Dolphins begin stadium upgrades


After multiple failed efforts to get public money or tax breaks to help pay for much-needed upgrades at Sun Life Stadium, the Dolphins have commenced the process of making the renovations by paying for the changes on their own.

As explained by the team’s official website, the project launched on Saturday morning.  Due to be completed by the start of the 2016 season, the venue will have new seats, a new shade canopy, new video boards, and concourse and concession improvements.

“Today is an exciting day for the Miami Dolphins and South Florida as we mark the beginning of our comprehensive stadium modernization project,” Dolphins president and CEO Tom Garfinkel said.  “Once complete, the stadium will serve as a global destination that will bring a diverse set of world-class events and significant economic benefits to Miami-Dade County.”

The Dolphins will get public monday in the form of grants tied to world-class events lured to town.  It won’t be nearly as much as the team wanted in the form of taxpayer dollars, but it’s better than nothing.

The NFL has said that South Florida won’t host another Super Bowl until upgrades are made.  After getting the game twice in a three-year span, Miami has been shut out since 2009.  The game can return to Sun Life Stadium in 2019, at the earliest.

21 responses to “Dolphins begin stadium upgrades

  1. About time an owner does this. Why pay for a stadium then get blacked out if it doesn’t sell out. That is like buying a timeshare, and never being allowed to use it.

  2. This should serve as a wake-up call for the cities of NFL teams. No matter how hard they threaten and bully in attempts to gain public funds, they WILL pay for it on their own if they really want it, as it should be.

  3. The Dolphins and hurricanes have never been the same, since closing the Orange Bowl. This stadium has no character.

  4. Winners: fans/existing NFL cities
    Losers: lord Goodell and his greedy minions

    I’m loving it! Let’s keep the tide rolling and prevent lord Goodell and his minions from blackmailing, plundering, and bankrupting our cities. Corporate welfare ends today!

  5. Got to love it, owners love to look down there nose at people they call welfare queens, of course corporate welfare is ok for the rich, it is what it is, he should have ask his buddy Mitt for some help. Bill

  6. It’s amazing that so many people were and still are , against this project. It’s just another indication of how far we’ve fallen as a nation and as a society that we’re against this kind of progress and against wealthy , successful people. United States of France , here we come !

  7. Really shortsighted by the poor fans and ignorant residents of South Florida.

    This upgrade is a compromise, a lackluster effort that will seem more like a band-aid than an upgrade. Sure, residents of South Florida, give disgusting amounts of money to the Marlins who never come close to getting real support to build a shrine to awful baseball. But when its time for the Dolphins, you get all huffy and complain about using public funds. For a team that has had a long history of getting support.

    As for the poster saying its about time private money is spent when there are all these blackouts, Ross has always bought out remaining unsold seats to avoid blackouts.

    But again, the residents of South Florida are extremely shortsighted. And those mocking the NFLowners and Goodell also show absolutely no understanding of how anything works in the real world. They’ll fall back on the evil 1% argument every time. Just like they’re taught. Good little soldiers…

  8. I’ve been to this stadium many times and if your in the direct sun its way too hot to enjoy a game. Hopefully this over head shaded canopy idea helps change that. IMO, a knock down rebuild or a new location new build would be what gets people really excited.

  9. Where is the praise for the lawmakers? They stood up to the billionaire team owner and put the fiscal considerations of the taxpayers first. And they won.
    Why no love? Oh, that’s right. They’re not liberals. Nevermind.

  10. It will be very interesting to see all of these Ross haters react the same way to the Heat’s request for $140 million upgrades to AA Arena using the same hotel taxes Ross was denied.

    Denying one owner while providing for others will definitely bring a law suit of some kind.

  11. Why bother doing this.
    In 5-7 years a new stadium will need to be built anyway.
    Do what the Mets did – build a new stadium in the parking lot.
    Idiot Dolphin fans and organization.
    Worst ran franchise in all of sports.

  12. With the continuous and successful International Football games played at Sunlife Stadium, those stadium upgrades will make it better for fans to enjoy under the crazy South Florida weather.

  13. I cant believe there are knuckleheads against this. Even one claiming to be a phins fan and then goes on a stupid rant about liberals. Oh golly how awful a billionaire actually had to pay for something

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