DeSean Jackson: I don’t flash gang signs


Just before the Eagles cut DeSean Jackson, a story emerged saying he had ties to gang members, and that he has flashed gang signs on the field. Jackson says that isn’t the case.

What Jackson says he has done is used hand gestures with his friends to let them know that he’s thinking of them.

“If I score a touchdown or make a play and my boys at home can see me throwing up the area we’re from, that’s me showing them love,” Jackson told ESPN The Magazine. “They weren’t fortunate enough to make it where I’m at. All my friends wanted to be in the NFL growing up, but they weren’t able to do that, and I was. That doesn’t mean I forgot about them. They’re my boys, I grew up with them, and I’m going to give them love.”

The report about Jackson’s supposed gang affiliations quoted a Los Angeles police detective saying the signs were gang related.

“Those were neighborhood Crip gang signs and he flashed them during a game. He may not be affiliated with the gang, but they don’t [ordinarily] take kindly to those not in the gang throwing up those gang signs,” the detective said.

Jackson’s response is that those may be gang signs to some, but that’s not what they are to him.

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  1. Here we go again. Jackson isn’t an Eagle because he was a over paid diva, that unlike a TO type didn’t work hard and was not as good. The gang signs show a lack of maturity and growth and are more red flags as to what his future will be. All diva types think they are bigger then the game and it will never end for them but the lights will go out, his “boys” will move on and Jackson will be left broke.

  2. Public at large say it means one thing..

    Desean says it means another…

    Redskins say it means one thing…

    Some/others say it means another.

    Intention vs perception = !?

  3. Just good, clean fun from the All American Boy. I plan on naming my first born after the guy, as he is just a vision of what America is all about.

  4. “I don’t flash local gangs signs during games, I just flash signs to my gang homies back home.”

    He admitted it while he denied it….. I ain’t even mad, that is impressive.

  5. He’s thinking of his boys at home by flashing their gang signs, showing he’s still thinking about his friends who are still in gangs.

    But they’re not gang signs.. So does that mean he’s flashing “boys at home love signs”?

  6. You can take the man out of the ghetto, but you can’t take the ghetto out of the man.

  7. And I don’t give other drivers the middle finger salute when they cut me off or something. I’m giving them love as well..

  8. “I don’t flash gang signs because i am a gangster, but i flash gang signs to show love to my gangsters friends” 😀 😀 😀 😀

    Thank God that there is not an IQ test for drafting the to the NFL!

  9. Desean wasn’t that good???,,,,,Child please! He just had a career year now all of a sudden he’s not that good because he is no longer an Eagle……Don’t let your hatred blind you from the truth!

  10. Fact: DeSean stills aligns himself with gang members, one who murdered a minor in L.A according to police.

    “They’re my boys. […] That’s me showing them love.”

    Yes, you are showing gang signs DeSean.

  11. “My friends weren’t fortunate enough to make it to the NFL.”

    So what are they doing now?

    Religious leaders? Accountants? Teachers?

    …Police work?

  12. Somebody said let’s see how much longer you last in the NFL. Well he’s going on year 7 so I’ll bet if he hasn’t been booted yet,he’ll be around for a while. Another guy said you can take the man out of the ghetto,but you can’t take the ghetto out of the man. It’s always great to label anyplace a black person has come from as a ghetto. I like to banter with fans of the NFL because of the passion people have for a sports entity that represents their area,but it’s puzzling to me that a lot of you guys assume that black athletes are gangsters,dumb or worthless. Yeah,there are some guys that get segregated to an acceptable group because their actions fall in line with what you grew up observing or were told was the proper way. People are born and raised wherever their parent(s) can do so. So he grew up around gang members. That’s a product of his environment. Knowing people who partake in it doesn’t make you evil or a gangster,no more than you knowing someone who’s stolen makes you a criminal.

  13. i am in eagles season ticket holder in phila. my neighbor is a giants fan and thinks the giants defense — particularly the secondary — has improved so much that eagles offense won’t score a touchdown against them in either gm this yr. he wants 2:1 odds for the bet.

    comments anyone ?

  14. Desean,

    Keep showing your “gang” oops I meant friends from home that love. Guess what, when you are broke from wasting all your money and out of the NFL let’s see how much love they show you.

    Get away from those people in your hometown and grow up. Those people don’t really care about you. They are jealous of you and just want your money. You will see where you stand when the NFL fame is gone and the money has been spent.

  15. @chrisk61:

    Take that bet. It’ll be the easiest money you make. People that think the eagles offense won’t be good are naive. They’re going to be just as good if not better than last year. Still the favorites to win the east! Haters will hate, that’s just how it goes!

  16. Haha, One of you geniuses said that TO didn’t work hard and wasn’t as good as D-Jack. You Eagles fans are adorable. I guess rehabbing from a broken leg and coming back several weeks ahead of schedule to show up big in the Super Bowl constitutes as “not working hard”. TO was the best receiver you guys ever had and rather than restructuring his contract your front office blew it and pointed their finger at him and the fans bought it. Still cracks me up

  17. Lets ‘s take a poll to so who gets closest to the week D/Jax finally melts down about not getting receptions, TD, ect…he is like so many other DIVA WR’s who think they are bigger then the team. TO/ Chris Carter/ KeShawn Johnson/ Micheal Irvin ect..all are waiting for D Jax to join them in the NFL crying club. case you haven’t noticed.You’re NOT an Eagle anymore…You missed team meetings, you cried about not getting the ball, you pouted about having to block, and most of all you cried about a new contract 2 yrs into a 4 yrs sweet deal because you spend money like kid. Your record label sucks. You’ve already shown you won’t play hard until you get your way. Frankly for a WR who wasn’t even the best WR on his own team ( Maclin had more catches, for more yrds, and more TD’s every year he played along side of you. Tic tock, Tic Tock..week 5 tops before the D jax Bomb explodes and the REAL reason Chip sent you packing will surface…You’re waiting for week three to show the Eagles what a bad move it was letting you go?..Its more like the Eagles defense can’t wait to show you ( and the rest of the NFL) how you can’t beat press coverage

  18. You above. Please read more carefully. He said he wasn’t a hard worker like t.o. As in at least t.o. was a hard worker.

