A’s lease not a done deal yet

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Remember that 10-year O.co Coliseum lease announced last week by the A’s and Major League Baseball?  The one that could complicate the efforts to keep the Raiders in town?  It’s not official yet.

It’s not official because Alameda County and Oakland officials are at odds over whether to proceed with it.  Oakland’s four representatives to the Joint Powers Authority that oversees the venue skipped a Friday meeting intended to vote on the lease, preventing its adoption.

“We are constantly frustrated by the actions of our partners,” Alameda County supervisor Nate Miley said, via the Oakland Tribune. “Not being able to vote on this deal [Friday], I think that sends a chilling message . . . to Major League Baseball that is very disappointing.”

A’s co-owner Lew Wolff remained optimistic, even though the vote originally was expected for June 20.

“We understand the city will take one last look at the transaction early next week,” Wolff said.  “And we would expect a formal vote by the JPA by the end of the week.”

The decision by Wolf and Commissioner Bud Selig to announce the deal before it became official now makes sense; they want to get the deal done, and making it known publicly placed pressure on the powers-that-be to proceed.  So far, that hasn’t worked.

Oakland officials object to a term in the lease that would allow the A’s to leave the city after the 2018 season, making it a four-year commitment, not a 10-year one.

The Raiders aren’t mentioned in the Tribune article, but the football team that shares the dirt infield-infected sod with the A’s surely is paying close attention to how this plays out, since any deal beyond 2014 with the A’s affects the football team, which has a one-year lease and can go anywhere it wants as soon as 2015.

10 responses to “A’s lease not a done deal yet

  1. The gloves are now off, the NFL needs to stop worrying about MLB and potential scheduling conflicts.

    Screw baseball and screw Bud Selig.

  2. It’s stupid for them to share a baseball stadium to begin with. Opt out and get a new stadium built.

  3. Why Bud Selig will not make the Giants give up the rights we so graciously did for them is more troubling than any of this. You’d think for the good of the MLB we would have broken ground on a new stadium. Selig and the Giants suck.

  4. If you read the fine print. It’s a bad deal for fans that love both the A’s and Raiders, as well as for the city and taxpayers.

  5. There is no question Mark Davis and the Raiders are paying attention. Because the reality is, if this deal does go through, the Raiders are almost certainly done in Oakland. I can’t see how they would be able to stay. It would likely take a new stadium of any kind off the table, because last I heard it provides for upgrading the Coliseum rather than building a new facility. By upgrading, that means to benefit the A’s for baseball, not football. And the A’s dont want to share a stadium any longer, so where will that leave the Raiders who are not being involved in negotiations even. If this deal is done, it will show an utter lack of respect for the Raiders by the city of Oakland and county of Alameda. It will send a message stating ” we don’t care about keeping the Raiders, The A’s are our priority.Despite what we have been saying.” Luckily Mark isn’t his father, because Al would likely have left already after being treated this poorly.

  6. Please come to LA!! We fill up the San Diego chargers stadium when you guys play them just imagine ALL the games here in LA sold out every Sunday!! Raiders come back to your other Home we miss you!!

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