Therapeutic use exemption renewals due Monday

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Players who have both a prescription from a doctor and a therapeutic use exemption from the league can ingest otherwise banned substances.  But the therapeutic use exemption doesn’t continue indefinitely.

The therapeutic use exemption must be renewed annually, and the deadline for applying for a renewal is today, June 30.

The NFLPA has gotten the word out via Twitter, and we’re mentioning it now so that any players who read PFT (surprisingly, a few of them do) and who haven’t submitted their applications don’t forget to do so right now.  Or at the latest before the end of the day.

If the therapeutic use exemption lapses and the player tests positive for the substance, he’ll be subject to discipline.

So fill out your paperwork now, in order to avoid having plenty of time during football season to do all sorts of paperwork.

12 responses to “Therapeutic use exemption renewals due Monday

  1. Do players who live in Denver just send in a piece of mail as confirmation that they live at an address where pot is legal along with a doctor’s note? It’s called Mile High for a reason I suppose

  2. Serious question, can you get a therapeutic exemption for marijuana in states that have legalized it for medicinal purposes?

  3. “Serious question, can you get a therapeutic exemption for marijuana in states that have legalized it for medicinal purposes?”

    Yes, as long as it is a state with legal medical marijuana use laws. But a doctor’s note is not all you need. The NFL also has to okay the therapeutic use of whichever prohibited substance you want to use.

  4. In unrelated news, 1400 NFL players saw their physician today in search of therapeutic use exemptions for pre-glaucoma treatment.

  5. No this doesn’t apply to marijuana which still remains illegal federally

    lets continue to let these guys shoot toradol, abuse oxys, all mixed with alcohol because they are “prescription” dugs approved by a doctor who is paid by the team, but if they decide to use a plant which grows straight out of the ground with only water and sunlight we will suspend them and potentially kick them out of the league

    the NFL and america need to wake up and realize how outdated, illogical, and detrimental our current marijuana laws and policies are

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