    We all know t.o. was our best receiver. But all you need to do is look at his career post eagles to figure out if he was the problem.

    You people who can’t read crack ME up.

  19. chrisk61 – I am REAL Giants fan and your “friend” (if he exists) is an idiot. But, at least he’s seen his favorite team win a Super Bowl multiple times in his life. So, feel free to take his money. If he feels bad about it, all he has to do is remember he’s not an Eagles fan watching five decades, and counting, of his favorite team never getting the job done. Think of the money as a “pain and suffering” payment from a guy who has had a LOT of laughs at your expense. Every summer you clowns chirp “this is the year” and every February Giants fans laugh and laugh and laugh.

  20. dawg, are you seriously trying to defend TO? Dude is the picture of a narcissist. Besides it seems like he did REALLY WELL after he left… Off subject as well.

  21. In Minnesota, those same signs are how you order lutefisk and a beer at the local Applebee’s. SKOL !

  22. “For example, one of my signs means the mule got the pack, the money transfered hands and the bills are unmarked. That’s LOVE right there. “

  23. “Haha, One of you geniuses said that TO didn’t work hard and wasn’t as good as D-Jack. ”

    That’s NOT what he said….reading comprehension, anyone?

    Everyone knows TO was an incredibly hard worker, and what he did in the Super Bowl was superhuman, he almost single handedly won that game. Unfortunately he was a head case. DJax is a different kind of head case, but a head case nonetheless. And not to say he’s not a hard worker, but he is definitely not a team player and he packs it in when things aren’t going well, or against tough competition.

  24. Thankfully I don’t know what gang signs look like save a few episodes of the (Discovery?) show Gangland. I doubt there is much to DeSean’s gestures and if there is, he’s still free to do them.

  25. I wish you bitter Eagles fans would move on. He’s gone. Is Aaron Rodgers flashing a secret gang sign with his TD gesture? Is the Denver High Mile salute a gang gesture? Are elaborate handshakes secret gang codes? Are NFL owners in the Illuminati? The Eagles said his release was football related right? The LAPD said he has no ties to a gang. CRIPs don’t wear Redskins paraphernalia because it’s associated with the BLOODs.

  26. Hard to be a brotha in America. Since when does throwing signals to friends automatically mean that those signs are gang related? How do these sign coincide with organized crime? Dis anyone even ask? You don’t know. But, he’s black, his friends are black, he’s signaling them, so this must be some kind of organized crime gang affiliation. Please. If was a player I would give the media the Marshawn treatment.

  27. So when DeSean and D’Angelo were in each others faces last year it made Jackson feel the need to remember the ones that didn’t make it in a threatening way.? He threw up his hand gesture as if he was pulling out a gun trying to intimidate and evoke fear.. of course maybe it was all in good fun. Anyone wonder why he spells Jaccpot with 2 Cs? It’s common amongst Crips to replace “CK” with a “CC” because the bloods use CK as Crip Killer. How long before he changes his name to Jaccson?

  28. “I don’t flash gang signs, [I discretely show them quickly for all to see].”


  29. If DeSean’s boys back home were truly his friends they’d tell him to knock it off. It’s making him look bad. He’ll have less money to throw around at the clubs next time for his posses and entourages.

  30. “They’re my boys, I grew up with them, and I’m going to give them love.”

    And end up broke as soon as he retires.

  31. Now he can throw up some Navajo, Cherokee or Apache signs…….that ought to make everyone happy!

  32. Why would someone call themselves Bobby Hoying, unless they really were Bobby Hoying? Younger Eagles fans probably don’t even remember who Bobby Hoying is, and probably very few people who don’t follow the Eagles regularly have ever even heard of him.

  33. So tell mr Jackson if ur not affiliated with them then why do you have 5 known crip tattoos?

  34. 4512dawg4512 says:
    Jun 28, 2014 9:30 AM
    Haha, One of you geniuses said that TO didn’t work hard and wasn’t as good as D-Jack. You Eagles fans are adorable. I guess rehabbing from a broken leg and coming back several weeks ahead of schedule to show up big in the Super Bowl constitutes as “not working hard”. TO was the best receiver you guys ever had and rather than restructuring his contract your front office blew it and pointed their finger at him and the fans bought it. Still cracks me up


    Why would you respond to a post you obviously didn’t read through. The post said Jackson is NOT as good as TO, and he DOES NOT work as hard. But good job arguing with him and saying the same thing. Clown

  35. Who cares at the end of the day ?? He isn’t out doing gang member activities like Aaron Hernandez did. Matter of fact… has the kid even been in trouble like players such as : Aldon Smith and his guns & bombs, Marshawn Lynch and his swept under the rug DUI’s, Ray Rice imitating Ike Turner, Golden Tate/Russell Wilson beef, and I could go on. So many hypocrites are quick to rush to judgement…

  36. Zinger92- with all respect, look at the numbers. T.O was The most productive wide receiver in the NFL throughout his three years with the Cowboys. The Eagles could have had that but they blew it

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