Joe Montana thinks the Seahawks can become a dynasty


Joe Montana knows something about dynasties, having won four Super Bowl rings as the quarterback of the 49ers. He thinks the NFL’s next dynasty may have just begun when the Seahawks won their first Super Bowl in February.

Montana was asked on NFL Network if the Seahawks can be a dynasty, and he answered, “I think they have the capability to.”

“When you look at the way the team is put together, they’re young, they’re aggressive; their coach is very aggressive and upbeat,” Montana said, via the Seattle Times. “Anytime you can make going to work fun, even though you’re playing as I say ‘a stupid game for a living,’ it makes going to that facility every day really a joy. When you’re having fun at what you’re doing, you’re always a lot better at it.”

The Seahawks have a lot going for them, with talented young players on both sides of the ball like Russell Wilson, Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas, Russell Okung and Percy Harvin, plus a coach and G.M. who work well together in Pete Carroll and John Schneider. If you were to pick one NFL team to win multiple Super Bowls over the next 10 years, you’d probably pick the Seahawks.

Still, it’s a lot harder to keep great teams together now than it was when Montana was playing. So far the Seahawks have done a great job of assembling a roster that includes plenty of inexpensive talent. Keeping all that talent under the salary cap once all the players on the Super Bowl roster are on their second contracts is going to be difficult.

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  1. I agree with Joe. They are powerful and have speed on both sides of the ball. They have a great GM and Head Coach.

    Very impressive organization from top to bottom

    49ers v Seahawks are my 2 favorite games to watch

  2. As a Panther’s fan, I think there is some truth to what JM is saying, on the other hand, there is the whole salary cap issue….they can’t make every one of their star players the top paid at their position.

  3. With all due respect to Joe and the Seahawks, a very good team and organization, it is much more difficult to build NFL dynasties today. The odds are against it.

    Once a team wins the super bowl, players want to get paid big and go where the money is while the team faces salary cap challenges.

  4. the last paragraph says it all. you can’t build and maintain a dynasty like the top teams of the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s because of the cap and 2nd / 3rd contracts.

    Also, if you have a top paid franchise QB or other key positions you further impact the quality of your other starters and especially your depth in case of injury. Your top players also must stay healthy to have any real chance of continued success because depth is a problem on many top teams.

  5. except von miller is going to break russell the love muscle’s neck in the preseason. The movie will inspire wheelchair people forever though.

  6. We’ll see.

    One thing this team will not lack is competitive fire. You won’t see them getting fat and lazy and resting on their laurels. I have noticed Seattle tends to pass over talented players with “takes plays off” or “work ethic issues” on their pre-draft analyses. The guys they don’t pass over? Team captains.

    That said, cue all the haters with their “PED” comments in 3, 2, 1….

  7. He’s right and that stings soo badly to niner nation . Seahawks are built for the long haul . They got all their major core players under contract and with Wilson coming up their will be plenty of ways to structure future deals . The biggest key to Seattles success will be to build through the draft . Over time let marginal players go who already got paid to re-up the young guys the team has developed . Sprinkle in some cheap older FA who like the attitude and winning nature of the qb and coach and you’ll always get good value later in FA.

    People forget Pee comes from a huge football tree and can tap into many people,players,coaches that others simply won’t have the relationships or credibility to do so. Ask bill Walsh who last year spoke with Pete regularly come end of season and throughout playoffs including the SB.

    Seahawks are built to make a run at it for a decade got the qb and coach and defense and eye for talent . They’ll need some luck still but it’s pretty obvious to anyone who doesn’t just want to hate them that they will be a major force for a while with that talent and youth and now experience .

  8. no way, zona even finishes with a better record than the seagulls

    Niners walk with it this year, nobody even close.

    Seattles losses to GB at home week 1 and never top the nfc west again this year.

    everybody knows the niners are the best, most probowlers and top 100 players, again…nobody even close.

    Montana still bitter about being shipped to the chiefs.

  9. Well, they’re going to have to raise their QB’s salary from $662,434 for the 2014 season to the $18 to $20 million level soon.

    So, lets just say he’ll get to $19 million.

    That is $18 PLUS million that has to be TAKEN AWAY from players on the team…

    The salary cap is tough to deal with…

    The Seahawks were lucky that they hit it big with a 3rd round QB so they could pay roughly $18 million on other players to solidify their team.

    Yes, they are a good team, great even.

    But they are getting $19 million a year production from a QB that has been making around $500K a season for them…

    Let’s see how they do two and threes seasons AFTER they have to allot a MUCH higher amount to Wilson (who is good and should be paid).

    Now, the rest of their roster will only be paid the cap MINUS $19 million instead of the way it’s been… the cap Minus a half a million (give or take the three yrs, past two and this coming season with Wilson).

    It isn’t easy, but it is easier to put a better team on the field when you have an additional $18 million or so to spend on the roster than when you don’t because it’s going to your QB…

  10. My oh my. How that must enrage you niner trolls. To have the greatest niner of all time say seattle is team most capable of a dynasty is HUMONGOUS!!! Smart man!!!!

    Go hawks!!!!

  11. Notice Joe said over 10 years. I think it’s completely possible for this to get 2 more for a total of 3 over 10 years.

    They are that good from top to bottom, including players, coaching, front office and ownership. You’re fooling yourself if you think every other franchise is not trying to copy their blueprint.

    All you need to do is look at the raiding of their front office personnel, coaches and see how many of their training camp players wind up playing for other teams. everything doesn’t have to be push/pull.

    You can acknowledge one team’s greatness without taking away from any other team. Give credit where it is due. They evaluate and develop players, while making competition real and fun.

  12. They say the same thing every time a young team wins a super bowl. Then coaches move up the ladder on other teams and the salary cap makes you have some tough decisions when you’re now paying your yound stars. Seen this dance in 2010.

  13. They have the ability to Im a Hawks fan its a lot tougher to do so because of Salary cap and also the Division they are. The years the Pats were good there division was sub par making it a lot easier to get a top seed! If they re-seeded and didnt give Division winners a home playoff game it might make it a little easier give. The fact like last year a team like the Niners forced to go play at GB with a better record. Also you need your key players to stay Healthy and that goes for any team. They defenitly have the Talent and youth to do so the Niners have been 3 strait NFC Title games they had a shot at a Dynasty so well see a lot of things have to happen to do so.

