Jonathan Casillas: Josh McCown reminds me of Drew Brees


Larry Fitzgerald isn’t Buccaneers quarterback Josh McCown’s only big fan.

Buccaneers linebacker Jonathan Casillas is also an admirer and watching him practice this offseason has led Casillas to compare the longtime backup with one of the NFL’s most prolific passers. Casillas played with Drew Brees in New Orleans and said he sees some of the Saints quarterback in McCown when asked about the possibility of Mike Glennon winding up as a starter in Tampa this year.

“It’s a strong comparison, but he reminds me of Drew [Brees], not just the way he throws the ball, but his approach to the game. The first one in, last one out, he’s always around,” Casillas said on the Dave Rothenberg Show, via Yahoo Sports. “He’s very communicable, very personable. And you can tell he’s a born leader. You know, he’s not even trying to do much now, but people are following him, just his approach to the game. Glennon is learning a lot from him. So, if Glennon can beat him out this year, that would be great. Because at the end of the day, if Glennon can beat McCown out, then we’re going to get a good quarterback.”

There hasn’t been much out of Tampa to lead one to believe that Glennon will beat McCown out or that there will even be a full-fledged, open competition for the job this summer, so McCown is almost certainly going to wind up being the man in charge of the Bucs offense. Expecting Brees-like production over 16 games may be a stretch, but there’s plenty of room for the team to improve over last year and the pieces are in place around McCown to believe that can happen.

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  1. In that they’re both humanoids who breathe air. After that the comparison kinda dims.

  2. So how is it that such an outstanding QB has been just a career backup? Trestman gave him a shot last year and he played well. Why did all of the coaches that he played for fail to recognize his a potential as a starter until now? And don’t tell me that after all of these years, he finally understood what to do.
    Lots of coaches and player evaluators have a lot of explaining to do if Josh McCown plays well in Tampa.

  3. Josh McCown is career backup QB. Does this mean he’s suddenly this great QB on the field in his mid-30s. Could be. An F150 does you no good in New York City, and a Cadillac Seville is out of place in Montana. It’s about fit: scheme, coaching, identity, etc. No one needed Tom Brady or Kurt Warner initially either. I’m not saying Josh is a Hall of Famer. But he’s more athletic than folks give credit for, and he’s very accurate and smart. Jeff Tedford’s offense in Tampa is still under wraps. but all clues point to complex formations, QB getting the ball out quickly, with a combination of speedy receivers in the slot with monsters on the ends who will win the 50/50 battles. If Josh can manage the game, complete 55% of his passes, keep the picks down, the Bucs can easily be back in the playoffs. If he comes out really good, much more is possible.

  4. What would make the difference for Josh McCown now, other than being experienced and doing some coaching on his own? 1. A chance. 2. Good scheme. 3. Good coaching (like at Chicago). 2. Vincent Jackson-WR. 3. Mike Evans-WR. 4. Austin Sefarian-Jenkins-TE. 4. Doug Martin-RB. 5. Charles Simms-RB/WR. 6. Brandon McDonald-TE. 7. Retooled O-line with proven veterans. Yup, beasts and speed, speed and beasts.

  5. What a lot of people don’t know is that Marc Trestman at one time was in consideration to be the Bears OC under Lovie Smith. Based on what we saw from the Bears O last year, the decision not to hire him at that point now looks like an epic fail. If the Bears had had a cutting edge offense and reliable QB play to go with that Lovie defense in its prime… yikes.

  6. McCown compared to Brees? I do see the comparison. Just like Hillary Clinton reminds me Carrie Underwood. Nothing on Josh, I think he’s going to do well. He’s got the tools and can hopefully build on last year. He doesn’t have to be great, just average, for Tampa to do very very well.

  7. In my years, I saw Kurt Warner come from the Arena League to win a SuperBowl and two league MVPs. I saw Earl Morrall replace Bob Griese after game 5 and complete a perfect season in 72. Sometimes a guy just needs a chance.

  8. I’m a little hurt he left the bears, but I get it. And if he can start and play well, maybe have some success, this would be such a fantastic story. It’s absolutely impossible to root against this guy. #disneymovie

  9. I’m not saying gonna say Casillas is right about this, but if McCown was given a real shot in Arizona (and if Kurt Warner never head a resurgence after the disaster in New York), he could have very well put up Brees numbers each year.

  10. Oh com’on!
    Don’t disrespect a man that has consistently played the QB position at an elite level.

    Everyone has their own opinion but this comparison should be forgotten and not talked about at all. Yeah its also unfair to Josh McCown.
    Seriously, STOP!

  11. Josh Johnson
    Josh Freeman
    Josh McCown. Hopefully the third time is a charm. He has the attitude and leadership credentials the others lacked. Let’s see.

  12. Often times a QB is only a good as the organization he is with and the players around him. “Fans” don’t realize that in football there is such a thing as politics and sometimes good talent is lost because a player was drafted by a team who didn’t have the coaching staff to develop raw talent or were so toxic internally that nothing could thrive. The Bucs have done a lot this offseason to turn the team around and perhaps a veteran like Josh McCowan who has had the opportunity to play with some of the best and has the experience and maturity to take the best parts of his experiences with him will have an explosive year like Brees’ emergence after leaving the Chargers, Phillip Rivers year with a new coaching staff last season, Carson Palmer’s rebirth with the Cardinals. Yep, I could totally see it and never count these guys out on the hype of some media talking hairdo’s.

  13. Oh boy…Lovie, Lovie, Lovie has distributed the Kool Aid. Josh did a nice job backing up Jay last year and did a better job than most back-up QB’s, but that said, I don’t know where the Brees similarities are identifiable…except that they both play quarterback.

    Again…McCown probably sent Marc Trestman a very large gift basket, because he made Josh a lot of money.

  14. bucsorbust? Definitely Bust! 4th in the NFC South. Lovie Smith? Seriously? Bwa-Haa-haaaaa…… HA!

  15. I’ve no problem that McCown may’ve gotten better with age but to compare him to a guy who has had some of the best seasons of anyone to have ever played the game is a little much.

    Josh McCown hasn’t even been at the Andy Dalton level (no offense to Dalton) much less at the level that Brees plays.

  16. Well that’s funny because Casillas reminds me of a dude who can’t stay healthy enough to make it through a full season without getting hurt. Josh McCown couldn’t even hold Drew’s jock.

  17. The light finally came on for another career backup vagabond QB at the age of 34. His name is Rich Gannon. Stranger things have happened.

  18. Keep hating on the Bucs when McCown has a a higher passer rating and record as Brees don’t be shocked. Bucs defense blows the rest of the division out of the water.. IF McCown plays well they will win the division. And he doesn’t they still look better on paper than the panthers and the god awful Falcons.

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