Jaworski says Bon Jovi wouldn’t move the Bills out of Buffalo

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Remember that two-hour lunch between Commissioner Roger Goodell and Jon Bon Jovi?  The one where Bon Jovi reportedly was taking copious notes?

It’s possible Bon Jovi was simply writing one thing, over and over again:  “Deny any desire to move the team.”

As explained by Jon Kryk of the Toronto Sun, Ron Jaworski told WGR radio on Monday that Bon Jovi has no plan — and never had a plan — to move the team from Buffalo, contrary to a report from Kryk that Bon Jovi’s group eventually would relocate the franchise to Toronto.  As Kryk notes, Jaworski has reason to be aware of Bon Jovi’s plans, given that Jaworski and Bon Jovi previously co-owned the AFL’s Philadelphia Soul.

If Kryk’s prior report regarding a move to Toronto is true (and he writes that he still stands by it), it’s possible that Goodell has made it clear to Bon Jovi that the Bills can’t and won’t be moved.  Alternatively, it’s possible that Bon Jovi has been advised by someone (potentially Goodell) to strongly dispute any notion of a move until the window to move the team opens.

For the Bills, the opportunity arises after the 2019 season, with a one-year out in the current lease at Ralph Wilson Stadium.If the Bills eventually will be moved, it makes sense for the owner to deny, deny, and deny again any intention to move the team until the move can happen.  Then, intentions suddenly will change, with some sort of cockamamie (there’s a word that never gets used enough) excuse being provided for the dramatic shift in the plans for the franchise.

So, basically, Bon Jovi has “no intent” to move the team.

59 responses to “Jaworski says Bon Jovi wouldn’t move the Bills out of Buffalo

  1. The NFL does not want to see five lame duck seasons in Buffalo. So, in order to keep the fan base interested in WNY, they are going to market the team as if they are never going to re-locate. With that said, in five years, the true intentions of the NFL and of the next owner will surely come to light. And, if the truth of those intentions reveal that a bigger market with a fan base that is more concerned with glitz and glamour is vital to the economic sustainability of the league, then the NFL will lose the hearts and minds of a countless number of TRUE football fans.

  2. He wouldn’t hold the note on a billion dollar purchase. He’s just a front man for whomever would finance the purchase. They would call the shots.

  3. Ron Jawarski, he is so funny with positive persona! He is actually refreshing! Yet, most of what he says is opinion, and just not accurate! He said, RG3 was the best thing since 2 piece swimsuits, the following year, be said his mechanics were awful. He changes his tune like the weather man! Tomorrow Ron will say, I knew they were moving all along! But, he will say it in the most positive way possible!!!!

  4. Very interesting speculation that Commissioner Goodell told him that the Bills could not be allowed to be moved from Buffalo.
    What say does the current owner (Mrs Wilson) have, if Roger is setting the terms and conditions?

  5. Mike for once I On this topic of bills moving, I agree with you.

    I do not buy that him and his group won’t move the team. Isn’t he a part of the Rogers family group? That place where the bills played one game a year and they have boatloads of money to build a new stadium in Toronto in the top three markets in North America?

    Right bon jovi.

    Livin on a prayer. No chance.

  6. if sir jaws lay claim to the fact mr jovi shall do no such thing then it must be indubitably so
    good show old chaps, my trust in you has now completely changed, instantly

  7. I have no intent to ever buy anything Bon Jovi related and will continue to change the station when he is played over the airwaves.

  8. In other news,

    Ron Jaworski has proven yet again that he is an out of touch “has – been” who had one too many pierogies after he left the NFL.
    Maybe you should go hang in West Seneca Ron, they’re the only ones holding a candle for you.

  9. Don’t trust him one bit. Doesn’t matter, Pegula should and needs to buy this team, that way we know for sure they don’t move. He owns the Sabres, just built the Harbor Center, and is single handily revitalizing the city of Buffalo. He’s the best bet to keep the team in Buffalo.

  10. I don’t buy this for a second. Isn’t part of his “group” Maple Leaf Sports? Who also own the Toronto Maple Leafs? And isn’t there a rule that you can’t own two Major Sports teams that arn’t in the same city?


  11. Whatever you do, don’t announce it ahead of time and then act boggled why everyone hates you and nobody comes to your games.

    Looking at YOU, Bud Adams.

  12. That’s like telling your dog to not eat something but you know asoon as you leave the room hes going to eat.

  13. Who would have thought a bubble gum rock band lead singer with horrible music made that kind of cake!!

  14. And Buffalo fans see right through JBJ’s BS.
    There is absolutely NO support for this guy from Buffalo, and never will be.
    Thank GOD for Terry Pegula.

  15. As Bon Jovi would sing himself…..

    Never say goodbye, never say goodbye
    You and me and my old friends
    Hoping it would never end
    Say goodbye, never say goodbye
    Holdin’ on – we got to try
    Holdin’ on to never say goodbye

  16. The Bon Jovi bid is quickly becoming a “Gong Show”. Good luck getting 24 of 31 owners to buy into the, “we have no plans to move the team” line. Relax Bills Fans, your team in not moving north. Let it stay in Buffalo, where loyal fans know how to passionately support a team.

