Hue Jackson: Dalton, Green give Bengals the NFL’s best QB-WR pair


Are Andy Dalton and A.J. Green the best pass-catch combination in the NFL? They are according to the man who calls plays in Cincinnati.

Bengals offensive coordinator Hue Jackson said on SiriusXM NFL Radio that Dalton and Green are the best quarterback-receiver pair in football.

“I know people will fight that and say differently,” Jackson said. “But I’ve watched these guys; these guys are grown. They’ve come in together, they started off hot, they’re still hot. Every year, statistically, they’ve gotten better. But at the end of the day, they’re both chasing something else. They’re both chasing getting this team beyond a playoff win and on to the Super Bowl. I think both of these guys are in the prime of their careers. They work very hard together, they know each other pretty well. And like I said, I wouldn’t trade the two guys for anybody at this point, because these guys know how to do it together.”

Jackson isn’t doing the Bengals any favors as they plan future contract extensions with Dalton and Green: You can bet both players’ agents will remind Bengals owner Mike Brown that the offensive coordinator considers them the best pair in the NFL, and ask to be paid accordingly.

But Jackson’s comments may be more about showing his players that he’s confident in them than actually offering an objective assessment of the best quarterback-receiver pairings in the NFL. We’ll let PFT Planet weigh in on whether Dalton and Green are actually the best.

102 responses to “Hue Jackson: Dalton, Green give Bengals the NFL’s best QB-WR pair

  1. Sorry…any QB and Megatron is automatically the best.

    Look at Daunte and Moss. Daunte chucked it up and Moss pulled it down.

    Thats what Megatron does. Throw it in his direction and he will dominate everyone. He is like a grown man playing with 12 year old children. The guy is an animal for real.

    /jealous Eagles fan off

  2. Ask yourself two questions:

    1. Would you rather have Green than Calvin Johnson?

    2. Would you rather have Dalton than Matt Stafford?

    – Titans Fan

  3. Hue’s gotta talk up his guys, that was for their ears not ours. The rest of us know better and can name lots of better pairs, but that’s ok. Perhaps they needed the confidence boost or something. LolBengals.

  4. I like Hue’s optimism. I hope Andy Dalton proves him right. There’s no question in my mind about AJ. I still spend time scratching my head about Dalton though. I hope he keeps progressing.

  5. Hue loves his guys to a fault. But he gets results from them. Aj green is the 2nd best receiver in the nfl.

  6. Calvin Johnson’s girlfriend wants to molly-wop Hue Jackson for this statement. And Hue deserves it.

    PS – Thank you, PFT, for introducing “molly wop” to my vocabulary.

  7. Says the guy that gave the Bengals a gift when he stupidly traded first AND second round picks to the Bengals, then was rewarded for his insider trading when he was rightly fired by the Raiders and hired by the Bengals.

    I vote Rodgers and Nelson. I live in Wisconsin and watch them just as much as my Bears. They’re chemistry on the football field is nothing short of special. Calvin Johnson may be the best, but Stafford just chucks it up to him. Rodgers places that ball in pinpoint spots and trusts Nelson to make the same reads, and he does.

  8. I’ll take Ben Roethlisberger and Antonio Brown over Andy Dalton and A.J. Green all day.

  9. Other than the fact that Dalton can’t throw half the routes AJ Green could run – he’s absolutely right.

  10. AJ Green is definitely a beast. He’s drawing double and triple coverage on every play, but Andy Dalton just doesn’t have what it takes to be elite. He’s a good enough QB, but he isn’t going to be throwing his guys open or being the field general that you expect a top teir QB to be.

    Jay Cutler to Brandon Marshall is a pretty serious combination. They’ve proved it on not one, but two different teams. They’re on the same page completely and both are playing at a high level.

    Megatron + (Other) is always going to be potent because Calvin Johnson is going to go down in history as one of the best to play the position, but you can’t call them tops because Stafford is so inconsistant.

    Peyton Manning and Demariyus Thomas are probably the best combo in the league. Individually they are in the top 5 at their positions. Together, with Peyton shifting the offense and putting Thomas into space, they’re a pretty leathal duo.

