Andre Roberts might not have signed with Redskins if DeSean Jackson was already there


When wide receiver Andre Roberts signed with the Redskins as a free agent this offseason, it looked like a chance for him to move up a rung on the depth chart from the third receiver role he filled in Arizona in 2013.

And it was, for a little while anyway. Then DeSean Jackson got cut in Philly and landed in Washington, leaving Roberts to look to kick returns as a way to see more time on the field after reassessing the landscape at wideout. That reassessing also left him unsure that he would have landed in Washington if Jackson were there when the Redskins were pursuing Roberts.

“I think so, I think it would have played a role,” Roberts said on Sirius XM NFL Radio, via CSN Washington. “But at end of the day, we all know how the NFL works. And decisions are made that are out of your control. So when [Jackson] signed there, I just had a different outlook on it. I think I’ll still be able to help the team out a lot and be a playmaker for this team.

Roberts knows that he may see some advantageous matchups as a result of Jackson, Pierre Garçon and tight end Jordan Reed drawing attention at the other receiver spots, which should make the Redskins a better offensive team overall. That might not have been what Roberts had in mind when he signed in Washington, but it is certainly what the Redskins were looking for by bringing him to town.

24 responses to “Andre Roberts might not have signed with Redskins if DeSean Jackson was already there

  1. I don’t think he’s the type of WR that he thinks he is, but he definitely can make something out of nothing and he’s also pretty reliable. Cards couldn’t afford to pay Fitz, Floyd and him, so he had to go.

  2. This is a non issue because Roberts got a nice contract and to be a very productive offense you need 3 WR who can ball. I say we may have the best WR trio in the NFC East.

    Our offense has playmakers such as
    A. RG3
    B. Alfred Morris
    C. Pierre Garçon
    D. D-Jax
    E. Jordan Reed
    F. Andre Roberts
    G. Roy Helu

  3. Won’t take long for RGME to leads MEsean Jackson into a violent hit that concusses him and that will be it Andre will b #2WR could b carrier ending if anyone remembers hit he took against falcons u can’t take many of those

  4. Wish the Skins knew how to stay out of the news. Phillip Daniels’ comments have made it clear the Skins have still have not righted the ship.

    Tons of negative press is given about the name and Snyder sticks to his guns. I wish he’d put int he effort to fix the internal discontent so many within the organization feel.

  5. Pull up your big boy pants and go beat Jackson out he’s a 170 lb receiver who can’t block, can’t go across the middle and runs out of bounds with the ball. It’s not that hard to do!

  6. Roberts and Reed give the Skins the most dangerous ensemble in the NFCE. They actually rival any team in weaponry, with Garcon, Jackson any potent running game.

    If Griffin scratches his potential, they will be a scoring juggernaut. Roberts is a major part of that.

  7. Roberts will get plenty of work in this re-vamped offense and will be the last guy on the field to draw multiple defenders. Don’t be surprised if Roberts scores more TDs than Jackson. Also to rg3zacharm – Helu if healthy provides the only real pass catching threat out of that entire backfield so look for him bounce back nicely this year in a long yardage role.

  8. Great running back, great receiving corp, QB with the potential to be great, now it all comes down to the 5 big guys up front. Mark my words, this season is theirs to win or lose. If they play great then there is no stopping that offense, but if they play sloppy then having all these weapons will do us no good.

    It all starts with the o-line.

  9. Washington will be as potent on offense as RG3’s ability. Alfred Morris healthy is among the best. The jury is still out on RG and Cousin looks back-up at best. Hail to the Redskins who have a long way to go IMO.

  10. Andre is a great addition for the skins….if RG3 returns to form then they’ll have an excellent offense. But they can’t win without a defense….sorry guys.

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