2014 Florida calendar features Aaron Hernandez

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The Lions finally have someone they can laugh at regarding calendar blunders.

Anyone who purchased the 2014 University of Florida calendar and flipped the page to July today saw an oversized image of former Gators tight end Aaron Hernandez.

Via the Associated Press, school officials claim that the 2014 calendar was approved before Hernandez was arrested in June 2013 for the murder of Odin Lloyd.  Hernandez has since been charged with a pair of other murders.

Curiously, the issue hadn’t been flagged previously, given that the calendars were printed and purchased in 2013.

The existing copies of the calendar won’t be recalled.

29 responses to “2014 Florida calendar features Aaron Hernandez

  1. Don’t get the humor in this. Sad, sad story. Not only could Aaron have been a HOF caliber player, but 3 people lost their lives because of his actions. I hope he gets the sentence he deserves, nevertheless; it’s sad to see somebody throw it all away.

  2. Originally he was going to appear in June, but the editors figured that since he had committed the murders that month that it would be, well, a little tacky.

  3. Who gives a crap the people who designed the calender had no idea what Hernandez was going to be arrested for.. and further more, did the guy never play at Florida and win championships? I can see putting an asterisk but to act like angel-dust-Aaron wasn’t a phenomenal talent for a few years is being in denial. Very similar to the people who leave OJ The Juice off their top Hb’s of all time.

  4. Yeah I’m going to need you to come in on Saturday, you apparently didn’t get the memo on this, but you see we’re going to be finalizing the calendars for the rest of this decade, so if you could go ahead and just assemble the layouts and send out the approvals, that would be great.

  5. The death sentence?? Are you a member of a victims family? Because that’s a bold statement don’t get me wrong I did support Hernandez until the 2nd charge but I still respect what K Faulk and Deion Branch had to say about it those are the guys I feel bad for. You can’t be teammates with a guy for 4 years and not have any idea what kind of person he is and if they still say they love him like a brother after all this then the dude must have been a good friend to them (doesn’t mean he’s a good person)

  6. What a wonderful role model for all of the new recruits.

    Obviously we don’t know all of the facts in this case but the fact he surrounded himself with these type of people says a lot about him and his personality.

  7. Was this done by the same company that put Titus Young on the cover of the Detroit Lions calendar last year?

  8. I wonder how popular that calendar is in the prison he’ll be “visiting”? What a lucky day it will be for inmates when they can get rid of the calendar and see the real thing for 25 to life.

  9. He shot two people while at UF in 2007. He was identified by a witness. He was with Reggie Nelson who was identified by name. But, hey he was a Gator football player and they needed him, so no charges were ever brought. Information from this shooting was reported to UF administration, so even if the calendar was approved before his arrest, they knew all they needed to know (and ignore) about AH.

  10. I used to work in book/calendar publishing, and I can tell you that 2014 calendars were made in early 2013. They are finalized in the Spring (before the Hernandez thing blew up), printed in Asia, and shipped to warehouses in the US around August–in time to hit bookstores by September, the time when people by them. This is why you had Titus Young in the Lions’ 2013 calendar, and why any NFL calendar will almost always feature at least one player who isn’t on the team anymore.

  11. also, I most probably/definitely think he did. But the man still hasn’t had his day in court. This is not a lynch mob. Lets see how things play out in court before we make our decision. Then if is proven guilty you can hang him for all I care.

  12. LMAO! Just blame it on Muschamp! He’s taking most of the flak for everything that’s gone wrong up to this point so may as well tack that one on to him too!! But you can blame Urban Meyer too if you want!

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