Green Bay could rename street after Mike McCarthy


The city of Green Bay is considering renaming a street near Lambeau Field for coach Mike McCarthy.

According to the Green Bay Press-Gazette, the city is weighing changing the name of Potts Avenue, a small street with one endpoint about a half-mile southeast of the Packers’ home stadium.

For several years, city officials have pondered renaming Ashland Avenue, a longer road that runs near the stadium, according to the Press-Gazette. However, renaming Potts Avenue has reportedly become the new plan.

“I think nobody ever objected to who it was named after, just where,” Ashwaubenon village president Mike Aubinger said, per the Press-Gazette. “I think the expense and process of changing the name led people to hesitate.”

Potts Avenue is located around other streets named after former Packers; for instance, it intersects with Holmgren Way, a street dubbed for ex-coach Mike Holmgren.

McCarthy is entering his ninth season as Packers head coach. Both Vince Lombardi (1959-67) and Bart Starr (1975-1983) coached Green Bay for nine seasons. Curly Lambeau (1921-1949) is the franchise’s all-time leader in tenure and coaching wins.

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  1. How many Vike coaches have streets named after them?

    How many Cities in the NFL just got a Walmart, and have a population of less that 110K?

    Just make sure there is a McDonalds on McMuffin Avenue…Do they have a McDonalds there?

  2. “How many Vike coaches have streets named after them?”

    Most big cities have a street named Grant.

    But congrats on Joe McCarthy Avenue.

  3. viking fans are not used to hearing the words “playoffs” and “success” in the same sentence when describing their team, so it’s understandable that they can’t comprehend the fact that an above .500 record, along with a Super Bowl victory (another concept foreign to viking fans) does not constitute “playoff failure”.

    Just more evidence that folks on that side of the Mississippi don’t understand football.

  4. Green Bay is really a joke. I get sick of the media building this city /team up. Naming streets after coaches. They must have nothing going on up there

  5. I don’t know what’s worse, the idea or the fact that McCarthy is not humble enough to just say no !

    Maybe name a hash mark after him, and not the one on the field !

  6. Would be funnier if they renamed the existing street, Brett Favre Pass, for McCarthy. Especially since 1004 Brett Favre Pass is Brett Favre’s Steakhouse!

  7. Good for McCarthy, though, I think they should wait a few years and see how many more titles he brings to Green Bay… they may have to give him a more prominent street when it’s all said and done.

  8. 49th Street. It’s a roundabout that leads you right back where you came from. It’s so fun to watch the cars enter and drive around in circles a bit just to end up going nowhere!

  9. I’m a fanatic Packer fan, but I’m sorry, we just don’t need to feed “anyone’s” ego in this manner while they are still an active part of the team.

  10. Part of the hesitation is they want to have streets near the stadium to do this for the next 100+ years from now for Super Bowl winners and players that have multiple league MVP honors.

    Plus in Green Bay there are ever higher standards of success that are required for such honors.

    History is important to Green Bay and the Packers.

    “To be ignorant of what occurred before you were born is to remain always a child. For what is the worth of human life, unless it is woven into the life of our ancestors by the records of history?”
    -Marcus Tullius Cicero

  11. There’s this great bit about how streets named after Mike McCarthy tend to be more violent. I’m not going to do it but it’s…

  12. The packers will always be a notch under the NFL s great teams of the past ala steelers,cowboys,niners,giants etc. get a clue no one cares about your little team in the middle of no where!!!

  13. Too soon. Win at least one more SuperBowl…….preferably two, then we’ll talk.

  14. I thought that they named a street after him already. I’m glad that they’re finally doing it.

  15. No it’s not. Some of you people really need to go to Lambeau. I went last year and it’s as amazing as everyone says it is. Never been to a stadium that inspired so much awe.