  17. I heard he is moving them to Sayreville NJ, Living on a prayer 🙂

    And yes just like the Giants and Jets that are really Jersey Giants and Jets, They will still keep the name Buffalo.

  18. I don’ t think Bills would ever move. They have rich history in the football(3 consecutive superbowl appearance to say the least) and its hard for me to comprehend that the franchise would ever more.

    Lets put this theory to rest.

  19. I’ve never understood the “logic” of why a Jersey boy, like Bon Jovi, would want to move a team out of his country.

  20. What a lying through his teeth loser Jaworski is. This man his ZERO integrity and this proves it. His buddy is Bon Jovi who has already made it known (and anyone who doesn’t see this is ignoring facts) that he intends to move the team to Toronto after the 7yr lease is up in 2019. Ron, are you telling me you don’t know that? and think that Bon Jovi plans to keep them in Buffalo after 2019? What a complete sham. The fact he gets any media coverage to help his pal con people into thinking he is for keeping them in Buffalo is a travesty to common sense.

    Ron, on behalf of the citizens of Western NY, please refrain from declaring you are from this area because it gives us a black eye.

  21. Well, if that’s the case, maybe all he wants to do is rename Ralph Wilson Stadium “Slippery When Wet Arena” and play “Livin’ on a Prayer” instead of the Shout song.

  22. Given Jaws’ track record of being wrong on just about everything, I’d take this report from him as a big OH-OH

  23. The Toronto Bills makes no sense. Toronto already has a CFL team. The Los Angeles Bills makes a heck of a lot of sense and the owners will approve to finally get a team in the #2 TV market in the country.

  24. 1. The Bills are not moving to LA cause LA has proved over the years that they don’t support NFL football.
    2. Ron Jaworski has not lived in Buffalo for over 30 years and could care less if Buffalo gets to keep the Bills. I also wouldnt be surprised if he has some minor skin in BJ’s game.
    3. Toronto has also proved over the years that they would not support NFL games as they like their Argonauts and cant even come close to selling out an NFL game in their tiny stadium.
    4. Either Terry Pegula or Tom Galisano will be the next owner and neither will move the team……

  25. Rodgers group… Who BonJovi is a front man for just released a statement that they are no longer interested in purchasing the Bills.. Pegula will be the owner. The Bills are not leaving Buffalo!! Myself and many other Bills fans have been stating this for months on this site.

  26. I’m baffled anyone actually thinks the Bills might move. There is no other area for them – the Buffalo area is among the strongest fanbases in the sport, especially considering how poorly the organization has played since 1999.

  27. The problem with waiting seven years to move is that there are a l ready plans for a new stadium in the Buffalo area, which means they would have to turn down a brand new stadium to move. NFL bylaws state that teams can only move if they don’t have a suitable stadium or an agreement to build one. Moving will be tough as long as NYS and Erie county build a stadium in the next 7 years.

  28. gmen32 says: Jul 1, 2014 7:12 AM

    The Bon Jovi bid is quickly becoming a “Gong Show”. Good luck getting 24 of 31 owners to buy into the, “we have no plans to move the team” line. Relax Bills Fans, your team in not moving north. Let it stay in Buffalo, where loyal fans know how to passionately support a team.

    You are dead on. I don’t think there is any cause to worry… Getting 24 of 31 Team Owners to believe in the hype that he has no plans to relocate the team in the near future is a long shot at best. If Bon Jovi is legitimately interested in becoming a partial Owner in the big boys league, then he needs to reassure the 31 owners and football community that Buffalo is the only place for the Bills. Besides, the NFL is not ready to put a team in another Country, even if it is only a few miles away from the current home of an NFL team.

  29. “He would never move the team from Buffalo to Toronto. He would just play 7 home games in Toronto. He really wants to party with the mayor.” – Ron Jawarski on Jon Bon Jovi

    Whatever. Neither Jaws nor Bon Jovi have been relevant in at least 20 years.

  30. Jaworski is the most pompous idiotic talking head in the freakin world
    He didn’t win crap and doesn’t know crap ESPN likes him cause he knows how to be controversial and dramatic which is great when you actually make sense this guy is lowering our football IQ every time he speaks.

  31. …and what even gives Jaws the urge to speak on this..he has nothing to do with the Bills and is probably lying right through his teeth to try and help his buddy get the team.

  32. Why would Jaworski lie (or, perhaps viewed in a light more favorable, make a broad mental reservation)? Bon Jovi is just doing business. Bills fans can accept that. What Jaworski did here was straightforward shilling. Hard to respect him after that.

    Poorly played, Jaws.

  33. This article misses the point entirely. There is no way Bon Jovi should be allowed to own a professional team. His views on prayer and soul (Google Bon Jovi prayer or Bon Jovi soul) are clearly offensive to a large majority of people.

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