  14. The Seahawks are equally helped and hurt by Marshawn Lynch. The team loves to build a lead first half then pound away second half and play stout defense . The truth is and is Seattle fans can attest to this is that we play soo many games close to the vest and rely on Lynch too much. Not giving the offense the true ability that their talent had and shows to perform . Don’t forget Seattle played 9 games with atleast 4 starters on offense missing . Had one of if not worst offensive lines based on pressures sacks and the obvious ability for Wilson to scew those numbers by avoiding other sacks .

    Seattle will also have a top back bc it’s the system they run . Lynch IMO might not do well on many teams bc many teams can not massage his ego like Pete does to bring his best out . Now that the Seahawks are finally healthy offensively I would not be surprised to see them as the most balanced offensive unit in the NFL . Their already really close efficiency wise having starters out their should open things up alto this year. The Seahawks remind me of the patriots of old , before Brady was Brady he was just the qb playing by the confines of the offense now he leads it. Wilson had shown his entire playing career he can do that just needs the chance .

  15. Lets see if they can win two in a row. There was no talk about the Seahawks for a long time even forgot they had a team last time was when they played the steelers in the superbowl and lost. Now we have all these great seahawks fans. There are no more back to back champs in football.

  16. Joe also thought his kids could play QB… just saying…

    Seahawks are beneficiary of lax ped enforcement and, mostly, good drafting of players that they don’t have to pay……. I think they may have another year….but, as soon as they have to pay their players they will go back to what they were…

  17. I am very high on the ‘Hawks, but if I *had* to pick one team to go on a major tear — it might be the 49ers.

    That San Francisco team is beastly — and they have so many monsters waiting to be unleashed, and only riding pine because of the studs in place (e.g., Justin “Cowboy” Smith over Tank Carradine).

    Like I said, the ‘Hawks are demons and a big threat to make a run — but I would not discount the ‘Niners. That division went from the snorefest category to the sexiest hottie in town seemingly overnight. This rivalry is white hot too!

    P.S. My team is AFC-based — no axe to grind, no agenda to drive. Straight opinion.

  18. .
    With injuries, salary cap concerns, free agency, the schedule, and in Seattle’s case travel, it’s near impossible to become a dynasty.

    What Seattle is poised to do is have a run like New England where they are in the playoffs every year for a decade.

  19. Joe Montana, with his distinguished career is certainly able to distinguish good organizations like the Seahawks, from laugh-riot organizations, such as the Vikings.

  20. If the Seahawks offense can perform anywhere near as well as their defense does, on a consistent basis, than Seattle most definitely has the potential to be considered a dynasty moving forward. When I watched the Seahawks last season, their defense as a whole played with such an extreme ferocity, with all 11 guys flying to the ball, and the overall effort put forth by each defender contributed to such a high caliber of defense that in my mind was unmatched by ANY other D in the NFL. If we see an improved Russell Wilson this season, which is very likely, than this team could become even more difficult to beat…which is a scary thought for sure.

  21. It’s not a ridiculous claim, but let’s keep in mind that the NFC West is up for grabs this year (and likely for the next few years). It wouldn’t surprise me if the Cardinals won that division this year, which means the Seahawks could technically miss the playoffs. Hell, the Rams are improving as well.

  22. This is why the Lakers are paying Kobe Bryant so much money to finish his career in Los Angeles.

    The 49ers jilted Montana, and he will embarrass his former team every chance he can.

  23. If the salary cap keeps increasing each year, then that makes it easier for the Seahawks to retain a lot of their key players. It wasn’t long ago that most people said they wouldn’t be able to keep Earl Thomas, Richard Sherman, AND Michael Bennett, but they did.

    Not to mention that this is a regime that has shown they draft very well and find many gems. Top notch all the way through so it’s no surprise they are in this position to have a chance at a dynasty.

  24. “Elizabeth! …This is really the big one!…This is it!… I’m comin’ to join ya!”

    Fred Sanford.

  25. So let me see if I have this right: Joe is only worth listening to if he’s saying something positive about Jim Harbaugh’s Niners, is that it? The current Niner nation attaches itself to the rings he won, but if he dares say something totally feasible about a competitor, he’s cray cray? Yeesh. Fact is, almost any team is capable of building a dynasty, and that includes the Hawks. It’s hard for the Niner fans to believe, but championship football is not a birthright. If you don’t think the Hawks should repeat this year, stop trolling the Hawks boards and will your team to win!

  26. All these ninner fans were Montana fans until now. Now they giving excuses. Just like they give excuses as to why they can’t win a championship. Get out of my division. Go hawks!!!!!

  27. What’s with joe montana spouting off all of a sudden?Fade back into silence and retirement.
    As for seattle being a dynasty…they won’t even be there at the end of this year much less years to come.
    The days of any team having a dynasty are over.
    Salary caps and player greed will ensure that.

  28. Winning back-to-back SB’s or even 2 or 3 in 5 or 6 years, is an EXTREMELY difficult thing to do in the NFL because there are so many intangibles that are simply out of your control.

    Injuries, salary caps, off field issues, a first down here, a turnover there, the list goes on and on. In order to become a so-called dynasty you need a lot of skill and a lot of good fortune.

    That said, the Seahawks are in a pretty good place simply because they are so young and the front office has done such a good job keeping the core guys under contract. Often many of the SB winning teams are the teams that got hot in the post season. The Ravens, Giants, Packers, and more. And often those teams have many savvy vets. But those same vets are getting older and their bodies don’t recover as quickly for a shortened off-season that comes with a SB win.

    So in the long run the best a team can do is win it all young, bring back as many of the best guys as you can, and hope good fortune is on your side. The Seahawks have two out of three. Now they just need Lady Luck to cooperate.

  29. Wow! So many thoughtful replies, but they are all wrong. The NFL has controls the outcome of games. The NFL has sold us on parity. The NFL will no longer allow dynasties.

    End of line.