  16. Hahah yeah ariani.. Good one like the coach ONLY wins one Super Bowl.. Haha lets hear the Vikings fans make fun of McCarthy cause he only won one Super Bowl!!! C’mon guys everyone know Vikings are gonna win every game this season and every award.. Prob just gonna rename the league “Vikings” it’s about time cause they are the best. Psssh only one Super Bowl…

  17. Fallow Discount Double Choke Drive past the new super 8 motel.. put in your lynard skynyrd tape and take a right at the 2nd guitar solo.. and you will see someones lawn you can pay 25$ to park in!

  18. He is worth a street name… Just not the long one.

    Like a father telling a man he is good enough for his daughter just not the beautiful one. Take the short chubby one instead lol

  19. rosstuckershair says:
    Jul 1, 2014 8:36 PM
    “How many Vike coaches have streets named after them?
    How many Cities in the NFL just got a Walmart, and have a population of less that 110K?
    Just make sure there is a McDonalds on McMuffin Avenue…Do they have a McDonalds there?”
    I hadn’t realized that Minneapolis was adorned with DeAngelo and Da Vinci Paintings, that it was the cultural center of the world…

    Probably has something to do with all of those stabbings and drive byes …

  20. Instead of hate, lets try building bridges with our purple friends west of the St. Croix, oh wait, they don’t do bridges very well, do they. Just like football.

  21. Aaron Rodgers is the man. Green Bay has some of the best offensive weapons and one of the few NFL teams that are fun to watch.

    I enjoy the edge Rodgers still has on him. His fire and passion is fun to watch and a trait all great players have. He still has that chip on his shoulder which makes him come through in the clutch.

  22. “How many Cities in the NFL just got a Walmart, and have a population of less that 110K?

    Just make sure there is a McDonalds on McMuffin Avenue…Do they have a McDonalds there?”
    Milwaukee and Madison are really the urban centers of Wisconsin.

    Green Bay is like a nicer version of Duluth, with an NFL team. You see, we can support a team in the third largest city in our state. Meanwhile, you could barely get a stadium financed when 3/4 of your state’s population lives in one metro area.

    Minnesota really is one sad place.

  23. Poor little queenie fans have a team that is so bad and fans that are so jealous they have to come on here with the ever witty grade school school comments that our coach is fat, and calling our qb a girls name. Are you guys serious? That is really the best you can do? You know your franchise really sucks when that’s what you have to resort to. Just glad I have the most successful and storied franchise to root for. What do you have? Bwahahhaah!

  24. How about Bengal Boulevard????

    You know, can never get past the first round of the playoffs???? Get it???

    Badda Bing Baby….. If you wondering, I will be here all day for your amusement!!!!

  25. My favorite GB street name is Mullet Way — I hope they don’t replace it with Stumbling Hawk Drive or something.

  26. “I’ll stop calling your coach fat if you stop saying my quarterback has baby hands. Until then, I’m looking forward to strolling down Donut Drive.”


    Hey, while you’re there, stop by and see our 4 Lombardi’s. They’re awesome and make for a great photo op! You can find them at the Packer Hall of Fame. Lots of other cool stuff to see there, too, you can even try the Lambeau Leap – although, I think you’re probably going to come up short…

  27. Mike McCarthy has one more Super Bowl ring than Norm Van Brocklin, Bud Grant, Les Steckel, Jerry Burns, Dennis Green, Mike Tice, Brad Childress, Leslie Frazier, and Mike Zimmer put together.

  28. Between the moose meat stand and the offda taco stand they just erected a Darren sharper statue, very disappointing to see this week.

  29. Let’s Talk About the Vikings Way.

    that’d be an awesome street considering their fanbase these days

  30. Pitter Pater Peter Patter either son will do Peterson and Patterson 2 of 11 unstopable player on Gil Brandt list The packers have Zero Wilf’s master plan of building through the draft would only work if you hire crappy coach and load your team with talent then fire the crappy coach put in the real coaches this year should be fun because the last few sucked

  31. McCarthy should decline as Holmgren did. Holmgren waited until he was out of Green Bay before he allowed them to name a street after him. In Green Bay every championship winning coach gets a street named after him. Grant it I would like to see a Lindy Infante Lane in the city.

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