  11. I’m not a fan of Jay Cutler at all. But when you have Brandon Marshall as a target also, they have to be in the conversation.

  12. The mystery of the Raiders inability to scout players becomes clearer. This guy was the HEAD COACH, for god’s sake (albeit not very long). If he can’t objectively look at talent and make better decisions than this, he’s an idiot!

  13. Hugh must really love AJ Green, because Andy Dalton isn’t even in the top 15 QBs in the NFL – maybe he just cracks the top 20?

  14. You know who you didn’t see on the list? Brees and Graham because Graham is a TE.

  15. Manning spreads the ball around too much. Stafford is wildly inconsistent and everyone know C Johnson is the one that carries that combo.

    I’d have to go with Cutler/Marshall or Rodgers/Nelson. Although after this season you may be replacing the receivers with Jeffrey or Cobb.

  16. Mr. Jackson just cant keep his foot out of his mouth. Still cant believe he got that job. He has a long way to go to earn my respect.

  17. Dalton = Green

    Manning = Thomas/Welker/Decker/Thomas
    Cutler = Marshall/Jeffery/Bennett
    Rodgers = Nelson/Jones/Boykin
    Ryan = White/Jones/Gonzalez
    Brees = Colston/Graham/Sproles

    Stafford = Johnson

  18. I’d take Aaron Rodgers and just about anyone. He is the textbook definition of “Qb who makes his WRs look better”. He has at least 2 or 3 passes every game where I just shake my head and think how did he make that throw that accurate while under duress, etc.?? I’m not a big QB lover but I will tune in to GB games just to watch him play. He is the most accurate passer I have ever seen. He has 0 physical flaws in his game.

    Pats fan

  19. By seasons end, it’s going to be RG3 & Desean Jackson for the next 5 seasons. REDSKINS is not offensive. Go skins!!!

  20. .
    Dalton and Jones smoke all the secondaries in the playoffs when the games really count.

  21. I’d say since Andy and AJ have pretty much beat almost every combo in this poll, maybe he’s not that far off! I notice their was no mention of that overpaid turd Flacco or any of his flunkies on here. Probably because AJ and Andy are better than anything the Baltimorons can field! LMAO

  22. Problem with this logic is that Peyton, Rodgers, Brady, Brees, etc are so much better than Dalton that they could be throwing to high schoolers and still be a better “combo”.

  23. Such a good pair, they really get it done in the playoffs.

    from their playoff game last year
    Result of possession:
    field goal
    end of half
    end of game

  24. What this article doesnt mention is that Hue was giggling like a schoolgirl with fingers crossed after saying that.

  25. REMIND ME: Who are Peyton/Rodgers/Brady/Brees receivers?!?

    Oh, Yeah… Thomas/Welker/Decker/Thomas/Nelson/Jones/Boykin/Colston/Graham/Sproles/Welker/Moss/Gronkowski/Hernandez/etc.

  26. Depending on how the Hoyer/Manziel experiment goes and the Josh Gordon situation plays out, Cinci might not even have the best pairing in the division by the end of 2014.

    And yes, I’m shocked that I just wrote that.

  27. Only certainty is that it’s a whole lot better than the QB-WR combo Jackson assembled in Oakland.

  28. Off the top of my head:

    Brees/Graham (he’s a WR, remember?)

    Hue needs to stop taking Bengal press releases to heart.

  29. Marvin Jones would have 70 catches and 10 TDs with any of those other QB’s listed.

  30. Anyone with eyes – go watch some Rodgers to Jordy clips.

    Then try and say anyone else is better.

    Scrambling Back-Shoulder Throw 40+ yards downfield, Jordy tip toeing as he falls down.

    ‘nough said.

  31. Yep sounds about right. When you factor in age, stats, win total in 3 seasons. Is there anyone even close????? All the other Recievers have moved on from there aging QB’s. LOOK IT UP HATERS! IN THE LAST 3 YEARS, DALTON TO AJ IS THE BEST 2 MAN COMBO IN THE LEAGUE!

