Trooper who arrested Sam Montgomery suspended, under investigation


The South Carolina state trooper who arrested Bengals defensive end Sam Montgomery for speeding last week has reportedly been suspended as an investigation is conducted into the officer’s conduct during the traffic stop.

The Greenwood (S.C) Index-Journal has posted what is reportedly video of Montgomery’s arrest. In the video, the trooper — who reportedly has been identiifed as Lance Cpl. R.S. Salter — asks Montgomery to step out of the car, gives him a series of orders, threatens to use a Taser on Montgomery if necessary and then handcuffs him.

According to The Associated Press, the South Carolina Department of Public Safety suspended Salter on Thursday.

“Salter’s behavior during the traffic stop of Mr. Montgomery was not representative of professionalism displayed by our troopers and officers every day around the state,” the department said, according to the AP.

The 24-year-old Montgomery was arrested June 25 for allegedly going 89 mph in a 55 mph zone. He was briefly jailed, fined $355 and faces a July court date in Laurens County, South Carolina.

According to the AP, the department of public safety said that Salter did have cause to make an arrest because of the alleged speeding.

Montgomery is a first-year pro from LSU. He signed with the Bengals this spring.

32 responses to “Trooper who arrested Sam Montgomery suspended, under investigation

  1. Back in the day, I think players always got treated better than us regular people. Now it doesn’t always seem that way at all. Between the gold diggers, the paparazzi, the media reporting every stupid speeding ticket, the haters, the scammers, injuries, the lack of privacy, and a bunch of other stuff that the rest of us probably can’t even imagine? I think they earn every bit of their money – no matter how much they’re paid.

  2. Speeding is not a cause to make an arrest. This is not a police state and cops do not have license to intimidate and bully tax paying citizens. The trooper should be fired.

  3. Getting arrested for a suspended license is bogus..? You would of thought this guy killed somebody the way people reacted. Glad this is getting sone attention. Wish Florida would start suspending cops for frivolous arrests.


  4. This behavior is only allowed for nobodies like you and me, not sports stars or celebrities. You’d think that the trooper would know that.

  5. That cop puts his life on the wire every day,,Montgomery could of being a tad more respectful. salter needs to go home to his kids just like every good father, probably something this boy could of used imo

  6. Just watched the whole video and this Trooper did nothing wrong. Evidently, in South Carolina you get arrested for going 25mph over the speed limit period and he was clocked at 89mph in a 55mph zone. The arresting officer was completely professional throughout the whole process.

  7. This cop was definitely picked last in gym class.

    Seriously though, I get it’s the law to arrest anyone going over 25 mph the speed limit there but come on, with that type of cooperation I’d hope no officer would go “out of their way” to do something like that.

  8. A Bengal already getting arrested his rookie year before a pre-season game? Is that a record?

    Even if it’s not, he’s certainly keeping the Bengal reputation alive.

  9. This is a joke. I watched the video and didn’t see anything that the trooper did wrong. If it is a law that you get arrested in NC for driving 25 mph over the speed limit, then the officer had the right to arrest Montgomery. He told him he clocked him at 89 in a 55 mph zone.
    He asked Montgomery to get out of the car and repeatedly gave him directives on what to do with his hands. Montgomery did not follow those directions very well.
    As big as Montgomery is compared to the trooper, I don’t blame the cop for being extremely careful with him and warning him that he would be tased if he did not follow directions.
    In this country, we ask our law enforcement people to do a job and then when they try to do it, we don’t let them do it and a small per centage of people want to hang them.
    It’s very easy sitting in our homes to be critical of cops. But put yourself in their position and think about all the nut cases that are out there today and ask yourself how you’d be in their shoes.
    I hope this cop is 100% vindicated. He might have done Montgomery a hell of a good deed. Because maybe the kid will learn a lesson and won’t drive at speeds which could get him or someone else killed.
    But knowing how politically correct this country has become, they’ll probably end up firing the cop — for no reason. Because the way I see it, he did nothing wrong.
    Montgomery broke the law and that made him a criminal. The cop had every right to treat him the way he did, which was pretty respectful, the way I saw it.

  10. Harsh. Extremely so, cop didn’t even give him a second.

    And Montgomery was as professional as you can be.