  30. Just for once, I’d like a modern day team to win more than one championship in a row to become a “dynasty”. I don’t know what dynasty means to other people, but for me it’s at least 3 championships consecutively. Being good for a long time isn’t even enough to toss around the D-word. Even the Patriots, impressive as they are, were never up to my standards of dynasty.

    I agree that the Seahawks have a really, really good team right now. But they have to win at least one more Superbowl before the D-word gets to be used.

  31. All the Hawk Haters love to try and say once Wilson makes money, we will suck. $18M right? After next year, Lynch goes, Mebane goes, Harvin’s salary gets converted to more bonuses, that pays Wilson’s salary and we have in-house replacements for Lynch (Michael) and Mebane (J.Williams). Our GM is well prepared

  32. I missed the memo where I was supposed to hate the Seahawks. Their window is definitely open for a few more runs, we’ll see. Today’s NFL is a different league from the one Joe played in.

  33. With all do respect joe, 1 Super Bowl does not make a team a dynasty. When I think of dynasty, steelers is the first team that come to mind, their image has been stable throughout the history of the franchise. The Seahawks are only a few years removed from being a bad team, this same talk was being said about the ravens. What’s working with the hawks now is that they don’t have to pay Wilson big money yet, I tell you now no star player is gonna take less money when your a I career is uncertain. Most guys only get one big contract in their careers and they will get it on their current team or another

  34. I fully expect to read an article about Montana having early onset dementia in the near future. They won’t even win their own division this year.

  35. Let’s see how the Seahawks deal with the Superbowl hang over. They will be lucky to get past the Cardinals this year, and the Niners are just a smart organization from top to bottom. Also, the Niners use less HGH.

  36. Nofoolnodrool says: Jun 29, 2014 5:30 PM

    When Lynch is done so are they if not sooner.

    Before you post things like that you should do some research on the rest of the Hawks’ runningbacks Skippy.

  37. Different era, different rules. When the bills come due for high performers, depth becomes a problem. Sherman, Wilson etc. get paid, one and done. See Ravens, Baltimore.

  38. To the first poster who said Joe is stuck in the 80’s, if that were half true, he wouldnt be commenting on my Hawks. With that being said, the salary cap becomes the next issue. And the Seahawks have worked thier way around it through the draft. When we drafted Wilson, people laughed,…Who’s laughing now?

  39. birdgang321 says: Jun 29, 2014 7:35 PM

    Seattle will not win a Super Bowl this year or next year or the year after that. It’s the truth.

    The Hawks are the Superbowl Champs and just got better in the off season. THAT is the truth.

  40. Seahawks did not need Percy to win the SB. His one or two big plays were not the difference.
    I’ll take the three draft picks, thank you very much.

  41. I agree with Joe. It’s definitely a lot harder with the rules as they are now, but with the way the Seahawks find late round talent it’s possible.

  42. Seattle is (and will be) THE team to beat…for a very long time. Anyone, who doesn’t want to admit that needs to wake up and check the calendar.

    Santa Clara had their chance and didn’t make it. With the huge salary they’re paying Kap…stick a fork in them, they’re done.

    It was wonderful watching the SuperBowl and I can’t wait to see Sherman, Lynch, and all the rest show everyone they are not a one and done.

    And as for Wilson…he is amazing. He’s young, centered and truly a talent to be envied and admired. The press doesn’t always give him enough credit, but maybe that’s because he spends his time studying, practicing and living football…when he’s not visiting the Children’s Hospital. If he did more interviews, he’d probably be more recognized as the talent he is, but then he wouldn’t be such a huge success!

    And…I am a LIONS fan. Always have been, always will be. But, you have to give credit to these guys! They are a great team and they will be for many years 🙂

    Go LIONS!

  43. I don’t know about a dynasty, their team is solid though and they’ve done a good job drafting recently so it’s possible. As a Cards fan I must say I love that the NFC West is finally relevant again. All 4 teams have truly strengthened their rosters over the last few years and it’s going to make for some exciting games. Look out for the Cardinals and Rams though, all the love has been going to the 9ers and Hawks, but it really is anyone’s division. Can’t wait for this season!

  44. One of the things I’ve admired most about the Seahawks is how they have bucked the conventional wisdom in the NFL by being an unapologetically run-based offense with an efficient passing game. Even beyond that they have built their defense with late-round picks and no-names while other teams overpay the big name free agents. I’m a Vikings fan but even I admire giving Kevin Williams a one-year contract to be a rotational guy on the defensive line.

  45. Calm down, it’s opinion.

    @onceuponatimelandscapedesign The Lions Suck and everyone in the NFCN knows they do…Garbage Organization can’t even stay at or above .500 for two consistent seasons.

    Seahawks will NOT beat the only team to beat for the next decade. There are 3o other potential teams to beat every year, but Lions fans don’t comprehend that because…..well they’re Lions fans…..DUUUUUUUH!

  46. All these people saying Seattle won because of it’s defense only… But now all of a sudden they have no chance of winning again. Why? Because they retained all their key defensive players? The LOB will be intact for 4 years, Bennett is here for 4 years, you know they’re gonna lock up Wagner. Probably lose a couple other LBs, but they already drafted a new LB this year who looks promising. We have five d lineman either in their first or second year, so there’s still plenty of depth there. So explain to me all you genius haters, if Seattle only won because of their defense (which everyone loves to claim) and Seattle is keeping said defense together for the foreseeable future, then why don’t they have the opportunity to keep winning? Or is that too logical for you guys?

  47. Joe must have forgotten how the times have changed. There will never be a “Dynasty” again in the NFL. With free agency and the salary cap, those days are over.

    Seattle will be good for a couple more years. But being good and winning it all are two different things. It is hard to maintain an advantage in the NFL.

  48. Dynasty?? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…now more less a comedy starring Mr. Cheat Carroll…wait till this year boys we gonna make an example of what sleeping on a team means…see you losers soon enough…WHO DAT!!!

  49. “. When we drafted Wilson, people laughed,…Who’s laughing now?”

    Anyone who read that…lol. The Seahawks win with Defense. Wilson is not the reason they won the SB last season.

    Between Wilson fans and Kaepernick fans, I can’t decide who is more delusional. Neither QB is better than average. Trent Dilfer got his SB ring the same way Wilson got his.

