J.C. Tretter trying to become long-term answer at center for Packers

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The Packers have had Aaron Rodgers at quarterback in each of the last three seasons, but they haven’t been able to team him with the same center for that period of town.

Scott Wells, Jeff Saturday and Evan Dietrich-Smith have all taken turns in the spot, leaving Rodgers to hope for “some consistentcy as far as the same guy being there for multiple years.” If 2013 fourth-round pick J.C. Tretter impresses at training camp, he could become that guy in Green Bay.

Tretter broke his ankle last May and didn’t play at all for the Packers during the 2013 season, but he was activated from the PUP list in time to practice at the end of the year. His work in those practices left offensive line coach James Campen and coach Mike McCarthy happy with the progress they saw from the rookie. That didn’t stop them from bringing in competition, but Tretter feels he’s better this year than he was before the injury and plans on putting his best foot forward.

“Hey, it’s going to be a lot of fun,” Tretter said, via the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. “Obviously you’d love to be the guy. You just want to be the guy who steps up and helps the team win and that’s the goal.”

The Packers return four other starters from last year, although the right tackle job could shift back to Bryan Bulaga as he returns from his own injury. Those pieces could be in place for a few more years, leaving center as the only big question mark up front heading into the season. If Tretter is the answer, Rodgers shouldn’t have to worry about getting to know another new snapper for a while.

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  1. This is great news for any team playing the Packers this year. They actually lost a good player in Dietrich-Smith and replaced him with a guy that’s never taken a snap in a division with Suh, Fairley, etc, etc, etc. LOL

    Rodgers couldn’t make it through last year, this year he won’t get past week 5 in Detroit.

    Deep down all Packers fans know that the stomp was orchestrated by Dietrich-Smith himself just so he wouldn’t have to play for Green Bay. This way he made a name for himself and moved on. Can’t blame the guy. If I had to protect that aging drug addict, Rodgers, I’d want out too. His stupid little double check dance. After this year, the only double check he better do is to see if he still can walk after week 5.

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  2. “Deep down all Packers fans know that the stomp was orchestrated by Dietrich-Smith himself . . . .” I’ve read a lot of dumb stuff on the Internet over the years, but this is right up there with the very dumbest.


  3. Everyone knows Rodgers is a juicer… He hung out with juicing baseball players and condoned it and even stood up for them. And he came back way quicker from his collar bone injury last year than any person not juicing could have.

    I wouldn’t have Rodgers on my team. Or Eddie “Too Fat cause of Big Macs” Lacy either. Neither with the in decline Matthews. All of them will soon test positive for drugs.

    I’d take Jordy Nelson. He’d make a great special teams player on my team, maybe even be a bargain coming in off the practice roster.

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  4. This guy epitomizes the depth and strength this team will have this year. They are going to steamroll the North Division…..especially the Vikings because, well, they OWN the Vikings.

  5. Jealous Vikings and bears fans. Smh.

    Look the ONLY positions in question on the 2014 Packers are C, TE, and ILB. That’s a pretty good place to be.


  6. Aaaand the first post on another Packers story is by a troll. Sure fire sign that fans of other NFC North teams fear Green Bay the most.

    Obviously, playing center is different from playing his natural position of tackle, but it’s comes down to knowing your assignment and who to block. No reason to think Tretter can’t make the adjustment, and if he does struggle, we drafted a natural center out of Ohio State.

    Packers O-line looks like it should be solid for quite some time now.

  7. He’s going to be awesome! Way better than that undersized, slow off the snap (according to Paul Allen) center they have in Minnesota.

    Y’all about to see something very special come out of Green Bay this year.

  8. How does a troll feel relevant? Come on an article of a team that flat out owns them and try and talk tough because there is nothing factually that can be said to convince anyone in the NFC North that their team will be no better than the cellar once again. Then have to resort to insults when facts are given about how bad their team sucks.

  9. At least this guy has the benefit of rifling the ball into the large hands of Rodgers. It’s like dropping a golf ball into a peach basket.

    By comparison, the poor guy snapping the ball to Bridgewater in Minnesota must feel as though he is trying to stuff a watermelon into a shot glass.

  10. Tretter will be fine. He’s smarter and more athletic that E D-S, and will help the O-Line, ranked by PFF as the league’s 10th best last season, get even better.
    Congrats to Hediville on their off-season World Championship, however. I believe this is their 40th. Enjoy the imaginary party.

  11. This story is boring. Where are the packers’ improving defense stories? Oh, that’s right, Rodgers is their defense. Hope he stays healthy this year. He’s kind of old now.

  12. He’s going to be better than Matt Birk, a fellow Ivy league NFL center. The only difference is that Tretter will end his long and illustrious Packer career in Minnesota rather than starting it there.

  13. Corey and Tretter at Center.

    Sherrod, Bulaga, and Barclay at Right Tackle.

    Rodgers, Bostic, Andrew, Taylor, Colt, and Stoneburner at Tight End.

    Competition should be pretty fun this year.

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