    They should show this video at the rookie symposium next year: “When you get pulled over, act like this. And this only.”

  11. After watching the actual video, I’m under the impression that the officer was acting like a jerk.

    Don’t understand why the first questions were military? “no” then NFL? “yes sir”. That appears to be the wrong answer. Cop immediately says “you’re under arrest.”

    Cop comments he passed two cars but that was done in a passing zone, so a non issue.

    Montgomery was speeding and should have been written up accordingly. Montgomery was acting cooperative in every way so in my view, the cop was over the top with his actions.

    I am afraid this cop actually does represent typical cops in S.C. This got attention because of the high profile person.

  12. First, how accurate is a speed estimate when you pass somebody headed in the opposite direction? Second, cuffed and stuffed for a “speeding” violation on a rural road? Third, the officer then started looking for every little stupid violation he could find . . . “is that a belt showing on the tire” . . . “those tail lights are painted over/illegally darkened”.

    What a tool bag . . . that said, the officer was being a stickler and a jerk, but he wasn’t unprofessional or abusive in my opinion. I could see a reprimand for being a tool to a local sports hero, but a suspension without pay seems out of line.

  13. Wow, all these cop haters and people insinuated it was because he was black. First off he was going 85mph in a 55zone. Second it you watched the video, it took him quite a long time to pull over. Third, the car had multiple tint violation including when officer says to other cop “see here where the brake lights are spray painted over to dim them” and then Sam lies about that telling officer it’s factory brake lights. Then he lies and tell the officer he’s a starter on the Bengals. Last I checked he’s never played a down. Look, I’m no fan of being pulled over by police and have before, but they are just doing their jobs. One day you will need their help when you are in trouble.

  14. You are all missing the point. Rarely in SC does speeding get you arrested. Clowney was goin 110 and was ticketed. Apparently the officer can arrest you for speeding but it almost never happens. Unless he thinks he might be famous for the arrest which happened here. Think about it. Speed limit is 70 on the interstate. You are driving 81. (Yes speeding but sometimes we all have sped). You miss the spew limit sign when it drops to 55. You are doing 26 over. LE takes you to spend the night in jail. Your family has to spend the night at the Hampton inn Clinton and delays your trip to hilton head while you get your ass kicked all night at the Lauren’s county jail. If LE starts to abuse this ability to arrest, the state legislator and gov will quickly take this away. It should only be used in extreme cases where drivers are not just speeding but are clearly a threat to others. Not when a guy says “NFL.” Seems like a nice officer but he lost my trust and should not be in public service, should work in the private sector from here on.

  15. I watched about half of the video so maybe there is something on there farther into the video that is damaging to the trooper but from what I saw he’ll beat the suspension and be back on duty. I’ve seen the comments here and elsewhere that claim the trooper can’t arrest someone for going 25 mph over. The fact is this guy was doing 34 mph over the limit and the 25 mph over is the threshold in that state at which point the trooper has discretion as to whether he physically arrests, transports and books or arrests and releases on promise to appear.
    I didn’t hear anything that the officer said that was discourteous. He told him exactly what he wanted him to do in a stern manner without using vulgarity. He told him if he failed to follow his commands that he would get tasered. That’s not a threat that’s a warning.
    I don’t necessarily agree with what the trooper did but he did nothing , that I saw or heard, that was discourteous or not in keeping with their policy.

  16. Too many mall cops out there now official officers. It does happen more to blacks, but I’m white, middle aged business man and had a cop acting threatening to me about two years ago. A lady in the neighborhood had her 9 year old kid taking a 100 lb rottie out. The rottie drug the kid nearly a block to attack my three dogs across the street on a walk. When I yelled to the kid to keep his dog back, he cried. We had to run off (and I was just coming off knee surgery so it wasn’t easy). Next thing I know, I have the kid’s mom threatening my wife driving her car next to us. I went off and called her every hillbilly name in the book and told her to be a better parent. Her neighbor was a cop. Next thing I know (before I’m even done with our walk and I’m still cooling down) a cop jumps out of his car with his hand on a gun and acts like he’s going to shoot my dog. Same cop killed a guy the next month (with a taser). They are just getting out of control.

  17. I watched the video and I didn’t see him get read his Miranda rights. Did that happen?

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