Mike Mitchell brings chip on shoulder with him to Pittsburgh


Steelers safety Mike Mitchell feels like he was overlooked last season when he was a member of the Panthers.

Carolina’s defense was given much of the credit for their NFC South title, but most of the praise went to Greg Hardy, Luke Kuechly and others in the front seven. Mitchell feels that focus gave too little credit to the work he did in the secondary, leaving a chip on his shoulder as he fit free agency. Mitchell says he’s “at the point of my career where it’s time to prove it” and he plans to use that chip as motivation in his first season in Pittsburgh.

“I don’t really care about Pro Bowl. I want to be All-Pro. I have to do what I did last year again plus get better,” Mitchell said, via ESPN.com. “A lot of times last year people were talking about the front seven I played with and they were very talented. Sometimes you’re overlooked, but that’s just another chip to put on my shoulder and play football.”

The Steelers entered the offseason in need of some more playmakers on their defense and hope that Mitchell’s drive to prove his worth as a top safety provides some of what they’ve been lacking. If he can pull that off, chances are he won’t feel quite so unnoticed at this time next year.

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  1. I feel like he’s going to fit in very well in Pittsburgh with his physical style of play. I love Ryan Clark and appreciate everything he did for the Steelers, but his play really regressed last season and Mitchell looks to be a major upgrade at safety.

  2. leaving a chip on his shoulder as he fit free agency.

    but that’s just another chip to put on my shoulder and play football.”

    Note to all players, every one of you claims to have a chip on your shoulder therefore you’re all equally slighted so shut up already. You’re a professional football player. I’ll trade with you any time.

  3. All these poor millionaire football players are victims. Life has definitely dealt them a raw deal.

  4. Raven, Bungle and Brown fans better hope Mitchell is all talk.
    If he’s not….Here come the Pittsburgh Steelers….Again.

  5. .
    I still cannot figure out why Carolina would let a self described, top tier safety go in free agency. There’s a league wide shortage at that position. Very few teams field two quality starters.

  6. Mitchell is going to make a big difference in that secondary. He might not be the first name you think of when you think top flight NFL safeties, but if he is able to generate a few turnovers this year it will be a giant step in the right direction.

  7. From what I have heard, Mitchell has already shown he’s going to be a huge upgrade. Polamalu has even been talking him up all minicamp. I love all the fear the Steelers have caused this off season, the division is 100% scared, just look at the comments on every Steelers story. I’m just glad the Ravens had their run, now when we smack their neck off their body they will have to suck it up and her in place. America’s team is back.

  8. Listen, as a Raider fan, I liked Mitchell’s heart and work ethic (see Terrell Pryor), but he is not an “All-Pro” safety. Heck, I wouldn’t even consider him a starting safety for that matter! He is a major liability in coverage and gets lost a lot in open space. He would be be better suited to move to LB where he can use his body more. Without a solid d-line and LB corps in front of him this year, I don’t see him cracking the starting lineup and having much of an impact.

  9. Anyway you look at it, this guy will make the steelers secondary better.

    Yes but moving from the catchment pond back into the sewer pipe really isn’t much of an upgrade.

  10. the only thing Steelers opponents fear is that big belt Ben may fall on them when he is huffing and puffing after a defender that picked off another one of his errant throws

  11. $10 says both Dalton and Flacco try to knock that chip off his shoulder with a football.

  12. Out of all the guys not returning to the panthers this year I felt like this was the worst one, and yes even more than 89, Mitchell was an absolute monster last year and I really wish we would have kept him, great pickup by Pittsburgh!

  13. Only time Mitchell was “good” was when he had a brutal pass rush in front of him. He’s stiff in coverage. Yes, he’s a hitter….but that’s it. He will be a free agent next year, I bet ya. If he could cover, he wouldn’t be on his 3rd team.

  14. I wish the Eagles would have signed him with Jenkins.

    I really think Mitchell is an underrated player. I cant believe they let him walk.

    Great signing by Pittsburgh.

  15. “If he could cover, he wouldn’t be on his 3rd team.”

    Really? Exactly how many teams has Revis been on? By your logic, Deion Sanders must have played his entire career in one city.

    Nice try troll. smh

  16. He’s definitely an upgrade over the last two years of Ryan Clark, that’s for sure. He also has the flexibility the Steelers require from their players, as he’s fast/quick enough to play free safety and strong/big/physical enough to play strong safety. Clark and Polamalu were often interchangeable, which makes game planning harder for the other team and better for the Steelers. Mitchell and Polamalu, and Shamarko Thomas and anyone else for that matter, have to be as well.

  17. Mitchell is a great player, –Panther’s didn’t ‘let him walk’ We just didn’t have the scratch to pay for him. Our loss is your gain.
    On the down side, he’ guaranteed to cost you 2-3 personal fouls every year. Hopefully they wont cost you a seat at the table.

    Panther Nation

  18. I love how he pointed out the talented front seven he had in front of him, a talented front seven can hide a players deficiencies. On a side note he should be more worried about his craft than being overlooked cause it would be bad if Shamarko leapfrogged him.

  19. Mike is decent. But the front seven helped him out more than he thinks. He will. Are plays, but overall he will have some costly penalties this season. Great leadership. Great passion. Average safety

  20. Those making negative comments about Mike should be happy then, he is not on your team. I think he has the potential to make a solid impact for the Steelers, an improvement from what they were able to put on the field the past few years. Therefore I am happy the Steelers have him, and the naysayers are happy their team does not have him. Everybody is happy! Nice.

  21. I can’t wait to see his “chip” taken out on the Browns, Bengals & Ravens! Lol

    I think he’s going to be great for the steelers. Surely younger and more athletic than Clark has been the last few years – although, probably not as intelligent and not as much as a leader. It’s time for Troy and Ike to step up in those areas

  22. I’ve been waiting for Pittsburgh to get Polamalu some help. Ryan Clark was alright he hits and helps on the run I can’t ask too much more from a safetyother than get your arszszss back in to your zone. However, if we’re scheduled against Denver he was gauranteed to miss at least 1 game if we play there with his sicklecell Biz so in comes a second string bum in an AFC matchup WE NEED. The reason we lost to tebow in the playoffs because Ryan would’ve dinged him but now we have Mr. Mitchell who also dings, he’s younger and he runs a 4.45. This is the Help Polamalu needs. I hope we run a lot of nickel and get Shamarko Polo involved, he fell and still ran a 4.3. My Defense has returned to Glory and OMG Joey Porter is assistant Animal Handler. #7 Is overdue

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