficit to take the lead with just over a minute left, only to have the defense give up two big completions to Matt Ryan and a game winning field goal.
    Yes, Russell can carry the team, and we can’t wait to watch him with all his new weapons and a better o-line. Oh, and the D is pretty good, too.

  29. Niner fan here. Russel Wilson is the real thing. His D isn’t as good as their ranking based on how much they get away with just about everything regularly. Refs just simply dont want to throw a flag EVERY PLAY. the flipside, though, is their offense is way better than their perceived ranking. They haven’t needed to put up as many points, they play against three amazing divisional D’s, and they haven’t had Percy all season. In conclusion, I hope the best for Russel Wilson, but hope Pete Carrol, Tony Storatorre, and Dick Sherman die of ghonnerrea.

  30. In some ways he’s still Seattle’s best kept secret. Outside of the NFC West there still seems to be this belief that he’s a so-called “game-manager”. But if you ask Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, Tampa Bay, as well as the Niners, Cards, and Rams, you will hear a different stories.

    Think about it. This kid has only played in 32 regular season games…ever. And 4 post season games. All he’s done is win. He put the team on his shoulders for more than one comeback and frankly the only reason anyone talks this “game manager” crap is because Seattle likes to play old-school, smashmouth football and they have noithing else to hang their hat on.

    No one wants to talk about Wilson tying the ALL-TIME rookie TD passing mark set by none other than Peyton Manning. Pfft…I’ll take Wilson any day of the week over any QB on the field.

  31. I see we have some stat warriors in here.

    In the New Orleans playoff game, the wind was blowing about 30 mph for the first three quarters. Neither QB passed much – Brees had five attempts in the entire first half – and by the time the wind had calmed, Seattle had a 23-8 lead and didn’t need to throw a lot.

    Against the Niners, he was efficient, and hit on big plays to Baldwin and Kearse that led to ten points. On the play to Kearse, he suckered Aldon Smith offsides (if you watch the sideline video during the timeout, he tells Carroll he can draw them off) and threw a strike on the free play.

    He also didn’t throw an interception the entire playoffs. In fact, he now has five NFL playoff starts with only one pick, on the Hail Mary at the end of the Falcons game.

    During the season, he led his team from a 21-0 deficit late in the second quarter to a 27-24 win. In the Texans game, Houston dominated his offensive line (3 starters out) and led 20-6 in the fourth quarter. He led the team on a 99 yard drive to turn an almost sure loss into a situation where Sherman’s big play could tie it up.

    In several other games, he led the team on two-minute drill drives right before halftime to turn close games into comfortable leads.

    He may never be a #1 fantasy QB, and I hope he isn’t. Guys who put up those huge numbers usually have to because the team they are on has a mediocre or just plain bad defense.

    And if being a QB with a great running game behind you is easy, what’s Christian Ponder’s excuse?

  32. “I don’t know where people have this notion that you HAVE to put up 300+ yards, etc to be good quarterback that can win games. ”

    If one is going to assert that the QB is carrying an offense one needs to demonstrate that the passing game is doing the heavy lifting.

    Not for a game here or there but over the entire season.

    Wilson hasn’t faced real adversity. Hasn’t had to deal with a defense that surrenders yards and points as quickly as they can score them. Hasn’t had to deal with a middling run game that goes half a season without scoring a TD.

    These are things other QBs in the league have to deal with. A no. 1 defense and a no. 5 running game is the fastest and easiest ticket for a young QB to win in the NFL. Ask Roethlisberger.

  33. The thing I like most about American football is the complexity and the close contact of the line of scrimmage.
    Soccer has 11 players on both sides too, but they are seperated and spread out over the field of play.
    My point is that I agree with Wilson.
    He is in close contact with most of his team at the point of contact and can control the direction of play to OPEN field.
    The same can be said of any QB that has the ability to do it and Wilson has PROVED he can.

