Colts pleasantly surprised by Erik Swoope’s transition to football

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Erik Swoope traded in his high tops for a pair of football cleats this spring and the former University of Miami basketball player is experiencing the kind of difficulties you’d expect for a player learning up a sport while also trying to make the Colts.

It isn’t just the difference between boxing out for a rebound and making the proper release to get open as a tight end, though. The languages of the two sports are completely different and Swoope says that becoming fluent in football has been the hardest thing for him to handle thus far.

“Learning football terminologies has been the biggest challenge,” Swoope said, via “It’s a different language. Trying to get myself, I’m not going to say forget about basketball, but take the terminology and set it to the side so I can really hone into the different languages used in football.”

With Dwayne Allen healthy and Coby Fleener also on hand, the Colts don’t have a need for Swoope to have a full grasp on everything immediately. Offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton says it has been a “pleasant surprise” to see how Swoope has taken to football and the team could build on that foundation by keeping Swoope on the practice squad (assuming he passed through waivers) or at the back end of the roster with an idea toward playing time down the road.

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  1. The Allen / Fleener TE combo this year could be big. If Swoope can provide anything that would be a plus, but the versatility of having Allen and Fleener together is something the Colts missed last year with Allen out. Fleener is primarily a rec TE, Allen can block/catch.

  2. Just another weapon for the Colts aresenal! No excuses for the offense this year, just need the D to step up and this team can do big things. Future is bright with Swoope and Moncrief too

  3. Guys like that get a shot to make a roster because you can’t teach a guy to be an outstanding athlete with great size. You can teach anyone how to play the game, though, if they’re capable of learning and receptive to coaching.

  4. Its low risk / high reward. They didn’t waste a draft pick on the guy. If it does well, great. If he doesn’t no harm done – he guts cut, along with the other 35 people that won’t make the 53 man squad.

  5. They take a non-contact player that can’t make it in a woman’s sport, who has never been interested in football, and expect to be able to block as a TE in the NFL.

    We all know there is so much more to playing TE than jumping and catching a ball that is not a sphere.

    A lifetime without a passion for football means the attitude is all wrong. The last thing the NFL should have is some gutless, whiny, cry-baby, basketball wimp contaminating the sport.

  6. Bobnelsonjr
    Bob on this. Come spend 2 hours with my buddies playing full court next Friday at the YMCA. Your attitude about basketball being a whiney no contact sport will more then likely change. And yes the girls can hook it up too.

  7. At 220 pounds as a TE, I can’t wait to see him come across the middle and get his bell rung by a middle linebacker.

    Maybe he’ll realize he’s not a football player, and he should stick to basketball.

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