Report: Lane Johnson facing four-game PED suspension


The Eagles may need to find themselves a replacement right tackle for the first four games of the regular season.

Paul Domowitch of the Philadelphia Daily News reports that tackle Lane Johnson faces a four-game suspension for violating the league’s performance enhancing drug policy. If the suspension goes through as reported, Johnson would miss games against the Jaguars, Colts, Redskins and 49ers before returning for a Week Five date with Chris Long, Robert Quinn and the Rams.

The Eagles have Allen Barbre on hand as an option at right tackle and the Eagles like him enough that they signed him to an extension this offseason. Bumping Barbre up to the starting lineup would leave the Eagles short on experienced depth, however, and that’s something that might be useful even when Johnson is in the lineup so the Eagles could make a move before training camp.

If Johnson is suspended, he will join linebacker Jake Knott as Eagles players kicking off the 2014 season on the suspended list.

66 responses to “Report: Lane Johnson facing four-game PED suspension

  1. The Eagles can handle those first three teams without Lane Johnson. The Niners in Game 4 could be a bit more challenging.

  2. Big guys beat up little guys. In other news, the Eagles trade a pick for 5’5″ Darren Sproles.

    It will be fun watching Chip’s gig unravel.

  3. If suspended a big hit to Philly this dude is a good ballplayer. As a Skins fan great news to us. I will never understand how professional athletes can get caught up in PEDS…next he’s going to say he didn’t know that what he took had a banned a pro athlete and your body is how you make money very stupid and selfish…

  4. Quid pro quo: Colts and Eagles should mutually agree to allow Mathis and Johnson to play Week 2.

  5. Seahawks have not had a PED suspension since 2012 and only 1 of them remains on the team while other teams are racking them up. Teams have gladly signed our cast offs even with the PED suspensions which proves that they don’t care. We get rid of PED guys and other teams gobble them up. This only proves how jealous and ignorant people are. Does it really hurt that much that the Seahawks are a good team? We have a ring now and no one can take that away. I love the fact that people have so much hate, it wouldn’t be that way if we sucked like your teams do even while signing our PED cast offs!

  6. It’s funny because the guy that is replacing the PED suspended Johnson is a guy Seattle got rid of because of a PED suspension. We dump them and everyone else scrambles to sign them.

  7. Wow, a top five draft pick will turn out to be a dud who has to revert to PEDS to perform.

    Top Five HAS to perform as a top-notch LT, and thus a huge disappointment in year two.

  8. Lane why couldn’t you just have assaulted or killed someone? That way you would have just been fined and had a stern talking to from the commish.

  9. Could you imagine if the Dolphins selected Johnson over Dion Jordan and with the Pouncey injury they would be out a starting tackle and center. There would have been riots in Miami!!!

  10. 4th player selected in the first round, last year who played pretty well. High character guy with an impecible record. Something is very wrong if he has been using PED’s. It probably means that the use among players is rampant.
    This should be a very big story. I hope that the truth comes out.

  11. According to eagle fans it’s no problem at all and their back ups are hall of fame quality. “In chip we trust” and so on and so fourth, blah blah blah.

  12. For supposedly being on PEDs he’s not really that big or ripped. He’s hella tall, but not very thick.

  13. What is the constant infatuation of PED conversations with the Seahawks?

    Who on the Seahawks had a PED suspension? Backup LB?

    Who on other NFL teams have been busted for PED? A long list…

    Why are the Seahawks singled out? Is it because it’s a jealous thing as to why they’re so good at such a young age and excuses to be made after they win 3 SB’s in a 5 year stretch?

  14. Anyone who gets busted for a positive PED test should pull a David Ortiz and tell the media that he’ll get to the bottom of it, then hope no one ever brings it up again.

    Don’t laugh, it actually worked!

  15. Not an Eagles fan, but you all should remember to not throw rocks in a glass house. It very easily could have been a player from your team.

    I don’t agree with PED usage, but it’s easy to understand that with extreme expectations, competition, and every player risking a single play ending their career of why they risk it.

  16. This could be done as an old school you can’t do that on television nickelodeon skit. All the eagles could be standing around johnson and johnson says “what do you think is in the smoothies”. Then chip kelly pokes his head around the corner with a crazy look on his face and say ” dye heard that.” Loved that show. Especially the skit about stopping the execution. What is it now allister? Great stuff that you could never do today.

  17. John Moffitt
    Allen Barbre
    Winston Guy
    Walter Thurmond
    Brandon Browner
    Bruce Irvin.
    Richard Sherman – where there’s smoke there fire…and this clown is a raging inferno

    Those are just the players we know about….
    *****Seadderall Cheathawks*****
    RX Bowl Champs 2014!!!