  34. Heres the problem. ITs like the Waterboy in the first half. Everyboy will send the heat. You have lost players. He will be eating more dirt than a till. The only thing you ever had was a defense and you lost people there.

  35. Personally, I don’t want a QB that “carries the team”, if that means “throwing the ball 35-40 times/game.”

    Instead, I want a QB that makes plays when he has to, keeps mistakes down, has the respect of his teammates as a worker and a leader…. and wins games.

    Pretty much describes the man right now. And I think his best is still well ahead of him.

  36. Good QB but dumb question for ultimate team game. No QB can do that carry the team on his back thing – it’s not that kind of a league. O-Line is giving you time RB is chipping in on the block and/or providing a legit threat when play-action happens and then WR’s are taking lives in their hands to retrieve those passes.
    Throw in the eyes in the sky, the guys on the sidelines sending in plays and there’s your QB carrying he whole team on his back. Ha-ha. Football off-season leads to lots of talk.

  37. Time will tell as the team changes. Facts are that he is a young player on a stacked team. I remember at this time last year all the Ravens fans were absolutely sure that Flacco could carry the team because “he” just won them a Superbowl.

  38. People that don’t watch him enough will say he hasn’t. Anyone else saying he can’t must be a 49ers can. IMO RW is the be best QB in league.

  39. QBR of 100, and 101.6 his first 2 seasons.

    Yes, Seattle has a great defense, and a very good running game, if you need specific examples of Wilson being able to carry a team, at Chicago in 2012, at Carolina in 2013, Wilson put the Seahawks on his back and won those games….without Wilson, Seattle loses both games.

    His goal is to win, not necessarily put up big numbers, the time may come when Wilson is asked to pass for 300+ yards on a regular basis, he’s shown he’s capable right now.

  40. For all the Russell Wilson haters out there….

    Name a quarterback that came into the NFL since 2009 you’d prefer….to play right now.

    Cam Newton
    Andy Dalton
    Matthew Stafford
    Andrew Luck
    Ryan Tannehill
    Nick Foles
    Colin Kaepernick
    Russell Wilson

    Good luck with that….right now, I’d take Russell Wilson.

  41. Sorry, I forgot

    Sam Bradford

    If that make a difference to anyone.


    Geno Smith
    Mike Glennon

    If you pick either of those last 2, you simply aren’t paying attention.

  42. Stats can be very misleading, but that ring on his finger says he’s a lot more than a ‘game manager’

    Marshawn had a very deteriorating last 1/4 of the season and into the playoffs last year. I’m not an expert on if it was the defenses overplaying the run or the OLIne, which was the worst in the NFL, but Russell Wilson WAS the offense into the playoffs and throughout.

    If Russell Wilson is a ‘game manager’ give me 10 of him.


  43. RussellMania!!

    As a Seahawk fan, I honestly don’t care what anyone thinks about it. I’m glad that most of the NFL is still ignorant as to how talented this kid really is. That gives us an advantage.

    I’ll tell you this much – I wouldn’t rather have any QB in the history of the game. Russell’s career will speak for itself.

    You haters are irrelevant. RussellMania is in full effect, and reigns supreme above all. Russell Wilson – best QB in the history of the game.

  44. The NFC will make for a tougher road for any team to get to the Super Bowl. So, despite the quality of their squads, the odds of Seattle or San Francisco getting back to the SB in 2015 should be higher than Vegas’ line below.

    Denver Broncos 6/1
    Seattle Seahawks 13/2
    San Francisco 49ers 17/2
    New England Patriots 10/1

    That leaves two AFC powerhouses, Denver and New England, as the better bet. Given the more generous odds ($1 to make $10), and the fact that Denver plays in a tougher division, I have to put my money on the Patriots and their improved defense to win the SB.

  45. He’s AJ McCarron in the NFL. Captain Handoff led the league in giving the ball to his RB and attempted a whopping 22 attempts per game while having the best defense in the NFL. Call me when he’s asked to do things like Luck who doesn’t have the overall talent that Wilson has.

