Hoyer’s agent says doing extension now will be “very difficult”

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The Browns drafted Johnny Manziel in the first round, but they still want to sign quarterback Brian Hoyer to an extension before he plays out the final year of his contract.

Hoyer’s agent advises against holding your breath until it happens. Joe Linta told Ian Rapoport of NFL Network that discussions about an extension have taken place, but that his client is unlikely to sign one at this point.

“It will be a very difficult deal to do. We’re always open to talking with the Browns, but we’re content to wait and see what happens down the road,” Linta said.

You’d expect no other response from a player with any belief that he can win the starting job and succeed in the regular season. Hoyer’s value to the Browns or other teams looking for a quarterback would skyrocket if he proves that he can sustain last year’s flashes of good play over the long term.

If Hoyer winds up giving way to Manziel, he’d have less security but he’d also be able to go somewhere he might have a better chance of playing than he would once Manziel is installed as the starter. He’d also be giving up a lot less money than he would if he signed an extension at one level and then put himself on another level with his play in 2014.

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  1. Manziel is a distraction ands won’t start. Extend hoyer and prove Johnny was a bad pick

  2. Career back up with 7 touchdowns, 6 ints and 1200 yards to his resume over 6 years.

    The Browns traded UP to draft Manziel in the 1st round.

    Why even pretend Hoyer is your guy?

  3. Hopefully… Johnny Manziel gets high character, quality wide receivers like Josh Gordon, Greg Little, Devone Bess, and Fozzy Whitaker.

    It’s was ALLLLLL Brandon Weeden’s fault.

  4. Linta is also Joe Flacco’s agent. He drives a hard bargain.

    When the Browns selected Johnny Football, it potentially hurt Hoyer AND Linta’s pockets.

    If they realize they want Hoyer to be a bridge guy for a few years, Alex Smith style, it’s not going to come cheap. Not from Linta.

  5. .
    Hoyer would be selling his freedom. Maybe he wasn’t Aaron Rogers last season, but he proved he could win NFL games. QB’s with W’s on their resume are usually in demand.

  6. Good for you Brian. As a Browns fan I want Hoyer to be “the guy”. I’m not sold on Johnny Football at all. I think he’s an undersize, loud mouth version of Colt McCoy. I hope Hoyer has a GREAT year and we have to pay him to stay here. If he does well that’s fine with me. We have the CAP room to pay QB money now, lets just find one.

  7. Brian Hoyer’s agent is crossing his fingers that his client will start, lead the team to wins and play well so he can get a bigger contract. However, if Hoyer has a miserable season his value will go down fast!

  8. People rag on Hoyer’s stats as a career back-up/journeyman/nothing special… But no one mentions the fact that he has been behind Tom Brady, Ben Roethlisberger, and Kevin Kolb- three guys who probably didn’t even face challengers for the starting jobs in camp. Long story short, Hoyer has been with three clubs with anointed starters… he’s never had a chance to prove what *he* could do as a starter. And he sure as hell had some good teachers on the way to Cleveland, btw.

    When he did get that chance to start, he played very well. Three INTs to 5 TDs? Yeah, well those 3 INTs all came in the same game, and the Browns won that game, anyway. So… pffffft.

  9. Any contract extension talk that is not positive, can only hurt Hoyer’s public relations. Even though he’s a local kid, it will make it easier for fans to pile on if things go wrong. I can already imagine the “Johnny, Johnny” chants at FirstEnergy Stadium on September 14 vs. the Saints

  10. Backup QB is a crapshoot. One of the best I ever saw, George Mira, languished behind John Brody at SF after being drafted as his replacement. Brody came back and had a couple of career years. If you end up, like Tyrod Taylor, behind a guy who never gets hurt, you are done. 3 years without a start will do anybody in.

    If I were Hoyer, I’d listen very carefully if they offer some real money; guaranteed money. Manziel is going to get a chance no matter what. If he is good or is lucky, the job is his. A couple of mill goes along way to sooth rejection. Going to some loser team that needs a QB and half dozen other playmakers can be career death too.

  11. Something tells me Hoyer will soon be resuming his tour of playing for every team in the NFL.

  12. Just so you know, Jason Campbell looked real good for two games last year also. Don’t break the bank for this guy. Let him prove he can stay healthy and throw 30 touchdown passes. I’m betting he doesn’t come close.

  13. If Hoyer holds out, Browns will have no incentive for benching Johnny. Play who you have locked up long term.

  14. Hoyer has no choice but to swing for the fences by waiting. He can’t control the manic circus, so just let it play out.

    So far he’s been perfect. Hoyer’s resume is short, but don’t confuse lack of experience with lack of ability. Not sure what most people look at, but I zero in on a QB’s mechanics, study his demeanor, arm strength, pocket savvy, work ethic and composure.

    Hoyer has every component it takes to be successful. He has an exceptionally quick and compact release, with very good feet as his base.

    Only two things will allow Manziel to win that job: 1) injury and 2) politics. Hoyer’s intangibles speak loudly enough for even Johnny to hear through his money.

    The main thing Hoyer has working for him is the probability of Manziel self-destructing. Death by a thousand cuts.

  15. No one really knows what the Browns have in Hoyer, including Hoyer’s agent. It’s still a roll of the dice at this point. I’d like to see Hoyer do well and finally get PAID.

    I’ve tried to be supportive of Manziel, since he’s supposed to be “our guy” but, I think he’s been on top so long (all through school) that he is due to take a tumble soon. I don’t begrudge Johnny being young and having some fun but, his daily drinking is becoming a concern. That could make for a hard landing.

    Any word on the progress of Shaw?

  16. Ok so Hoyer isn’t the next great one or maybe even a Scott Mitchell type flash in the pan guy but why in the world would he sign an extension? He has no future with the Browns, his best play is do well in the preseason or however-long he is allowed to play in the regular season and hope to win one of those, “compete with a mediocre veteran starter jobs” next season as a free agent with a show-me contract. The key is to be a free agent and pick the best spot. If he signs an extension then the Brownies will either trade or squat on him. Either way, best long-term play is to wait it out.

  17. Catch 22 for Hoyer . No way I would sign a contract with the Cleveland Clown show. His value will also tank because the Browns have no WRs thus he will have a crappy season with horrible stats, therefore his value will go down regardless.

    Talk about being stuck between a rock and a hard place

  18. Contract now? That kind of talk should be considered an insult to the man’s intelligence. He’s got nothing to gain by doing so. He can sign a contract as a back-up anytime, anywhere, but could stand to lose big money if by chance he starts all season and winds up in the playoffs. Don’t know what some of these front office execs are smoking these days.

  19. “Hoyer’s agent says doing extension now will be “very difficult”

    And in a rare burst of candor, the Browns agreed with him. With the added caveat; “if not impossible”.

  20. They need to offer him some decent guarenteed money and get him locked in. You can’t hold it against someone for being backup to a great player or two. They don’t get to play because thier services weren’t needed. That is just asinine. Johnny Football is a much bigger gamble of not working out. I don’t know what a lot of you have been watching the last decade or two, but all I know is the moment they plugged Hoyer into the offense it started clicking like a swiss watch. He obviously knows football and seems pretty talented so far- which is light years ahead of what we’re used to. With a tiny bit of talent around him, he might even be scary good. Can’t wait to find out. Sign him now, please!!

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