  50. Q: Can the Seahawks become a dynasty?
    A: I think they have the capability to be.

    Hawk fan: “Joe Montana said the Hawks are going to be a dynasty”.

  51. I agree with him, I think that the Seahawks are not yet done hoisting Lombardis. Of course the 49er fans will thumb me down, and there are apparently some football fans out there who have not updated their mental hard drives; when they hear “Seahawks” they think of the teams of the 80s and 90s, forever mediocre at best. They need to accept the fact that the Seahawks are a really good team now.

  52. notice how he didnt say the packers. considering that 1/3rd of their “championships” occurred while there was no electricity in rural america, i’m not surprised

  53. The hawks are a good team but winning multiple superbowls just doesnt happen too often anymore. The NFC is too stacked, niners, eagles, packers, saints, panthers. Besides, if you can make the seahawks paly on the road their odds go way down.

  54. I am not a Seahawk’s fan however I agree with Montana. This team is unique where the sum of its parts are better than a team with a lot of superstars and just a little depth. If Seattle plays together the way they are capable in all areas then they can repeat. I only see the 49n’ers giving them a tough challenge. I mean come on-Russell Wilson has not been asked to carry a team-leave that to the offensive line and Lynch plus add in that defense. They may not have superstars everywhere but they are awfully good everywhere.

  55. allidoiswin55 says:
    Jun 29, 2014 5:44 PM
    ……. Ask bill Walsh who last year spoke with Pete regularly come end of season and throughout playoffs including the SB……


    Pete was talking with Bill Walsh last season?

    mushrooms, it has to be mushrooms.

  56. Football is fun in Seattle again since Pete Carroll arrived. He and Schneider and Paul Allen have assembled a team and an energy that makes for exciting times – whether or not we win it all again.

  57. Russell Wilson is the new type of NFL QB, and an amazing player to build around. The similarities between Montana and Wilson are striking. I think Joe is basically telling the likes of Adrian (I am the team) Petterson and Johnny (lets party) Manziel that they will never win a super bowl as they focus on themselves too much. The ‘Hawks will be the next dynasty; that leaves Kaepernick and RGIII to do some more useless commercials.

  58. Only a dynasty if they can continue with pass interference like they did. Not to mention they barely own games against crappy times last year.

  59. floridascuba1 says: Jun 29, 2014 9:17 PM

    Only a dynasty if they can continue with pass interference like they did. Not to mention they barely own games against crappy times last year.

    Ya those “crappy times” did give the Hawks a rough time last year……….

  60. Anyone who saw Montana’s entire career knows that Joe wouldn’t say this unless he was fairly certain. As a long, long time 49er fan, I am worried!

  61. They have the best chance at this point, provided their drafting and hiring practices remain at this level… I don’t think we will ever see the same kind of dynasties in the past, but I still think a team made up of a couple great core guys and great drafting and free agency gets, can be a dynasty.

  62. Watch the hawks in preseason. They are very good at picking up and grooming depth at every position. When the 1st string guys go out and the next wave comes in you see blow out games. Our 2nd and third string guys would be starters on more than one NFL team. I don’t know about repeating. It’s tough to do in this day and age but whoever is going to knock us off is going to have to earn it. This defensive dynasty will be dominant of the next 4 years at least. If the front office can keep picking late round talent they won’t have to worry about salary cap issues. As far as AFC vs NFC it’s not even close. The NFC will dominate the AFC for a few more years in Super Bowls. Go hawks

  63. How on earth can anyone seriously talk about dynasty after one Super Bowl.. Look what happened to Green Bay. Undefeated through 13 games the year after they won the Super Bowl and all the talk was dynasty. It didn’t come to pass. The Patriots won 3 in 4 years, the Steelers won 4 in 6 years, the 49ers, the Cowboys. Those are dynasties. Gotta have 3 or more in a relatively short period. Long, long way to go for Seattle.

  64. Joe also thought his kids could play QB… just saying…

    Seahawks are beneficiary of lax ped enforcement and, mostly, good drafting of players that they don’t have to pay……. I think they may have another year….but, as soon as they have to pay their players they will go back to what they were…

    Joe is basically bitter and clueless….

  65. Isn’t Joe part of the concussion and brain injury lawsuit ??? Just kidding. One of the best of all time.

  66. bcajun says:
    Jun 29, 2014 8:10 PM
    Dynasty?? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…now more less a comedy starring Mr. Cheat Carroll…wait till this year boys we gonna make an example of what sleeping on a team means…see you losers soon enough…WHO DAT!!!
    Says the guy who’s team was caught using electronic surveillance equipment in the stadium and Bountygate. Oh yeah, and the team that created BEAST MODE.

    How rich is that?

  67. I think what we will all witness over the next decade is a Divisional Dynasty. I could definitely see all 4 teams in this division winning a Super Bowl in the next 10 years. Everyone knows how good Hawks and Niners are, but Cards and Rams are really good too.

  68. Where has Montana been for 20yrs? He does a shoe commercial 10yrs ago and now he has something to say about everything

  69. allidoiswin55 says:
    Jun 29, 2014 5:44 PM
    ……. Ask bill Walsh who last year spoke with Pete regularly come end of season and throughout playoffs including the SB……
    More proof of a delusional bandwagon. Since Bill Walsh has been DEAD for 7 Years was Pete regularly talking to his ghost!???? WOW just wow. Do yourself a favor and make up a new screen name now.

  70. I think everyone, including Seahawks fans, need to take a step back and calm down. They had an incredible year last year, they pounded my team in the SB, but talk of a dynasty after 1 championship is premature.

    Things can change drastically from year to year in the NFL, players get old and slow down, other players regress a little bit, schemes get figured out, injuries, and sometimes luck (fumbles going your way, a player being in the right place at the right time etc.) that was on your side the year before isn’t anymore, and sometimes chemistry just isn’t the same.

    I’m not saying any of this will or will not happen to the Seahawks, but there’s a reason there hasn’t been back to back championships in the NFL in the last decade. Let’s see how this season plays out before we decide whether a dynasty is in the making, or whether every other organization is trying to copy the Seahawks formula of drafting well and getting great value free agents, which apparently some Seahawks fans believe only they’ve ever done.