  18. The Minnesota Vikings are reportedly trying to acquire fans via trade with the Seahawks after years of sucking and missing the playoffs.

    …whine some more about everyone that is better at life than me.

  19. Who on the list made a contribution during the SB season that was actually busted?

    Any offensive players on the list? Beast Mode? Wilson? Okung? Baldwin? Harvin? Miller?

    Didn’t think so…..

    Let’s grab a list of mainly pot smokers and maybe Adderall which is LEGAL in the NFL that had minimal contribution to the 2013-14 season and then lump them in a PED list like they’re still on the team.

    Quite pathetic by jealous opposing fans. Insecurity at it’s finest and Hawk fans can see right through it….

    Dynasty is approaching…. Who in the NFC can de-rail this fast moving train? Nobody has a complete team from the QB to the #1 NFL defense, to the power running game, to the speed at WR, to the best kicker in the NFL.

    It’s over…. for other fans that think there’s hope for a 2014-15 SB. Hawks hoist back to back…. THat’s a tough pill to swallow…

  20. Hey morons: the Redskins have more PED suspensions than the Seahawks do since the 2010 offseason.

    Yup, people are going to gimme the thumbs down for facts because it isn’t a fun narrative.

    Hey moron Seahawks fans (which includes me): if you guys would stop getting so hurt every time another fan speaks ill of the Seahawks they would simply stop doing it.

    Yup, Seahawks fans are going to gimme the thumbs down now too.

  21. John Moffitt – Tested positive in 2011. Had subscription for adderall but didn’t register it with the league. Hasn’t been on the team in 2 years. Also not good at covertly urinating in public.

    Allen Barbre – Didn’t even play for the Seahawks. Acquired, tested positive, immediately cut.

    Winston Guy – Who? Played limitedly in 2 games his rookie season in 2012, tested positive, then got cut from the Seahawks the following offseason.

    Walter Thurmond – Tested positive for substance abuse, not PED’s. Nice try.

    Brandon Browner – Busted in 2012. No longer on team.

    Bruce Irvin – Over a year ago, the only player who tested positive on this list still on the team.

    Richard Sherman – If the cup is cracked, the test is whack. Never suspended.

    So, 1 player still on the roster who has had a PED suspension. That one was over a year ago, the others were before that. Give it up Viking fans. No matter how many players test positive around the league, your team still sucks and probably will forever.

  22. Attention all NFC east fans, it’s hilarious how defensive all of you come off. Talk is cheap!

  23. And all this Chip Kelly back to college stuff is literally stupid. You all just wish he was your coach.

  24. D-Jax gone and now his RT suspended for four games, the NFL having an entire off-season to study his offense—with or without remote control car—welcome to the real NFL Chip Kelly. You snuck up on the league last year. We see you coming very clearly this year. A mouthy running back, a top receiver with his knee one year away from shreds, another racist receiver and a mediocre defense. Since only one team from the NFC East gets into the playoffs, looks like your season is over. Sorry, this isn’t Oregon.

  25. I can’t wait for the Seahawks to go bacto the days of Jim Zorn,Steve Largent Dave Krieg Kenny Easley and Curt Warner. They were Irrelevant and much likeable.

  26. Allen Barbre started 7 games at right tackle for the Packers in 2009 while Tauscher was recovering from an injury. I can honestly say he was one of the five worst multiple-game starters I’ve ever seen in an NFL game. I have no clue how he is still in the NFL. The Eagles need to find a better option than him unless they want Foles to get killed.

  27. The NFL is a joke….every lineman, RB, LB, S in the league juices. The ones in the news are the ones that get caught! Grown men who workout and eat muscle building foods for 4+ years suddenly put on 15-20lbs….every year there’s 4 or 5 on a team. Duhh…it’s juice.

  28. Seahawks had a problem with it, dealt with it, and moved on.

    Other teams have a problem with it, let their fans make excuses, and will get busted again.

  29. I wish this and other reports like this, about other players, actually listed the substance the player was busted for. Using blanket statements like “Lane Johnson facing four-game PED suspension” doesn’t say anything other than the player was suspended for using something the NFL doesn’t allow, which could be one of many things. Depending on what it actually is could paint an entirely different picture of the person in the minds of the fans. Using generalized statements only helps destroy people’s reputation.

  30. I don’t wish chip Kelly was my coach. I have Tom Coughlin.

    Justin Pugh is better than Lane without steroids.

    The Eagles are an absolute joke of a franchise. How do you try for something for 50+ years, fail at it, and actually think people should respect you?

    You’re cheating and couldn’t even win a playoff game.

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