Justin Tuck still surprised he’s not still a Giant

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Considering the Giants didn’t make much of an offer, or make him seem like a priority, Justin Tuck probably shouldn’t be surprised he’s former Giant.

But he is.

Tuck told Conor Orr of the Newark Star-Ledger he’s still a bit surprised he’s a Raider now.

“To answer your question, I am still surprised I’m not a New York Giant,” Tuck said.

The two-year, $11 million deal was enough to send him west, which still baffles some Giants fans.

“The only thing weird is when you see Giants fans who have a tendency to tell you how stupid [the team] is,” Tuck said. “Those are their words, not mine. But yeah, it was weird. You spend nine years in one place. You have a lot of success there and a lot of great friends. So yeah, it’s going to be weird but I understand the business side of things and you need to move forward.”

The Giants were likely banking on some good will from Tuck, since their offer was around half of what the Raiders were willing to give him. And since he wasn’t willing to blink, a new address shouldn’t come as a surprise to him.

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  1. When you turned down their offer of $6,000,000 for the Raiders offer of $11,000,000 … that should have been a clue.

  2. He got his rings, now he can get more money playing for a mediocre team, in a sewage scented stadium.

  3. time will tell if the giants lower cost replacements can perform at the same level as Tuck was. Sure seems like the once dominant NYG defense is no more with all the people they’ve let leave the past couple yrs.

  4. I am surprised too he was solid against the run. Had good sack totals, granted it was inflated in a couple games, but what DE would say no thanks. The giants have 7mil in cap space with Baas gone. On defense the questions are on DL, DE and Tuck plays both.. I didn’t think this was a good move, now in saying that I also thought letting Shockey go was a bad move and of course the Giants decision turned out to be right..

  5. As an Eagles fan, Im happy he is in Oakland.

    And I applaud the Giants FO for being so cheap and allowing a very good player to walk away with no immediate replacement.

    Tuck got us quite a few times over the last 9 years.

  6. Every legendary HOF coach has noted he stayed with “his guys” too long, out of loyalty for what had been. Teams today understand unless you have a true HOF player at a position, retooling and getting younger has to be a near-constant. The Giants saw what happened with their offensive line when they tried to get extra mileage out of it… they can’t afford to have that happen on the defensive line now. Strahan is a deserved HOF member, but Osi and Tuck never got to his level, and thus they’re gone.

  7. In the Giants’ defense, $6,000,000 in New Jersey dollars is like $10.5 million if they were a NY team.

  8. “And I applaud the Giants FO for being so cheap and allowing a very good player to walk away with no immediate replacement.”

    DeSean Jackson and Michael Vick say hi.

  9. Giant offer was probably a little under Tuck’s true market value but not as bad as it has been portrayed. The Raiders overpaid him.

    Giants had so many needs going into the off-season at the point in which the decision was made, looking for a home team discount was not unreasonable. The fact that the Raiders swooped in to overpay doesn’t mean the Giants needed to move off their position.

    Tuck had every right to take his last pay day but he did have a choice… So yes, Gantt is right, no surprise here.

  10. it’s all good, all he knows is the giants…so understandable……just wait ….you are part of the raider nation….now lets just see if you are a raider.

    Go Raiders…Hate on Haters!

  11. The rest of the NFL East won’t miss him. He did a lot of damage against everyone over his career. And the Raiders, on paper anyway, may not have a completely terrible team this year.

  12. Better to say goodbye a year too early than a year too late. Giants knew what they were doing. Good luck in Oakland. See you at an alumni function in 5 years.

  13. 11 mil. seems like a lot of money but it is over TWO years which averages to 5.5 mil. per season which is not overly outlandish for an upper-tier d-lineman. Also, I’m not sure what the guaranteed amount was but if it’s not over 4 mil. then again the deal looks like a reasonable risk even in the worse-case scenario that his career hits the wall this year or next.

  14. Justin Tuck of course thinks of himself as a Giant, he won championships there, he was a team leader there. He’s only in Oakland for the money. His heart is with NY.

  15. Another Oakland over-payment. (ref, Larry Walker, Warren Sapp, Jerry Rice, Aaron Brooks, Carson Palmer, Javon Walker, Jones-Drew, Schaub etc…etc…etc…)

  16. As a NY Giants season ticket holder, this was simple.

    Tuck did not play well 3.5 of the last 4 seasons. (Hurt, etc). He turned it on at the end of the year. Was it because he was playing for a contract? Was he finally healthy? Who knows.

    But, who would the Giants have gotten if they signed him to a bigger deal? The same player who underperformed for 3.5 years – or the player who turned it on at the end?

    In a salary cap league – every dollar you spend on one player – is one less dollar you can use later. 2 years 6 million was good value. 2 years 11 million was a risky deal.

    Thanks for all you did in NY – but good luck in Oakland

  17. Continuing to wallow in the fact your not a Giant…

    Probably makes the Giants feel they made the right move.

    Your too old to pay the money!

    Forget about the girl that dumped you.

    The too step up kick some ass and show the Giants they made the mistake!

    Take the grin of the ex girlfriends face!

    (Don’t broadcast the fact you miss her)

  18. It was time for Justin to take a pay cut but he did what gave him more money.did he really expect 10mill for his play last couple years!? Good luck with Oakland justin.you should a took the Giants offer

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