Chad Johnson catches two passes in CFL regular season debut


It’s official: Chad Johnson now has regular season catches to his credit in CFL and NFL play.

Now a member of the CFL’s Montreal Alouettes, Johnson hauled in a pair of passes for 20 yards in his club’s regular season opener at Calgary on Saturday. However, the catches came in a losing effort, as the Alouettes were defeated 29-8 by the Stampeders. Also, a pass from quarterback Troy Smith intended for Johnson was intercepted, though the throw was a little off-target.

After the game, Johnson said he had improvements to make.

“I’ve got a long way to go, man,” Johnson said, per the Canadian Press. “With this being my first time experiencing a real live game with the bullets flying, the level of competition is really not that far off from the NFL and the speed of the game is equivalent.”

The Alouettes next play July 4 against the visiting British Columbia Lions.

30 responses to “Chad Johnson catches two passes in CFL regular season debut

  1. Why bash the guy for doing whatever it takes to continue to play. Have a word with yourself if you come on a blog to trash a guy for finding a job in his field and going anywhere in the world to do that job.

    Any other field except athlete this would be called never giving up and doing what a man does…… Getting a job and working. No matter where.

  2. It’s a totally different game played with different rules. Calling it and other leagues minor shows the lack of education on your part

  3. I accidentally watched two plays from this game. Chad let what looked like catchable ball go over his head without even raising his hands and the ball got picked off. THAT”S a big reason why he in the CFL

  4. And yet there were LOTS of Burgundy-and-Gold fans out there who wanted to give up two draft picks to get this guy. We’re forever indebted to Mike Brown for saving us from ourselves!

  5. The CFL XFL AFL USFL and UFL as well as the new one they are starting now are all professional football leagues alongside the nfl, get that narrow view out of here. The AFL average attendance may be 1/10 of nfl (80k-8k) however it is competitive and fun to watch and football as well

  6. I am pretty sure their playbook is not as complex as NE’s were, so he should shine if he only remains focus!

  7. Saw some of that game at the Bar. It was good to have football on the tube.
    CJ looked good, and CFL refs are just as bad as NFL refs.

  8. He always seemed like he was having fun while at work .. Which most Americans can’t really say. Plus he made way more than the average. He was a unique kinda guy, perhaps crazy but hell, it’s his life…

  9. Visit Peter Kings MMQB and read Doug Flutie’s take on playing in the CFL. This is the type of article that drives CFL haters crazy. Long live the NFL, long live the CFL!!!

  10. I was at the game and he wasn’t impressive at all. Same issues he has in the NFL seem to be his issues here, lazy route running led to DBs jumping his routes causing one INT, one dropped INT and one INT called back because of a horse-collar tackle. That and Troy Smith looked terrible, he had absolutely no accuracy.

  11. Congrats Chad. I’ll always be a fan of yours. Keep playing as long as it’s fun and profitable. I always saw you as a young man that successfully made football fun in Cincinnati. Sometimes you were a little ‘over the top’, but never were any of your motives hurtful. Your struggles and victories should be remembered as a good human effort. Enjoy your new team.

  12. I respect him playing where he can play, but the NFL will not happen again for Johnson. so you can defend what he is doing, but don’t then tell me he is returning to the NFL, as that simply isn’t true and its not being a hater to say it, its just being a realist.

    T.O went years where he was far more capable, and still didn’t get back in.

  13. He’ll be disappointed if he comes back to Cin – one of those 2 passes would have been intercepted.

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