    Chad Pennington = Wilson

  46. “Defense has nothing to do with offensive production.”

    Do you even watch football dude? Defense has a ton to do with production. Everything from providing good field position, to maintaining a lead or a close game so the offense doesn’t get one dimensional is related to defensive play.

    Don’t get me wrong, and as a Niner fan it pains me to say this, but Wilson is a solid QB, but saying defense has nothing to do with offensive production is just being completely ignorant of basic football knowledge.

  47. Russell Wilson is an ok QB but anyone who says playing with the best defense in the league doesn’t matter knows nothing about football. It has everything to do with a passers efficiency. When you’re never playing from behind because you’re defense only gives up 12 points a game then you have options and don’t have to force the ball down the field. Furthermore, having a top four rushing attack only amplifies the effect. Wilson can sit back and wait for his throws rather then taking risks. The defense also expects you to run the ball so they are in run schemes rather then rushing schemes and blitz much less often. You can’t call a guy a great QB during a season in which he threw no 4th quarter comebacks and was never put in a position to win the game himself. In fact, he struggled in the few games they were behind. The fact of the matter is that you could put just about any average QB that is a good game manager in his position last year and still get the same result. Alex Smith could have had a ring if he had been picked up by the Seahawks. He was in the perfect situation last year.

  48. I’m surprised Russel even answered this question. Right now I imagine it takes alot just to carry the Lombardi and that badazz ring he and the team just recieved. Woke up this morning, still champs of the world. Nobody has it better, just ask Lebron.

  49. People seem to forget that up until week 11/12 last year the only other candidate for MVP discussion outside Peyton was Wilson. The last 5 weeks he didn’t have huge stats (not shocking against mostly NFC West opponents) but then again Manning didn’t have to play the NFC West until the superbowl…

  50. Russell Wilson is a fine human being. Any coach would love to have him as a locker room guy. On the field however, he possesses no reliable quarterback skills. All you have to do is pull up the tape.

    His O coordinator calls plays based on his specific skill set, not what they want and sometimes need to run, depending on down and distance.

    His primary success against great defenses has come from his keystone cops-style scrambling ability. Not a sustainable trait in the long haul.

    Without Marshawn and without the league’s #1 defense, he wouldn’t amount to much. That’s the simple truth

  51. “Alex Smith could have had a ring if he had been picked up by the Seahawks. ”

    Yeah, because Smith never played on a team with a top-rated defense and a strong running game.

    Oh, wait…

  52. Wilson is the real deal and those that can’t see his talent were simply fantasy football geeks and stat readers.

    Nobody was under as much pressure as Wilson last year. He had to roll out and avoid pressure because the OL was a sieve for 1/2 the season. Okung and Breno, both his tackles were out for 8 games.

    Who were Wilson’s WR’s? Tate was o.k. Baldwin, an undrafted guy, improved during the season but would be called a #3 in most circles. Jermaine Kearse? Unless you’re from Seattle, nobody has heard of Kearse. Zach Miller has lost 2 steps and doesn’t get separation like in previous years.

    Sure, Wilson had Beast but who did he have in the passing game that separated from defenders on a consistent basis? How he completed 60+% with those guys is remarkable.

    Has anyone seen the howitzer he has for an arm. Underrated big time. Go watch the 15-20 year out routes that he completes. That’s an NFL arm.

    I wouldn’t take Luck over Wilson. Luck is an interception machine because he doesn’t play within himself. How many playoff int’s for Luck? almost had as many as Wilson did all season.

    Go watch the playoff game vs Atlanta in 2013. Led the Hawks back with 385 yds from a 27-7 deficit in the 4th qtr. largest deficit in playoff history in the 4th qtr & nailed 21 points. Let’s not act like Wilson is just a game manager. That’s ignorance.

