Jags boast of bigger videoboards with jab at Cowboys, Texans

The Jaguars soon will unveil their new video boards with a soccer match and a country music show.  (“Hey, you got your peanut butter in my mayonnaise!”)  As the team anticipates unveiling the largest such structures in the NFL, the Jags have taken a shot at the team with the giant, hovering four-sided drive-in theater screen.

Not everything is bigger in Texas,” the Jags proclaim on a billboard at the I-95 and I-10 intersection in Jacksonville, via the Florida Times-Union.

The 362-by-60-foot video boards at EverBank Field are significantly larger than the 160-foot screen in Dallas or the 277-foot device in Houston.

Like many other teams, the Jags hope to give customers reason to choose coming to the stadium over staying at home.  Unless and until someone puts a 4,344-inch flatscreen in his or her house, the TV will indeed be larger in Jacksonville.  Especially since the Jags have two of them.

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76 responses to “Jags boast of bigger videoboards with jab at Cowboys, Texans

  1. These giant video screens will clearly show Jags fans how bad their team is.

  2. I was about to zing the Jags for some of the obvious reasons, but upon second thought — I think they deserve real credit for going the extra mile in trying to appeal to their fan base.

    How can you not respect that?

  3. The only thing the boards aren’t big enough to display are the retreaded insults from the outsiders. And texans fans can’t day jack to the jags. 0-2. That’s gotta stink.

  4. I’ve seen at least one of them lit up at night; they’re enormous.

    But I keep worrying that some hurricane will finally hit Jacksonville dead-on and tear those things apart…

  5. If you want more fans to come to the game LIVE, then lower the darned ticket prices and stop with the gimmicks. The appeal of going to a game is to watch the game in person and experience it with other fans, not pay to…… Watch a game on a big screen

  6. It will definitely lure some winning-hungry fans out for the first few years. But after all, winning is the only way to bring the fans out in the long run. Just win, baby!

  7. With all the new additions to the park the fans will be in for a glorious time, watching their “home” team play in London.

  8. Say what you want about my so called “sorry” Cowboys…

    we never had To put tarp on our seats or blackout Issues on TV with our one playoff win in 16 years….

  9. For those of you that dont have a clue about whats happaning in Jacksonville stop listing to the media, do your on research and you will find not only have we not blackout in 4 years like the bengles, chargers, dolphins, tampa and oakland we also have some of the lowest tickets prices in the NFL. Last I check Dallas or Houston have not won anything oh I forgot Houston did get the number one pick in the draft for being the worst team in the NFL.

  10. Since fans prefer to watch NFL on TV, out of desperation stadiums are turning into large sports bars with huge screens to watch the game.

    The jags just turned it into a pissin contest with Jerry.

  11. Anyone concerned about eye damage from these things?

    I can hear the Lawyers huddling nearby.

    Soon they’ll require welders googles to watch a football game in Dallas.

  12. People can take the typical cheap shots at the Jags, but I’d have to think other fans are pretty envious of the improvements going on in Jacksonville. I expect it is just a matter of time before some of the warm weather teams follow suit and have swimming pool cabanas like Everbank.

  13. Caldwell/Bradley are turning the team around. In ~2 years, they’ll be contenders…and their stadium will be ready for it.

  14. Yes, here in Texas we’ve proved that people will pay thousands of dollars to watch crappy football on big screen TVs.
    Personally, I think the fans in Jax have it right: If you want my money, give me a product worth spending it on.
    (‘Course, many believe you can only be a “real” fan if you stick by your team no matter how bad they are. Jones , McNair, Haslam, etc., just LOVE you folks.)

  15. All you people that love Jacksonville so much keep coming to Florida. The Hotel bed tax helps us pay for nice things like scoreboards.

    Just keep on dogging us we love it!

  16. You can tell most of these clowns with negative comments about the Jags fan base are jealous and wish their trash city could could compare. I mean, honestly, Bears fans? Have fun living in Chicago, try not to get mugged and don’t leave home without your Teflon vest!

  17. I feel like this football embarrass my city a little too much now.Why do you need a big screen scoreboard? Need to win some games first. Yet people keep saying they don’t get blackouts but can’t tell by the big section of tarps that is covered

  18. Since putting in these very large screens none of these teams have won anything. Meanwhile the much smaller screens in Seattle, Baltimore, New York and Green Bay have all hosted games where the recently won Lombardi was shown off. Seems like Texas and Florida are over compensating with some screen envy.

  19. I’m not exactly a fan, but I like what Jacksonville’s doing with their team. Unlike the Texans who are blissfully ignoring all of their needs and hoping the defensive line will make up for a lacking secondary (only Johnathan Joseph and DJ Swearinger) and no offensive power (even Foster, Andre, and DeAndre need a real QB) they’re slowly but surely turning things around.

  20. the cowboys and texans stadium are 100 times better than the jags stadium regardless of scoreboards… they should be using the money to sign better players instead of building scoreboards in jville…

  21. Meanwhile in San Diego word is Dean Spanos purchased new wheels for all the hot dog and beer carts, and added 45 new traffic cones for Qualcomm stadium traffic. When asked about replacing 15 feet of fencing outside the stadium he was quoted saying ” What do you think I’m made of money?”

  22. At least it’s cool stuff like big tv’s and sound systems, if we had women owners they would want to change decor about twice a week and important stuff like a better football team.