    Oh and I know it’s been pointed out several times already but it was such a massive blunder that I feel it needs to be pointed out again: Bill Walsh died in 2007, maybe Siri found another Bill Walsh for Pete to talk to?

  71. Remember how the Saints were the next best thing? The magical reappearance of fans,fancy nicknames and awesome offense…and then the rest of the league improved…like it does every year. 5 years later,no Conference championship games,salary cap issues and aging players. Life is tough in the NFL,nine years since a back to back participant much less winner in the SB. Shelve the dynasty talk until there’s a return and multiple trophies in the case.

  72. The Seahawks are a great team, but once Wilson gets paid, they will come back to the pack due to salary cap restrictions.

    That’s how the salary cap works. It’s basically a “dynasty buster.” We probably won’t see another one.

    Nothing personal against the Seahawks; they are an amazing team, and will still have a great shot the next few years to win a few more. But let’s be honest – the chances are relatively low (even if their chances are higher than any other individual team’s chances) due to league parity. If you had to put money down in Vegas on either “The Seahawks” or “The Field” in the NFL, only a few loonies would choose the Seahawks.

  73. chawkup says:
    Jun 29, 2014 10:21 PM
    I think what we will all witness over the next decade is a Divisional Dynasty. I could definitely see all 4 teams in this division winning a Super Bowl in the next 10 years. Everyone knows how good Hawks and Niners are, but Cards and Rams are really good too.
    Wow, what has become of people like you? 3 years ago nobody was talking about the NFC west and now you’re saying that the division is gonna win a SB each in a 10 year span. DELUSIONAL! Seahawks will decline when Russell Wilson gets paid, kaepernick is way overrated and the niners is falling apart fast, the rams has an injury prone QB who’s proven to be a bust and the cardinals will be looking for another QB when Palmer fails to get them to the playoffs like he did his previous 2 teams. One more thing, in the history of the Super Bowl, no one division has ever had all the teams win a SB in a 10 year span, NEVER GONNA HAPPEN!

  74. Haha they barely beat crappy teams last year, but guess what? It doesn’t matter as long as they got the W. As if ever other team never lost to a bad team or had a close game against a bad team. The point is, we never once lost to a bad team last year. We lost to the Colts, who were a playoff team. We lost to the Niners, who are the second best team in the league. And we lost to the Cardinals, who were a 10 win team and would have made it into the playoffs in a different division. All that matters was that 13-3 record that got us the 1 seed and a path to the SB through Seattle.

  75. The Seahawks have everything set for a dynasty run. They have a great coach, a great D, the best secondary in football, they have depth on both the o/d lines, a quality young qb that can manage a game, and be a threat with his legs. Percy Harvin gives them speed, and so does their rookie wr, an improvement from last year. A healthy lynch in beast mode gives them a formidable running game. The nfl is unpredictable from year to year, if we get home field advantage over SF again, the Hawks have to be the favorite to win the SB again. The Broncos have had a good off season, so maybe they can win, they picked up guys a year or two out of their prime, good players, no doubt, not sure that will be enough.

  76. I found the bill Walsh comment funny as well, but knowing that Pete actually was talking to bill parcels during this time(was being reported anyway) I am guessing that is the championship bill coach he meant.

    I am sure that you who are reacting haven’t ever mispoke or typed something stupid though so please continue.

    RIP Bill Walsh

  77. Haters can only hope not. Lots of ignorant excuses/reasons why they think they are right.

    Maybe they will start paying attention next year. Niner fans had their hearts ripped out for the second year in a row and this time the hawks did the ripping. No helping them, the hate is too strong.

  78. sounds like nonsense, until you recall the superbowl.
    The broncos handled alot of good teams and did it pretty easy. But man they got hammered at the superbowl.
    And the seahawks have not come out of no where, they were expected to be good and they were better.

  79. Only team younger than the Seahawks to PLAY in a Super Bowl? Well that’d be the 1971 dolphins.
    What did they do the next year? 17-0
    Youngest team to win a Super Bowl? The 2013 Seattle Seahawks
    What did they do the next year? Well we don’t know but here’s some good indicators…
    The team got younger, slightly in their starting lineup but mostly in their depth, I’d say it’s a good thing to have you rotational de be 23 instead of 32.
    The defense in all likelihood will be better than last year as players like Et, Sherman, Kam, maxwell, Wright and Wagner are still just entering their primes seeing that the oldest of the above mentioned is 26 and none have been in the league for more than 4 years (kinda unimaginable). The same goes for their offensive core as RW, Harvin, Okung and Baldwin are still all very young.
    Percy Harvin did not play much last season but when he did the Seahawks were a different offense. The Hawks have not lost by more than 7 points in the last 2.5 years and I’d like to think a player like Percy Harvin at least CREATES a TD per game. I’m not saying 19-0 is gonna happen, I’m just sayin that I’m looking forward to the #RePete next year

  80. Bottom Line: The salary cap is expected to rise SUBSTANTIALLY for quite a few years. You have a DEDICATED and SMART QB and VERY HUNGRY players……why not the Hawks for a dynasty?

  81. Seahawks are good no doubt. But “dynasty” is going to be tough for any team these days. Plus, they just overpaid Sherman, have fun trying to sign your remaining FA’s and Wilson in the next few years…

  82. Depends how long the Seahawks keep Lynch and if he can play at a high level for years to come. Their D is built and signed but the offense seems to be balanced with Lynch running which gives Wilson opportunities downfield.

  83. Salary cap can be handled – pick the right ones to keep, let the others go and pick the right ones to replace those who walk with shrewd draft picks and vets who have made the big money already and want a ring before it’s over.

    It can be done.

    Go Pats!!

  84. That Seattle team last year was the best team I’ve seen since the 1985 Bears and the 1986 Bears fell apart IMO because of Ditka and Ryan’s not being able to get along – Ryan left and Ditka wasn’t good enough a coach to keep the team playing together. With their talent they should have won at least 1 more SB, probably 2.

    Right now they have enough talent to win at least 1 more SB – in large measure it’s up to Carroll. I don’t particularly care for Carroll but he seems to have gotten by in spite of my disapproval.