  53. It has been said many a time; QB gets more credit/blame for wins/losses than they deserve. It really is a team game. Even non-running offensive production is not all about the QB. Did the O-line do their job? Did the RB pick up a blitz? Did the receiver run a good route and get open? Did the O-coordinator have a good scheme? All those factor in.

    So where does RW rank then? I think he is probably better than he gets credit for, except from Seahawk fans who think is already in the HOF. He is very elusive and seldom makes big mistakes. He may not always be why you win a game, but he won’t be why you lose, which is actually huge.

    I’d like to see how he does when the defense is not dominating the other team and they need to score to stay in or win the game. I’d also like to see how he does when the running game isn’t quite so strong. They have a strong running game that teams respect and so if Lynch didn’t have many yards in a particular game, that was because the other team was determined to stop him, which of course meant that more opportunities for RW in the passing game, so running game strength counts even if the stat line is not impressive.

    I think he will still do really well. He is very good. But how good compared to the top QBs in the game I don’t think you can really know until he is the key element on the entire team, e.g. defense and running game less strong.

  54. Rex Grossman once started in a SB due to a fantastic defense…

    Also, RW won a title & Marino didn’t so RW is now clearly the superior QB… I love the things I stumble across here early mornings.

  55. Through two seasons Russell Wilson has better statistics in every single passing category than Peyton Manning had in his first two seasons aside from yards.

    And before anyone says “But but but Wilson has a running game!”

    Edgerrin James rushed for 1500+ and 1700+ yards in those two seasons, more than Lynch has run in Wilson’s.

    Peyton also had the benefit of Marvin Harrison who had 1600 and 1400+ receiving yards. Wilson has never had a 1000 yard receiver.

    Yes Wilson has a good defense on his team. But his defense isn’t limiting mistakes and playing clutch QB when games are on the line.

  56. I just don’t get some if you the “you know nothing about football” crew.

    One more time – Jags fan that had to go through 3 years of Gabbert. His rookie year he had the best BEST running back in the NFL and a really good defense – yes the Jags were a top 10 D a few years ago – and Gabbert a top 10 pick was hot garbage his rookie year.

    Wilson is the best young QB in the game. Period.

    It is a joke reading some if the “best defense is why” comments. Was it the defense that has his TD to INT ratio both years at awesome percentages? Was it the D that created his overall rating at over 100 for both regular seasons and postseasons?

    Every single QB that has a Super Bowl ring can look to a very very good defense as the “reason” for his success – Manning (both of them had really good D’s), Flacco, Brees, Farve, Aikman, Montana, Rypien, Theisman, Elway ( didn’t get one until a good D), Young – I can’t think of one QB in the history of the game that won without a good to great D. Wilson is on a long list if names that won bowls because of the D – Brady too.

    Wilson is the best young QB in the NFL. His stats are his to own or defend and he owns them. QB rating of 100 both years. End of discussion.

  57. The article asks if RW can carry an offense. The short answer is “yes”.

    Wilson doesn’t try to do more than he has to to win games, but he has already shown the ability to win games with his skill and determination. I invite anyone to view the Chicago game from the 2011 season, or the Texan’s and Buc’s game from last year.

    Also, recall, he was out two or more of his starting offensive linemen for half of last year, and took 44 sacks playing against some of the most dominating defenses in the NFL. And he still “managed” to help take his team to the best record in the NFL and the Superb Owl.

    I look forward to seeing what kind of numbers he and the offense are going to put up this year with a healthy Percy Harvin and the inclusion of Richardson and Norwood into the “pedestrian” receiving corps he had to settle for last year. Speed kills, and they are going to have a ton of it.

    He doesn’t win ’em all, but he’s gonna win a lot of ’em. For a long time, I predict.

    Go ‘Hawks!

