Channing Crowder: Jonathan Martin will “get everybody’s best”


After his nine-game leave of absence to end the 2013 season with Miami, offensive tackle Jonathan Martin is vying to make San Francisco’s roster. And in the view of former Dolphins linebacker Channing Crowder, Martin has to be prepared for some tough battles after the allegations of bullying that led to Richie Incognito’s banishment from the Dolphins and an NFL-backed investigation of the club’s workplace environment.

Crowder, who’s now a radio host on 560 AM in Miami, told Florida Today that Martin “is going to get everybody’s best” after the fallout from the Dolphins’ scandal.

“You cannot let Jonathan Martin dominate you as an NFL player now,” Crowder said, per David Jones of Florida Today. “With him quitting on the team, with him being — perception is reality — with him being as soft as he is and . . . how another grown man’s words could make you quit on your team, there is not going to be anybody that is going to let him dominate them. If anybody goes against Jonathan Martin, they have no respect for him.”

It’s important to note that Crowder and Incognito were teammates in Miami and get along, with Crowder telling Florida Today: “I’m cool with Richie right now. I can call Richie Incognito this second and he’ll say, ‘What’s up, Crowder?’ ”

No matter what happened last season in Miami, Martin has a challenge ahead this summer with San Francisco. If he’s to make the club, it will be as a backup to starters Joe Staley and Anthony Davis. And if Martin is getting backup reps in training camp and in the preseason, he will be facing plenty of players just like him — reserves trying to make the team. Could the events of a season ago in Miami cause players to grind a little harder against Martin? It’s possible, but it’s not as if those competing against him won’t already be taking their best shots. The lure of securing or keeping an NFL job figures to be the ultimate motivation in these competitions for the final roster spots around the league.

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  1. Just a reminder to everyone who Channing Crowder is. He’s the guy who said he couldn’t find London on a map, and also stated that he also did not believe there were any black people in London. So, if there’s anyone on earth we should be listening to about anything, it’s him.

  2. On the one hand, you want to go after him because you know you can hurt his feelings and throw him off his game. On the other, you don’t want him tattling on you.

  3. Interesting subtext. Guys allow other players to dominate them, and it seems Crowder thinks that’s ok as long as it’s not a soft player dominating them. Maybe that’s why the Dolphins lose so often

  4. This must be exciting news to the 2 night watchmen and 1 harbor buoy that make up 560 AM’s audience.

  5. Crowder is just mad that he was stuck on a lowsy miami team filled with dbags who sucked at playing football. So to have fun you guys bullied a teammate to the extreme because playing football with was no longer fun. No fun in being perrenial losers.

  6. Its important to note that EVERYONE in Miami gets along with Incognito. His Dolphins teammates have always had his back. Its the rich, liberal owner and the liberal media that’s trying to destroy Richie.

  7. Like it or not, he’s probably right…its the locker room mentality that guys will get laughed at if they get punked by Jon Martin or Michael Sam…

  8. Football is for men. You liberals need to get back to your soccer game, match, social whatever it is. You already have your pansy sport. Leave ours alone while it’s still semi-masculine.

  9. The media isn’t on the field and I expect Martin will be hearing a lot of nasty things this season – if he can break the starting lineup.

  10. @cuda1234 the owner actually isn’t liberal though. He was a part of one of the largest Romney super pacts. I think he is just doing what has done is in the best interest of his business and I think anybody would do the same.

  11. All the Stanford players connected to the Niners annually and this is the guy they bring in, cant wait to hear what his excuse is when he gets cut in preseason.

  12. Martin will be out of the NFL in 2 years. Nothing to do with the bullying scandal- he’s just not very good.

  13. Martin is not tough enough for the NFL.

    No teammate can have confidence in him, especially the QB (would you want him protecting anything of yours).

    Mr. Incognito attempted to toughen up Martin to improve him as a teammate and a man.

    Soon Martin will be out of the NFL.
    But the NFL’s “anti-bullying” bureaucracy will live on and never die. Every Rookie Symposium will get a lecture on it from some wimp.

  14. I wish every media reporter and fan that likes to comment on any time a player speaks out would participate in 1 nfl practice….shoot for that matter maybe a varsity high school practice. These guys are modern day gladiators. You really need to be a little crazy to play this game….