  85. Wow.

    Lots of concern over Joe’s comments.

    If folks didn’t think it a real possibility, I doubt there would be so many vocally hoping otherwise.

    I mean could you imagine if he had said the same about a team like the Vikings?

    No team has been better positioned to repeat since NE last did it.

    1 – great QB
    2 – great defense
    3 – great coach
    4 – great running game
    5 – young at all the important positions
    6 – no significant personnel losses
    7 – improved their few weaknesses from last year
    8 – biggest home field advantage in the NFL
    9 – Wasn’t a one year wonder; they hadn’t lost by more than a TD since 2011
    10 – One of only two teams (Denver) with a double digit point differential average the last two tears and getting better.

  86. Seahawks fans can clap like trained seals all they want, all it takes is a few key injuries. The answer is yes and no. They can, but they won’t.

  87. Perennial contenders? Sure. But then so are a lot of other teams.

    You can forget building a dynasty in the modern NFL. If other teams don’t knocked you down first, the dollars eventually will.

  88. liddogg33 says:
    Jun 29, 2014 5:47 PM

    My oh my. How that must enrage you niner trolls. To have the greatest niner of all time say seattle is team most capable of a dynasty is HUMONGOUS!!! Smart man!!!!

    Like a lot of you SeaHawk fans, reading comprehension is not your strong suit.

    Montana didn’t say that seattle is the team most capable of a dynasty. Montana said “I think they have the capability to.”
    Not “most capable” just capable, like many teams are capable. Basically, Montana said that Seattle has a good team. Well, duh.

  89. #1 The Patriots have proved you can build a dynasty in the salary cap FA market.

    #2 Just like the Pats the Hawks have a system in place, unlike the Pats they have not proven (YET) it can hold the test of time.

    #3 As a did hard 12 since 1976 my gut is telling me this WILL be a dynasty. Its different with Pete. I loved Holmgren and Knox but this is a step up and the 12’s have felt it since Pete got here. The Program as Pete calls it inspires anyone and everyone around it. From players on down to us. Go to training camp and feel it for yourself.

    #4 John ,Pete and Paul are ALL on the same page and respect one another. They care for each other which is almost weird in such a high pressure sport. You can clearly see it though when your at the game and anytime you get a glimpse of them together. Its real and gives you that warm fuzzy feeling like these guys are on it.

    #5 they got the draft working for them in the lower rounds and if it goes as its gone can afford to replace the guys they can’t keep. They have red shirts in place.

    GO HAWKS!!!

  90. Those saying that it’s not possible to build a dynasty in this era must not have noticed that the Pats and Steelers made a combined 8 Super Bowl trips over the last decade. Sure they lost 3 of those games, but it does prove that a dynasty is not impossible in this era. The Pats and Steelers were both close.

  91. Id like to see them fail of course but they have all the parts to do it as well as a great coach and FO.
    Really they have been good for about a year and a half now so how they defend there title this year will say a lot about if they will be a consistent winner. You start to see teams get worn out after two playoff runs, one all the way so I’ll be watching for injures this year and to see if they are as hungry as last year after achieving everything they set out to last year. I still think they are a a lot different on the road and need home field to make noise in the playoffs if they make it that far. I expect them to be good but how can anyone be surprised if they go the way of the Giant or Raven title teams and have an off year.

  92. The path to a dysnasty is fraught with perils. The “NEW NFL” works against it with salary caps.
    The Seahawks are good and they are in arguably the best division in football. Thw winner of the NFC West gunfight has been a SuperBowl bound team for the last 2 years running. 49ers are also an awesome team. Arizona is a strong team, not yet at the level of Hawks and 49ers but getting strong. The Rams are on the way back but have a ways to go.

    If the Seahawks can keep building around core players and developing talent they should be very strong. But very strong does not mean a SB victory. The fortunes of the game will determine the winner more than the team’s paper strength.

    Even dynastic teams miss years between SB victories. The 49ers in the 80’s and the Cowboys in the 90’s only won the SB less than half the years in their dominant decade. So we Seahawks fans can be happy but we also need to be realistic.

  93. The thing is how long before skittles wheels stay on. He is old and has been ridden like a mule. What happened last time the hawks rode a rb like a mule to get to the big game? The wheels fell off. Actually you can look back to just about every team that rode a rb like a mule to get to the big dance the wheels fall off the next season. Sorry I like him and all but he is driving around with a few lug nuts off!

    As much as I like Wilson he is not a 20 million dollar qb. You have to be able to ride a 20 qb. The hawks ride lynch and mugg wrs! That will never be a model that gets you to the big game every year. This is not the 70’s!

  94. zibet says:
    Jun 29, 2014 9:56 PM
    Love the guy that said Pete Carroll was talking to Bill Walsh.

    Bill died in 2007


    That’s ESPN for you.

  95. Sure as Wilson > Kaepernick, Sherman > Crabtree (by far!), and Lynch > Gore, the Seahawks will prevail in the SB again this year. After that, remains to be seen. They’ve kept the majority of the chemistry together during the off season, but don’t know if they can repeat that magic again next year.

  96. I love all the hate! Keep bringing it guys… trust me we use it to fuel the force that is known to the rest of the world as “The Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks”!

    Also jusr because JM says something doesn’t make it instantly true… I’m not going to say were are a Dynasty… but we have a shot, along with the other young good teams in the league right now.


  97. In the world of Unicorns and Rainbows, this would come true. What will never happen is a perfect season like the 1972 Miami Dolphins.

  98. I’m more concerned with how the NFL will change the nature of the game if the Seahawks *do* repeat. They couldn’t possibly allow for the chance that they’d win 3 in a row, so they’d have to put up some incredible obstacles at that point.