  58. Wilson is a good QB but not top 10. Trent Dilfer won a SB and do we call him a great one? He’s a game manager like Alex Smith, but nothing spectacular. If anything Marshawn Lynch carries the teams offense over him. Great D and Great Rushing led them to a championship and not Wilson, although he’s young so who knows.

  59. When you’ve got limousine service to the majority of places you go, you leave the Porsche in the garage. It doesn’t mean you don’t have one.

  60. Mediocre franchise QB as far as franchise QBs go. Good in his role. Can he play exceptionally well in spots? Definitely. Do I want him as a QB for my team if I was building one….not really. I’d “take” him over like 16 other guys in the game today….but that isn’t saying much if you are talking about carrying a team. And to the guy who thinks defense has nothing to do with offensive production? Seriously kid? Buy “The Thinking Mans guide to Pro Football” by Dr Z and try to learn something before you continue typing.

  61. Find it awful funny that these people call Brees and Manning greats Manning and Manning each have 1 ring in there careers. Brees spent 7 godawful years at San Diego in the AFC Worst losing to the Seahawks Raiders and Chiefs. Not including the Broncos with Elway another great who only got 2 rings at the end of his career. Wilson got a ring in his second year with a team that started more 4th round and later picks plus Free agents than any team in the NFL

  62. The same media morons that question if Super Bowl champion QB Russell Wilson can run an offense, talk about Andrew Luck as if he were the second coming.

  63. hauts81 says:
    Jun 28, 2014 10:48 PM
    Are the Seahawks trying to send a message to Lynch that he’s not as valuable as he thinks he is?
    Actually Lynch is more valuable than Wilson.

  64. Ah yes Dr. Z the guy who didn’t think football existed outside the NFC East for the last 35 years of his life. I’ll get right on that.

  65. Wilson has the fewest passing attempts of any NFL starting QB that started every regular season game in each of the past two years. I’m happy he’s confident in himself, every starting QB needs to be, but the truth remains that the training wheels are still securely in place in Seattle. All they are at this point are an insane home field advantage (7 of their 8 losses the last 2 years were on the road), an excellent defense and Marshawn Lynch. Wilson’s job is to not screw up the well oiled machine and he’s plenty good at not turning the ball over and picking up a first down with his legs here and there but aside from that, he’s not carry anything except false praise.

  66. For all the Russell Wilson haters out there….

    Name a quarterback that came into the NFL since 2009 you’d prefer….to play right now.

    Cam Newton
    Andy Dalton
    Matthew Stafford
    Andrew Luck
    Ryan Tannehill
    Nick Foles
    Colin Kaepernick
    Russell Wilson

    Good luck with that….right now, I’d take Russell Wilson

    this may be the funniest quote i have seen. you want to talk about carrying an offense, luck, rg3, tannehill, all from his draft class carry thier teams to wins, if they dont play well, they dont have a defense to bail them out. what luck has done with the colts terrible roster is amazing. and to bring up some history of qb’s that carried thier teams, marino, moon, brady, to name a few, it takes a whole team to win a sb, even the greatest qb’s of all time could not do it alone.

    and on another note, wilson got outplayed and lost to luck and tannehill in thier games.

  67. Russell Wilson is far from just a simple Conductor keeping the train that is the Team “on schedule”. Even though that is a very important aspect of what a QB and team leader should be.

    Wilson doesn’t need to fly off the tracks and accumulate gaudy passing statistics because he doesn’t need to. But when called upon to be that person he has shown the play-making ability to keep games competitive if not take games over completely. Seahawks play a team sport, they don’t cater to individual statistics. Its not their identity. Doesn’t mean Wilson can’t be that person, how many 2nd year QBs have?

    Luck went 4-1 last year, 7-4 the rest of the way, the Colts defense was very good in the first half of the season. Not so much in the 2nd half.

    Again, Wilson is just more than a simple Conductor, he’s a Win Engineer… and he’ll lead his train to the promise land every year in hopes of chasing a Championship.

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