Washington’s former politicial blogger calls name issue “mostly a PC campaign”

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The political blogger to whom Washington owner Daniel Snyder is paying enough money to get the political blogger to shut down his political blog apparently won’t be pulling strings exclusively in the background.  On Monday, 34-year-old Ben Tribbett appeared on 106.7 The Fan in D.C. with Grant Paulsen and Danny Rouhier.

Tribbett called the effort to change the name “mostly a PC campaign.”  It’s a predictable, dismissive gesture that ignores both the growing number of Native Americans who find the name offensive and the dictionary definition of the term as a slur.

While Tribbett explains that his involvement reflects the team’s decision to acknowledge the political nature of the issue, the truth is that Tribbett’s arrival represents the latest attempt by the team to find an effective way to shape public, and in turn political, opinion on the matter.  Prior efforts served not only to prevent the debate from intensifying but also, in some respects, encouraged the debate by legitimizing and motivating the opposition.

Tribbett’s approach apparently will be to focus attention on a fan base that doesn’t want the name to change.  It makes sense, since zealous fans of the team are the most likely to treat the name of the team as a word that means “the football team I love,” and nothing more.

It also makes sense to attribute the opposition to ‘political correctness,” since that’s the best way to keep those who support the name riled up about the issue.  Like the name of the team, the phrase “political correctness” has a meaning apart from the words used for many who want to resist change.

Specifically, the phrase includes the word “correctness.”  Which is a fancy way of saying “correct.”  Which is another way of saying “right.”  Which ultimately reflects a desire to do the right thing.

In this case, any actual or perceived “political correctness” potentially overlaps with good, old-fashioned “correctness.”  Especially when the National Congress of American Indians has commissioned a commercial that makes clear to anyone paying attention that the body representing all Native Americans wants the name to change.

The best evidence that the National Congress of American Indians speaks authoritatively for Native Americans comes from the fact that neither the team nor Tribbett have attacked the NCAI as being corrupt or illegitimate or agenda-driven.  If an attack on the credibility of the NCAI could be launched by the team, it would be — like it was with Ray Halbritter of Oneida Indian Nation.

It hasn’t happened with the NCAI, which means that the political attack orchestrated by the former political blogger will focus instead on political terms like “political correctness,” ignoring the question of whether stubbornly keeping the name meshes with the fundamental concept of “correctness.”

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  1. Most profitable franchise in the NFL, and one of the most valuable franchises in the world. If the name were offensive to more than a handful of grifters neither of those things would be true.

  2. Tell us something we don’t know.

    However, this mythical “growing group of Native Americans” who are offended is another story, because they simply do not exist; except being paid to say thus.

  3. So… a blogger that nobody has ever heard of is your damage control guy?!?


    Good luck with that.

  4. This social media genius also said that redskins pride was successful on Facebook, well of course genius because you have to like the redskins in Facebook to see what they are posting.

  5. It’s a predictable, dismissive gesture that ignores both the growing number of Native Americans who find the name offensive and the dictionary definition of the term as a slur.
    The author’s statement is equally dismissive and ignores the vast number of Native Americans that do not find the name offensive. Going from 7% to 8% is a “growing number” but it is far from the majority.

    Who gets to pick what definition gets placed in “the” dictionary? Is it based on the opinions of a few within the inner circle? If you would actually bother to research the word’s etymology you will not find its use to be derogatory at all. Just because a handful of cow herders and 19 rednecks used the word as a slur over a century ago does not mean the rest of us should accept their definition and intent behind its usage. Suppose a few bigots started referring to black people as “browns”. Should we start a campaign to eliminate that word and team nickname also. Lets stop the stupidity by first ignoring the idiots. The fact that this issue has gained traction is sad. This nation is being controlled by people who essentially claim “He hurt my feelings and my lawyer can prove it; so give me some money.” Nobody has the right to an existence free from hurt feelings.

  6. Is it similar to the dismissive gesture you are showing Native Americans when you ignore their support of the name by a VAST majority

  7. lol, really. News for you people on here. There are no famous bloggers. they don’t exist, big foot/ white buffalo they got more reality than the infamous unknown blogger. Everybody get out a paper bag write pro-redskins or anti-redskins walk around silently wearing it, and now you have a voice. lol ` A blogger nobody’s ever heard of` good one

  8. The term “redskins” was originally used not to describe the color of the skin but rather the Algonquian peoples use of vermillion face paint and body paint. So the name refers to war paint….are we done here?

  9. NCAI (National Congress of American Indians) did NOT commission the ad. They “approved it”. Big difference. Little known fact, NCAI proactively reached out the Redskins in the 70’s and gave them their logo, and shared that they would be “honored if they’d wear it”. Doesn’t sound like an act of an organization that is pissed off at the name!

  10. With the Hobby Lobby decision the Supreme Court, as an unintended result, made Redskins name OK Snyder owns it so it can be his religious belief that his team is named Redskins. The religious beliefs of owner of a close held company now trump everybody else’s rights and all laws in things to do with that company

  11. This is the definition of a PC campaign!! The reason the Washington Redskins are under attack is because we are an easy target because:
    1. We play in the nations capital (sort of, just play along).
    2. We play in the most popular sport in the country.
    3. Our owner is an idiot.

