Joe Namath still not impressed with Geno Smith

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Jets legend Joe Namath made his case for Michael Vick to be the starting quarterback earlier this spring, saying he should be “outstanding.”

During an interview with WFAN, Namath said that presumptive starter Geno Smith was just acceptable, offering that he was “pretty good.”

“I can’t evaluate Geno other than what I’ve heard from his coaches,” Namath said, via the Newark Star-Ledger. “I don’t see anything outstanding about him. He’s not an outstanding passer. He’s not an outstanding runner. He’s good, but nothing jumps out at me with intangibles that I’m not aware of because I’m not there on an everyday [basis].

“I haven’t seen anything really extra special from Geno, and that’s not to be negative at all. The guy performed really darn well on a professional level against guys that were so much better than he’s ever played against. The upside of Geno is going to be strong. The upside is grasping his offense versus the defenses he sees.

“Just looking at him physically, what’s outstanding about his running ability What’s outstanding about his passing ability? Nothing to me is outstanding about it, but it’s pretty good.”

The interesting part isn’t that Namath has dug in on a previously held opinion. The interesting part is his suggestion that he’s basing that opinion on conversations with coaches.

All those coaches have lined up behind Smith this offseason, and even Vick has acknowledged it’s not really a competition for a job.

So ultimately, it might not matter if one is pretty good and the other is outstanding, if the decision is already made.

38 responses to “Joe Namath still not impressed with Geno Smith

  1. Joe N. woke up this morning and thought…

    Wow, it’s good to see my name in the press again…

    I’ll talk about Vick in a few more days when this dies down…

  2. If this guy didn’t win us a super bowl, he’d probably have been run out of town on a rail. No Jets fan anywhere is impressed with Geno Smith yet, so thanks for the breaking news update Joe.

  3. I love Joe Namath with all my heart, but he’s really got to stop giving the media all this ammo. I get the feeling Rex barely tolerates him at this point.

  4. One thing about Joe is he never sugar coats comments just to make someone feel. Telling it like it is reporting is something you don’t much anymore. When was the last time you heard on tv guy say “he really sucked on that play didn’t he?”

  5. Don’t worry Joe, we were never impressed with you either.

    In fact, Joe, I’m willing to bet that Geno Smith’s career passer rating will be far better than your pathetic 65.3.

  6. I have been saying it since before the 2013 NFL Draft… Geno Smith’s college success was a product of Tavon Austin and Stedman Bailey.

    ROOKIE Geno Smith 2013 Statistics:
    12 td – 21 int – 8 fumbles – 66 QB rating

    joe flacco 2013 Statistics:
    18 td – 22 int – 8 fumbles – 73 QB rating

  7. As a Patriot fan living in Connecticut, I see all of the Patriot’s games as well as the Jet’s games. there were times when I thought that Smith showed great potential…other times….not so much. Lets see how he develops.

  8. Don’t worry Joe, if he starts, it won’t be for long, by the third or fourth game, Vick will be running the offense.

  9. Joe Namath played for 13 years. He only had 5 years with a winning record. He only had 2 years with more passing TDs than INTs. He finished his career with 173 touchdowns compared to 220 interceptions.

    In other words, “I don’t see anything outstanding about him”.

  10. Give the kid a chance. Everyone gives up on their QB’s so quickly anymore. I remember a day when teams were built around a QB and they were allowed to grow together. In todays NFL, if a QB doesn’t look Marino by his second season, teams flush and repeat. Players like Bradshaw and Montana didn’t have early success but their teams stuck with them and the rest is history.

    Oh, and the next time I care about what Namath says will be my first. Go pose for a picture in your furry coat!

  11. Like him or not, Joe knows QB’s. He’s right about Smith, and a lot of people agree.

  12. Neither is anyone else! But it didn’t take us this long to come to that conclusion.

  13. As a Patriots fan I always enjoy when Joe Willie puts his two cents in regarding the State of the Jets. For those disparaging his passer rating/ wins the NFL was a completely different (better) game back when Namath was playing, DB’s could mug receivers where today they can’t breathe on them.

    Love him or hate him, Joe Namath put the Jets on the map as they were considered the Giants minor league franchise in the NYC area.

    Can’t wait to start the season !

  14. Funny how no one blasted Phill Simms for saying that Michael Vick will likely play.
    No one blasted the NFL program ATL for all saying that for the Jets to have a chance to win Michael Vick should be the starter.
    No, instead we blast Joe Namath for giving an honest opinion.
    What a fan base!

  15. I never agree with Pats fans but ampats nailed it. Joe Namath did put the Jets on the map. Without Joe the Jets don’t have a history. He was the best they ever had and the best during his time.

  16. As an outsider, it appears Jets fans are tired of hearing Joe Namath’s opinions…about the team that Joe Namath loves. Fair. But, let’s not act like he’s not spot on his assertions. He is.

  17. As a life long Jets fan I will say what all of us should be saying, SHUT THE HELL UP JOE! I’m so tired of seeing him on TV or the news talking about the team. He won us our only title and for that I’m grateful but his analysis is always terrible and he himself is so overrated. You know Rex would love for Calvin Pryor to lay a hit on him and keep him out of the way and his mouth shut. How can a guy who had winning seasons less than 40% of his career be such an authority on winning? He’s a tool and should just stay retired and watch old videos of his interviews with his annoying dragged out pronunciation of every word he says. That is all.

  18. I still remember when a reporter ask Joe if he majored in basket weaving in college and he said “Nah, I majored in something even easier – Journalism.” He’s still very entertaining.


  20. I’m not impressed with you wearing fur coats and up until now (because of your legend status of being this team’s only QB who’s won a SB) I’ve kept my mouth shut about it, because now you’re a legend in your own mind!

  21. Ok, couple of things, Jets fans:

    1. Joe Namath is your God. Just because you don’t have a real fur coat and didn’t guarantee a victory that you followed through on and just because you couldn’t pull the p*ssy Joe CAN STILL PULL, don’t hate on him.

    2. Joe said “he’s not outstanding…” He didn’t say “he sucks” or “he’ll never be good…” So, please at least have the respect to refer to his actual comments, not the comments you would like to make but won’t because, let’s face it, nobody gives a care about what you–a complete nobody–think.

    3. Quit hating on Geno. What? Is that all you guys do? Hate on a HOFer and then hate on a rookie. Just shut up…you know nothing, you have no heart, just root for the Lakers or Spurs or even the Patriots. If you don’t have the stones to root for the Jets, then just take your ball-less, soul-less selves up to Foxboro. They can never have enough @ssholes up there.

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