    Signed a guy who is around this game alot : )

  15. To the idiots who equate Martin with Sam, here is Martin’s draft profile. This guy can play and he’ll be just fine.

    Martin is one of two tackle prospects in this year’s class who could be called elite, and given the value of the position will be a likely first-round pick because of it. He embodied all that Stanford football was throughout his time there, as he is an aggressive, smart, technically sound prospect who will enter the league at a stage in his development where he should be able to contribute immediately.

    Martin has prototypical skills for the position. He missed just two games in his career and is extremely tough. He carries his weight well and is one of the most technically sound prospects in the draft. He has a smooth, efficient pass set that allows him to get a solid base and work from a balanced state. He is powerful and aggressive against the run and has good footwork for his size. Martin was the anchor of a very polished offensive line and is simply an NFL-ready tackle.

  16. Does a player really need hatred as a motivator? Isn’t just making the team plus millions of dollars and living out a childhood dream enough?

  17. The thing that always stands out to me with these types of statements, is that the player doesn’t always give their best. That may be why you are looking for steady work, Crowder. You should give your best every play no matter who you are facing.

  18. Why wouldn’t he get “everybody’s best”? This is the NFL, whether he’s perceived as soft or not, people should still go balls to the wall.

  19. Quitting on his team? Players do it for money, or ego, all the time. Why shouldn’t someone do it for principle? Sounds like the best possible reason to “quit on your team”. (Which is a stupid idea anyway; in every other story, a team is just employees doing what the boss tells them, but suddenly here the team is sacred?)

    I guarantee you that Martin is tougher than every single tough-guy commenting on this story. In fact, he was tougher than all of you even before he got to the NFL.

  20. Has anybody come out from the Dolphins to support Martin? Didn’t think so. The lesson to you young kids is that you have to find ways to fit in at your workplace. I assure you they’ll be many days when you’ll need people who have your back when things go wrong and the fingers get pointed in your direction.

  21. I knew if Crowder kept talking long enough he would make sense on something. He’s right this time.
    Go Fins!

  22. Martin is weak and a little girl. He couldn’t block a cold. He won’t even make it out of training camp. Let alone play in another game. As far as incognito he will be back for a team but under close scrutiny. He has a pro bowl and an attitude on the field that 31 teams covet.

  23. “Mr. Incognito attempted to toughen up Martin to improve him as a teammate and a man.”

    By spouting off racial slurs and talking about raping his mother and sister?.. that’s rich. Look, I played sports.. I was in locker rooms. A little razing is good for the team’s comradery, but there is no place for that nonsense. You want to make a guy though, hit the weights with him.

  24. coachwolf49 says:
    Jul 1, 2014 1:00 PM
    To the idiots who equate Martin with Sam, here is Martin’s draft profile. This guy can play and he’ll be just fine.

    To the idiot who has just read his draft profile and has not watched him play a down in the NFL he will not be fine.

  25. Crowder is a loser who didn’t know where London was located until he boarded a plane to England for a game! I’m surprised he even has a radio gig. That says a lot about how desperate Miami must be to have some “big name”, even if he is a blockhead. Of course he would support his former teammate & fellow loser, Incognito. Neither one is playing with a full deck!

  26. cuda1234 says:Jul 1, 2014 11:53 AM

    Its important to note that EVERYONE in Miami gets along with Incognito. His Dolphins teammates have always had his back. Its the rich, liberal owner and the liberal media that’s trying to destroy Richie.

    Interesting. The liberal owner you refer to was one of Mitt Romney’s biggest boosters and ongoing Republican fund raisers. I agree about the media, but try to get your facts straight.

  27. Cubby was in the locker room…not surprised…would have been nice if you could have made it to the field.

  28. I think the premise here is wrong. When you are on the field you woul expect your opponent to do anything to win, including hurling insults. I am sure J. Martin faced this plenty playing successfully in the pac-12. It is different coming from your own teammates, guys that supposedly have your back. Feeling constantly undermined by a jerk at work while “management” looks the other does not make you want to give your all for that organization. All the people above saying he is just soft, maybe you are just scared the Dolphins suck and that they just threw away a talented guy because they don’t know how to run a successful team.

  29. Martin sucks and thats all there is too it. Blame that you suck on everyone around you like its their fault you suck… still means you suck. He not only sucked in a Dolphins uniform he now sucks in a 49ers uniform.

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