    Why aren’t those same senators going after Oklahoma??!!

  12. I acknowledge that Redskins can be viewed as offensive, if the name changes it changes. I support the team not the nickname of the team. My issue is that the majority of the big name people that take offense in media have an agenda to bring attention to themselves and not the issue. I also think fewer Redskins fans would have an issue with changing the name if we weren’t terrified that the new name would be as bad as the Bullets being changed to the Wizards.

  13. Indians: The name “wrong way” Columbus assigned to the native people when he arrived here mistakenly believing he’d found his shortcut and landed in India.

    American Indian: Oxymoron

    If we’re going to start changing things, maybe we should just begin with the basics…

  14. The commercial is a flat out LIE! The Red Mesa High School Redskins call each other Redskins.

  15. Political Correctness does nothing to address the actual underlying problems faced by Native Americans. It will not stop with Redskins. PC has already gone way too far. Consider these other terms the PC crowd finds offensive:

    Any word containing “man” (Frosty the Snowman, manhole, manuscript, etc)

    Any word containing a color (Brownbag lunch, blackboard, etc)

  16. Another day, another REDSKINS name change article, another waste of valuable internet space. In 20 years, they’ll still be the Redskins, you know it, I know it. Notice the comments by the usual lemmings are getting getting less and less?

  17. Btw if the National Congress of American Indians is anything like the US Congress that in itself speaks volumes…talk about a bunch of useless government waste…

  18. If your argument is reduced to, why don’t they go after the state name Oklahoma and some obscure high school, you’ve already lost the argument, which I believe should at least make sense on some level.

  19. mostly??????

    this contrived issue by the lib Democratic faction is based on ignorance, intolerance and is flat out unAmerican…… it is purely about politics and distraction from real issues

    Redskins is not a slur…. overwhelming majority of Native Americans like the name and view it with honor

    this issue should be a tipping pt in exposing this type of political stunt by the offending parties

    Hail to the Redskins!

  20. Since I’m only part Mohawk I’ll take $1,000,000.00 from Snyder to say I’m not offended. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still be offended, but if the idiot is going to try and buy his way out of the name being offensive I’ll gladly help him out.

  21. Fighting Irish ? Boston Celtics ? How many people of Irish descent find these names to be offensive ? Zero? Why are some groups offended with mascots and others see them as an honor ?

  22. pc is just a way not to take responsibility for your own words, and actions. it’s going “listen, i say horrible things, but i don’t like to think of myself as someone who says hurtful things because it makes me feel bad about myself. so, i’ll just blame my words, and actions on someone else.”

  23. Political Correctness was pushed hard by the office of President Clinton.

    And thanks for the English lesson on what word is embedded in correctness. Like we’re 5 years old. You condescending snob.

    Funny how the one striving us to be “correct” is also the one who wanted to know what the definition of “is”…is.

  24. The attempt to break down the phrase political correctness, in order to gin up some definition of the term that is favorable, is done fruitlessly here.

    The term political correctness has one simple meaning: speaking in a way that is not motivated by truth, and is instead motivated by personal gain through usery.

    There’s no logic behind changing the name so the illogical must gin up what they can because they are not able to admit their simple mistake in not studying an issue that really isn’t an issue from all sides and in honesty.

    The illogical have extememly fragile egos, and like society’s addicts cannot get themselves to stop and admit they’re doing something wrong or incorrect.

  25. A linguistic analysis of 42 books published between 1875 and 1930 shows that negative contexts in the use of redskin were significantly more frequent than positive usage.[10] However, the use of the word Indian in a similarly selected set of books was nearly the same with more frequent negative than positive contexts.[10]

  26. Public Policy Center at the University of Pennsylvania essentially confirmed the prior poll’s findings, concluding that 91% of the American Indians surveyed in the 48 states on the mainland USA found the name acceptable and setting out in detail the exact wording of the questions.[67]

  27. Your argument about PC is a waste of time and you will lose your case of changing the Redskins team name. Similar to the Democrats and the PC who are finding out daily, it seems, that they will lose, when it comes to decisions made in the Supreme Court. You attempt to over step the boundaries of the Constitution, and you over-indulge your ideological ways upon the masses you end up being a loser.
    It’s time to give it up NBC errr GE. YOU and the PC do not rule this country. The Redskins will remain forever.

  28. People always gotta have something to be offended about.

    I just wonder if Mr Florio would be pushing this hard for action of it was a Muslim group or similar that found the Patriots team name offensive? How bout an animal rights group calling the Cowboys name offensive because of how cows were treated in the early days? Maybe a group of environmentalists finding offense in the 49ers name due to the carnage done to the earth during the gold rush? How bout it Mike, would you get behind these ’causes’ too?

    This whole Redskins fiasco is no different than these other examples, just a certain group of people wanting to be offended by something that most dont see a reason to be offended about.

  29. In other news PC police asked Blue Man Group to change their name.
    Would you call them a Blue Man to their face?

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