Linta: Hoyer’s value won’t be known until November 1 at earliest


The Browns want to sign quarterback Brian Hoyer to an extension.  Hoyer’s agent, Joe Linta, believes it’s too early to figure out Hoyer’s value.

So when will the time be right to work something out?  Linta tells PFT via email that two future dates loom for assessing his value:  November 1 and the end of the season.

Implied in that position is that Hoyer, who enters the final year of his current deal, won’t be inclined to agree to a new contract before November 1.  Of course, that doesn’t stop the Browns from making a bird-in-the-hand offer that Hoyer will have a hard time rejecting, especially as he continues to recover from a torn ACL.  Despite any reluctance to do a deal prematurely, there’s surely a number that would get Hoyer’s attention.

Ultimately, the question is whether the Browns view Hoyer as a potential starter or as the Kirk Cousins-style understudy to a young, mobile quarterback who may get injured sooner than later.  The decision to trade from No. 26 to No. 22 to get Johnny Manziel strongly suggests that Manziel will be the starter at some point.  So what will they pay for a guy who possibly will be the stop-gap starter to begin the season and the break-glass option in the event that Manziel breaks something once he gets the job?

Whatever the Browns envision, if they choose to put their best deal on the table now, Hoyer possibly will take it after weighing the pros and cons and realizing that the two in the bush may not be all that easy to catch.

If Hoyer ends up starting for the entire season and playing well enough to keep Manziel on the bench, it could be very difficult to keep Hoyer beyond 2014, since someone else in a quarterback-starved league will take notice of Hoyer’s performance and dangle the kind of money that suggests he’ll compete to be the starter in a new city.

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  1. This silliness in determing Hoyer’s value can only happen in Cleveland.

    Has Hoyer emerged as a legit NFL starting QB yet? For those who think so, you only need to compare Hoyer’s best career games with Philly’s Nick Foles’ average game. If you do, there is no way you can sell Hoyer as a franchise QB based on his sparse and unremarkable career to date.

    The Browns would do better to avoid tying themselves to a QB that was not good enough to keep by the Patriots and Cards.

    Of course, Hoyer’s agent is hoping the Browns remain true to their fumble-bumble past and overpay to keep a NFL journeyman caliber QB.

  2. He better get the money before then, one injury and he is 3rd string all over again.
    The best thing for Hoyer is to tie up top end back-up money for 4 years.
    If he starts beyond the week 4 bye great, but if he gets hurt or has a couple of mediocre games Johnny will be in there and then he gets mediocre back-up pay.

  3. Oh yeah cause a player’s value is an exact science and we will know what that number is on that date. Silly. He has a value like every other player has a value that is the value on that given day, and it can potentially change each day. So the value can change from one’s perspective, but the value of every player could be known any time the person asking the question wants to compute the answer for that given snapshot in time.

    This comment should scare the team away from wanting to pay his player if he is going to play cryptic games like that. I’d just trade him and be done with it, forget it.

  4. These guys are really banking on a 6 year backup’s reconstructive ACL.

    Cash in now and RUN! If you do turn out to be so good then hold out for more or just sign a 2 year deal.

    If Brian Boyer retired at this time last year Johnny manziel would have his own iphone app like lebrick James.

  5. Pretty simple, his value would be based on league average , if he should start more than X amount of games or take <X% of snaps over a 16 game season, his amount should increase with certain escalators!

  6. If Hoyer plays it right, Johnny will be muffing it by then, or out on IR. Hoyer will come in and win half of the games….the best Cleveland will ever do–is be 8-8. And then they all stand around in Browns town and ask…what about Manziel. But Johnny will find his money phone making the call….only find out it is only funny money. The End.

  7. First, I have to ask whether the Browns have learned from the Derek Anderson debacle, who played legitimately well in 2007 and led the Browns to a 10-6 record. Hoyer has not yet even played at the level of 2007 DA yet. He played a couple games at about the league average level of efficiency (racking up a fair amount of yards, but not a good ypa due to huge number of attempts), which I guess for the Browns is a significant improvement over Weeden.

    If you’re a journeyman QB like Brian Hoyer, and you’ve been cut a couple times and had your knee shredded recently, you better take what you can get while it’s still being offered. I’m not a Steelers fan, but I could totally see this deal being pulled after a 3 INT, 150 yard showing with a QBR of 20 against the Steelers in Week 1.

  8. I don’t know why this seems so deficult for some to comprehend.

    A. Johnny Manziel is only 21 and had two more years of college eligability left so starting him right away isn’t a must and is not recommended by most coaches.

    B. Hoyer played well enough to be put into the starter conversation and turned a lot of heads in the league (not to mention getting his coaching staff fired for not playing like the 3rd stringer they pegged him to be). If he starts the season (which I’m 80% sure he will) then obviously his worth would be dependant on how well he does. Fact is if the guy plays lights out and IS the second coming of Tom Brady then he would be pretty dumb to re-sign with Cleveland for any price when he can go after a Matt Flynn contract somewhere else and actually play.

    The Browns are just trying to secure the guy in order to be able to dictate when Manziel plays (IE what the Ravens attempted to do with Flacco when they planned on starting Troy Smith). Hoyers agent is just doing the smart thing by making sure his client gets the best deal available to him.

  9. So if Hoyer wins the starters job wouldn’t that lessen the chance of us getting to see Manziel lying motionless on his back with little spit bubbles coming from his mouth?

  10. Clever move by Browns. Hoyer balks at extension Cleveland has an excuse to move Manzell to starter. They will not allow (or should not) Hoyer to build value at their expense.

    If Hoyer signs for reasonable back up $$$ Browns have a solid back up while the develop Conner Shaw. It’s win-win for Browns

  11. I think that Hoyer should take the money while they’re offering it. That way his pay GREATLY increases right now, even if it isn’t millions upon millions per year… and if he becomes a legit stud starter and keeps Manziel planted on the bench, he can always get a new contract. That kind of thing happens all the time in the NFL these days if a guy with a crappy (and new) contract all of a sudden becomes a beast. And honestly, here in Cleveland… if Hoyer got us to be a perennial playoff contender or even Super Bowl contender, they’d be driving trucks full of cash up his driveway without him even needing to ask.

  12. Okay then, start Hoyer until the Bye week. Let him take the beating. See how Manziel and Shaw progress. If one of them can start, then let Hoyer sit on the bench, lowering his stats, until his agent comes around. You still have Thigpen as a fallback.

    I wish only the best for the Browns but I would be d*mned to let an employee dictate his playing time to me. Hoyer has only started what, 3 games for them, and now he wants “Starter Pay”? Prove yourself over at least 1 full season, and earn that money.

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