  23. My home screen TV might be a lot smaller, but then again I’m also not paying $8 for a beer and $5 for a hotdog. And if I consume too much of that cheaper beer, I don’t have to worry about driving home after the game.

  24. The Jaguars have reason to have a positive outlook. They’re tied with the Eagles in Lombardi trophies… and according to Eagles fans, Philly is awesome, so by that logic, Jacksonville is awesome!!!

  25. freddiec8 says:

    Last I check Dallas or Houston have not won anything

    Well last I checked Dallas won five Super Bowls, 8 conference championships and 18 division championships.

  26. To the “why don’t you get better players, instead” crowd…The Jaguars are doing both. The new regime has had to almost completely rebuild the roster…so why not make these changes for the fans, while the team improves. Makes too much sense not to….

  27. z561 says: Jun 29, 2014 5:37 PM

    You can tell most of these clowns with negative comments about the Jags fan base are jealous and wish their trash city could could compare. I mean, honestly, Bears fans? Have fun living in Chicago, try not to get mugged and don’t leave home without your Teflon vest!
    Ummm, Kevlar?

  28. How is this good for Jag fans? Unless they will show the NFL Direct TV Sunday Ticket on it so people can see real teams play!

  29. I don’t see/hear about the Seahawks, 49ers, Broncos, or Patriots (the title contenders) bragging about their video boards. If you can’t beat ’em, distract the fans with something shiny, right?

  30. Hey haters all those $12,500 cabanas are sold out for the season. That means local revenue is going up. hahaha You know what that means? If not google it!

  31. Don’t pay attention to the haters Jag’s fans. Bradley is a down to earth, positive, and a players coach who brings swag to the club. Shad is investing in the team and facilities and has put trust into The GM and coach. They know it’s a few year rebuild but Shad is smart enough to know it takes time and firing coaches every year isn’t going to help matters. Unless you guys are playing the Hawks I’m pulling for you guys.

  32. @smokim Must be jealous of the palm tree in my backyard, river view from my bedroom, and short drive to either the beach or a quail hunt, yah know whatever suits the season.

  33. When I go to a game, I like to watch the game. Hell, I have a $5,000 tv and could stay at home and watch. Your new video boards are nothing but marketing propoganda. If the Jags really wanted to do something for their fans, they would reduce ticket prices.

  34. But considering the distance even the closest seat would be to the screen… Maybe someone does have a bigger screen in their house.

    And to that person I say… “Thanks for the invite, I’ll make sure to bring the beer every Sunday!”

  35. It’s kinda like if a tree falls in the forest — if the scoreboard is on at the Jags’ stadium, will anybody notice?

  36. I just hope Blake Bortles kindly parks his girlfriend in one of the pools … for every single home game for the next seven to ten years.

  37. They should have just gone with the old fashioned projector TV system and showed the image on the tarps. That would have been a REALLY big screen

  38. The Jaguars have one of the wealthiest owners in the NFL and he is partnering with the city of Jacksonville to upgrade the stadium to make it one of the best in the country.

    He’s spent tens of millions of his own money to upgrade the team’s office, locker room, weight room and other facilities.

    He’s also brought in a new GM, new coaching staff, new scouting staff.

    He’s a billionaire many times over. So this might be hard for some people to understand. But he’s actually able to upgrade the stadium and the roster at the same time.

  39. Did anybody catch the width of the scoreboard? It’s a little wider than the football field including endzones. (362 feet = 120 yards, 2 feet)

  40. A bigger video board in Jacksonville won’t make up for the fact that the team is horrendous. Mr. Khan has a lot of money, but he should know that throwing money around guarantees you NOTHING.

    Take notes from Mr. Steinbrenner and Mr. Dan Snyder – spending large sums of money on players or getting the 2 biggest video boards doesn’t buy you a championship. An effective coaching staff with solid players who have a team-first mentality will go a long way in getting you to the promise land. That may be a foreign concept Mr. Khan, but that is how you do it.

    Having a lot of money with the true intention of upgrading the team and the stadium is one thing. Boasting about video boards being bigger than that of two other stadiums is nothing but hype and Ego. Hype and Ego will never win a championship, nor will the largest video boards in the NFL.

    Good luck figuring this out, Mr. Khan. Take notes from Snyder. You can learn volumes from his mistakes and his failures.

  41. First of all Mr. Khan has not spend alot of money on dead players, like Steinbrenner and Syner he spent money for the fans to have a nice place to enjoy. And for the dumb fan that keeps talking about London look around there are no teams moving to London, you dont spend money like that to move your team, study whats going on in Jacksonvile and stop listen to the media you D A

  42. Its funny how everybody hates Jerry’s world and his boys. But everybody wants to be just like him or better. ” you kids” LOL!

  43. “Jags suck move to London already!” By your keen logic, changing the city would make them better? Jags are on the rise. Good luck in Texas.

  44. This is why I wish Khan had been approved to buy the Rams some years back. Instead, we’re stuck with an owner that has an eye towards the west coast and maybe even across the pond (although I seriously doubt that will happen).

    That said, why do people outside of Jacksonville want that city to fail so badly? Their fans still showed up when they easily had one of the worst team in the league for over 6 years. It’s pretty obvious now that they are headed in the right direction in every category, yet the ridiculing seems to be ramping up even more than before. Interestingly, bullies follow the same pattern: they initially get more aggressive when their targets start to show some backbone….only to eventually back down when they get beat (in this case, the Jaguars start winning, people start shutting up).

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