Report: Report “favorable” to Kluwe coming soon

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While not as widely anticipated or potentially as notorious as the Ted Wells report regarding the harassment on Jonathan Martin in Miami, another investigative report arising from a complaint made by an NFL player is coming soon.

And Mike Freeman of Bleacher Report reports that the report will be “favorable” to Kluwe.  Reportedly.

That means the report likely will be unfavorable to Vikings special-teams coordinator Mike Priefer, who was retained by new coach Mike Zimmer after the termination of Leslie Frazier.

Kluwe claims that Priefer made homophobic comments in Kluwe’s presence, and that the Vikings ultimately cut Kluwe in retaliation for his gay-rights activism.

The Vikings hired outside lawyers to conduct the investigation, and Kluwe has from time to time expressed concern that the investigation would sweep the situation under the rug.  If the report about the report is correct, that won’t be the case.

50 responses to “Report: Report “favorable” to Kluwe coming soon

  1. The BEST organization in sports will not stand for this.

    The Minnesota Vikings have power above everyone.

    We created the game of football as you know it.


  2. No surprise re. the above comments already offered on a report that has yet to be released. Appears to be jumping the gun, somewhat.

  3. The Wilfs will pay for the report but since they got the lawyers through Jimmy Haslam they’re expecting a rebate.

  4. Kluwe is such a joke. Now that every team realized hes just an average punter, he can use more of his time to level up his level 46 mage.

  5. There is a tweet out there indicating the report is expected to also reveal the location of Jimmy Hoffa’s body, and how it relates to the JFK assasination

  6. I got an idea: How about a debate between Kluwe and Todd Sauerbrun? Pick any issue. I’d pay $100 to watch that.

  7. He may not get another job but he will be able to sue if it favors him. Either way it would prove he was right all along which will shut up all the people defending the coach’s behavior.

  8. I was starting to wonder if that taxpayer-funded boondoggle they call the purple palace would be completed before this report was released…

    I hear they’re getting the 3rd largest crane in the world, amazing what you can afford when the taxpayer is footing the bill.

  9. most players gain popularity on the field. others tried to use things like this to get famous. kluwe, you’re an average punter and should invest the rest of your time working on your punting skills.
    hope you’ll never be signed again hahaha.

  10. There are two aspects to this. It’s possible that the report could be favorable to Kluwe in that someone stepped forward and confirmed his allegations against Mike Priefer. If that happened, then some disciplinary action against Priefer may be coming, but I doubt he’ll be fired at this point. Zimmer stuck his neck out for Priefer by keeping him on with this hanging over his head.

    Even if the above proves true, proving the Vikings canned Kluwe because of his outspoken views is much harder. The facts are plain and obvious: Kluwe was cut because the Vikings choose a cheaper, younger alternative, and Kluwe’s performance was in decline. Those kinds of moves happen every year on every NFL team.

  11. What is this “gay rights” thing you speak of? Are gays forbidden from buying property? Are they forbidden from getting an education? Do they have to use separate bathrooms, water fountains and restaurants?

    Real people actually died fighting for civil rights back in the day. There is no comparison.

  12. I must have missed something. Over a thousand players get cut from NFL teams every year and the team isn’t required to give a reason. Maybe the Vikings did cut Kluwe because they were sick of his distractions. So what? Didn’t he have a contract that stated the contract could be terminated by the club at any time?

  13. He probably did say those things, but it was probably jokingly or to get under Kluwe’s skin, which is usually the case when one expresses an opinion that extreme. Kluwe waited until he got booted off the team to make an issue out of it. It begs the question of whether we would be hearing about any of this if Kluwe left the Vikings on his own terms.

  14. Hey if the guy said that disgusting crap, he should be punished like any employee would — which is usually a suspension and some sort of sensitivity class.

    If his acts resulted in adverse employment action against Kluwe, then he should be canned and Kluwe has the right to seek damages accordingly.

    However, most any objective observation is that he didn’t suffer adverse employment action. The Vikes had no obligation to renew his contract, the guy who made that decision wasn’t his position coach, they went with a cheaper more talented version, and Kluwe hasn’t been able to find a job since due to his eroding physical skills.