  32. I almost started crying due to hilarity when I saw you actually put Rodgers and Nelson on the list.

    Ya, a feeble QB that won’t make it past Suh or Allen hitting him this year now that his pathetic, fragile bones are turning to dust from years of drug abuse mixed with a WR that if not for a handful of catches from the above mentioned QB would be catching fish from a butcher at some deli somewhere while he dreams about not being a loser….ya…. I’d take Orlovsky to Charles Rogers over those misfits.

  33. I understand it’s convenient to knock Andy Dalton and the Bengals, especially because of his playoff record, but the guy has only been in the league for 3 years. Have any of you “experts” ever compared his first 3 regular season and playoff numbers to Peyton Manning? I’m not saying Dalton’s going to be Manning, but if he’s a terrible QB than what does thart make Manning in his first 3 years?

    Regular Season Manning
    Comp % YDS TD INT Rating
    56.7 3739 26 28 71.2
    62.1 4135 26 15 90.7
    62.5 4413 33 15 94.7

    58.1 3398 20 13 80.4
    62.3 3669 27 16 87.4
    61.9 4293 33 20 88.8

    Playoffs Manning
    45.2 227 0 2 62.3
    53.1 194 1 0 82.0
    45.2 137 0 2 31.2

    64.3 257 0 3 51.4
    46.7 127 0 1 44.7
    56.9 334 1 2 67.0

  34. wow… understand bias and trying to spur your team but sometimes comments are so dumb the trump the intent.. this is one of those

    love Green.. think he is one of the 3-4 true elite WRs but Dalton is a solid but below avg NFL starting QB

  35. Whether you love or hate AJ Green, and whether you love or hate Andy Dalton, the proof is all on paper! If all you haters are going to knock Andy Dalton for his playoff shortcomings, then you gotta give him his due during the regular season. Figures don’t lie. No QB/ WR combo is better the last 3 years for wins, yards & TDs….NOBODY!

  36. M. Saffold and C. Johnson
    A. Rodgers and J. Nelson
    T. Romo and D. Bryant
    D. Brees and J. Graham(can make argument he’s a wr)
    P. Manning and D. Thomas
    than maybe A. Dalton and A.J Green

  37. Looks like Hue’s rekindled his love for getting face time with the media. His skill as a offensive game planner/manager is matched only by his ability to position himself for the next job.

  38. As much as we all know this is a crock, what did you expect the guy to say? He’s doing this for his players. Not any of us. We all know Dalton is terrible. They haven’t scratched the surface of AJ’s potential with Dalton the helm and they won’t because you can’t give a guy more arm strength. Having your coach show this much confidence in you can do wonders.

  39. Wasn’t Hue saying a month or two ago that Dalton has to work hard to win. Now he is part of the best combo.

    Methinks that Hue need to zip it. Dalton’s biggest weakness is responding to expectations, i.e., pressure. Example: his failure in big games.

  40. Well, Jackson’s right about half of it. With Josh Gordon doped out of the league and Calvin Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald starting to decline, I’d take him over any other receiver. Dalton, not so much, and I think privately, Jackson and the rest of the Bengal staff would agree.

  41. If you are going to put Megatron and Dez up there with their QBs, then there is no reason Dalton shouldn’t be there with AJ. AJ is definitely at the top of the heap, and at least Andy has gotten Cincinnati to the playoffs ALL 3 of the years he has QBd! Romo can’t make it, and Stafford is more unreliable than Dalton! Not saying Dalton/Green is number 1, but they are in the conversation. And versus all of the longtime veteran QBs you are comparing them too, I’ll side with my Bengals duo!

  42. They are a very great pair, but Stafford to Megatron and Jay Cutler to Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery beats them. Even though Cutler is a bad QB, the recievers are incredible. Even though i’m a Packers fan, i’m trying to be realistic.

  43. cincyalldaway says: I just look at the stats and don’t really know anything about football. Dalton is the real turd who can’t win a playoff game. Flacco is a way better QB and Ozzie Newsome killed the draft and FA again (that didn’t take long). Bengals window has closed and they won’t win the division. They’ll be lucky to make the playoffs. Hell, Hoyer is probably a better QB than Andy. Ever see a QB and receiver so over-rated.

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