  99. well, if the seahawks can keep the group of players together. My guess is that all the 2nd, 3rd, 4th year players will go elsewhere if they get offered more money. But true, if the seahawks can keep them all (if not most)

  100. Some of the comments on here talk about this isn’t the 80’s. Well, it is beginning to look like the 80’s minus the salary cap since the NFC is beginning to pull away from the AFC.
    The AFC is trying to outscore everyone while the NFC has gone defense first with it’s top teams.
    There is no doubt the NFC West that just five years ago was know as the “NFC Worst” is by far the best division in football with Seattle and San Fran the two top teams.
    If you want proof look at how New England and Denver have spent millions in the off season making their defenses better. By doing so they have mortgaged their future for the next five years to win in the next two with their aging QB’s.
    A dynasty, I believe is when you own teams in the SB like the Steelers of the 70’s even though they had two close games against Dallas. The 49ers of the 80’s and Dallas of the 90’s.
    New England could have lost all three SB’s with winning on a last second field goal and were beating twice by a Giants team that were bottom seeds in the playoffs.
    Joe knows SB’s. Eleven TD’s and zero picks in four of them. No one else has even come close to that!
    Semper Fi

  101. First off Joe was asked the questions, second the Seahawks are a very dangerous team and can remain relevant for a bit with their cap number. But as the years go by, that will not be the case.

    The Niner’s are building and improving through the draft. These two juggernauts are going to be running rough shot through the season and will be a marquee match up in the playoffs for the foreseeable future (IE: Dallas/SF 92 to 94).

    The Niner’s gave everything the Hawks could handle in the NFC championship, despite Kaps terrible game. The defense has improved and the offense has gotten more weapons. If Kap elevates his games and figure how to better read defenses the Niner’s win be on top. If not, it’s another year on top for the Hawks.

    Lets Roll!

  102. Montana hasn’t kept up with the Seahawks roster. They lost their number 1 receiver in Golden Tate, 3 defensive linemen (Chris Clemons, Red Bryant, and Clinton McDonald), 2 top cornerbacks (Walter Thurmond and Brandon Browner), and a starting tackle (Breno Giacomini). Their 2014 draft was given a near failing grade by a draft expert, and one of their draft picks had to retire because of a medical condition. No team can lose that much talent and not see a drop off in on field performance. The Seahawks won the NFC West by a single game and they had 4 close games they could have easily lost last season. If they fail to win their division, they would have to play without their fans drowning out the other team’s call signals. To have a chance at another Super Bowl win, they will have to have the best record in the NFL, and to do that you need the best players. Their best chance to repeat is this year, because they are scheduled to lose more free agents next season. Taken all these factors into account, Montana’s opinion seems not to be supported by facts.

  103. I am a Giants fan so I’m neutral, however the Seahawks at this point are the best team in football. The way they play reminds me of those Cowboys teams in the 90’s when they were just bigger and faster than anybody else.

    So yes I believe this team has the tools to be a dynasty in football. Of course the nfl is full of pitfalls, your champs one moment and chumps the next as I’ve seen several times. Still after what I saw in February I wouldn’t bet against them.

  104. People who think it will be hard to “keep” the current talent of Seattle together, need to realize with the GM/Coach they have a machine to manufacture great players.

    MOST the stars on this team are late, late draft picks. Whatever Snyder and Carroll are doing to evaluate talent, they are doing it well.

  105. Since Pete Carroll is so energetic much like Bill Walsh was, and their defense basically was/still can be the modern day 85 Bears despite the huge rule changes. I think they have a huge shot at making the team into a dynasty!

  106. The Seahawks offseason gameplan: lose of bunch of free agents, massively overpay a few players with salary cap busting deals, have their second “meh” draft in a row, and hip surgeries for Chancellor and Irvin. Not an impressive offseason at all. On top of that their top 2 WRs are incredibly injury prone, I don’t see either Harvin or S.Rice making it through the season in a black and blue division like the NFC West.

    And as far as a dynasty, I just don’t see it. Lynch is the key cog in the whole thing and I don’t the Seahawks being able to afford him after this season. Yes, they have some decent guys behind him, but it’s still a dropoff. Also, they disrepected A LOT of teams on their way up last year, that almost always comes back to haunt you in pro sports. The Seahawks will be the hunted this season and I don’t see everything going their way again like it did last year. Bottomline: NO DYNASTY in Seattle.

  107. I’ve read a lot of people saying that the Niners have more Pro Bowlers and Top 100 players than the Seahawks. That’s nice, but there’s a big difference between a “collection of great players” and a “great team.” That difference is attitude. San Francisco has a collection of great players. The Seahawks are a great team.

  108. Lol what a non-story, I saw the interview, he was asked, do you think the Seahawks are capable of a dynasty, he said yes. He would have said the same thing about the 2000 Ravens or the 2002 Bucs. Nothing to see here folks.

  109. For starters the way the question was asked is like asking Peyton manning throw a football. And yes the answer is the same no matter who you ask. But I don’t think he thinks it’s going to happen. I personally think the Seahawks have a great team, I’d have to they’re built just like my niners. I hate Pete Carroll but he’s a he’ll of a coach just like seahawk fans hate Jim harbaugh but you gotta admit the man can coach. And they do it with great defense and a running game like my niners. Smash mouth. And it’s the way it should be. The niners and Seahawks will be battling over super bowls for the next decade. I think we will win more but that’s the niner fan in me. Bottom line we are both gonna dominate the nfl for a while. Let’s just enjoy it.

  110. For starters the way the question was asked is like asking Peyton manning throw a football. And yes the answer is the same no matter who you ask. But I don’t think he thinks it’s going to happen. I personally think the Seahawks have a great team, I’d have to they’re built just like my niners. I hate Pete Carroll but he’s a he’ll of a coach just like seahawk fans hate Jim harbaugh but you gotta admit the man can coach. And they do it with great defense and a running game like my niners. Smash mouth. And it’s the way it should be. The niners and Seahawks will be battling over super bowls for the next decade. I think we will win more but that’s the niner fan in me. Bottom line we are both gonna dominate the nfl for a while. Let’s just enjoy it. Go niners

  111. It’s a little funny to me that niner fans (which admittedly I am) are never more criticized for “living in the past” when citing the successes of 49er teams from the 80’s and 90’s. Yet when the QB from way back when comments about these Seahawks, the fact that he played 25-30 years ago in a completely different era is conveniently passed over. Bottom line to me: Seattle killed it last year and really do have a fantastic organization (even though I hate them), but why as Seahawk fans, would you even care what a QB from your most hated rival thinks about you? Much less need his comments to validate you?