  15. Kluwe should be admired for supporting those less fortunate than himself and giving them a voice where they have none.

    The neanderthal bullying mentality has to go. It no longer fits. The real problem in Minnesota is the fact that so many “fans” have the same neanderthal “me tuff, you weak…I give you girls name…ha ha” mindset.

  16. The report will probably find that yes, the special teams coach made some comments. But no, it had nothing to do with Kluwe being cut. Mike Priefer will take some sensitivity training but keep his job. Both sides win.

  17. Who cares what the coach said. If you have the right to say you support gays you SHOULD have the right saying you don’t support gays.

  18. This dude sucked as a punter his last two seasons with vikings. He was cut by the raiders just a couple of months later. That’s why he got cut plus he was making over double the money of his replacement . He was a nonstop distraction and he deserved to be cut. Get over it dude and move on

  19. The Vikings will be found guilty and forced to move the franchise to Oakland Ca as punishment.
    All the freakys from S.F. will be your fan base.

  20. Kluwe should be admired for supporting those less fortunate than himself and giving them a voice where they have none.

    So gay people are less fortunate than Kluwe? In what way? They have no voice? Why not? Oh, what would those poor disadvantaged gay people do without Chris Kluwe to speak for them?

  21. I love when my granpappy tells me the tales of the great Viking teams of old…..really OLD, cause we suck now, and will forever suck.

    Maybe we need to borrow some PEDs from the Seahawks?

  22. How the retired punter is still getting press is beyond me and it goes without saying that one’s mouth can get them fired in more ways than one.

  23. So if a player stood up to Riley Cooper after he made the racist comments, and subsequently got fired, would that be a joke? Or rather if someone supported integration and equal rights for all races, and got fired for it, what then.

    It seems ridiculous that coaches aren’t held to a higher standard…but then again look at Irsay.

    If Kluwe got fired for his agenda, and because he supports gay rights, then he should be entitled to some sort of compensation. Yeah, he was an average punter…But he has been an average punter for several years and still kept the job.

  24. This guy should just shut up and consider himself lucky. Not too many people can say they made millions of dollars by drop kicking a freaking ball a few days a year. Stop whining.

  25. Favorable to Kluwe? The Vikings sucked, their punter sucked, they tried to improve the team and it still finished in last place, just how is that favorable to Kluwe. The fact that the Vikings kept Ponder only proves the Vikings wouldn’t necessarily cut you because you suck. Finishing in last place doesn’t mean you get to sue the team because they sucked without you.

  26. I’m sure Aaron Rodgers is paying very close attention to the results of this investigation. “Not that there’s anything wrong with that.”

  27. This guy got paid millions to kick a ball and play video games…no crying please, some of us have to work for a living.

  28. Chris Mortenson just tweeted that Kluwe was about to accept a front office position with the Packers until he learned they weren’t a gay rights organization. The team name confused him.

  29. In thinking back on my life Im finding it hard to think of anything I cared about less than this stupid story. But please continue to report on it regularly……sigh

  30. Report comes back and says, “Mr. Priefer did in fact use derogotory language when referring to Mr. Kluwe’s while in the Vikings employment”. The Vikings and Mr. Priefer will issue a “sincere” apology and an opportunity for Mr. Kluwe to try out with the team in training camp.

    At which time he will be beaten to a pulp by the rest of the team, Mr. Priefer will be allowed 10 minutes in a locked room with the guy, and that will be the end of this entire ridiculous drama.

    There is no place for drama in the NFL.

  31. I admire Kluwe. Remember his teammates got behind him when ‘Chilly’ was going to bring in 3 punters to send a message…Chris is a team guy…time to applaud the individual for standing against the establishment, no matter what the outcome.

  32. The “less fortunate” to whom Kluwe lends a voice is ANY employee subjected to unsolicited taunting, bullying, and intimidation. Who in their right mind can actually try to rationalize that kind of behavior? Wake up. It’s 2014.

  33. I don’t have a problem if Priefer did make the comments, he’s entitled to his opinion and it’s one shared by many in the NFL.
    Let’s hope the Wilfs are more concerned about a coaches football competency than his political correctness.

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