Patrick Peterson: Falcons have toughest WR duo

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Julio Jones recently staked claim to the imaginary offseason title of the best receiving duo in the NFL (along with Falcons teammate Roddy White).

For what it’s worth, Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson isn’t arguing.

“The best duo in the NFL, I’d probably have to say that’s pretty accurate,” Peterson told D. Orlando Ledbetter of the Atlanta Journal Constitution. “Both of those guys are Pro Bowl caliber receivers, both of them are All-Pro caliber receivers. Both of them do a lot of good things for Matt Ryan to make his job a little easier. But to say they are the best tandem, I’d probably have to say that he’s probably right.”

Peterson said that as an individual receiver, Lions wideout Calvin Johnson was the toughest matchup.

“He’s just so big, fast, agile and he’s very quick,” Peterson said. “To be that big and move that well is unbelievable.”

On that score, Peterson might hear some arguments from teammate Larry Fitzgerald, who he works against in practice every day.

While it’s hard to argue with the Falcons’ tandem, we’re sure someone will come up with something in the next three weeks, when important things start happening.

40 responses to “Patrick Peterson: Falcons have toughest WR duo

  1. I’m sorry, you said what? I was laughing so hard I thought you said ‘best receiving duo’.

  2. Calvin Johnson is 2 inches taller, 20 lbs heavier, and runs the 40 in .28 seconds faster than Larry Fitzgerald.

    You can’t take anything away from Fitz, but Calvin Johnson is a freak of nature.

  3. Such a waste of time discussion. Crown their a$$es the best duo. Fine.

    But it’s been pretty hard to keep both of them on the field together long enough to catch Matty Ice hail-marys.

  4. Well sure you’re going to say Megatron when he beats you on a slant for 80 yards and a jump ball in the endzone for 2 TD’s

  5. Calvin is a BEAST!!

    Dont tell the little cub Bears in chicago that Peterson thinks the Falcons have the best duo. The little bears think they have it with marshall and jeffery…which is funny.

  6. What is the deal with the constant barrage of players telling us who is the best whatever? Best running back, best wide receiver, best wide receiver duo, best quarterback-wide receiver combination, who is a top 5 quarterback. I know we’re in a the sports abyss until training camps open, but do these guys have anything else to talk about?

  7. Megatron makes everything look very easy. As far as best duo, I would give it to the Falcons two years ago, but now I’m thinking Marshall and Jefferies. That’s what happens when you’re injured.

  8. I might be wrong and I’m way too lazy to look it up, but I don’t think Patrick ever actually played the combo of Jeffery/Marshall. So yeah, pretty easy to see where he said that from.

    It’s an interesting discussion, because The Chicago duo and the Atlanta duo have only really had one year together. When Jones/White were on fire, Jeffery was hurt for quite a few games and only had 300 or 400 yards by season’s end. And Julio got hurt last year, allowing Chicago to be the best last year.

    Hopefully no injuries for either side and we can have a real head-to-head.

  9. that’s cute the lions fans have enough distance from their aborted defeat from the jaws of victory end of the season to start talking smack about better teams again

  10. While Detroit’s Calvin Johnson is a one-man wrecking ball, he’s not a duo. Chicago’s Marshall and Jeffrey currently get my vote, and I’m a Packer fan. I would put Nelson/Cobb pretty close, they will be a handful if they stay healthy. The NFC North is bowling ball of knives on offense this year. Well, except for that little sister to the West that still can’t make ante to the adult game.

  11. The toughest WR duo doesn’t mean jack if you can’t protect your own QB, or sack the other one. Dirty Birds lay another egg in 2014. Quack Quack.

  12. Funny how fans of other teams get so defensive when something like this comes out. Peterson was asked a question and answered it. He would know. Doesn’t mean it’s the gospel. And really, what does it matter… football is a team sport. Great WRs and no OL /defense equals the 2013 4-12 Falcons. A bad record doesn’t mean those 2 guys aren’t fantastic (which they are).

  13. I go back and forth and whether Jones/White or Marshall/Jeffery is the superior duo, though if we were to add in TEs I’d give the nod to the Bears. Hopefully all 4 WRs(and the QBs throwing to them) stay healthy all year so we can see for sure.

  14. I go back and forth and whether Jones/White or Marshall/Jeffery is the superior duo, though if we were to add in TEs I’d give the nod to the Bears. Hopefully all 4 WRs (and the QBs throwing to them) stay healthy all year so we can see for sure.

  15. Roddy White wasn’t part of the best WR duo back when he was at his best, let alone now, and Julio Jones isn’t great enough to carry him to the top.

    Marshall and Alshon Jeffrey are tops right now. Maybe at this time next year it will be Calvin Johnson and Golden Tate, but…

  16. The best at every position are the players on the Super Bowl champions. Nobody else matters. Statistics and all-pro honors are for losers.
    As of this year, Golden Tate and Doug Baldwin were the best receiver combo in the NFL. Russell Wilson the best QB..etc.etc.etc.

  17. I obviously don’t have the experience that Peterson has but as a fan I think Marshal and Jeffery are the best duo. It’s hard to compete with the size, strength, and speed they have.

  18. He’s returning the favor they did when they said he was better than Sherman. It’s a love-fest between divisional 3rd placers.

  19. White has lost a step for this duo to be #1. I have to agree that Marshall and Jeffry are the current duo to beat. The new combo that might challenge this season is Megatron & Golden Tate.

  20. It’s pretty funny how fans of other teams seem to think the opponent is so terrible simply out of hatred. Even when someone who actually plays the game and actually plays against the player(s) gives their opinion they still have to bad mouth the opposition.

    Clue…both Jones and White wouldn’t have good numbers if Ryan was sooooo terrible and couldn’t throw the ball to them.

    It’s always a good discussion when people can intelligently discuss their views as opposed to constantly trashing the other players simply because they are on a team that you hate.

  21. I’d ask Peanut ‘the punch’ Tillman how he covers Calvin so well…considering he’s giving up at least 4-5 inches in height.

  22. Lol at fans who think being a player in the NFL somehow magically makes you this objective infallible genius when it comes to evaluating all talent around the league…

    Have you seen the Pro Bowl voting results? Top 100 player rankings? Press conferences? Wonderlic scores? Arrest records?

    Shut up.

    (Of course, being a Raiders fan, the average NFL player probably is much smarter than you).

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