  112. All these Santa Clara Whiner fans on here talking about what coulda shoulda mighta been, or how they’re “going to” do this or that. That’s all I’ve ever heard from Santa Clara fans since the day we joined the NFC. That’s all you and your team can do. Talk about what coulda been, or what might be. Try actually winning something (outside of the Bill Walsh era) and THEN brag. Until then, you’re as big of a laugh as the morons who say Wilson is too short or Carroll is too much of a player’s coach to succeed in the NFL.

    I also got huge laughs from omeiomontis’ post. I’m impressed that a non-fan would even be that familiar with some of the details about the Seahawks, but also impressed that you got every single one of those points so wrong.

    Golden Tate was NEVER a #1 WR. Ever. He was put into the role for a few games last season because Harvin and Rice were injured. Chris Clemons, Red Bryant, and Clinton McDonald were backups on our DL and Walter Thurmond and Brandon Browner were backups as well. The Breno Giacomini loss hurt, but that’s about it. Draft experts also panned our draft and gave us “D” grades in 2012 – when we drafted Bruce Irvin, Bobby Wagner, Russell Wilson, JR Sweezy, Robert Turbin and Jeremy Lane – ALL starters in the Superbowl, and all good players.


  113. I like the fact that Joe Cool thinks our Hawks can be a dynasty in this day and age. I think we could as well. However the liklihood of that happening aren’t in our favor considering that the NFL is built for parody and with the way the salary cap is setup you have to have guys that contribute in years 1-3. If P&J can continue to make brilliant draft decisions (appears to be on track) and our existing roster can stay healthy then I believe we are well on our way to getting back to the big game. The only variable is how tough the NFC west will be this year. As with last year it was like running a gauntlet and I don’t see any of our NFC West brethren taking a step back. Just my two cents.

  114. Lot of guys saying that Seattle is going cut key players to free up room to pay RW $18 million. Not all true. Seattle currently has $7.3 mil in cap room for 2014. That will carry over plus there is supposed to be another big hike in the salary cap next year (let’s say $6 mil for argument sake). Then you add the price of his 2015 contract (bout $.6 mil) and that leaves $14 mil available cap space.

    I’m not seeing the huge deficit everybody is talking about. I also think RW will opt for a “Tom Brady like” contract as long as he is the highest paid on the team. Brady is soaking up a modest $14.8 million of cap space this year.

  115. If history is any guide, and I believe that it is, Pete Carroll built USC into a dynasty with eight consecutive seasons with 11 or more wins and a .836 winning percentage. And to anyone who chimes in that that was college and not the pros, he’s proven he knows how to win in the pros as well.

    Pete, we still love you for what you did for us in Southern CA. Continued good luck, sir.

  116. With free agency and salary caps there is no such thing as a true dynasty in the NFL. The Pats have been the closest thing to it but still not a dynasty.

  117. I honestly think the Seahawks have the best chance to 3-peat of any team I have seen in a LONG time. I’m saying that after only 1 super bowl win, but they can be THAT good.

  118. Reading these comments is priceless. Seattle fans didn’t seem to notice it wasn’t a very good offseason for them: lost a bunch a free agents, over paid a few players with cap busting deals, has their second sub-par draft in a row, and Chancellor and Irvin had hip surgeries. Meanwhile the 49ers got better and deeper. Considering all the breaks went Seattle’s way last year and they still barely won the division by one game, it’s CRAZY to think this is some kind of “dynasty”. The 49ers own the division, the Seahawks just rented it for a year. Expect the 49ers to dish out some VICIOUS payback after the disrespectful way the NFC Champ game ended. War was declared when Sherman opened his foolish mouth and disprespected the 49ers team and org. The 49ers are going to murder the Seahawks this season at least twice, maybe 3 times. Book it!

  119. Joe also thought his kids could play QB… just saying…

    Seahawks are beneficiary of lax ped enforcement and, mostly, good drafting of players that they don’t have to pay……. I think they may have another year….but, as soon as they have to pay their players they will go back to what they were…

    Joe is basically bitter and clueless….

  120. These comments crack me up! Everyone is speculating like they know what is going to happen.

    Dynasties are very tough to come by. I would say 3 Super Bowl wins in 6 years would be considered a dynasty. Only 4 teams have pulled this off in the SB era. These teams are the Steelers, Niners, Cowboys, and Patriots, so they all deserve the utmost respect for achieving that feat.

    I think everyone would agree that it is much more difficult to create a dynasty now than it ever has been in the past. Therefore, if the Seahawks are able to pull it off, it would be the most impressive dynasty of all.

    Let’s see what happens over the next 5 years.

    PS – Since Pete Carroll has been talking with Bill Walsh, maybe he can also get some advice from Chuck Noll on pulling off a repeat. (too soon?)

  121. With free agency, the ability for one franchise to become a dynasty is nearly impossible. winning a Super Bowl is very difficult, however, repeating is even harder.

  122. omeimontis says: “Montana hasn’t kept up with the Seahawks roster… Their 2014 draft was given a near failing grade by a draft expert…”

    Thank you SO MUCH for the laugh! That is the funniest thing I have read in a while.

  123. ronfai says: Jun 30, 2014 2:43 PM

    He would have said the same thing about the 2000 Ravens or the 2002 Bucs. Nothing to see here folks

    EXACTLY how do you know this???? Please explain.

  124. Every year, people say (insert previous year’s SB champ’s name) is poised to become a dynasty. And every year it’s proven to be just talk.

    This ain’t the NBA, where the Heat can show up in the Finals 4 straight times because their conference perennially sucks. This ain’t MLB, where the Yankees and Red Sox can just outspend their competition.

  125. gotta love this towns that have never won a thing.. they finally win and don’t know how to act… but I think it is the combo of rain, isolation, stench of liberalism, drugs… that set Seattle apart

    Seahawks are mostly beneficiary of lax drug enforcement and shrew drafting of players they don’t have to pay…. I give them a year more tops before they have to pay more players and fall back… and, even my Skins were better than they were 2 yrs ago.. and I have no doubt 1-2 NFC teams will probably pass them this year

    Montana is bitter and clueless

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